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Ok, here goes: I just acquired a cool old Studiomaster 12 to 2 (yes, the old good one, inside of board says 6/11/81), and I...

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ChaNce144 10th March 2014
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Hello, I am trying to configure a mac pro and would like some opinions on how to setup my storage. I am going for the 6 core...

mike vee
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mike vee 10th March 2014
Avatar for Musician

I think Kontakt libs may have the edge because of its extensive scripting, but small sample libs may yield great results... And...

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classictunz 10th March 2014
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Hey guys, I finally got me a 240 SSD drive to put in a USB 3.0 enclosed box to stream video clips for editing on my PC i7 laptop...

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classictunz 10th March 2014
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Hi folks, It's time to get a DAW... I can get a good deal on a iMac from 2009 and a Motu MK3 2408 firewire interface... Would...

Mr. Tom
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gdoubleyou 10th March 2014
Avatar for Gordon

What CPU and Motherboard would you use? Needs to have Thunderbolt for future compatibility. I won't say money is no object...

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brianbotkiller 10th March 2014
Avatar for parco

and better be as dry and as close-miking as possible as it can. Any guys got any recommendations? ;)

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electro 10th March 2014
Avatar for brill bedroom

Just got an e-m about Abbey Road's latest plug in: ADT. Gotta have that. I absolutely adore the ADT emulation on the East West...

brill bedroom
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Ross Goodman 10th March 2014
Avatar for doubledecker

Is there a way in Cubase 5 to have a track, kick drum for instance, bounced with the rest of the mix, but not processed on the...

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cavern 10th March 2014
Avatar for Straticusiam

I recently upgraded from Little Microshift to Microshift. It seemed to install fine and it shows as being activated in the ilok...

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[email protected] 10th March 2014
Avatar for Trades

I have looked around the internet but I am looking for some sort of plug-in I can use to make the bass sound like or even just...

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henge 10th March 2014
Avatar for smoothjazz

I have my LaCie Little big disk sitting on this: Raxxess UNS-1 Universal Shelf | Sweetwater.com I was wondering if this is...

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eve69 10th March 2014
Avatar for benjiboko

Hi. I used Redmatica Auto Sampler but since ive upgraded to Mavericks it doesnt work. Any other solutions? Thankyou

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eve69 10th March 2014
Avatar for Polarelch

I just got my first iPhone, and would like to play around a bit with it. I don't consider making any serious music there, but...

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eve69 10th March 2014
Avatar for Brento

I realize I'm a bit behind the times here... But just about 3 days ago I purchased Zebra 2. I've been using the demo for a good...

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Avatar for jsblack
jsblack 10th March 2014
Avatar for 141550

Hard to describe the noise. Its comes regardless of high or low latency setup.. I tried the highest latency but that didnt...

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141550 10th March 2014
Avatar for George Necola

they are cooking something over there at...

George Necola
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George Necola 10th March 2014
Avatar for hypersync.09

I wonder why consumer audio is still at a measly 16 bits ? We are bothered about everything else , but not increasing consumer...

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Avatar for hypersync.09
hypersync.09 10th March 2014
Avatar for kmbmotorshop

Anybody near San Diego have an SSL Mixpander card? I desperately need to update the firmware in my Alpha Link AX but do not have...

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kmbmotorshop 10th March 2014
Avatar for zaxmalloy

About two years ago now, my wife 'broke' her Windows laptop. Since I was itching to upgrade to a multicore Mac Mini, I...

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zaxmalloy 10th March 2014
Avatar for 141550

how to remove Creative ASIO driver. i used to have their sound card which i dont have anymore. i dont see any creative program...

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Avatar for 141550
141550 10th March 2014
Avatar for Rick Carson

Does pro tools nine have it?

Rick Carson
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jacko 10th March 2014
Avatar for noize_unit

Just got an iPad Air along with touchable 2, noticed there is a template editor so you can make templates for VSTi's and Effects...

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Avatar for noize_unit
noize_unit 9th March 2014
Avatar for sforouhi

Hi everybody, I have a 7 years old computer running on windows XP with a Hoontech dsp24 soundcard.That I use for my home...

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Avatar for fireberd
fireberd 9th March 2014
Avatar for 9white5

Hey everyone, I'm looking to get my next vst and theres are the main 3 that im interested in, i already own fm8 so i'm looking...

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Avatar for Aubrey Lamont
Aubrey Lamont 9th March 2014
Avatar for ivansc

Anyone know what is going on? Bought the 32bit version of this plug and am now trying to go 100%64bit. Dont really want to leave...

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Avatar for ljefe
ljefe 9th March 2014
Avatar for zak flaps

Hi. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro. 2.6GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 16GB RAM 512 Flash Storage I've been told the...

zak flaps
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Avatar for solidstate
solidstate 9th March 2014
Avatar for The Guy

I get crashes every other day. Usually these crashes occur when I try to perform some menial task outside of the DAW. This...

The Guy
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Avatar for kaboom75
kaboom75 9th March 2014
Avatar for Krush411

About to get the Apollo Twin so that means time to get familiar with Universal Audio plug ins. What are your favorite UA plug ins...

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Avatar for BB Bill
BB Bill 9th March 2014
Avatar for computeruser

These are the VST instruments I am currently using. Native instruments - FM7, Pro 53, Battery. Waldorf - DSP Waldorf XTk, PPG...

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Avatar for kafka
kafka 9th March 2014
Avatar for RakOOn

Hey guys (noob here) im planning buying a midi controller keyboard for my studio. Is the akai MPK49 what i want , and is it...

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Avatar for RakOOn
RakOOn 9th March 2014
Avatar for elgrayso

Wondering how everyone organizes their work in terms of file names and folders. When I first started making beats years ago, I...

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Avatar for mschreiber
mschreiber 9th March 2014
Avatar for waldie wave

I have recorded a band playing live. Is there anyway I can tap manually write where the start of each bar should be rather than...

waldie wave
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Avatar for scanner
scanner 9th March 2014
Avatar for Lehsyrus

Hello everyone, I seem to be having a pretty annoying issue with Logic. I work on Hardstyle and prefer Logic's built in plugins...

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Avatar for skyshaver
skyshaver 9th March 2014
Avatar for PaddyGordon

I have recently purchased a Retina MacBook Pro and as you know, they don't come with a FireWire port, so I've got the...

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Avatar for PaddyGordon
PaddyGordon 9th March 2014
Avatar for mike vee

Hello all, I currently produce electronic music using lots of analog synths and a lot of high end outboard gear plus Cubase 7.5...

mike vee
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Avatar for The Vulture
The Vulture 9th March 2014
Avatar for claesbjo

Hi, I wonder if anyone has done the transition from 2010 6-core to the 2014 trashcan 6-core? Any noticeable difference in...

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Avatar for Mike O
Mike O 9th March 2014
Avatar for roho

I was wondering if there was a way to assign a user defined controller to activate a specific plugin for the selected track....

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Avatar for roho
roho 9th March 2014
Avatar for Cursed Lemon

Okay, so is there any possible way in FL Studio to be able to move more than one fader at a time? I often find myself doing...

Cursed Lemon
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Avatar for Robert Toolgreen
Robert Toolgreen 8th March 2014
Avatar for RE201

Hello - I had to get an Ilok 2 to run some plugs on Logic Pro on an Intel Macbook Pro.. I still use my old G4 MBP with Logic...

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Avatar for blackcom
blackcom 8th March 2014
Avatar for HSLand

When I had some RME gear I set TotalMix's software outputs to unity and used the hardware output fader below it to control the...

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Avatar for Deleted d78e603
Deleted d78e603 8th March 2014
Avatar for oskcaz

Hey guys finally got my lil setup for makin beats recently with tax money lol heppy (been lurking for some time now) so I...

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Avatar for mrwonderful
mrwonderful 8th March 2014
Avatar for KevTheAudioGuy

Hello everyone! Last week I shared a video tutorial on creating realistic slap funk bass with Native Instruments Scarbee Bass....

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Avatar for KevTheAudioGuy
KevTheAudioGuy 8th March 2014
Avatar for Kibosh

Hey all, I'm having two problems for the moment. First one is that my MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid interface still isn't 100% stable....

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Avatar for Kibosh
Kibosh 8th March 2014
Avatar for stevegalante

Has this ever occurred to you ? As soon as you switch on the Waves SSL Channel HighPass Filter (E or G) my signal has a +4 db...

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Avatar for stinkyfingers
stinkyfingers 8th March 2014
Avatar for Immersion

Yeah, what has the market to offer today ? The demand for DAW controllers are huge, but almost no people buy them cause they...

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Avatar for Melgueil
Melgueil 8th March 2014
Avatar for AjanovicH

Good morning G-Slutz, I have a Mac Pro as a master and PC as a slave. I launch the VEP Sever on the PC, insert the plugin in...

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Avatar for AjanovicH
AjanovicH 8th March 2014
Avatar for marty lester

hey Zynaptiq...you came out with "Unfilter" the week before i needed it for a mix...and now i need "Unchirp"...

marty lester
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Avatar for marty lester
marty lester 8th March 2014
Avatar for Cinesamples

Hey slutz, Wanted to introduce you to our new baby. We sampled the original piano from Kind of Blue to tape with two U67's...

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Avatar for Rob King
Rob King 8th March 2014
Avatar for El Cap

This is sort of a double post but I was sent over on this sub forum by a fellow GS to try and figure this problem out. I didnt...

El Cap
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Avatar for El Cap
El Cap 8th March 2014