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Hey So I'm thinking of buying a new SSD, as I run into problems running many sample libraries at once. My current...

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saurumanx 9th March 2015
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I´ve used either S/PDIF or optical (Tosilink) cable connections on all my digital in/out connections? But when the unit...

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Harry_O 9th March 2015
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I typically have 8-10 audio tracks and 3-5 MIDI tracks with 3-4 effects on each of them. I'm planning on 16GB of RAM and am...

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blueshirt 9th March 2015
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Hey guys. Here's my situation: I'm taking over a studio, based on a Mac Pro-RME Fireface UFX-C|24 system. Few nice hardware toys,...

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LDStudios 9th March 2015
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ok, here's the scenario: I have a (?) 2013 iMac with a single Thunderbolt port (which is currently connected to a Firewire UAD...

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charlieclouser 9th March 2015
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ATM i'm just using the stock plug-in's in ableton live (multiband dynamics, compressor, limiter etc.) and i get fine results,...

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Robangledorf 9th March 2015
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Hey GS'ers, Well, I still use RTAS and TDM plugins big time in my mixes and productions. I still buy RTAS plugins big time...

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JuanPC 9th March 2015
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Hi all, I am about to get one of the two but as I am new to recording I would like to get the one that has the best workflow...

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Tavares 9th March 2015
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I'm looking for plugins (AU) that create bell sounds. One of the few good ones I've found so far is this one, and all I can say...

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Tgreer 9th March 2015
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newbie help! I was recommended from other posts that proper gain staging is crucial for more headroom while tracking/ mixing...

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sparqee 9th March 2015
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OK - so currently tracking a soulband of 14 ppl (myself included). Sitting mixing the guitars I wonder if I should do things...

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JohnRick 8th March 2015
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Its just annoying how none of the notes have names on them as to which drum the are assigned to. its flying blind. are there any...

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thevisi0nary 8th March 2015
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Hi All I'd like views on how possible this is: When moving to a new PC laptop, I would like to be able to somehow run a...

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steve_sax 8th March 2015
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So my computer assembler person told me this evening. I was looking at G. Skill and he volunteered the opinion that G.Skill...

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RTR 8th March 2015
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Hi, I have a problem I've got to send an entire albums data to a client (in another country). I've managed to compress the...

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couch11 8th March 2015
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so... after a long time I finally managed to get one of those interfaces. I knew there was a third party driver for it here ...

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nilsd 8th March 2015
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Hi guys, I have an Apollow Twin with a Satellite. If I want to go and work at my friends studio, where he has an Apollo Quad...

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gdoubleyou 8th March 2015
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Can anyone help, when I midi from my computer using a midi interface to the Motif, I get a flanging effect across all instruments...

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Deleted d78e603 8th March 2015
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Hi!! Just updated strike etc.. and got the option to move registration to iLok. That sounds pretty nice as there has been a...

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Macky 8th March 2015
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Hello, I've found myself in the enviable position of having 2k GBP to spend on a pc laptop for playing live, and I need to...

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Gira1 8th March 2015
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Hi everybody. Last year I bought a license of Reaper but I didn't spend much time on it at all: I'm still in the...

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Deleted d78e603 8th March 2015
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Error: Activation Server Unavailable | CS2 or older products, Acrobat 7 Adobe have shut down the activation server for old...

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lame pseudonym 8th March 2015
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I haven't quite found the answer searching through older posts. I'm just programming drums in Logic Pro 9 and Pro Tools 9...

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anp27 8th March 2015
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Hi, I have 2 problems if anyone knows a fix otherwise i am stuck reinstalling Yosemite. When I boot and reach the finder...

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EMU10K1 8th March 2015
Avatar for Coorec

I retired my iPad 2 lately. And by retire i mean, i put it into an iS 202 and end its mobile life by becoming a stationary device...

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Pichi 8th March 2015
Avatar for starklove

Does anyone know of any Batch Audio File Comparison Sofrware? (Or even just batch file comparison software?) I have a library...

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starklove 8th March 2015
Avatar for SEA

I was wondering how many use Nebula3 Pro and if so what's your take? Some of my questions are: 1. Does it use convolution...

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Robangledorf 8th March 2015
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It says in the manual that the VU meter on Revival displays what is going OUT of the plugin...which is fine but it seems to add 3...

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stinkyfingers 8th March 2015
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Hi all, It has been a while. I've been AWOL, MIA, however you want to put it, from making music and producing for at least 3...

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zobbo 8th March 2015
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Hey guys! I'm running FL Studio 11 Producers Edition on my iMac (10.9), MORE than enough RAM. I have Windows installed also in...

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rallycapmusic 8th March 2015
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Hello, does anyone know what the equalization curve used for the collection? I love the plugin, just like to know what are the...

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gilmanoel 8th March 2015
Avatar for cisgenderboi

This is a spectrum of a 3000 Hz square wave. There are distinct harmonics at 9k, 15k and 21k but is there a name for all the...

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Avatar for Jon Hodgson
Jon Hodgson 7th March 2015
Avatar for TonyVegas

My 8 gigs of RAM always served me remarkably well. But now that I've come to enjoy Kontakt libraries more often, the RAM usage is...

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Avatar for Rackerman
Rackerman 7th March 2015
Avatar for Sailor Hope

Urgent! Midsize session, mostly audio, soundtoys, slate, waves and NI plugins. I have to deliver a finished track by the end of...

Sailor Hope
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lestermagneto 7th March 2015
Avatar for AdamJay

Hi, I'm looking for a portable bus-powered USB audio interface for my MacBook Pro that has at least 12 analog inputs. No ADAT or...

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AdamJay 7th March 2015
Avatar for trashcanman

So I've been mixing my bands recording. I noticed that my mix wasn't really loud, and by raising the fader of the tracks it...

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theblue1 7th March 2015
Avatar for gregsdad86

Hey guys, Just seeing if anyone else out there has had these issues. Presonus refuse to help me because i'm...

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gdoubleyou 7th March 2015
Avatar for Nonlinear

As far as I can tell firewire 400 (1394) is on it's way out. My new $700 laptop doesn't have it. Even Apple is phasing out...

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nst7 7th March 2015
Avatar for kobesunset

Hello Gurus, I have a Kontakt bass instrument. I know I can edit the release time of notes played on that instrument, however...

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kobesunset 7th March 2015
Avatar for Heartfeltdawn

This thread on some odd noises suffered by people owning the SPL Crimson is currently ongoing. My contribution to it has left...

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Heartfeltdawn 7th March 2015
Avatar for Deckard

Hi Folks, just discovered this new compressor on the Acustica Audio website. Aquamarine (Presale) What do you think...

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Avatar for Han Solo
Han Solo 7th March 2015
Avatar for Gira1

Hi All, I'm about to splurge on a new pc laptop to use for live performance. I'll mostly be running a bunch of VSTs through...

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Gira1 7th March 2015
Avatar for Mr Funk

I have seen people selling Logic Pro X for £15 -£20 on Ebay. Are these legit? They claim to be unregistered etc. I am...

Mr Funk
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Mr Funk 7th March 2015
Avatar for djanogil

Could anyone advise on how to trigger drums in Pro Tools? Is there a function to create a midi track from recorded audio or do I...

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djanogil 7th March 2015
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poshook 7th March 2015
Avatar for Octopussy

I am working with a lot of midi these days. I own an Apogee Ensemble and Octopre that stay in the studio in my rack. I own a...

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Avatar for Octopussy
Octopussy 7th March 2015
Avatar for Saladface

Hey all! This is a sound I have heard quite a lot in a lot of modern film scores, and I can't find it anywhere. I was hoping...

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Avatar for psykostx
psykostx 7th March 2015
Avatar for klogg

Hello dear Sluts :) I'm writing to you, cause I am looking for some professional opinions. Well, I'll try to keep this as short...

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Avatar for gdoubleyou
gdoubleyou 7th March 2015
Avatar for Tritono9

Hi, I have a Saffire Pro 24 DSP. I love this interface. I dont have a problem per se but maybe it can be, for this reason Im...

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Avatar for Louie Focusrite
Louie Focusrite 7th March 2015
Avatar for satansrobotho

Is there a technical advantage to a DAW having all RAM slots populated rather than the same amount of RAM in only 2 slots with 2...

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Avatar for satansrobotho
satansrobotho 7th March 2015