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Noob question, I cannot find a definite answer online. I've been using fire-wire interfaces since 2005. Support is dwindling for...

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psycho_monkey 14th July 2020
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Greetings! This is an attempt to keep an updated list of free audio plug-ins for people to use as a reference. I know these...

Red Black
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chiptraxxx 14th July 2020
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Hello everyone. So I just bought an awesome Audioscape V compressor and this thing is killer. I tried it on bass and its freakin...

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vientos00 14th July 2020
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I'm looking for great vintage synth romplers. What are some great VSTi's? Note: Not synth emulations like Arturia, but more...

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Barncore 14th July 2020
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Hey guys, hope you're all doing great. Back in the day, I would use Syncback to keep a synced copy of my disk (without older...

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fgimian 14th July 2020
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I sold my 002 and just received my new 003. I did not give up my licenses and still have my ilok and the ProTools LE 7.4. My Mac...

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Basslik 14th July 2020
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Hey there guys, hope you're all doing well. Is anyone aware of a way to import my R2 reverb presets into R4 which I've...

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fgimian 14th July 2020
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Hey folks – I need advice to buy a mobile recording system, mainly for vocals and acoustic guitars. The first option I have...

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tearyhistory 13th July 2020
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Hey guys, so I've been getting ads about Ugritone in particular their Koji software synth. Here's a link:...

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Diogo C 13th July 2020
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Hey, I recently purchased a Scarlett 4i4 to take on the road with me, and I'm trying to set up my E-RM Multiclock with it and...

Axiom 27
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Axiom 27 13th July 2020
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Hello, I am about to create two workstation PC for the studio heavy work I would like to know your advice and opinions. I read...

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Mplay 13th July 2020
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Ok, I was using a quad core 2016 15 inch MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM and a UAD Apollo Duo interface. With this setup I was able...

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thismercifulfate 13th July 2020
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Hello, I have several producers that record with Pro Tools but aren't tech-savvy. The tracks clip icon is very small and...

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variantfrog 13th July 2020
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Hi, which is the best to use with Mac Mini 18 and HDX card? Sonnet is eur 400 Avis is eur 500 There is also Sonnet box...

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Hal 13th July 2020
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My work has gone thru some changes and long story short,... part of my "severance" is to get our old Dell PowerEdge...

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MediaGary 13th July 2020
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Hi guys, I tried searching for similar topics, but they're all too old I think. My question is, for pro tools and plugins you...

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HSi 13th July 2020
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I'm looking to replace my dual 1920x1080 with a single display, namely a cheap-and-cheerful 21.5" Samsung TV and my laptop's...

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biksonije 13th July 2020
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Best adaptor? Thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort 1.2 …for a monitor Hi all Soon I will be getting a new MacPro (the new...

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mixerguy 13th July 2020
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Hello, I am having an issue getting sound from my rme ufx II into my dbox+ via an Aes cable. All of my other connections work...

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jamesb09 13th July 2020
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I was getting the clicking/popping we generally associate with a low buffer. After messing with the buffer and different...

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Sybille 13th July 2020
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Hi everyone! I am having trouble getting my laptop to recognize the inputs on my Behringer UMC 204 HD card. The card is...

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msmucr 13th July 2020
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Hi Guys, First of all I am really sorry if this is old news I recently found out that the RNDigital Plug-ins have vanished from...

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wavemechanic.net 12th July 2020
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Everything was going fine, it must have been when I updated my Mac to 10.15.5 that it suddenly stopped recognizing the interface....

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bibingkadrinka 12th July 2020
Avatar for X Composer

I'm thinking about buying a new virtual piano and I decided that it must be a Bechstein. I would mainly use it with recorded...

X Composer
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MichaelT 12th July 2020
Avatar for Solar High Power

Hello, I am desperatly looking for a feature from MEMORYMAN which I just can not find in any similar VST products, the clones are...

Solar High Power
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myles 12th July 2020
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Hey guys! recently I am looking to buy Sfotube console 1. I read some posts on Gearslutz and found something weird to me. For...

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Muser 12th July 2020
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I have a few great sounding Orchestral sound music library. My personal favorite is without a doubt the Sonokinetic...

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Scubaman 12th July 2020
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I'm using two different interfaces for the first time so I assume I need a word clock cable. My question is I have a Lynx Hilo...

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BT64 12th July 2020
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Heyas. 1) Apollo Twin isn't seeing (old 'grey face'?) Alesis ADAT 20 bit optical. My repeated persistence in likely futile...

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menialmoose 12th July 2020
Avatar for Mind Riot

Just curious, as I've been experimenting of late. Do you mix without a mix buss compressor then add it as a final touch? If...

Mind Riot
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Oldone 12th July 2020
Avatar for gabrielcsr

So, I have a 1st generation Scarlett 2i4 and when I use my guitar at the instrument input, I have this strange hum that increases...

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BT64 11th July 2020
Avatar for grayprog

I got Steinberg UR-RT4 from the store and testing it out. I still have about a week left. I've traded in my old Native...

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vitocorleone123 11th July 2020
Avatar for fromthepuggle

Two questions. 1) what plugin companies do you think are the best OVERALL? (or is the 2014 or another thread up to date for...

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IAMGOD_OFFICIAL 11th July 2020
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I love the way compressors can add glue to a mix. I would like to understand in more detail, how and why they can do...

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IAMGOD_OFFICIAL 11th July 2020
Avatar for beelzebub2

Hey there, Do you run pro tools in a normal studio setup? If so I would LOVE to hear your experience with your setup!!! I need a...

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beelzebub2 11th July 2020
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Is there a good sample rate converter that will run on an iMac, similar in quality to FinalCD? The OS on my iMac is High...

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Peakly 11th July 2020
Avatar for offtheone

Unlike other usb, there's no eject button. Can I just remove it? Or should I eject it after entering sleep mode? System :...

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Muser 11th July 2020
Avatar for dullfangs

Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD | Sweetwater.com Looks like crazy specs for a $100 interface right?

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dickiefunk 10th July 2020
Avatar for MVW

Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could bless me with their insight as to what interface I ought to get to replace my beloved...

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vitocorleone123 10th July 2020
Avatar for thevisi0nary

I'm trying to learn more about what memory latency is and how it impacts performance on a PC and more specifically audio, but for...

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thevisi0nary 10th July 2020
Avatar for cap217

I have an artist that I work with but because of quarantine we are stuck in different parts. He has the same daw as I do. Is...

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cap217 10th July 2020
Avatar for SEA

I was wondering who has BeatBox Anthology 2 and what's your thoughts. I have it and just starting to dig into it a little...

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LeoSlayer 10th July 2020
Avatar for electro

Looking over the Presonus thunderbolt line, I was wondering about the RME alternatives.

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Avatar for Sonny Casanovas
Sonny Casanovas 10th July 2020
Avatar for Muskman

Hey guys, I was looking for the help of any experienced people here who might be able to help me work out the best solution for...

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Muskman 10th July 2020
Avatar for Mokey

There is a very tempting upgrade offer on Plugin Boutique on iZotopes Exponential Audio NIMBUS - it is an upgrade from Excalibur...

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Avatar for Mokey
Mokey 10th July 2020
Avatar for Briandress

Laptop I5 sandybridge SSD 8gb ram Behringer umc204hd In 48k Reaper 6.1 Working on one track monitoring neural dsp Plini...

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Avatar for Briandress
Briandress 9th July 2020
Avatar for rp88.2

Hi: I was wondering if anyone has tried the macOS Mojave (10.14) Roland UA-M10 (Mobile UA) driver under macOS Catalina? Roland...

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brousseau6933 9th July 2020
Avatar for maxiedaniels

I was thinking about getting the newer S88, but I ran into a couple of threads talking about how you can't use light guide...

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Home Studio 87 9th July 2020
Avatar for Chevron

The spec looks great on the 2019 i9 Imac, the only thing that concerns me is that the noise may be an issue when recording in the...

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Avatar for Synpatico
Synpatico 9th July 2020
Avatar for noodlanding

Hi. I'm thinking about buying an Arturia BeatStep Pro, which seems to be a neat device for sequencing drums. However, I have...

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Avatar for rj1978
rj1978 9th July 2020