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It shouldn't be this difficult. I already tried un-checking all the catch options in preferences but page-scroll keeps on...

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d.dot 6th March 2014
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A request for everyone that uses or is interested in the Steinberg CMC controllers and wants to use them with Pro Tools: I'm...

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DAW PLUS 5th March 2014
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Hi - I need to buy a definitely-not-very-powerful PC for lightweight home use - internet, browsing, maybe some light spreadsheet...

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alexis 5th March 2014
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Can someone recommend some good software for sharing the Audio and Video feed from Ableton Live with my bandmate who lives in...

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Psyentific 5th March 2014
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Nevermind, fixed it, for some reason after third install it worked. kfhkh

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qb748t394 5th March 2014
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I was on an HD rig tonight, trying to import 96K files into a 48K project. SRC was unavailable. In the import dialog. When I...

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mixerguy 5th March 2014
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Hey guys, I ran into these BiWIN Drives and I've noticed they promise read speeds of 525 MB/s and write speeds of 419 MB/s. That...

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classictunz 5th March 2014
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Hey guys. I know WHAT I want to do... I just don't know how. I want to connect my M-Audio Oxygen keyboard to my computer, then...

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heldtogether 5th March 2014
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Last summer I attended a music for film workshop and I saw a lot of mac (mbp) users having no external soundcard but working with...

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arfo 5th March 2014
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Hey Guys, A friend of mine mastered my record and did an amazing job. However, I'd like to edit silences at the beginning and...

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rockrdude 5th March 2014
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Are the converters inside the Apogee Duet 2 and Forte pretty much on par with eachother? And, how much better are the Forte...

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Ulric 5th March 2014
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Are there any users of mcdsp ae400 dynamic eq ? Is there possibility to unlink key frequency from output result frequency ?...

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plugger 5th March 2014
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Hi There, Before I've been using MOTU's cue mix in order to setup talkback through headphone mixes and have been using sends...

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marc11657 5th March 2014
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Hey So I got a new old Mac Pro, it came with Mavericks installed But since Pro Tools 10 is not supported for Mavericks I wanted...

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climber 5th March 2014
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Hey guys, I recently bought a QuNexus for my live setup Right now it consists of: 1. Macbook Pro with a Scarlett 2i2 AU...

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luwees 5th March 2014
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Hello, what is the different between the Dynamics > Limiter and the normal Limiter? this...

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A Fak 5th March 2014
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I'm currently trying to sync my digi 003 with my Lynx aurora but to no avail. I think I may have been given the wrong advice....

Ash Taylor
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nst7 5th March 2014
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So as someone not very knowledgable in terms of what's important, here's the situation I'm running into. On my mac, I've got...

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nst7 5th March 2014
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a decent PCI or PCIe soundcard for my hackintosh which is running 10.8 Mountain Lion. I've been...

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Jpchartrand 5th March 2014
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I have an AM3+ motherboard. Right now I'm using a Phenom II X3 720. It does the job okay but once I get a full session loaded...

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james... 5th March 2014
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I recently purchased a new RME HDSPe AIO to replace my EMU 0404 which was also excellent. 1. I use my PC to listen to 320kbs...

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kfir26 5th March 2014
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What software is Lyle Mays using in this video? It looks like some sort of algorithmic composition tool and it's pretty...

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Thuneau 5th March 2014
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Hey slutz, I posted about this a while ago and got no responses... I have some more information now, though, that maybe one of...

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YouCantHear.me 5th March 2014
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Hello Amigos, Here's the deal: I recently opened a session (in Nuendo 4.3) that I had not worked on in over a week, only to find...

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SelfMade 5th March 2014
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Hi there, my question comes after a brief background of my experience of using tape emulation plug-ins. ...

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EDGEK8D 5th March 2014
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I've searched and searched and have yet to find out if what I'm trying to do is possible. Basically, when you drag a midi loop...

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dougb415 5th March 2014
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A rather recent occurrence which happens intermittently. I'll bounce an mp3 from Logic, a basic 160kbps, 'normalize' is off as...

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007 5th March 2014
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Hello all, Does anyone have experience with using a Bluetooth mouse with a PC DAW? Any models of mice that you'd recommend...

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brianbotkiller 5th March 2014
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Hi folks, I'm a guitarist. I'm after an audio interface for a number of different reasons: Record song ideas down on...

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Notron Fan 5th March 2014
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Hello its my first time posting here .If you can spare some time can u guide me what laptop should i buy for music production (...

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demane22 5th March 2014
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Probably more mid than high-end but I would appreciate comments from any C24 owners. I just received a new C24 and am finding...

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don4777 4th March 2014
Avatar for Root2013

hi my current setup is m audio profire 610 and focals solo 6 be.. what is the next step for audio interface?something can make...

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Root2013 4th March 2014
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So my PC's motherboard does not have firewire slots. I know that there are some kind of usb/firewire adapters on the market and...

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pashtett 4th March 2014
Avatar for Blues Bird

Say you ' ve got a one or two tracking recording of a singer songwriter in a studio and you want to to " put" him in a...

Blues Bird
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Tui 4th March 2014
Avatar for sam c

I am thinking about a Apple MacBook Pro 15", i7 quad core. Any users that can comment on if they are satisfied,...

sam c
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sam c 4th March 2014
Avatar for mrjusting2

sadly I was using a new iMac that I bought loaded with a I7 chip so that I never had to worry about over working the cpu on my...

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classictunz 4th March 2014
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I have Pro Tools LE 8.0.5 with an Mbox 2 on a 27" iMac running Snow Leopard. I recently acquired a MacBook Pro and have...

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carvinbassplyr 4th March 2014
Avatar for Ajantis

Hello, I am looking to upgrade so I turn to you gear slutz for help. 4770K or 4930K or even 4960X? Film composing, large...

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EvilDragon 4th March 2014
Avatar for gsilbers

many SW vs HW threads but didnt see a plugin fatso comparison thread. anyone have both and would like to share their opinions?

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shaytron 4th March 2014
Avatar for stampyhead

I'm running Logic 9 and the Vienna Instruments Special Edition and I'm having an issue with instrument tracks suddenly and...

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stampyhead 4th March 2014
Avatar for blackbirdstudio

Howdy all.. Im in need of the driver for apogee symphony on OS Mavericks asap. The apogee site seems to be down, and has been...

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blackbirdstudio 4th March 2014
Avatar for raccoonboy

Hi there everyone. Wouldn't it be great if on Ableton Live (I have 8, perhaps 9 does this) had a feature where you select two...

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raccoonboy 4th March 2014
Avatar for bjj22

Anyone know if the RME HDSPe AIO interface will work with an ivy bridge hackintosh? I have my parts on order for my customac pro...

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B-San 4th March 2014
Avatar for _Mark

I spent over an hour on the phone with Sweetwater tech support, and they literally gave up on me. I'm trying to patch in a...

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_Mark 4th March 2014
Avatar for AttemptD

I've got a mix here, It's a little metal and electronic stylish...I dunno. Anyways I think the mix is pretty good honestly,...

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AttemptD 4th March 2014
Avatar for LFOWaves

I recently formatted my laptop wich is the machine that I use when not at home. My daw is ableton live 9 and I use kontakt 5...

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LFOWaves 4th March 2014
Avatar for Deleted User

Anyone have experience on both and care to comment?

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 4th March 2014
Avatar for 125

Hey hey, Im curious if anyone has or had a setup using RAM Disk configurations. If so, what or what was your setup and...

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125 3rd March 2014
Avatar for TomasL

Hello everyone! Recently i have bought late MBP 15, which has 256 SSD drive. I have to say it works really-really fast and i am...

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TomasL 3rd March 2014
Avatar for Pastel Fiction

i am going to but a new mac mini or imac soon and i am having trouble trying to figure out what drives to get. i am running...

Pastel Fiction
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Avatar for Pastel Fiction
Pastel Fiction 3rd March 2014