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Greetings, I’m fairly inexperienced with hybrid mixing and was hoping I might find some answers here. My set up is as follows:...

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Ryal1 8th August 2020
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I just got an apollo 8 and am looking to possibly ditch my digital mixing board. wondering if there is a usb controller for the...

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quincyg 8th August 2020
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Hi gearslutz this is my first post with this username I have a clocking problem with a Focusrite pro24 dsp I recently...

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Brayerthon 7th August 2020
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I am looking for an upgrade on my PC for commited long term DAW. My PC specs are as follows: -Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming ATX...

Deleted 269e289
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Deleted 269e289 7th August 2020
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I love the sound of this plug-in, however it consumes an enormous number of CPU cycles relative to their other reverbs (20-25% in...

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Jeffguitar 7th August 2020
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Hello fellow slutz, I'm a music producer and am currently building out my home studio. I'm using a pair of Beyerdynamic DT...

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leipies 7th August 2020
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I’m looking for other MacBook Pro users to verify a CoreAudio overload bug that occurs in both High Sierra 10.13.6 and the...

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Bhang 7th August 2020
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I am wondering if this is somehow my user error or if anyone else is experiencing this as well. As soon as I insert any Softube...

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HSi 7th August 2020
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Let's say I'm definitely going to buy a plugin bundle containing versions of those three compressors. Let's also say that my...

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Deleted 222f60c 7th August 2020
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I am a recording singer songwriter and I like the simplicity of Waves CLA drums to get a usable drum mix for the less important...

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Deleted 222f60c 7th August 2020
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Hey everyone, I always find an abundance of great opinions here, so I've got a new one for y'all. My friends and I do quite...

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Vinny554 7th August 2020
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Why is this so hard to find? I had an m audio fast track that had this, now I look and I can't find a single basic interface...

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ilovestuforreal 7th August 2020
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Hello, I hope answers to my questions would be useful not only for me but for others who are in a similar position. I...

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fallenturtle 6th August 2020
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Quick question, I'm planning on buying a apollo twin usb but theres also the thunderbolt version that should be in theory faster...

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uOpt 6th August 2020
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Hi I have made some IRs in Altiverb. Once I save them they are saved as .aeir in the user created IR folder. How can I...

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musicmixer04 6th August 2020
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I have been running my sample libraries from two thunderbolt 1 ssd externals. I purchased the new 10 core iMac and want to...

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jayfield 6th August 2020
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Hello Gearslutz– I've been thinking about improving my recording studio. I am currently using a Focusrite Clarett 8pre with...

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Jack of Hearts 6th August 2020
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Hello folks! I'm considering buying an RME Fireface UCX and upping my game a bit. I'm wondering though about the age of the...

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Jlovery 6th August 2020
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How would you go on about cutting a signal in half perfectly flat? you know the common technique of duplicating the signal to...

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crufty 6th August 2020
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Hi there, Recently purchased an SSL Six, which is fantastic. Currently have an Apollo Twin usb as my interface. Now, am...

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simonschole 6th August 2020
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Hi there, I'm having some serious issues with Logic after upgrading to Catalina and updating to Logic X. I've been heavily...

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nevadinova 6th August 2020
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Whasup Gearslutz?! I'm Looking for some suggestions for a Laptop around $500.00 with a CPU that can run FL Studio and a hefty...

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NextLevelPimpin 6th August 2020
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Is this possible? I only seem to be able to get meters when playing back digital tracks, but I would like to be able to see...

7up partridge
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7up partridge 5th August 2020
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Hello, I want to connect my Burl Mothership via Madi to my mac mini - would you suggest RME Madiface or PCIe Card with...

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PeteJames 5th August 2020
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Life has been pretty good with mixes translating fairly well since I did Sonarworks calibration on my monitors and headphones on...

Bongo Spank
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Bongo Spank 5th August 2020
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Hey, Everyone! I feel like I was having some strange behavior happening with the Slate Verbsuite plugin and wanted to see if...

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Thenewexhibit 5th August 2020
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Hi all! After figuring out (thanks to a long thread/discussion on GS!) that my Motu 24io+pcie 424 card simply wouldn't work with...

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ShardsLV 5th August 2020
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Hey slutz, does anyone know plugins that are similar to voiceofsnow or Spectral De-Noise in RX7? I am looking for tools to...

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curry36 5th August 2020
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This thread probably exist already, but couldn`t find it in the search. We all have our "go-to" plugins in our...

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worm 5th August 2020
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I have a weird problem when I try to measure the room with sonarworks/sonarworks mic it says the volume is too low. When I turn...

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captaink 5th August 2020
Avatar for Svenarne

Hi slutz! I really like the look and form factor of the Audient id22 and it looks to me that it has the potential to replace...

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villis 5th August 2020
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Pikelets 5th August 2020
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Hey guys, first post ever here! It feels great to be joining such a great community here bumpkin Hope everyone has been doing...

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JblKid95 5th August 2020
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Hey guys, Has anybody experience running Windows 10 on a recent MacBook Pro along with audios programs like DAW’s and...

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vanallen 5th August 2020
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Just got this new interface Ive noticed Sometimes when I close my DAW the sample rate wont come back to 44.1k and when I set...

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Rick Dalton 5th August 2020
Avatar for Moondog007

I currently run my studio with a 2014 macbook pro and beyond desperately need a new one. I am committed to laptop due to...

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Moondog007 5th August 2020
Avatar for bill5

FWIW. On plugin boutique. I don't have but have heard really good things. Thinking about it

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claudedefaren 5th August 2020
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I have a good friend who needs advice on getting a new desktop off the shelf PC for doing home recordings, I am a Mac guy so I...

Deleted e03114c
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Psychlist1972 4th August 2020
Avatar for Chris39

Hi, im searching for a plugin that can produce "signals" relative to BPM in typical rhythms like 4/4, 2/4 etc. only for...

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sardi 4th August 2020
Avatar for wwittman

I had to do a restore from a time machine backup on my computer, and since then all is well except that my LSR VLB525 compressor...

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vze26m98 4th August 2020
Avatar for Kris Pohl

Hi! I'm using a Lynx Hilo on mac and windows 10 and wondered if there is an easy way setting up a system wide (high quality)...

Kris Pohl
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Kozmos88 4th August 2020
Avatar for curry36

Dear slutz, any opinions on what controller to buy for my purpose? I am looking for a solid 8 channel motorized fader bay...

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curry36 4th August 2020
Avatar for Scorpios

Hello, I am having a really annoying problem with midi. I searched and found a few forums talking about the same problem, and...

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TikkoRome 4th August 2020
Avatar for fictionman

Hi everyone, Yesterday everything was working smoothly but today, I have no signal from all of my 8 inputs on my Clarett. The...

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fictionman 4th August 2020
Avatar for teachingking

Home recording enthusiast here. Have been using Slate stuff for a handful of years, which I thought I was happy with. Just...

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Avatar for Hoodoo
Hoodoo 4th August 2020
Avatar for Harry_O

Has Celemony giving up creating/developing the best vocal correction tool in the world? To me it seems like that: in the last...

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aaron aardvark 4th August 2020
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Posting this as a last resort before I just give up and buy a new computer just so I can use the TI in my Virus TI. I am...

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mpresev 4th August 2020
Avatar for Romdave

Hi Everyone, I've spent the last week or so going through the posts on this site and making a table of the pros and cons of...

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Romdave 4th August 2020
Avatar for bill5

Anyone else with this can you check me here? Pull it up and select upright piano...now play the notes starting say a few notes...

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bill5 4th August 2020
Avatar for blwatlongwood

I'm having some trouble recording from the MixPre-6 to my Mac. I'll bet this is some silly misconfiguration somewhere, but it's...

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Avatar for Danales
Danales 4th August 2020