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16gb ram, ssd, fresh install of mavericks, protools 11, focusrite saffire pro 40 over FireWire 2 audio tracks and 2 aux tracks...

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antichef 21st February 2014
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I bought on ebay an Mbox 2 mini. Since I have windows 7 I guess it is not compatible with my PC. A friend of mine might buy...

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Deleted f7b41d2 21st February 2014
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Hey there GS, I'll make this short and direct. Haven't been using Absynth 5 since I got it. Just trying it out now. Can't...

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Abnerj88 21st February 2014
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Hi, is anybody about to buy Slate VCC now that it's still USD$99? I ask for the following reason... here is what happened: I...

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parlopower 21st February 2014
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the Search function was of little help.. I have a friend with a MBox and PT8LE. His old computer crapped out but he saved the...

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165099 21st February 2014
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Open Letter to Abbey Road Studios | 3 Abbey Road | St. John's Wood London NW8 9AY | tel: +44 (0)20 7266 7000 | fax: +44 (0)20...

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blackcom 21st February 2014
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Hi All, I'm running Logic Pro 9 on an early 2009, 24-inch iMac with 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory....

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gdoubleyou 21st February 2014
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Looking to get i7 mac mini. And considering. Lacie rugged ssd. Tb drive. To use ad boot drive eith all my daw apps. And...

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lennyx 21st February 2014
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So I've gone through cycles of fiendishly craving upcoming plugins, and then sobering up and thinking about whether I really need...

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Jeezo 21st February 2014
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Sometimes in Ableton Live 9.1, I'd like to route the output of an FX Return to something other than the Master, such as an audio...

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billcarroll 21st February 2014
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So recently I was given an old digidesign 888 and an adat bridge during a studio clearout- No cables, no instructions- and I'd...

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Wren_a 21st February 2014
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Hi, anybody used SSHD ( normal harddrive with a small SSD)? Is there any problems for use it as recording audio disk or samples...

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gdoubleyou 21st February 2014
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I have far too many plugin's according to Pro Tools, I love the way it groups your plugin's by category. However being a Logic...

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HamHat 21st February 2014
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Hi, I have several Kontakt sample libraries on a separate HD. The other night I read that someone said they place the Kontakt...

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jimi7777 20th February 2014
Avatar for Jette Boloso

Hi I would like some advice on how to unistall the following products from Slate Digital.. SSD4 VTM FGX TRIGGER There are no...

Jette Boloso
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Jette Boloso 20th February 2014
Avatar for ashenmusic

I have a Mac Pro (early 2008) dual quad core 2,8 Ghz with 8GB RAM. Somewhere along the line I'm gonna upgrade to a Mac Mini,...

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Diegel 20th February 2014
Avatar for Jpchartrand

Hi guys, I have an apogee duet (old version). It goes up to 96k but for some reason I can't even think to mix at that sample...

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Jpchartrand 20th February 2014
Avatar for Damani

Hi Guyz My main intention was to use it alongside my Synths, 808, 303 etc. running thru ableton in a live setting. Now...

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skoolafish 20th February 2014
Avatar for Herman Heil

Hi to all, Is it a plugin capable of time stretching without generating artifacts or audible noises ? Thanks for the...

Herman Heil
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steveswisher 20th February 2014
Avatar for diothegreat

Hi.I just could not get this device to work on a windows 7 32bit or 64bit with the SIIG PCIe firewire card(NN-E20012-S2) .I...

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diothegreat 20th February 2014
Avatar for diothegreat

Hi.This question may be a little stupid...but...Does any guy know here how can i load in Cubase 5 a vst plug in,for a example, a...

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diothegreat 20th February 2014
Avatar for uzair_rock

Hi guys, I have soundcraft efx8 mixer and a mbox2. Now as the mixer doesn't have a USB port so I connect my laptop -->...

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uzair_rock 20th February 2014
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Okay, this is my first post on GearSlutz :) So here's the thing. I am a singer, and felt that learning production and...

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dasnub 20th February 2014
Avatar for bachfantasia

Reason 7 (Pro Tools Hardware & Plugins) ? What sort of plug-ins are Reason 7 compatible with? RTAS? VST? etc... Pretty...

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dented42ford 20th February 2014
Avatar for MasonDurstMusic

first post, "hopefully no ones asked it".. im sure someone already had but here the problem trying to connect my...

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MasonDurstMusic 20th February 2014
Avatar for Dynamikemusic

I noticed this when comparing the GUI settings with the control view settings in Logic Pro so I contacted UAD and they confirmed...

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Dynamikemusic 20th February 2014

I use steinberg nuendos and cubase to create. I run my studio computer with windows vista as the operating system. Recently i get...

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DEONWRIGHT 19th February 2014
Avatar for wakestyle

I would like to find out if anyone has some tweeks or tips for Windows 8 (or 7 for that matter) that could help with that really...

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wakestyle 19th February 2014
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I am currently building a small demo studio for my band in Toronto. Up till recently I just recorded demos on 8 tracks etc Ok...

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zugha69 19th February 2014
Avatar for Paul Vnuk Jr.

Hoping some of you Mac guru’s can help me here. I am making the jump from PC to Mac in my studio. Now before this turns into a...

Paul Vnuk Jr.
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jimi7777 19th February 2014
Avatar for robertroundtree

I have been trying to contact Native Instruments Tech Support regarding issues with getting Komplete 9 Ultimate to run properly...

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MFW 19th February 2014
Avatar for eliteandsambo

Simple question here First of all, sorry if you've seen this question asked before... I searched for an answer on GS and...

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ChrisLudwig 19th February 2014
Avatar for Firemans Run

I am hearing things differently when monitoring the same music with the DAC1 in the two situations listed below. I thought no...

Firemans Run
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Firemans Run 19th February 2014
Avatar for Jason rocks

I am wondering how much love there is with Sonar X3 these days. What are the pro's you found and con's? How is it working with...

Jason rocks
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Jason rocks 19th February 2014
Avatar for Realziment

Hey guys, The past couple days Ive been having this issue. Sometimes it will boot fine and work as normal. Ive done a chkdsk and...

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Yutaka 19th February 2014
Avatar for trapax

Hi there I can't install vst and component plug in on my new mbp 10.9.1. Standalone app like kontakt are installed, but not...

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trapax 19th February 2014
Avatar for koldosagas

Hello, I have a Fireface UFX and I find really useful the talkback button, but I would like to send the talkback to more...

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Avatar for koldosagas
koldosagas 19th February 2014
Avatar for mixerguy

Hi all I own the MAAG eq (plugin) and also the Clariphonic (plugin) ... and for doing 'colored' (or unique) top end boosts -...

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Avatar for mixerguy
mixerguy 19th February 2014
Avatar for shapeshifter00

Hi guys, I'm having troubles getting the M-Audio Oxygen 49 to work properly with direct link. I have installed the direct link...

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shapeshifter00 19th February 2014
Avatar for illynoise

I'm not sure that this is the place to post this. Basically if I have a mix that I want a client to listen to without them being...

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epotts06 19th February 2014
Avatar for Sen

Hi guys, Does anyone have two rosettas 800 running off one X-FW card? This part of the card manual suggests it is possible if...

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Sen 19th February 2014
Avatar for frazz

Hi, I got Pro Tools M-Powered 8 ages ago for audio and an intro into Pro Tools on an M-Audio interface-Is there a new version...

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Avatar for City Beats
City Beats 19th February 2014
Avatar for AjanovicH

I have two OS drives in my Mac Pro: ssd with Snow Leopard and hd with Tiger installed. I kept the Tiger hd with all the...

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AjanovicH 19th February 2014
Avatar for iamkentz

So Im deciding to get either Macbook pro Retina 15inch (late 2013) 2.3GHz or Macbook pro Retina 15inch (early 2013)...

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Avatar for dadgad65
dadgad65 19th February 2014
Avatar for prodbymugzy

Whats up guys, So I'm a PC user and the programs I use are Presonus Studio One and FL Studio. I've recently decided I want a...

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Avatar for classictunz
classictunz 18th February 2014
Avatar for wavewalker

Hello , Have to replace the computer (old g5) for my daw pro tools hd 2 with 7,4 version software thinking to get an...

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wavewalker 18th February 2014
Avatar for AnalogBrain

Hello all, I am using Logic Pro 9, and downloaded a few demos of some WAVES plugins. This is the first full project I have done...

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brianbotkiller 18th February 2014
Avatar for parlopower

Do I get this right that when selling Slate Digital plugins, there are two fees to pay - the USD$25 (?) iLok transfer fee and an...

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nil hartman 18th February 2014
Avatar for Floydpaint2000m

I don't undertsand if the Little Microshift sound toys : - is free or not - where i can download or pay for get it Look...

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Avatar for DaveWave
DaveWave 18th February 2014
Avatar for skdko

Hello Gearslutz, I hope you're going well. I need help please! I have a big problem with my Hd protools system (Sync + 3x...

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skdko 18th February 2014