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Hello. I've been using Wavelab 4 very happily for years, and with my new computer it's not working in Windows 7. I tried...

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MikeInOttawa 4th February 2014
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Hi Folks, I encountered a bit a problem today. Received a new A/D converter today. If I connect the ADC via spdif I lose the...

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Lolo22 4th February 2014
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Hi, Shopping around for a rackmountable PC slave to farm Hollywood Strings in a mac-based studio. Vienna Pro/ethernet to...

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Neil H 4th February 2014
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Hi, Does someone have the same configuration than me ? Sony Vegas 11 x86 + Flux:: plungins (Epure II, Pure Compressor II,...

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NiggaPhil 4th February 2014
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Hi looking for people's experience using Pro Tools HD PCI Cards in Mac Intel via Magma Chassis. The per64 seems the only digi...

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davidwilson 4th February 2014
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I'm happy to let you know that I've just released version 1.5.0 of PhoenixVerb and R2. There are a number of bug fixes, more...

Michael Carnes
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Michael Carnes 4th February 2014
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Any thoughts on how these two compare in your own experience? I've been demoing both and find them both to be good for deessing,...

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r.staettler 4th February 2014
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Hey guys, I own two Presonus FP10 interfaces that both died within the last year. I've seen a couple of posts on here about a...

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MichaelCarlos 4th February 2014
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Hello. I currently own a 15-inch MacBook Pro, early 2011. It has 8 gigs of RAM, 2.3 GHz processor, quad-core processor and a...

Snow Fox
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Kabby 4th February 2014
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Which one is better? Kenshington Slimblade or expert? I'd like to buy one of the two. And, I know slimblade's lack of...

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charlieclouser 4th February 2014
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Protools vs. Sonar x3 How do they compare on PC?

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mamm7215 4th February 2014
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My interface crapped out on me recently and I wanted to pick up a focusrite VRM box just to get back to work ASAP. I was...

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donato 4th February 2014
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Greetings! I recently purchased a Lexicon Alpha audio interface, and have just gotten around to messing with it. I had a question...

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maynardjk13 4th February 2014
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hey guys, I have a friend that is not much on doing the online thing but he has a problem and cant figure it out and I told him I...

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masque13 4th February 2014
Avatar for Santiago.

Hey I had a new rig built. I have a 120GB SDD and 1TB back up HDD in it. I have Windows 7 on the 120gb SDD and was going to use...

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light 3rd February 2014
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I have an iPad 1 integrated into my setup via a Griffin Studio Connect dock. It works great for all of my other apps - Korg...

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nathanhall 3rd February 2014
Avatar for TS-12

Are there any EQ, preferably in vst format that is like or similar to Avalon 737 or 747 high band eq? I find these extremely...

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Deleted d78e603 3rd February 2014
Avatar for rockrev

So - last day on special pricing. Been on the fence on this one for some time. Demoed a long time ago, before the market really...

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M2E 3rd February 2014
Avatar for Nerine

As per thread title really. Is it worth waiting for the Haswell refresh? I want to get my new mix room up and running!...

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electrobiscuit 3rd February 2014
Avatar for sean gorman

Hello All, I recently updated my OS from Tiger 10.4 to Leopard !0.5.8 DP4 and all instruments are running fine with the...

sean gorman
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sean gorman 3rd February 2014
Avatar for Epignosis567

Anyone have any experience using ableton with tech 21 midi mouse or similar small midi footswitch? The behringer fcb1010 is too...

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Epignosis567 3rd February 2014
Avatar for P_J

Anybody using Iosono’s Anymix Pro (aax) here? It has a distance dependent feature with surround panner. Not perfect, but it...

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P_J 3rd February 2014
Avatar for Deleted #279888

Need a mic for the iPad. Any suggestions ?

Deleted #279888
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Deleted #279888 3rd February 2014
Avatar for vinylkid

Hi guys! I am needing some info on Abelton 9 live. I have just got it so don't really know how to use it. I am a pro tools user...

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Avatar for lestermagneto
lestermagneto 3rd February 2014
Avatar for infernouk

Hey guys So ive noticed these days most people doing mixes (various DJs radio shows and podcasts) on ableton and just...

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dented42ford 3rd February 2014
Avatar for Krush411

So many diff options. Which of their reverb plug ins is best for modern day vocals? *VALHALLA

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henge 3rd February 2014
Avatar for froghollow

Just wondering if anyone out there is successfully using Waves plugins in Windows 8? I just upgraded (all the way from Vista) and...

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rksguit 3rd February 2014
Avatar for Deleted 2ecf148

after been a suffering PC musician for years ive finally come to the end of my tether and want a stable sytem! i need a mac...

Deleted 2ecf148
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Avatar for J-S-Q
J-S-Q 3rd February 2014
Avatar for Zmago Šmon

Hi, I am thinking to pull a trigger on Tango controler, is there any Logic users with Tango that can share some experience...I am...

Zmago Šmon
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Avatar for angel777
angel777 3rd February 2014
Avatar for colonelporridge

I have seen that many people are concerned with the possible phasing out of firewire inputs on computers. My question is...

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Avatar for Jeff D.
Jeff D. 2nd February 2014
Avatar for FinishMedia

Surfing this site and found this registered trademark for UA APOLLO TWIN - Reviews & Brand Information - Universal Audio,...

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Avatar for Josey Stranded
Josey Stranded 2nd February 2014
Avatar for DrUmSensitive

Guys, I have a fully equipped home studio, lots of hardware, and a Mackie 32-8 (planning to buy the "sidecar" expander...

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Avatar for DrUmSensitive
DrUmSensitive 2nd February 2014
Avatar for Voyage.One

My trusty early 2009 Snow Leopard iMac is getting long in the tooth. I'm going to be pulling the trigger on a quad core Mac mini...

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SSquirrel 2nd February 2014
Avatar for NoVi

Apple - Thirty Years of Mac As a musician who wanted to record al by himself, I'm old enough to remember there WAS an...

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Avatar for T_R_S
T_R_S 2nd February 2014
Avatar for JES

Hi There, I've been using the original Apogee Duet (firewire) for years now as my main audio interface for OSX. I think it...

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JES 2nd February 2014
Avatar for dtxdrummer

so I want to get an external hard drive to run my music files from. I came across this hard drive and was wondering what you...

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dtxdrummer 2nd February 2014
Avatar for Krush411

Anyone? Thoughts on it for tracking/recording/mixing? Strange that I never see it mentioned here on GS.

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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 2nd February 2014
Avatar for ThePrez

It seems to me that Echo, Delay, & Chorus in the box doesn't really compare to the popular hardware units? Is this...

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Avatar for matucha
matucha 2nd February 2014
Avatar for Deleted 2ecf148

Hi, im using Cubase 4 with a motu 828 mk2 audio box, the problem is when i go to preview a audio file before importing it i...

Deleted 2ecf148
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Avatar for Deleted 2ecf148
Deleted 2ecf148 2nd February 2014
Avatar for rol123

For owners/users of Slate Digital products: For singer-songwriter (mainly vocal with acoustic instruments-simple sparse...

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Avatar for Pucks
Pucks 2nd February 2014
Avatar for avalonsutra

Hi folks, I have an external reverb (Lexicon PCM91) connected as an insert to my Focusrite Scarlett interface which I'm...

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Avatar for avalonsutra
avalonsutra 2nd February 2014
Avatar for simonharris

Hi, I have a problem and would appreciate some advice if anyone can help, I want to use my own stereo samples in Maschine 2.0...

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Avatar for simonharris
simonharris 2nd February 2014
Avatar for Deleted User

Hey guys, I'm looking for some good software to make drum beats. I'm new to this stuff so some some help would be greatly...

Deleted User
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Avatar for Deleted d78e603
Deleted d78e603 2nd February 2014
Avatar for thecrosnest

Hello everyone! Pleased to meet you! I have a massive problem, I wonder if someone can help me. I'm currently running Cubase 5 on...

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Avatar for thecrosnest
thecrosnest 2nd February 2014
Avatar for AjanovicH

Gentlemen, I reinstalled NI Komplete 7, and this time around the OS drive on my PC is a 126Gb solid state drive. Everything...

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Avatar for AjanovicH
AjanovicH 2nd February 2014
Avatar for aphterglo

Alright, so I have a Mac with OS X Lion. I also use Ableton Live, and have done so since I switched from garageband/fruityloops....

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Avatar for skyshaver
skyshaver 2nd February 2014
Avatar for twotonbrick

So, I'm going to be doing some extensive traveling in the next few months, and wanted to get a laptop in order to continue...

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Avatar for smoovemode
smoovemode 2nd February 2014
Avatar for DEastman

Hi - I'm currently on Pro Tools 10/11 HD and am fairly happy. However, I'm having a lot of trouble integrating Nebula into my...

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Avatar for Will The Weirdo
Will The Weirdo 2nd February 2014
Avatar for elefant2

I can hear my guitar clearly when I arm the track for record, but when i actually press play or record on the project, the track...

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Avatar for elefant2
elefant2 2nd February 2014
Avatar for Royaldeadman

So I just bought a used mac pro from ebay and after talking to tech support I find out it's a later 2006 model but it's been...

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Avatar for Royaldeadman
Royaldeadman 2nd February 2014