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HI I have Apogee Ensemble and Fireface 800. Currently I'm using FF800 in my cubase on my PC. I can let the mics directly...

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rockman413 15th April 2014
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i have to return a whole ram kit ( one module is faulty ). in order to stay up and running i have to buy a temporary ram kit...

Deleted 41f541f
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Deleted 41f541f 15th April 2014
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Hi, I am looking for the PC equivalent of the Universal Audio Appllo Twin, or the Audient ID22. Is there anything similar...

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mirka 15th April 2014
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Is it important to have a RAID 1 or 10 configuration for live shows? Is this what professionals do?

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benj1 15th April 2014
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Has anyone compared these two? I know the Apogee has a good reputation for sound quality but it's kinda old and has had driver...

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maxwelldub 15th April 2014
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Hi, I own a Tascam FW-1884 firewire mixer and I've recently just upgraded to Win 7. The latest FW-1884 driver doesn't work on...

energy flow
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MERC476 15th April 2014
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AllBread 15th April 2014
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AllBread 15th April 2014
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Hello, I know there has been discussions in the past on this forum regarding purchasing a Computer Monitor verses a New TV...

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Bassmankr 15th April 2014
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I have SSD4 and it mostly sounds like distortion. Ive used Superior 2.0. The Baressi cymbals were the worst ive heard, but i...

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chrisso 15th April 2014
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If I was to get a sound grid server would it work with waves the latest TDM plugins in pro tools 11? Right now I have native...

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ProPower 15th April 2014
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Finally got my Satellite link set up running beautifully. Satellite System: PT HD 9 - 6 Accell cards on Magma 6 slot and Mac...

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htrisna 15th April 2014
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So yesterday I got the Saffire PRO 24 DSP. Installation and all went smooth as silk. Setup in DAW, buffers and cables running to...

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mar2 14th April 2014
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Hello Has anybody found a windows 7 driver for the m-audio keystation pro 88? I'm having difficulties locating one.

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barrym 14th April 2014
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Originally had a D8b and HDR24/96. Loved it. Died. Then ZedR16 firewire / PC. Cubase , problems Then UR824 / PC , Cubase , ...

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Deleted d78e603 14th April 2014
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With the end of the Window XP security updates, among other factors, I needed to take some time to replace my ancient tower pc,...

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RRCHON 14th April 2014
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Anyone got any tips/tricks they'd like to share on how to get the best performance for audio on a Windows 7 based DAW? Or is...

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Bobby Baird 14th April 2014
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I read a tutorial waves mixing and mastering, there is a compression technique of slow attack around 20 to 40 ms and release 1,...

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jonnytracker 14th April 2014
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In Logic, there is a setting called Mirror Outputs that sends your stereo 1-2 to a second set of outputs. I know in Pro Tools...

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rcb4t2 14th April 2014
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Hey fellow slutz! I have the opportunity to buy an RME HDSP 9632 PCI Card at a ridiculously low price point. My studio computer...

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norbury brook 14th April 2014
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Hello everyone! I bought M-AUDIO Midisport UNO USB interface, with idea to synchronize my Keyboard Roland YS with Cubase 5. I...

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Starkyone 14th April 2014
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Okay, here is where I'm at ... I have an M-Audio Profire 2626 and a MOTU 828x that I have set up as an aggregate audio device...

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jwh1192 14th April 2014
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So, I have an Asus UX-31a: https://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/ASUS_ZENBOOK_UX31A/ I've been considering getting a...

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eve69 14th April 2014
Avatar for smoothjazz

This thread is with urban music production in mind. I am also trying to downsize my set up also. My Macbook has 1 firewire...

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smoothjazz 14th April 2014
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So after posting: "Six core 3.4GHz. 16Gb RAM I am coming from using a 2.4Ghz 17" macbook pro thinking this could...

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fistikuffs 14th April 2014
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Hi everyone, I just bought a new MacBook Pro, which obviously has USB and Thunderbolt inputs but no FireWire inputs. My problem...

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cbg87 14th April 2014
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Sorry if this is an overdone dead horse topic... I always assumed it made no difference by finally went ahead and just tried it...

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Goddard 14th April 2014
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Hey guys So I have a desktop I mac which is my studio computer which is attached to my monitors I also have a laptop I...

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tribedescribe 14th April 2014
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I'm trying to use the AudioFire 12 in a setup with AudioMulch (performance based DAW) with a Windows 7 machine and the AF 12...

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sensing 13th April 2014
Avatar for tomasz

Here is my Issue: I am "recording" using Saffire Pro40 (Focusrite) and a preamp by Presonus (Digimax D8), a Mac Pro 12...

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adamcfresh 13th April 2014
Avatar for thruhiker

Hi, kfhkh I am trying to use a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface in conjunction with my Presonus Digimax lt 8 channel...

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adamcfresh 13th April 2014
Avatar for TinderArts

I've had a very good experience replicating the ensemble effect from the Solina using the Arturia Moog Modular V's chorus effect....

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thenoodle 13th April 2014
Avatar for Welho

Hi there folks! These questions might have been asked over and over again and I'm sorry for that but im in a hurry 'cause I...

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Hattrick 13th April 2014
Avatar for barryfell

I know iConnectMIDI2+ can pass through audio from iOS devices which is great, but on Windows that means having to use ASIO4ALL in...

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barryfell 13th April 2014
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Ok, so im using logic now. No longer on pro tools. I want to get the twin duo or solo but the problem is it has only 2 inputs, i...

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vinyljunkie23 13th April 2014
Avatar for Gduron

I'm thinking about upgrading from my current Mbox pro 3 to an RME UFX... just wondering if there is anyone that has gone through...

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CPhoenix 13th April 2014
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which is the best tb303 plug in on the mac?

Deleted 2ecf148
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Deleted 2ecf148 13th April 2014
Avatar for Chumer

Hello everyone, I just bought me an HP Envy Touchsmart laptop model M7-J178CA for $1199.99 at Best Buy Canada (plus taxes) and...

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Chumer 13th April 2014
Avatar for dirtbird

Thats it! If you could use ANY other DAW what would be the one?

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Steve Fogal 13th April 2014
Avatar for jolly83

I am trying to get sound from Kontakt and iTunes at the same time so that I can practice along with my music using Kontakt...

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Peakae 13th April 2014
Avatar for tommygee

I've used Battery for +10 years - last many years Battery 3. I recently switched to Battery 4 and i really can't place my drums...

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tommygee 13th April 2014
Avatar for chriswild1122

Hello, I have Macbook Pro 2011, 13 inch, running Mavericks and (intermitently) when I pause a video in iTunes it will resume...

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chriswild1122 13th April 2014
Avatar for venndi

Hello! I don't have bass guitar, just e-guitar. Exist some plugin or software, whit it I can recording bass chanels?

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 13th April 2014
Avatar for Peeb

Loving Mixcraft 6. Recommendations for vst instrument plugin to get? BTW, have Scuffham S-gear which is very nice for...

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aj113 13th April 2014
Avatar for gotrice415510

Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out here. So... the problem is I have my microKorg hooked up to ableton...

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MichalFrisson 12th April 2014
Avatar for abysss

just letting you guys know i made a small .nicnt and wallpaper editor for Kontakt mac users grab it here...

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Avatar for TinderArts
TinderArts 12th April 2014
Avatar for 023steve

I have been trying to set up a mono Aux channel with my UA 1176 as a hardware insert so I can use it as parallel compression on a...

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chucks 12th April 2014
Avatar for danielevivaldi

Hi, I'm new here and I hope I'm placing the topic in the right place, otherwise I apologize.shiee I've just returned my...

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nguitars 12th April 2014
Avatar for Deleted fe72b38

I was just about to pony up for a new Scan 3XS system based on an over clocked 4930K six core CPU and 32GB of ram When...

Deleted fe72b38
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TNM 12th April 2014
Avatar for *$%($*(@!!

I got an SSD drive (yay) for some instruments and one of the libraries I want to move there is EWQL Gold. I can't seem to find...

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brianbotkiller 12th April 2014