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Hi, Other than Logic and Protools: Is there a tab to transient audio editor that I can externally add via the external,...

Deleted b792fa9
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explorer 22nd July 2020
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I'm not getting microphone sound in any of the outputs. Can you please look at the routing screenshot and tell me which slider...

Deleted 6833614
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Deleted 6833614 22nd July 2020
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Does a bootable BU disk need to have same size? (OSX) A BU disk needs to be completely empty before carbon clone or...

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brousseau6933 22nd July 2020
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I've recently purchased a desktop version of the Prophet Rev2, and now have an Apollo Twin Duo X (Thunderbolt). I've been...

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thetizzler 22nd July 2020
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I'm categorizing my plugins after effect categories. Some plugins I wonder which category they best fit into. Like an...

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dirtROBOT 22nd July 2020
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The T6 has some updated features that is lacking on the P6, plus its $200 + cheaper. I do not need the motorized fader of the P6...

Abery Clark
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BradD 22nd July 2020
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I have an Audient iD14 and it sounds incredible. Also has ADAT as I need at least 10 audio inputs for my various synths. (Using a...

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rcprod 22nd July 2020
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To this day I am still not 100% sure how look-ahead works. In any case it introduces delay for the compressor to work with,...

Its Mork
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msmucr 22nd July 2020
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What are some of your favorite cpu hungry plugins that you love, even if you can't use them properly cuz l because they hungry...

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popmann 21st July 2020
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ASUS launches its ThunderboltEX 3-TR Expansion card for Intel 10th Generation systems With Comet Lake and their 400-series...

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SC 21st July 2020
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Does anyone have any suggestions on the best control surface for SSL Native (Pro Tools/Mac)? I’m looking for something...

Seeing Sounds
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Seeing Sounds 21st July 2020
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I really enjoy the sound of the Vintage Limiter, so I decided to test it and see what it's doing against a phase inverted dry...

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claudedefaren 21st July 2020
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Hi guys / gals I'm looking for a new interface and the new Apogee Element looks really tempting but I need at least 1 pair of...

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mjocarroll 21st July 2020
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Choosing between buying an IMac or a Mac Mini atm. The Mac Mini has better specs overall for the same price but I'm worried about...

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p3go0 21st July 2020
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I find myself to send files over the internet often and sometimes big sessions are...well big. Using RAR usually result in...

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Pollo 21st July 2020
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I am considering a touchscreen, probably for a Windows system. I am using Reaper. The question arose: Is there a simple way to...

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Rumi 21st July 2020
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Hello Yesterday suddenly my Audio interface come from it a strong noise but only through the speakers fortunately i could hear...

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Nino.Lacroix 21st July 2020
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Hi, rn i'm looking for an interface (which will replace my behringer uphoria 204hd). What i need is an usb interface (my laptop...

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vitocorleone123 21st July 2020
Avatar for SkyStudio

I know some may think I'm crazy, but I'm coming from using a Lynx Hilo and I haven't been super happy with it's sound when...

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SkyStudio 21st July 2020
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Hi, I have a question. I am currently using an Apogee Mini Me preamp on an RME Fireface via spdif. A lot has changed...

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psycho_monkey 21st July 2020
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Noob q - I'd like to use reason sometimes like a tape recorder, and be ready to record/punch in when I hit play from another...

Deleted 8ace8bf
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Deleted 8ace8bf1c9800fe 20th July 2020
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Hi Gearslutz community, I am curious about the legal conditions when selling project files from DAWS, for example...

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Samgai 20th July 2020
Avatar for Sieber

Hi gearSlutz I dusted off my old Roland JD800 and gave it a full cleaning. I have implemented it in my Logic Pro setup, and it...

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Sieber 20th July 2020
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I'm normally a mac guy but with the switch to ARM I'm not really interested in getting one until the change over is fully...

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msmucr 20th July 2020
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Hello all, Back from being away for rather a while. And now not sure this is the right forum to ask my question to. If it isn't,...

Veerstryngh Thin
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beth 20th July 2020
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Ok so I am just having some confusion. First off : Lets use a snare, and say that we set a threshold in the middle of the...

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deedeeyeah 20th July 2020
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I use this plugin a lot. I had a 32-bit version called valhallafreqechomk1 which I used jbridge to port across (its conceivable I...

Deleted 10089a2
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Deleted 10089a2 20th July 2020
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Hello everyone! I am writing this post because after reading literally everything I could find on this topic I still can not...

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Tangled Tales 20th July 2020
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Hello everyone! Hope you're all well and safe... I switched from a iRig Pro I/O to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, and I was used...

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itshsilva 20th July 2020
Avatar for tluke

I installed Izotope Iris 2 VST, and was hoping to find something else like it. I love the quirky vocal sounds, among many...

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bill5 20th July 2020
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Hey everyone. So it's been almost 4 years since the UFX+ is out if I'm not mistaken. The time has really come for me to upgrade...

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lossleader 19th July 2020
Avatar for Deleted 37a7726

Goal = capture the H3000 series Reverberation. The expanded H3000 D/SX & H3000 SE Captured with 24bit Lynx converters @...

Deleted 37a7726
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soundxplorer 19th July 2020
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Hi! I have read complaints and issues reports regarding Antelope interfaces and his software. All these complaints are done...

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domen 19th July 2020
Avatar for Stevee00

Need help troubleshooting why MIDI stopped working in my Saffire Pro 40 in my studio. One day it worked, next day I turned...

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SantaKILmagik 19th July 2020
Avatar for Ethereality

Hi there, I've been looking at audio interfaces and was waiting on a MOTU M4, then came across the Universal Audio Apollo range...

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Ethereality 19th July 2020
Avatar for Reigner

I know that this plugin can compensate your headphones to get a flat sound but this does also something else? how about...

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onoffitalia 19th July 2020
Avatar for f_p

Hi guys, I'm having issues with my new Antelope Orion 32 and my PC running Windows 10. Basically every time I turn on the PC I...

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StudioChris37 19th July 2020
Avatar for Lancer X

Hi all! My newest machine is a current Dell XPS 15 quad core laptop. I also have a Dell TB16 Thunderbolt dock. I have a...

Lancer X
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netrom 19th July 2020
Avatar for montanasan

Hi there, I've just installed Logic on a new iMac and was wondering if I can link it with sound library I have already...

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fastlanephil 19th July 2020
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Hey guys, New to the forum so apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place! I am interested in getting an interface...

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psycho_monkey 19th July 2020
Avatar for Buckster

Most of my use is with VSTs with my keyboard so needs to.be low latency Was going to buy a Motu M2/M4 but the lead times on them...

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bill5 19th July 2020
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Been using Satson for a few months and wondering how other people are setting it. For the Channels: I am finding I prefer...

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CBricius 19th July 2020
Avatar for troutstudio

I need a Thunderbolt 3 card for my PC. In the midst of this current crap shoot in Australia, I ordered a Gigabyte Alpine Ridge...

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troutstudio 19th July 2020
Avatar for ayskura

I always had one amp simulator (when using those) for each track of guitar. I tried to have now one stereo amp simulator on a...

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Xnr 18th July 2020
Avatar for DW1

I'd like to step on a sustain pedal to pause recording, try out notes and when I find what to record next I'll let off the pedal...

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DW1 18th July 2020
Avatar for djwaxxy

my computer updated yesterday and its now on 1909 and ive noticed cubase is now more cpu hungry.ive just started a project no...

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vitocorleone123 18th July 2020
Avatar for Ferio

Currently I'm using a Motu 828MKII , but that's already an old unit and there are units now on the market which gives a much...

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ginetto61 18th July 2020
Avatar for db9091

I haven't heard of such a plugin, but... It would be cool to have one that gave the effect that tape speed has w/o going...

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thenoodle 18th July 2020
Avatar for donkeydonkey

Hello. I've been struggling with a tech issue for about 24 hours and was hoping I could receive some help here. I want to...

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jproc 18th July 2020
Avatar for CowboyX

I've been about 10 years or so mucking around with mixing (and a little home mastering), and it's what I've distilled down into a...

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CowboyX 18th July 2020