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Hey, I cannot visit AESgrrr Some fresh news about Slate VMR and VMS from the showfloor? Demos? Steven says that VMR is in...

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adogg4629 3rd December 2014
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Hey trying to do some tests on a new console..Can anyone recommend a free plugin that works in DP that can send simple 1K, 10K...

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Allen Wrench 3rd December 2014
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Basically I'm trying to work out if a Mac Mini Server from 2011 (5,3) is still worthwhile in 2014. I think I've been offered an...

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blueshirt 3rd December 2014
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I have to vent every time I have to upgrade or install something for Waves or Pro Tools. The iLok and license managers are always...

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blackcom 3rd December 2014
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Callisto, a "one man band" style arranger for keyboardist and arranger performers has just released and will be...

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tornsub 3rd December 2014
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I loaded a license onto my iLok using my "allowed on the internet" office computer. Then I installed just the iLok...

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Ozzy 3rd December 2014
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I got a new base 13 inch retina mbp the other day. I like it except for one thing, the ui choppiness. Seems to be a common issue,...

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bjj22 3rd December 2014
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Scarawezii 3rd December 2014
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Scarawezii 3rd December 2014
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hi... is there any difference between iLok 2 32 bit vs 64bit? my laptop is 32bit and ilok 2 works nice. my PC is 64bit but i...

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Yutaka 3rd December 2014
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I currently have a PreSonus FP10 and have been thinking its about time to move on. I recently came across the Mackie Onyx...

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monomatic 3rd December 2014
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Hello, everybody! Someone here usually apply this procedure? If so, when and how often? I usually do this on all tracks before...

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gilmanoel 3rd December 2014
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hey guys i just purchased an uad satellite from ebay ...with a lot of authorized plugs of course ...my problem is i can see the...

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Miiko 3rd December 2014
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cmonster 3rd December 2014
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Please can someone help me out - I have Addictive Drums 1 and with the Black Friday offer I was going to upgrade to 2 ---- I was...

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Cecelius2 3rd December 2014
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...or an Euphonix/Apogee/Logic Tale. Here is a colleague of mine's story. After deciding on opening this year his own room for...

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elamberth 2nd December 2014
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Native Instruments has a sale on till the end of today. I'd like to take advantage of it but I do not know which plugin to buy, I...

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cinealta 2nd December 2014
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Hi folks, I normally work at 88.2k but on this occasion I have a session at 192k. My normal mode of mixing down is to record the...

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Beech 2nd December 2014
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So what's your favorite Altiverb IRs for vocals, concert halls (like solo piano, orchestra) drums, guitars etc. I'm just...

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SEA 2nd December 2014
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Hi all, I’m putting together a 2010 MacPro 5,1 and would like to set it up as a dual boot system.. I want to split a...

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L-Fire 2nd December 2014
Avatar for noka

Hello slutz I did a search on this and couldn't find any answers, so I am breaking down and just asking... I am using a MOTU...

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noka 2nd December 2014
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Arturia - Home Two of my favorite synths! :)

World Studios
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World Studios 2nd December 2014
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Hi to everyone! First of all, I wanted to say I'm new in this forum but I have long time reading you. I hope my first post is in...

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gdoubleyou 2nd December 2014
Avatar for gtxn

Hey, can somebody let me know what type of CPU the recent Akai MPC uses? I am specifically interested in the Akai MPC Studio. I...

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gtxn 2nd December 2014
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anyone using these? i tried making a quick n dirty resize with PS but couldnt really tell if it would be too difficult to...

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rasseru 2nd December 2014
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TDR Kotelnikov | Tokyo Dawn Records TDR Kotelnikov – Gentleman’s Edition | Tokyo Dawn Records As a fan of their...

Deleted 09ad95d
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Deleted 09ad95d39d6e45e 2nd December 2014
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Hi, Here are some thunderbolt solutions at 2/1/2014 : If you find others, I'll update this first post. Thank you. Thunderbolt 2...

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stardustmedia 2nd December 2014
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Hi There, I’m trying to install Kontakt 5, (Session Horns Pro), on my Mac Pro 2006. I want to install the library on a...

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h.oscar 2nd December 2014
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I really love TC works native bundle and spark and I feel we've lost someof the greatest plug ins ever made with this changing of...

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Avatar for fistikuffs
fistikuffs 2nd December 2014
Avatar for PureArtist

What is a good Frequency shifter vst ? I am looking for a vst that will take an input & shift the frequency up or down by...

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fistikuffs 2nd December 2014
Avatar for conamor

Hi, I would like to replace my M-Audio AV40 and I also use Logitech z2300/sub for music listening. Can I replace them both...

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Avatar for loopy
loopy 2nd December 2014
Avatar for GoSatta

I hope somebody has an answer for this! I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. I recently bought an old Lexicon but...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 2nd December 2014
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With all of the new guitar plugins available, its a shame that I still can't find a good way to eliminate latency and monitoring...

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bsheen 2nd December 2014
Avatar for echo44

So I was all excited to get some an analog groove sounds tonight. so I bought the Acoustica Nebula pro bundle after reading the...

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Avatar for zaphod
zaphod 2nd December 2014
Avatar for ollieneedham

Hey everyone, I use Logic Pro 9 and currently have no additional plugins, just the built in ones. I'm working on a project at...

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Nrt 2nd December 2014
Avatar for matia

Hey everyone: Bought legitimate licenses of McDSP's Analog Channel, CompressorBank, FilterBank, and Channel G from a studio...

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matia 2nd December 2014
Avatar for aunshui

Hi :) Last night I downloaded the waves v9 installer, as I was hoping to finally get my free Rbass and oneknob Louder set up....

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Avatar for kirkbross
kirkbross 2nd December 2014
Avatar for davidwilson

Just waned to start a threat about the most underrated compression on the market. No flashy GUI (or market hype) not an exact...

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Avatar for mixerguy
mixerguy 2nd December 2014
Avatar for Petros

I want to purchase Soundtoys' - Native Effects bundle to take advantage of the free upgrade for version 5. I created an iLok...

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Avatar for EsotericMetal
EsotericMetal 2nd December 2014
Avatar for ThomasB14

I recently purchased the Nektar lx25 midi keyboard controller and I'm using it with Presonus Studio One Artist. Is there a way I...

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ThomasB14 2nd December 2014
Avatar for gilmanoel

Hello, everyone! The waves are on sale today, so I have to decide fast. I downloaded the demos and have not come to a definitive...

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Avatar for WKG
WKG 2nd December 2014
Avatar for TheDawg

Spent a couple hours with Tech support at NI trying to figure out why Maschine 2.0 keeps freezing while scanning my plugins, to...

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Avatar for TheDawg
TheDawg 2nd December 2014
Avatar for catawbawine

I'm running Logic 9 and X (mainly 9 at the time being) on a 2012 Mac Mini, quad-core 2.3gHz i7, 4GB ram. AD1 still works fine...

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Avatar for popmann
popmann 2nd December 2014
Avatar for watermelon

Any Quartet users? My monitor volume will not stay turned down. I have them set to function A. If I play a song or...

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rodrigogana 2nd December 2014
Avatar for symeboy

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to music production but was thrust in the deep end recently when I mixed our bands cd. We recorded...

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Alndln 2nd December 2014
Avatar for Petros

Been heavily considering the purchase of a 2014 retina Macbook Pro for my portable music production needs. Problem is most of my...

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Avatar for chucks
chucks 2nd December 2014
Avatar for rmt1974

hi Im trying to upgrade my mixdowns with some quality channel strip plugins... Im working exclusively on program material,...

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Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 2nd December 2014
Avatar for Gabriele3

I am happily working away on an older system and want to buy Echoboy in the remaining hours of the Soundtoys BF sale. Can anyone ...

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Avatar for Gabriele3
Gabriele3 1st December 2014
Avatar for Gingerninja

Hi. Just got my hands on the Battery 4, and I'm having some trouble setting it up. I've setup the outputs inside Preferences...

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Avatar for Gingerninja
Gingerninja 1st December 2014
Avatar for guitarlifter

RME Fireface UFX Black Lion Audio Premium Mod 4260123362683 | eBay See the link above to see what I'm talking about. Apparently...

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Avatar for zvukofor
zvukofor 1st December 2014