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Yo guys, I'm currently going through the Logic Pro X Apple Pro Training Series book...or at least I'm trying to. I have done...

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leach237 12th January 2015
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The 2011 imac has a quad core 3.4ghz processor and supports up ro 32gb of ram. These can be had for around 1000usd on ebay,...

The Guy
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The Guy 12th January 2015
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hey guys so im having and issue that ive never had before. im in a session where i am currently bussing 4 electric guitars to...

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missbatman 12th January 2015
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does anyone have any experience with Zalman TNN500AF computer case ? http://www.zalmantech.com/

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gearsltz 12th January 2015
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Has anyone compiled a list of Win7 updates that improve or have anything at all to do with off-line music production computer...

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leopard5 12th January 2015
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Hey! please tell me if this is not the right place for this thread. I´m Fabian, an Austrian guy, and play the guitar for a...

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FRPositiveGrid 12th January 2015
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Hey, Quick question regarding AD/DA converters.I have a Motu 8pre and a Focusrite 18i20. I am thinking about getting an RME...

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Capatain8 12th January 2015
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I just made a disturbing discovery: most of the reverb plugins I am using are actually mono. What I mean is that if I send a...

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ico 12th January 2015
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Hi everybody, I asked this two days ago in the Trigger 2 thread but nobody answered so far... I own Steven Slate Drums 4...

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buddachile 12th January 2015
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Interested in the inflator after reading both Tchad Blake and Frank Filipetti use it. I am wondering if there are other or better...

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The Oracle 12th January 2015
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I've read some posts from November last year saying DTouch for OSX is almost ready for release. The Devil Technologies website...

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Luts 12th January 2015
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Sorry guys I am a newbee here. I maybe just asking a fundamentally wrong question but i can't find the answer on my own. I...

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brand_new 12th January 2015
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Two days before Xmas, my HD on my MBP failed me. I had to buy a new laptop and reinstall everything again. In the process of...

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Irvin00 12th January 2015
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I am using Cubase- have been fooling around with recording medium to high gain guitar parts using an HD 500 and using the...

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fsweep 12th January 2015
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Hello all, Just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed that Intel has put out an AVB compliant...

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birdo 12th January 2015
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I am using a 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 10.8.5 MacBook Pro. It has ONE thunderbolt. I am looking for an adapter or box that will...

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sonidos 12th January 2015
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Hi just changed my analogue desk to soundcraft 328 xd and I thought I could just buy Tdif cables to trs jacks and still use my m...

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msmucr 12th January 2015
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So a little problem, but first whats all included in the scenario- -2 USB Ports/ Macbook pro late 2013 retina -1 6 port...

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psycho_monkey 12th January 2015
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So im a little lost when it comes to mapping on samplers. I might understand it but i just want to make sure. Sure its easy I...

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valis 12th January 2015
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Just a quick browse through and it seems like that may be where EZD 2 would give itself away. Are you able to create and save...

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seafoam_green 12th January 2015
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I have used the S-Gear, but I'm very anxious to know the Marshall simulations that will be released for Recabinet 4, especially...

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Kazrog 12th January 2015
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Hi, Does anybody know where to download Logic Pro 8? I would like to try it on my old G5... Thanks! Best Niels

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Tui 12th January 2015
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I currently have 6 GB RAM installed(standard). I decided to upgrade since I'm able to have 16 GB So I decided to buy new RAM 2x...

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msmucr 12th January 2015
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Ok guys I'm sick and tired of companies ignoring uscellfone If you would buy this press +1 We made are wishlist Tascam US2400...

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elegentdrum 12th January 2015
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I have only one...Slate Digital, The Culture Vulture emulation kfhkh I`ve been so impressed with Slate Digital and just know...

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Diegel 12th January 2015
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Hey guys, Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Linear Phase EQ plugins around and which sound the best/do the best...

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monitorlove 12th January 2015
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A client of mine somehow deleted his Waves factory presets, and despite several attempts to reinstall and a couple calls to Waves...

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kage 11th January 2015
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Hi everyone I'm new to the site ..just joined So I have a new iMac & wanted to know the best software ie logic -...

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nativeaudio 11th January 2015
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VCA's 101


Now Cubase Pro 8 has VCA's (really should be called DCA's) I have noticed a few people seem a bit confused what VCA's are...

Deleted fe72b38
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Spede 11th January 2015
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Hi! I've just bought Roland Octa-Capture and I cannot get it to work with two application at once. If I run Ableton Live, choose...

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albertas 11th January 2015
Avatar for OxfordEmbers

Hi All, I have a newish Mac Pro top spec. New enough to be offered the free upgrade to the Yosemite operating system. I...

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Nico Zottos 11th January 2015
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I am kinda on a budget so that i can afford the korg volca beats so i decided to buy the Alesis Q49. Eventually these are just...

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brockorama 11th January 2015
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Is battery 4 only playable on your DAWs piano roll via midi programming after you set up your kit within the plugin? Im not...

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brockorama 11th January 2015
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I recently bought a 40" LCD Display. In Windows it is not showing the full screen. When it is in sleeping mode, it shows...

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jwh1192 11th January 2015
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I have recently made the switch from PT to Ableton. Are there any currently marketed control surfaces that will natively work...

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brianbotkiller 11th January 2015
Avatar for YouCantHear.me

Hey guys.. Title says it all. Im looking for a plastic thing that covers the keys on a keyboard so as to create a little surface...

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Frankenzilla 11th January 2015
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dullfangs 11th January 2015
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ProPower 11th January 2015
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I have an 2009 24" Imac 3.05GHz intel duel core, 6G ram OS Maverics. I;ve been using Logic X for quite a while now with...

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Mikeitloud 11th January 2015
Avatar for MysteryIslands

Ok, so now when the Jp-80x0 AudioUnit / VST editor is in the finishing process, I wanted to throw out a question about the next...

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Tui 11th January 2015
Avatar for Umraz

Hello I recently bought Samson Graphite 49. I plugged it to my laptop and it turned on and the mixer, pads are working but...

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ImNotDedyet 11th January 2015
Avatar for thedommer

I am looking for a controller that is weighted in a way that it will work great for capturing a performance for VSTs like piano...

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thedommer 11th January 2015
Avatar for Upbeat

Hi all, I have been researching my new PC for several weeks, making good use of this fantastic forum and had convinced myself...

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XMP_Nutshell 11th January 2015
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Hi Guys, I am currently running logic Pro X in a MacBook pro with retina from late 2012, but keep getting the CPU overload...

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DAW PLUS 11th January 2015
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I have an SPL Crimson. I actually just bought an iRig Pro for recording ideas from the Crimson's out into the iPad, but now that...

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Polarelch 11th January 2015
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Hello everyone, * I am going to buy the DSP UAD-2 Satellite QUAD core THUNDERBOLT, the version with free choice of any 3...

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djcandu 11th January 2015
Avatar for pup city

I need to buy a new computer as my 2007 MacBook Pro is finally becoming too old. I don't want to spend more than 1500 and cant...

pup city
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Little David 11th January 2015
Avatar for Scoox

Background: I am tired of maintaining multiple computers and I have decided that a laptop would fulfil my production needs. I...

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Scoox 11th January 2015
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Ehhhhy?? :D Anyone heard anything? Whats the word on the street kiddos?

uncle muscles
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joe_04_04 11th January 2015
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So can someone sort out all this 'VCA compressor' confusion for me? I hear a lot about VCA compressors, but often that is just...

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LejonBrames 11th January 2015