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Well this looks pretty awesome! Especially for $99! Has anyone demoed it yet? Reel ADT – Artificial Double Tracking Plugin...

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IMRECS 12th June 2014
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I use a RME Babyface and I'm really happy with the sound quality and drivers stability on OSX Mavericks. BUT I need more...

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ChrisLudwig 12th June 2014
Avatar for TripToy

I almost pulled the trigger on Maschine MK2 but I noticed all Ableton products are like 30% off including the Push....

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kaboom75 12th June 2014
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Hello, I am looking for to buy Virtual Guitarist 2 with e-license access code as second hand . Is there anybody who wants to...

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Pip 12th June 2014
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I am looking for a preamp that would work with my home studio setting. I have a MOTU Audio Express 6x6 FireWire/USB Audio...

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sprecorina23 12th June 2014
Avatar for Sky

I just tested the HoRNet AutoGain Pro demo with Pro Tools automation using VST+PatchWorx. It talks to the PT automation lane...

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Sky 12th June 2014
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So i want to get a laptop for heavy music production. I already know I want something with am Intel i7 processor. The thing I'm...

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hugol 12th June 2014
Avatar for zoobooboozoo

Hi all. I'm leaning towards a Silicon Power Armor A80 2TB Portable Hard drive. I like the fact that it's...

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dreadheaded 11th June 2014
Avatar for Musician

The SP library of samples is very nice although a bit limited. Where to get much more of these kind of samples?

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Musician 11th June 2014
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I am wanting to cascade 2 Apollo duo interfaces. I have heard when you do this you lose access to the adat I/O feature....

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T_R_S 11th June 2014
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Hi, I Never post on forums but read regularly but , on this occasion I thought I'd ask. I have a fast track ultra and...

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nst7 11th June 2014
Avatar for jcschild

So I just got preliminary pricing on DDR4 that's soon to be required for upcoming Haswell E and X99 platform. OUCH its more...

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EvilDragon 11th June 2014
Avatar for lestermagneto

Ok, So having finally bit the bullet and getting a 1tb SSD for my boot system, and finally upgrading to Mountain Lion after...

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lestermagneto 11th June 2014
Avatar for CPhoenix

I went nuts on plugin purchases for last year's holiday sales. I bought literally every third party plugin I own all at once....

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Avatar for EDF
EDF 11th June 2014
Avatar for Swurveman

I have a windows 7 PC running Cubase 6 and Pro Tools. I also have the Waves Gold bundle and a UAD-2 Quad. My PC was always...

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Avatar for Swurveman
Swurveman 11th June 2014
Avatar for blarue09

I currently have a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 and I am looking to expand the number of inputs using the scarlet's ADAT input. For...

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113568 11th June 2014
Avatar for Musician

It sounds pretty good and all that except that the GUI is pretty crap. But I am not sure it gets updated regularly... What do...

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plgDavid 11th June 2014
Avatar for planck

Hello, While Saturn is generally a fantastic plugin, its sounds digital. I need something similar but with better-more analog...

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Avatar for Beel Zebub
Beel Zebub 11th June 2014
Avatar for bimatri

hello anyone where to buy pro tools 8 hd license. i am found in ebay but the price is very expnsive for me. maybe someone in here...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 11th June 2014
Avatar for monsterism

Having huge problems with an APC40 I brought if anyone can help. Me and the seller are disputing if the issue is software or...

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Avatar for peltier
peltier 11th June 2014
Avatar for Dyoung17

I've been in the market for a new interface and the first one I came upon was the profire 610. I heard some pretty incredible...

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Avatar for zvukofor
zvukofor 11th June 2014
Avatar for E Artsy Moods

I would like this thread to be about sharing experiences about how you mix with "saturation" plugins. I would like...

E Artsy Moods
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Avatar for NotJimmyBuffet
NotJimmyBuffet 11th June 2014
Avatar for Sequentialist

Hi guys, Around 2 years ago, I "cleared out" my studio Mac Pro ... after years, it had accrued lots and lots of...

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Avatar for gdoubleyou
gdoubleyou 11th June 2014
Avatar for che_guitarra

I'm thinking of ditching my 2012 MBP in favour of a current Mac Mini, as a host machine for my Protools DAW. Quite simply, the...

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Avatar for los marbles
los marbles 11th June 2014
Avatar for rjo361

Hey guys, I'm doing a lot of free recordings for people just to get the experience of doing it, but I've come across one group...

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Avatar for timtoonz
timtoonz 11th June 2014
Avatar for fridayzed

Hey everyone, first time posting on here so hopefully this finds its way some place where someone can guide me in the right...

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ddageek 11th June 2014
Avatar for TheDrumschlag

My studio is currently developing new security protocol and one of the requirements we need to comply with is separate logins for...

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api2500 11th June 2014
Avatar for FoxMulderFBI

Hello! I was trying to record my cousin and his acoustic guitar in his little home studio, but we encountered some noise...

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Avatar for Liko
Liko 10th June 2014
Avatar for rockxrock

hi, Im on a macbook 2.3 intel core i5, 8gb I need to put my Komplete 9 Ultimate and some more librarys on an external harddrive,...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 10th June 2014
Avatar for Guitarfinch

Hi Ive just had a new pc/daw built & want to use my ilock to the new pc but don't know how to do it Ive downloaded the...

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Avatar for Guitarfinch
Guitarfinch 10th June 2014
Avatar for FlorianB

Hi, I always wondered something about the way a soundcard works when set to External clock. Please pay attention as it is a...

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Avatar for Bassmankr
Bassmankr 10th June 2014
Avatar for beyondat

I wasn't quite sure where to post this but are there any reaper themes that don't require 2 monitors that can work on my 23"...

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Avatar for beyondat
beyondat 10th June 2014
Avatar for Sixxis

For example, let's say I have reverb, flanger and delay on mixer channel 1. Can I copy those exact effects to channel 2 ? If so...

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Avatar for DAH
DAH 10th June 2014
Avatar for San01

Is the Tascam FW1884 compatible with Mac OSX Mavericks I'm still running Logic in 32Bit mode Thanks

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Avatar for San01
San01 10th June 2014
Avatar for Musician

Is this even possible? I dont see an option to do this.

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Avatar for Musician
Musician 10th June 2014
Avatar for peter2105

They say that usb sound cards dont have anymore latency problems with usb 2.0 But i still see that there are a lot pcie...

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Avatar for Toddskins
Toddskins 10th June 2014
Avatar for Yumid

Sorry about all the extremely noob questions. Just little things I'm noticing as I get introduced to Pro Tools. Usually when I...

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Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 10th June 2014
Avatar for Don Schenk

Yes, I realize the percentage of CPU usage for a DAW varies from one CPU to another, varies with the number of tracks, varies...

Don Schenk
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Avatar for Don Schenk
Don Schenk 10th June 2014
Avatar for EssyJ

Hi all, I know some of this has been covered before, but i cannot find an exact solution hence the post. I have an issue with...

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Avatar for EssyJ
EssyJ 10th June 2014
Avatar for zebastian21

I still can't believe some fool at apple logic team developer decided that custom icons in Logic X isn't a necesity...

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Avatar for zebastian21
zebastian21 10th June 2014
Avatar for Liko

So I let my wife listen to a rough track I was working up. She was impressed, but the first words out of her mouth to express...

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Avatar for RRCHON
RRCHON 9th June 2014
Avatar for Jon Ahmed

I want to give a friend my old logic pro 9 software and was wondering how I would change the license and user name? Any help on...

Jon Ahmed
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Avatar for gdoubleyou
gdoubleyou 9th June 2014
Avatar for Football

Would love to have one in my studio to easily move around my 88 note controller but don't see much of anything available...

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Avatar for Travst
Travst 9th June 2014
Avatar for Luan

Hello My focusrite 8i6 keeps recording with a crackling sound, and no matter what I try, I can't solve the problem. The...

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Avatar for Luan
Luan 9th June 2014
Avatar for alienoiz

hey guys.... i just ended a plugin called Esfera, it is a plugin to make effects, athmos and ambience. I have not much...

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Avatar for alienoiz
alienoiz 9th June 2014
Avatar for qvplite

I don't know why, but I haven't heard many people talking about this cool little guy. When I saw the dude using this at NAMM, I...

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Avatar for ncabral
ncabral 9th June 2014
Avatar for Dorian Yates

How is it that every DAW out there has major flaws and issues. Pro tools - cpu hog, VSt's don't work, RTAS instruments barely...

Dorian Yates
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Avatar for gonklives
gonklives 9th June 2014
Avatar for Hjelmevold

I've been trying out the demo of this software for a few days now, and it seems like Out Of Your Head (by Darin Fong Audio) could...

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Avatar for Hjelmevold
Hjelmevold 9th June 2014
Avatar for planck

Hey, I have experienced some clicks/pops on using ULN8. For instance, I just had a spike of unattenuated sound delivered to my...

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Avatar for planck
planck 9th June 2014
Avatar for Ron Obvious

Back in the old days. When I use to be able to mix on a SSL 4K console, one of the greatest things was to be able to "ride...

Ron Obvious
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Avatar for gainreduction
gainreduction 9th June 2014