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Hey I'm building a computer for my music production and I was wondering how much does a gpu has any effect on that if any? also...

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DAW PLUS 10th August 2014
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The guitar tone in question comes from the track Overture from the IQ Album Subterranea, I have included a sample in the...

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dented42ford 10th August 2014
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You know what I'm saying..... I have several eLicensers and several iLoks with all sorts of software on several different...

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Getalife2 10th August 2014
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What happened to them? I guess I missed the boat. Was looking for an inexpensive mixer and ran across the Alesis one with...

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felis 10th August 2014
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I've seen some of Armin Van Buuren and Deadmau5's project files and they used EXS24 for samples. Also, 7 Skies said he uses it...

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vallok 10th August 2014
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I have Kontakt and Omnishpere. I want to install Kontakt samples onto their own dedicated drive. But with Omnisphere, where...

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Steve Fogal 10th August 2014
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Its there anyway to properly emulate crosstalk in a DAW? Either a DAW that has this feature (dont know of any) or a plug in?...

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Roy drage 10th August 2014
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Best way is of course by testing, comparing, reading (forums, manuals, reviews) and watching (tuts). But there's so much going on...

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anp27 10th August 2014
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1. How is the latency in the unit? 2. Can you use coax spidf and optical spidf at the same time (for 4 digital ins) 3. How is...

Philip Parker
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el_gato 10th August 2014
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I recently bought a Macbook Pro and Logic Pro X, I used Cubase for many years and recently Studio One with a Lexicon Alpha...

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midio 10th August 2014
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I just bought an Arturia Keylab and was pleasantly surprised that once I'd mapped the controls to Diva with Diva's MIDI learn...

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barryfell 10th August 2014
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I'm getting close to finally building my new DAW and would love opinions on whether I should stick with trusty Windows 7...

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cjearner 10th August 2014
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Hey guys, I am stress testing my updated rig for a session that starts on monday. Pro Tools is doing something that i have not...

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ejsongs 9th August 2014
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Hey, I am thinking about spending around 700 dollars for a mixer. I want it to be a controller, so I kinda have all my needs in...

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mbvoxx 9th August 2014
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Im making a decision on which one ill be tracking and mixing with. So the real factors are ease of use, effects, and such. I...

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sambosun 9th August 2014
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Ok so let me break this problem down: I make instrumentals at home and I record my vocals at a studio. The problem is, whenever I...

Big Thier
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Big Thier 9th August 2014
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Would it be better to run two ssds in a macbook or would it be better to run them individually? if it were to be dual 1 SSB would...

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Pro5 9th August 2014
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Hi all, I am excited to announce, that all Klanghelm plugins are now available as AAX versions for ProTools 11 (Windows and...

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TeaParTea 9th August 2014
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Reamping with a dangerous d box help. I posted this in another thread with no response. Maybe someone hear can help. I have a...

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nst7 9th August 2014
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I have a few Toontrack midi libraries, where I am renaming the folders to have them appear and handled correctly by the Steven...

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Metrik 9th August 2014
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Is there a way to build a totally free setup for mac.. thats any good? I know they got free VST plugins and synth but i have...

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GUVART 9th August 2014
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I've been running my 2i2 on win7 x64 through Guitar Rig 5 for months now, and I'm only having one issue with it. No matter what I...

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meeklo062704 9th August 2014
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Has anyone used the Brainworx mastering plugins extensively? There is so much overlap between them that I'm not sure what to use...

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RRCHON 9th August 2014
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You guys may have got the email but if not I think its worth posting... After giving away the Eventide Ultra Channel - they...

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Jason Basson 9th August 2014
Avatar for serious

I bought the scarlett about 2 weeks ago when I upgraded to PT9. Initially it seemed to install ok, but then I ran into a few...

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Daily 9th August 2014
Avatar for Webb

Very new Mac user here. I really like EAC and have used it on my Windows machine to rip my cd's with great success. However,...

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beats4weeks 8th August 2014
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First off, I hope I put this in the right area, because this issue pertains to several things. So let me begin by explaining...

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wagtunes 8th August 2014
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I started this thread because I notice a lot of negativity about this sampler on the net. Mostly to do with Licensing problems...

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ivansc 8th August 2014
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My VTM GUI looks like this (see attached picture) in both Cubase 7.5 and Ableton Live 9 (all 64bit) on a Mac Mini (10.9.4). I...

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buzzlegs 8th August 2014
Avatar for moviesound

I want to sync up Mac Pro tower running PT10 with Logic and Cubase running on a MacBook pro. What are the best/cheapest solutions...

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sambosun 8th August 2014
Avatar for Fanu

Something good coming up? Says on UAD's FB page: We're almost at 100,000 likes on Facebook! "100k Giveaway" has a...

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Fanu 8th August 2014
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Using a macbook pro mid 2010, think i've blown the firewire port but the usb port works fine- wondering if there's such a thing...

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fastlanestoner 8th August 2014
Avatar for auxReturn

Can someone please tell me if this is correct: * I am running OS 10.9 Mavericks * My DAW and all my plug ins are 64...

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Steve Fogal 8th August 2014
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JetLag 8th August 2014
Avatar for ab5150

Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me with this: I may be imagining things, but in a video tutorial for melodyne i watched a...

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ab5150 8th August 2014
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So I know this topic has been beat to death, and Im open to links discussing it. But I just need a quick answer as I am going to...

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mirka 8th August 2014
Avatar for Gary_W

Hi, SSD4 is at a great price at the moment without a doubt. I've got other Slate plugins and love them so this is making my...

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rksguit 8th August 2014
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Hey Slutz: So I'm currently on a late 2012 21.5" iMac with 8GB RAM. I had a big improvement in performance with the jump...

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StereoPari 8th August 2014
Avatar for BearxTrap

IDK what the issue could be, I had the demo on my laptop but I deleted it to have a fresh install.

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Fanu 7th August 2014
Avatar for FastMusic

What does selecting this do (in the PLAY VST)? Does it improve performance?

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lestermagneto 7th August 2014
Avatar for ChuyLocs602

I reaally dont know much about computers and the technical specs. All I know is PC has been so inconsistant and failing me on...

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Avatar for stratology
stratology 7th August 2014
Avatar for tkaitkai

I've used Melodyne extensively for several years, both in personal recordings and in commercial studios. I've always loved it for...

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tkaitkai 7th August 2014
Avatar for FastMusic

I'm in the process of making a new orchestra template, and am wondering... do you guys find it better to usually include the...

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noldar12 7th August 2014
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Hi everyone. I recently decided to buy a new laptop, as my old one is not with me anymore.. :lol: It will be used as a casual...

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ChrisLudwig 7th August 2014
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Hey Guys In a nutshell, everything was working fine yesterday, haven't done any updates or even turned the computer off, yet...

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gdoubleyou 7th August 2014
Avatar for Semantics

Hi Gearslutz, I've recently just purchased a Lenovo W530 and am looking at buying a UAD2 Satellite DUO so that I can mirror...

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Avatar for Juraj
Juraj 7th August 2014
Avatar for auxReturn

I'm running a MacPro 5,1 with 512 SSD dedicated to OS and a separate SSD dedicated to Audio Projects. I want to partition my...

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Joe Porto 7th August 2014
Avatar for danika

If you had to choose between the two, which one would you pick?

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Avatar for darkgoob
darkgoob 7th August 2014
Avatar for wwweird

I am in the process of purchasing the following PC to run Studio One with inputs from 2 Presonus Firestudio Project units...

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Avatar for ChrisLudwig
ChrisLudwig 7th August 2014
Avatar for Blast9

Why Apple could break up with Intel over the Mac – Quartz Rather enlightening about what Intel charges Apple for its i7

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Avatar for RyanC
RyanC 7th August 2014