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Hello, I just upgraded to the fastest mac pro I could find.. 3.33 12 core 32 gig ram, solid state startup drive. Previously...

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edc102 12th March 2014
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I am looking at the site and I am not totally sure I get how it works. Are the hardware and software interchangeable or does...

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Kaan 12th March 2014
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Hi, I wonder if FXpansion will release new versions of Tremor, and Geist. Both are great products, but I feel they need an...

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steveswisher 12th March 2014
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Hello, I have an noise issue maybe some of you can assist me with. I've striped down the computer where the mobo and built...

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dariendaniel 12th March 2014
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Hey Slutz, I've read so much conflicting information on the use of metering and I just can't get my head around the old-school...

JC Biffro
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DAW PLUS 12th March 2014
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Fabrice/Eiosis just posted this @ FB: "At the same time that the final, carefully and long-awaited AirEQ, we'll be...

Diogo C
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HOFX 12th March 2014
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I guess it still bothers me a bit, but do people even get viruses anymore? I use nothing but free antivir and havent had a virus...

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dirtbird 12th March 2014
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Hi all, I may as well preface this by saying I've scoured the internet for a solution to no avail, so here's my issue I'm...

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EvilDragon 12th March 2014
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Hi, I am trying to leverage my spectrum analyzer to preview sounds through the "Pool" without having to add samples...

shrimp daddy
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shrimp daddy 12th March 2014
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Hey, I have a question about Ableton, and jbridger.. I noticed I cannot open my projects in ableton with a jbridged plugin. It...

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Submersed24 12th March 2014
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Not immediately obvious by the title of this thread, I am looking for a plugin alternative to the tc electronics finalizer, other...

Mike Green
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charlieclouser 12th March 2014
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(I may not be in exactly the right place to ask this question... if so please let me know where a better forum might be). In...

Brad BJS
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Brad BJS 12th March 2014
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Hi what is the difference between Maag EQ4 & Clariphonic DSP ?

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PureArtist 12th March 2014
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Ah... the new mac pro, what an utter disappointment for music producers. I'm looking at upgrading my rig and was speccing out...

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DAW PLUS 11th March 2014
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Hi! I am planning to buy a new Macbook Pro to use for production within Logic Pro 9. So far I have used a Macbook Air 2011...

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danielnielsen 11th March 2014
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I work at 96k because it's the highest I can afford to work at. I don't work at 96k because I'm a stupid noob who thinks he's...

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Tui 11th March 2014
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Hi there, How many simultaneous interfaces can be hooked up to a hd native thunderbolt? Is it 64 inputs and outputs combined...

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DonSpacht 11th March 2014
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I'm having enormous trouble trying to record with the EMS Synthi A-vs VST plugin, it just won't record when recording with a midi...

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Deleted 8ce28dc 11th March 2014
Avatar for Brettt1

I can not find the rewind and fast forward buttons in Ableton Live 9 so I can map them to my hardware. Where are they located so...

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brianbotkiller 11th March 2014
Avatar for Godson

So I recently stepped out of the Dark Ages and bought myself a new computer. I like everything but the sound quality of the...

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Godson 11th March 2014
Avatar for blackcom

Running Bidule as a VST. Im trying to invert an incomming automation parameter from my DAW before linking it to a VSTi inside...

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undertone 11th March 2014
Avatar for 777funk

Seems like everyone wants mixes to be LOUD these days but how do you do it without making it sound like a washy hard to listen to...

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unclerico12 11th March 2014
Avatar for jumpstart

What's up everybody. First post here, so take it easy on me :) I was hoping to get some help hooking up an external synth to...

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nst7 11th March 2014
Avatar for nas

Anyone using Logic 8 multipresssor frequently? how does it compare to some of the other "hi-end" plugin multi-band...

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vhollund 11th March 2014
Avatar for Jeigenmusic

Hi everyone, I am looking to move over to the MacBook Pro from my traditional outdated PC. This will be used for day to day...

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donato 11th March 2014
Avatar for SecretSilencer

If you could choose the type of computer connectivity your audio interface or A/D convert could have what would you go with and...

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yore 11th March 2014
Avatar for blackbirdstudio

Hi guys. I've had a bad day indeed.. I accidentally erased my main recording drive today. Had all my currents clients on...

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blackbirdstudio 11th March 2014
Avatar for larski

Hi there. I'm new to this forum and I really need some help with my Focusrite Liquid Mix 16. Lately I noticed that the LM VST...

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gongbass 11th March 2014
Avatar for splitpen

I was creating a track last week and i noticed something about the sound quality of the mixers in Reason 5. So i did some tests...

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CPhoenix 11th March 2014
Avatar for leeliversidge

Hey, all. For my university dissertation I am investigating the importance of MIDI when songwriting. Could you please fill in...

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leeliversidge 11th March 2014
Avatar for alemarti

Hey ! I need to get an ssd drive (1TB) but I´m still trying to figure out which one ... Today Lacie announced availability of...

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alemarti 11th March 2014
Avatar for kraznet

Has anyone done business with this company? They are doing a very reasonable price on the Waves Element synth. Waves Element...

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kraznet 11th March 2014
Avatar for PB21

Ok I just got a Lenovo g510 as a music laptop, its entry level but the processor i7 4702 was almost as fast as the top model asus...

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Yana 11th March 2014
Avatar for maxiedaniels

I've been told that the drums on this track are not real, and I'm wondering what software drums would work well to match this?...

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maxiedaniels 11th March 2014
Avatar for musicomper

Hi all! I am a Pro Tools user currently and I am looking for a switch. My main concern right now is the burden a Pro Tools...

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kosty 11th March 2014
Avatar for DOCTOR FIKX

helpin a friend out he had unistalled pro tools 8 le on xp and i have been trying to help him install pro tools 7.4 le for him...

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DOCTOR FIKX 11th March 2014
Avatar for Realziment

Is this still in common use these days? I remember when I was starting out this was like the only time stretching tool that...

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Realziment 11th March 2014
Avatar for faeriepunk23

Hi, I've been trying to find it in the manual, for some reason it works fine if I'm just recording audio from the Jp-8000, but...

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clonewar 11th March 2014
Avatar for chucknkd

just a quick test i did tonight to check out any differences in sound between the apollo pre only, the unison api strip, and the...

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Avatar for Jca
Jca 11th March 2014
Avatar for Miiko

I'm really loving my new Apollo Twin. So much so that I'd like to triple up on the DSP by buying a firewire satellite quad....

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Avatar for Jca
Jca 11th March 2014
Avatar for Skaggerak

Hi all.I've Registered on the site for some advice on an upgrade I'm planning very soon. I bought an Audio PC a few years back...

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Avatar for brianbotkiller
brianbotkiller 11th March 2014
Avatar for garyg12

I recently purchased the saffire liquid and was very excited to try the liquid preamps out. When I first began recording audio in...

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garyg12 11th March 2014
Avatar for SamRoman

Hi, I'm having a strange problem at the moment. I have an iMac running the latest operating system (not mavericks), and a Motu...

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gdoubleyou 11th March 2014
Avatar for hoyt

I'm thinking of getting a RME UFX for marginally-mobile multi-track live recording situations. I currently use a Grace Designs...

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Avatar for hoyt
hoyt 11th March 2014
Avatar for inthere

Resolution is 3840x2160!...

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wpccolorblind 11th March 2014
Avatar for 276280

Hi guys, So I am a Cubase user (Cubase 5) and I love it. It took me long enough to transition from Reason to a "real...

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Avatar for nynemilla
nynemilla 11th March 2014
Avatar for Chris T

I’m a composer, working mainly in Film/TV, but also have a strong (though somewhat unfulfilled) background in concert and...

Chris T
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Avatar for Spip
Spip 11th March 2014
Avatar for louis1

Hi slutz i have both a motu 828mkII and a focusrite penta which has got the spdif bnc word clock card fitted at the back. I know...

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Avatar for louis1
louis1 10th March 2014
Avatar for World_of_Noise

Hello all, tomorrow I'm taking a plunge into Mac instead of PC. I'm looking at a Mac Mini 2.6ghz model. I'm running Pro Tools...

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jjeffers 10th March 2014
Avatar for snareman

Let me explain, I know next to nothing about hardware equipment.. but from what i'm guessing I need to buy an interface such as...

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Avatar for Myrok
Myrok 10th March 2014