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Anyone know if there any reverb plugins out there to emulate the dimensions of a particular space of a room? Specifically, a...

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lbx 25th January 2014
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Hello Guys I need your help to decide which Mac Pro CPU configuration I should buy. The 6 or 8 core model. I will do all my...

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climber 25th January 2014
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Hello, and thanks in advance for your time. I'm a keyboardist looking for advice on the ideal platform / software / hardware...

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jakesaunders27 25th January 2014
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Got an email about UA´s NAMM livestream and checked out the link and there was a UA 610 console behind it: Universal Audio...

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Kcatthedog 25th January 2014
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For years I have lived with this very silly problem I am yet to address, maybe someone here has an answer. The first thing I'd...

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tomaburque 25th January 2014
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I use Adobe Audition for vocal mixing and tracking but I am looking for a new DAW. Cool thing about Adobe is instead of paying...

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Alex_HS 25th January 2014
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ZipSnipe 25th January 2014
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SampleTank 3 - Overview - A legacy reborn - YouTube finially

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donato 25th January 2014
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Considering going SSD after reading all the hype - can anybody break down the benefits/limitations as relates to this: Running...

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jdk90026 25th January 2014
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I just got a new hard drive and I've been thinking about creating a second partition to put all my recreational stuff on to avoid...

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BigTee 25th January 2014
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Thinking about getting a few plugins and this is one of them. How does it compare to the others? I see it's only RTAS. I have a...

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danoan522 25th January 2014
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Hey guys, I'm looking into getting another bass effects processor. I was wondering if there is anything on the same quality as...

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BrianVengeance 25th January 2014
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Hi, I just bought a motu ultralite mkIII. I installed the latest drivers from their website & I want to use it with...

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llvlvll 25th January 2014
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Anybody know what's going on over at DUY? Their website is not working properly, they don't respond to support calls etc. This...

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Alex_HS 25th January 2014
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Anyone know how to fix this stupid ****? It was fine first couple days with an occasional pop or crackle but now it's gone...

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AudioT 25th January 2014
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I just picked up a used Digi002 for a good price--I was hoping to be able to use the transport/sliders as midi controllers in...

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Bruno B 25th January 2014
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Hi! I'm getting mad setting up my Pro Tools system; the problem is, it changes everytime I open a new session. Everytime I...

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City Beats 25th January 2014
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Does anyone know of a simple sampler plugin that has time stretching (sync to host tempo) and the ability to define different...

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A.G 24th January 2014
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Products Metric Halo's Thump plugin... AAX only though, but thought I'd post regardless. Here's a demo vid : Show And Tell...

City Beats
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City Beats 24th January 2014
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ChristianAtkins 24th January 2014
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i demoed the 480 and really enjoyed it so i purchased it. When i downloaded the ilok purchased license everything was good....

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7+1 24th January 2014
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To make a long story short. I'm having some difficult with an external instrument(Kurzweil PC3K) and getting Cubase to send MIDI...

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mdeezy 24th January 2014
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Hi, I bought a Carrilon AC1 on eBay for around £40 a couple of months ago, I bought it on the spur of the moment because it...

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jakesaunders27 24th January 2014
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Wow, I didn't see this until I got their newsletter email today NAMM 2014: Korg unveils Gadget synth studio for iPad | Korg...

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Zoolook 24th January 2014
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Hello everyone, Look, I have a problem with the audio driver that comes with my computer, as I use Sonar x3 Producer. I...

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Laudou 24th January 2014
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First off, I want to say I'm new here and rather new to recording. I've been playing guitar and bass for many years but finally...

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Reverb 24th January 2014
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Apologies if this is a well-worn topic. I've searched the archives but I'm asking about a pretty specific set of parameters here,...

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lukievan 24th January 2014
Avatar for StillCrazy

They have their T-RackS Classic bundle for 39.99 until 4-2. Is this series of plugins worth the money?

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ivansc 24th January 2014
Avatar for amost

Is there a way to…let's say you go to "User Favorites" and select one, ie:" 073-Bolerino Mix wet", is...

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Mike Connelly 24th January 2014
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Hi all, I compose for video games and tv on occasion, and for strings really need the big/large/lush Hollwood-esque...

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mscottweber 24th January 2014
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Every now and then a plugin comes along which changes my workflow tremendously and instantly elevates our level of production....

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jjeffers 24th January 2014
Avatar for rjo361

Hey guys, i'm starting to use impulse responses a lot in the creation of my music. I'm loving the tones that i can get. but...

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tomaburque 24th January 2014
Avatar for rjo361

Hey guys i've been looking for this on the internet but can't find it anywhere. The eleven rack will work with cubase right? ...

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Macky 24th January 2014
Avatar for gransonik

No new USB/FW audio interfaces released at NAMM?

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Voyager85 24th January 2014
Avatar for surfgreen

Hello, I need to replace my computer. Main application: home recording. I'm hoping that you will help me choosing one. This...

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rjo361 24th January 2014
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Hi all, Simply put i'd love to be able to play a single note on the keyboard and hear a minor 7 chord come out of my speakers,...

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GJ999x 24th January 2014
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Hi, I've read many threads about external HDs but, as I'm new to using external discs, I get somewhat confused about the mixture...

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coyotekells 24th January 2014
Avatar for ZipSnipe

Hello all I am looking to get a usb mixer. This is what I currently have set up in the pic below. I am really using the sp808...

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ZipSnipe 24th January 2014
Avatar for smoovemode

I'm migrating from a Mac Pro to a Macbook Pro because I have to. In a desktop there was no problem installing 3 discreet drives...

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smoovemode 24th January 2014
Avatar for JblKid95

I am afraid to ask, cuz Im afraid of the answer. Does this thing NOT have Direct monitoring. I can't hear my instruments, like i...

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KennaOkoye 24th January 2014
Avatar for deng

From Avid You made it your #1 request, and we're thrilled to deliver what you asked for. Meet the new Eleven® Rack Editor—a...

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sam c 24th January 2014
Avatar for medearis

Heya Slutz, I have a strange setup at my studio-spot, the interface being the Saffire 40. I do not think I've even really got...

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rjo361 24th January 2014
Avatar for MrDrumline

I write a lot of music for marching bands and drumlines. What I often like to do is to take the samples for one drum and make...

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MrDrumline 24th January 2014
Avatar for Gringo Starr

I'm sure if I researched enough I would find some answers. I researched a bit with no luck. I am crazy busy right now and need to...

Gringo Starr
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RobertComposer 24th January 2014
Avatar for sat159p1

Anyone had noticed that problem? The console error in attachment. Can't get it to work... tried 5.7.1 and 5.7.6 - the same...

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MalkiiSos 24th January 2014
Avatar for MattMoorman

Please post any findings of new DAW mixers/controllers. One of these days someone is bound to come out with one that fits my...

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Quantum7 24th January 2014
Avatar for edikalbach

Hello, friends!! Please help me!!! I have installed Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Everything works, but: 1. PCI Bus is...

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kosty 24th January 2014
Avatar for Amber

I'm a bit behind with all this right now. I've got Guitar Rig 5, the stuff in Logic 9 and couple of little things here and there....

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fdsaevad 24th January 2014
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Hi! One of my first posts but I've been here quite a while. This is one of those reverb threads again. I've been looking for a...

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grahamsimmonds 23rd January 2014
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Hi there everyone ! I'm writing this topic because today I just recieved my new Zoom R8 (and some other things) and I tried to...

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Gigolow 23rd January 2014