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How far do you go trying to emulate analog feel in your mixes? (assuming that you're looking for that type of sound). Do you...

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blackcom 3rd April 2014
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Hi, I was hoping someone could sanity check my laptop configuration from PCSpecialist. I'll just be using it for running Ableton...

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lostgroove 3rd April 2014
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This is for a new build as an internal recording drive. I've used Black in the past and have been very happy but I'm now reading...

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GP_Hawk 3rd April 2014
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I have been waiting for someone to do this for years...finally its here. this will make my life much easier Auganizer | Rename,...

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phas3d 3rd April 2014
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Hi Friends! I bought a Apollo Quad with thunderbolt connection, some days ago. I'm using it with Logic Pro X. I understood that,...

jonas tatit
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jonas tatit 3rd April 2014
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So I officially got sick of waiting for Universal Audio to release a Thunderbolt equipped Satellite. I’m thinking about...

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CMYK 3rd April 2014
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Saw this today on Ars Technica: Sonnet’s new rack mount turns the 2013 Mac Pro into a modern-day Xserve | Ars...

John Reid
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phas3d 3rd April 2014
Avatar for antichef

UA's coupon strategy is devastatingly effective. I'm coming up on an expiration deadline -- I'll keep most of my angst to...

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classictunz 3rd April 2014
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Hello my friends, Hope you are doing well. I have a question. I used to work in Cubase, and that DAW has (in the modulation...

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telmoserrano 3rd April 2014
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Hi Folks, Just upgraded to Komplete 9 on my hard drive, then activated it. Opened a new file in Logic, then recorded three...

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Rossco 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Mattski

So I ran the firmware update and in the middle of it there was an error message that popped up. I think it said error 50. Then it...

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Stormbox 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Ivorydom

I am both a Mac and PC user. I use multiple drives to make backups but I also use drives to copy files from Mac to PC and vice...

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TomasL 2nd April 2014
Avatar for AudioT

This is what my audio settings look like in FL, and the DPC latency. My DPC issue has been fixed, and the value remains at...

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AudioT 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Amber

I'm tidying up a project when I'd had instrument tracks with sends to delays/reverbs and some tracks with their outputs set to a...

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ltjohnrambo 2nd April 2014
Avatar for mfx

News - SoundToys - Professional Effects Plugins and the...

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brockorama 2nd April 2014
Avatar for d.dot

I'm looking for a few opinions. I had my 002 signature modded by Black Lion a few years ago. It sounds good and has served me...

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d.dot 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Janesaid2me

Right now im running two audiofire12s Love them...theyre stable...nice monitoring on front...seem to give me nice mixes...easy...

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Janesaid2me 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Morgenstern23

I know this question comes up a lot but I have not been able to find a thread that answers my questions. I am returning to...

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Avatar for phas3d
phas3d 2nd April 2014
Avatar for 5stringer

Hello everyone! I have a question for all the Profire 2626 users out there. I am having an issue when recording. I can't...

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5stringer 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Kane

Hi everyone I`ve asked this on the Slate pre-purchase forum, but like last time when I asked a question, I`ve had no response...

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Avatar for amost
amost 2nd April 2014
Avatar for 777funk

I've thought about this before and figured why not just see if it's practical or has been tried. Would it be a good idea to...

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psycho_monkey 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Callison

Righto. I'm a new raven user and I figure it's a pretty deep, so I thought we could start a thread to talk about how everyone is...

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Avatar for Callison
Callison 2nd April 2014
Avatar for dadolaaa

Hello everyone So I have a weird issue and I wonder if anyone can help me. Im using the Steinberg UR28M as my audio...

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Avatar for dadolaaa
dadolaaa 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Dominiqued

Hello, I'm looking for a vst which can visualise sound into colours. I want to connect my cello using mic to ableton, and I want...

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Avatar for Dominiqued
Dominiqued 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Elvor

Hi guys! I need you for a couple of questions. First, I have actually a PC (windows xp) with Cubase, and I want to change for...

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Avatar for Elvor
Elvor 2nd April 2014
Avatar for qb748t394

Here is a Youtube vid that i came across... at appox. 6 min & 12 sec. the narrator brings up a graphic that depicts three...

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113568 2nd April 2014
Avatar for Septik

Hi all.. Just ran into a little problem recently, which never used to happen before. Hoping you can help me! Let me start by...

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Avatar for DanRand
DanRand 1st April 2014
Avatar for JW112

I just boughteventide blackhole and i cant get it to show up in Garageband 10 in OS10.9. anyone able to get this to work? thanks

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Avatar for JW112
JW112 1st April 2014
Avatar for GV1

Is it possible to install Logic 9 when Logic Pro X is installed? I only asked because I just sold my Logic 9 on eBay. Buyer...

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Avatar for gdoubleyou
gdoubleyou 1st April 2014
Avatar for andre tchmil

Was thinking , with the large capacity USB sticks would it be possible to write your sessions to a USB stick instead of a HD ?

andre tchmil
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Avatar for LeMauce
LeMauce 1st April 2014
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Avatar for innesireinar
innesireinar 1st April 2014
Avatar for chymer

Hey I was wondering if there was a solution to the waves white GUI issue? The 32nd instance of a waves plugin in a session ...

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Avatar for joint07
joint07 1st April 2014
Avatar for GregoryLondos

Hello all. I'm a beginner electronic musician and want a laptop to use with a band mostly live but also for other purposes. My...

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Avatar for GregoryLondos
GregoryLondos 1st April 2014
Avatar for Aplihs

The Apollo Quad has an output impedance of 600 ohms. What exactly does an output impedance of 600 ohms in an audio interface...

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Aplihs 1st April 2014
Avatar for ChaosBringer

Hey all, I recently built a new computer (4770k processor on a GA-Z87-UD3H mobo) and got windows 7 installed with all of my...

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Digital-Haven 1st April 2014
Avatar for Flagfoot

Hello, I run mostly analog hardware so apologies for being way behind on computers. I am going to assemble a rackmount PC to...

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Avatar for Digital-Haven
Digital-Haven 1st April 2014
Avatar for Leevi

Seems that Apple will begin to use similar release cycle as they do with operating systems. Now we wont need to wait another four...

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Avatar for projektk
projektk 1st April 2014
Avatar for music234m

I learned a bit about FireWire, Thunderbolt, and PCI interfaces which some say cause less latency than USB2 but others say it...

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music234m 1st April 2014
Avatar for Epignosis567

So is there something I'm not understanding about Ableton's browser or is it just useless? I add a folder containing the mp3s I...

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Avatar for Epignosis567
Epignosis567 1st April 2014
Avatar for Miiko

Does anyone know how to do this? I got it working fine in Logic but can't get ableton to recognize any parameters to be automated...

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Avatar for Myrok
Myrok 1st April 2014
Avatar for DanJWeller

Hi All, I'm pretty new to Gearslutz and I'm practised but not a official professional when it comes to production. The project...

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Avatar for DanJWeller
DanJWeller 1st April 2014
Avatar for dorian_audiffex

Audiffex provides a set of multi-utilizable effect plugins with a design of typical stomp boxes. AutoWah / Delay / Flanger /...

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Avatar for nickelironsteel
nickelironsteel 1st April 2014
Avatar for AMIEL

Hi Guys which Plug In vocoder do you recommend? something that sounds clear and not so granny or over the top. I want it to...

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Avatar for blackcom
blackcom 1st April 2014
Avatar for ZebastianSwartz

I have been using the Waves Puigchild 670 and thought it was great. Now, as I no longer have access to it, I'm thinking about...

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Avatar for sam c
sam c 1st April 2014
Avatar for Jeff Hayat

Up until now, anytime I needed to transcode wav files to aif files, I would use Cubase. Start MEAP, and I could walk away and do...

Jeff Hayat
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Avatar for FFTT
FFTT 31st March 2014
Avatar for lxm

How long does it take to get some help? I submitted a ticket Thursday morning and I havent heard anything! What is your...

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SongShark 31st March 2014
Avatar for alexcm

Bit of a long shot. This here https://sites.google.com/site/vstoversampler/home which the download link seems to be not...

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Avatar for undertone
undertone 31st March 2014
Avatar for tribby

I've been rigorously researching the Mac mini as it seems like it is the most affordable Mac I can get. The iMac costs extra...

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Avatar for tribby
tribby 31st March 2014
Avatar for RoyFan

This is the instrumental of "Domino" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz5IKLi02Ss I'm looking to get both (with...

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RoyFan 31st March 2014
Avatar for RoyFan

Hi All, This link has the audio version of "TGIF" by Katy...

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RoyFan 31st March 2014