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I've only used Ableton a handful of times but it seems that a lot of professional producers use it for dealing with audio and...

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james19 14th November 2014
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Im having trouble with the key command presets in Logic X. I have a live performance Preset with "Go to Marker"...

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Muser 14th November 2014
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I use Wave Lab, Have used it since 2001. I'm currently using Sonar X3 as my DAW. There's a few people on the Sonar forum...

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johnnyv 14th November 2014
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Hello all, Long time lurker. First post. I've run a MOTU 8pre for a few years, off and on (as projects come and go). With a...

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GG99 14th November 2014
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....worth the money IF you are on a budget and only have 5k on average per year to spend on studio upgrades. I've been eyeing...

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RKeefe1032 14th November 2014
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Okay, I have been told that -18DBFS is the sweet spot. To record there. Yet, others have told me, to try to get in the yellow,...

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A440 14th November 2014
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Hello all, i know this is one of ,,THOSE'' but i need help, money is not an issue, i can spend up to 150$ on a good EQ VST. To...

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Hudeenee 14th November 2014
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Hi all gearslutz! I am looking to buy a new interface for my studio. Currently, I am using two Presonus FP10 but these are...

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DubEcho 14th November 2014
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Strange constant clicking noise is occurring with my Focusrite 2i2 when I use 1/4" cable. Spent a lot of time in a wild...

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simon.billington 14th November 2014
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hey all i'm in the market to purchase a new audio interface. i'd ideally like to spend 500 or less, but i'd considering...

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mirka 14th November 2014
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Anyone know if Kontakt has an option to automatically make the beginning of a sample's loop its starting point without the need...

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staticdeathnoise 14th November 2014
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Hey anyone good with beat detective here? I'm trying to quantize a very basic 1 and 3 beat in 4/4 time. The verses just have kick...

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DeepRedBells 14th November 2014
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I recently purchased a RAM upgrade to my Macbook Pro - from 8GB to 16GB. The reason I did this is because my CPU in Ableton Live...

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kangking 14th November 2014

I'm running an HD3 accel on an old GA H55 USB3 Hack. I have an I7 870 in the system. Is it worth upgrading to a Jetway MB with...

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kangking 14th November 2014
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Hello, What are the capabilities when you run an imac with 8gb ram and 2,5ghz? Is it able to run 50 lines loaded with waves...

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datafeist 14th November 2014
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Hello guys. What is the best VST tool to make sampled audio sound like it's coming from next room/from the room above? Any ideas...

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Retinal 14th November 2014
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Hey, all, don't post much because I can normally find answers, but I'm stumped on this one: Logic Pro 9, Mavericks, 2014...

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sae 14th November 2014
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I have a problem with my USB audio interface that is only caused in a DAW. If I change the Sample Rate the pitch of this...

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sameal 13th November 2014
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Hi guys, So I've got a pair of Yamaha HS7's - I like the speakers, but am having a problem with my computer and its noisy USB...

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oneninetyseven 13th November 2014
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I'm in the market for a new laptop. I'm considering the 13" MacBook Pro (Retina display) The specs are: 2.6GHz...

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ZFire 13th November 2014
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I am recording a string quartet this last couple days. I have a pair of Rode Classics in Blumlein about 6 feet from source,...

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Kingwhistle 13th November 2014
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In logic 9 you used to be able to hold Shift+Control+Option and lasso an automation lane to put two nodes each at the right and...

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John_McEnroe 13th November 2014
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Got this e-mail the other day and Avid Itunes support confirmed it is a Phishing scam It is a very authentic looking Fake...

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qb748t394 13th November 2014
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I've messed around with quite a few VST Instruments in my days. At the end of the day, it seems like they can all do the same...

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login 13th November 2014
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Dear folks, I just setup a Macmini with 2 x Samsung SSD's. 1 x 250GB (os and apps) -- about 200GB free space 1 x 1TB...

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cinealta 13th November 2014
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I'm looking for a plugin (Mac) that can do grainy reverb sounds such as Roland SRV200, DEP5, Alesis Midiverb. I do electronic...

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Tgreer 13th November 2014
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Let me explain with an example: Lets say I've tracked a bass guitar using a DI and a miked amp. I've used a Radial Phaser to...

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alexis 13th November 2014
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Hey guys, i'm trying to learn to program electronic music and i'm running into a problem with battery 4. I know this is probebly...

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Diogo C 13th November 2014
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Looking for some Kena and Zampoña is the Pan Flute libs. They are South American. Thanks! SEA

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SEA 13th November 2014
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Hi slutz I'm about to create a simple recall possibility for my hardware gear by layering two windows and switching between...

Tony Tesla
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Tony Tesla 13th November 2014
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I have a 32 bit windows xp computer on it's death march. I've put off replacing it mostly because to me the software I added to...

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GoldDragon 13th November 2014
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I have a 2012 Macbook Pro, 2.9 GHZ Quad i7. 8 GHZ ram. With 750 5400 rpm hard drive. Works well for what I do. (No samples......

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madgansound 13th November 2014
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Hi all :) I'm new here on GearSlutz - howdy - and I've tried searching for this subject but couldn't find anything, so I hope...

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MilOrg 13th November 2014
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I track through a Symphony I/O (USB) using direct monitoring and LLM mode in PT11 (vanilla). Sometimes PT kills the software out...

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psycho_monkey 13th November 2014
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I need more space for sample libraries… and have been looking into SSD caching I wanted to know if anyone has tried PCI Express...

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DGX 13th November 2014
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I am new to Drumagog and am finding it to be easy to use and an excellent tool. I need more vintage drum samples for 60's-70's...

Mike H
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Bowowo 13th November 2014
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Hi dudes. Long time lurk, first time poster. I'm trying to use FL Studio live but unfortunately my controller doesn't work with a...

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AlanWave 13th November 2014
Avatar for auxReturn

Hi all, can someone help me with this issue? I own and have been using for many years on my Mac OSX 10.7 system: csr...

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auxReturn 13th November 2014
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Is a Hard Drive essential for Music Production? And what hard drive is better for me? 2nd internal or an external? I use a 21.5...

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gianc 13th November 2014
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I just thought I'd put this thread on the net because I didnt find this info anywhere after searching far and wide. There are...

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bcslaam 13th November 2014
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Could this be the next big increase in DAW performance? ulltradimm-ssd

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zigziglar 13th November 2014
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Question, what is up with all the subscriptions for software? I see adobe audition and Pro Tools are doing this? I don't get it,...

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TREMORS 13th November 2014
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Hello, gearslutz. I had composed this question for Sonoma and then was unable to send it to them. Hopefully someone here knows...

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MXV 13th November 2014
Avatar for JohnnyP702

I have a ProFire 2626 and it looks like M-Audio is not supporting anymore OS X updates (Yosemite). Any recommendations for a new...

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JohnnyP702 13th November 2014
Avatar for lionheart

Hi Guys ! I´m now on Protools 10HD, and ask my self why haven´t I jumped over to 11 ?! I think its time, but then.. 11HD or...

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kangking 13th November 2014
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OK so I've been trying and exploring new DAWs due to Logic X being too restrictive and incomplete. Things that I like in Logic...

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EastWest Lurker 13th November 2014
Avatar for Joe Porto

If anyone is interested, I put one of these in my 2008 Mac Pro a while back to add 2x USB 3.0 and 2x eSATA III: CalDigit...

Joe Porto
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Joe Porto 13th November 2014
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Hello, I'm back at dabbling with sound design and electronic music composing, working mostly in the box on my iMac with Logic...

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Tompei 12th November 2014
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Can anyone recommmend any good 64bit haas fx plugins? I can't find ANY! I was using Vescofx Haas for a long time but, whilst it...

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Gearslag 12th November 2014
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I am looking to buy an 8 track reel to reel tape recorder for my home studio. Do you guys have any recommendations for good...

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james19 12th November 2014