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So i have around £200 and I'm wondering what interface I should get, I'm on a 10.6.8 mac with ableton live 9, and will be...

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Samando 19th April 2015
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Hey all! Just a quick question. I usually use Melodyne, before any FX, at the level I recorded at - around -12db, peaking no...

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MixingWizard 19th April 2015
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I am in need of a good sounding audio interface that I can actually assign output channels to. Right now i am using the ...

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msmucr 19th April 2015
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Hello. Five Years ago I bought a new Mac Quad Core Intel Xeon (2x2.4Ghz) and loaded it with 16Gb of 1066 Mhz DDR Memory. Weeks...

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franklin 19th April 2015
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Thee Best Saturation Type Plugin and how you use it. I have a lot of them but wanna see how others are using theirs and which...

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Bassist30 19th April 2015
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Hi- Had to give up a Eucon based controller for a HUI/MCU based one. Never mind why... The feature i miss most and really...

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Rea 19th April 2015
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My DAW is about 4 years old, I'm running the following spec: Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz 16gb ram Asus P8Z68-VLX...

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GearAndGuitars 19th April 2015
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Everyone is always asking how to make a sound seem bigger. I think that it is wrong terminology. When you have generally any...

Deleted User
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chainrule 19th April 2015
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I could use practical suggestions about organization of drum samples. Like most people, I got hundreds of them, fairly well...

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Samando 19th April 2015
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Where can I get a drum stick count in, 1,2, 3, 4, with just the sticks? I got BFD, Slate, EZ, and Logic. Anybody know?

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cavern 19th April 2015
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Do you guys think we will see usb type c interfaces soon? and will it be a big improvement over usb 3.0?

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HCMarkus 19th April 2015
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I'm getting ready to perform with my own project and along with using my Gigrig2 for the guitar pedals we also want to use...

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doorknocker 19th April 2015
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If this is the wrong place to post this then moderators please feel free to delete this. I just wanted to share my UI work...

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satYatunes 19th April 2015
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Looks like Apple is dropping technical support for Mountain Lion and Mavericks overnight! Like many I've stabilised my music...

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Moondog007 19th April 2015
Avatar for Rea

Hi Im using the SSL Nucleus as my main controller( hui/mcu) but wanted to add the Artis Control on eucon protocol for better...

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Rea 19th April 2015
Avatar for brianwflood

(This was posted three years ago, but I had more questions so I'm resurrecting it.) So I get the three clicks, the Mute light...

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PyneBoxx 19th April 2015
Avatar for barryfell

Waldorf have just released a very generous 100 day or 100 hour demo of their new desktop version of Nave. Evaluation...

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Parsifal666 18th April 2015
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Hey everyone! I'm a longtime lurker at Gearslutz, but after discovering a fix to a seemingly common problem without an...

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Jeiivy 18th April 2015
Avatar for Drumsound

I have never done any type of drum replacement, so forgive me for this seems rudimentary to many of you. I'm working on a...

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Drumsound 18th April 2015
Avatar for sophiarhodes


Hi everyone! So I'm migrating from FL Studio to Pro Tools.. Just a quick question! How can I add a piano roll to a waveform...

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sbackdoor 18th April 2015
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Would the boz on tracks negate the need for vcc? Was strongly considering picking the vcc up until I read how supposedly great...

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jayme 18th April 2015
Avatar for FoxMulderFBI

Anyone have experience with it...? How would you rate it for mastering duties? Does it add much aliasing?

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FoxMulderFBI 18th April 2015
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Hello gearslutz! I have an AMD fx-8120 i built 3 years ago oc'ed to 4.1ghz. I use Maschine and ableton live and Reaper 4. Ive...

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faze1 18th April 2015
Avatar for jferret

Does anyone know of and Kontakt library, Omnisphere patch or any other VST instruments where I may find glass-like bells or...

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jferret 18th April 2015
Avatar for GuitarMan216

Just built a home studio, and am slowly adding to it. My main recording setup is a Focusrite 18i20 into my home built DAW...

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GuitarMan216 18th April 2015
Avatar for Agzilla

Just been revisiting the old Tritone Plugins now they are 64bit AAX etc... been comparing them to others, non scientifically but...

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rootberg 18th April 2015
Avatar for weezamiah

I have a apollo with the thunderbolt card, mac mini and a external TB G drive. The mac mini does not see the g drive. my set up...

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weezamiah 18th April 2015
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Hello all I just got my babyface and it's working great so far but I just plugged in my roland fantom x8 to the instrument input...

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Bassist30 18th April 2015
Avatar for vibrato

Need some opinions on getting a new control surface. Some details about how I am setting up some things: I am setting up...

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The LT 18th April 2015
Avatar for proxy

Weird question. I've been using my recently-purchased UAD Satellites and plugins, and I absolutely love them. I use different...

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gdoubleyou 18th April 2015
Avatar for C0419

got lazy and instead of recording individual tracks for a hook (there are 12 overall) i turned comping on so i didnt have to do...

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gdoubleyou 18th April 2015
Avatar for VitorFajiolli

Hey Guys, I'm using a Windows 7 ultimate, core i5 and 8gb RAM, and pro tools 12 installer says me "computer not adequate for...

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VitorFajiolli 18th April 2015
Avatar for Khord

Hi everybody, i´m on Cubase 8 now and about to redo my orchetral template from scratch. I think the visibility function in...

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Khord 18th April 2015
Avatar for AdamJay

Has anyone successfully aggregated a Duet 2 and a Scarlett Solo (or Scarlett 2i2)? I have a session coming up with a couple of...

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louttd 17th April 2015
Avatar for stardustmedia

Although I love to mix analogue, I love digital because... you can automate (almost) all parameters. total recall is easy,...

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cavern 17th April 2015
Avatar for Bellytops

Hi guys, I've currently got a mid-2012 Macbook Pro Retina with 2.3ghz i7, 8gb ram and 256gb SSD, which is almost 3 years old...

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explorer 17th April 2015
Avatar for DennisM

Hi! I am trying to buy Izotope RX4 with an education discount since several weeks. Support did not react to my questions a few...

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Avatar for J.Good
J.Good 17th April 2015
Avatar for sambosun

I'm looking for answers related to Dante VIA! Does anyone has seen them at Messe 2015. I would really like to learn more...

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Avatar for sambosun
sambosun 17th April 2015
Avatar for chris319

Is there a Mac equivalent to Rightmark Audio Analyzer? I don't need pretty colored graphs, I just need numbers for THD, S/N, IMD...

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Aniol1349 17th April 2015
Avatar for Rohann

Hi guys, In regards to building a DAW for home use (non-professional), and intending it to be used more or less exclusively...

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Avatar for LirvA
LirvA 17th April 2015
Avatar for mike11

I have searched for this topic for like two hours all over the internet, forums, manuals, you name it. NO JOY. I can't believe I...

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Avatar for Realziment
Realziment 17th April 2015
Avatar for joebob137

Obviously there's many threads on this, but they tend to be dominated by either those seeking portability/size at (almost) all...

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joebob137 17th April 2015
Avatar for grame99

Do the converters make a significant difference? I have GAP 73 and JoeMeek VC3 preamps going into a Line 6 KB37 and am wondering...

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Avatar for grame99
grame99 16th April 2015
Avatar for brucerothwell

I noticed the Eventide H3000 Factory plugin is on sale now. I have been using Valhalla Room for reverbs, and have not found...

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Avatar for timemist
timemist 16th April 2015
Avatar for wolfhammer

Hey, Does anyone know of a DAW or plugin that can essentially select all transients by the same pitch within a track? What...

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wolfhammer 16th April 2015
Avatar for GuitarMan216

Just got an ART Digital and need to pick up some cables to hook it up today. Tried searching, but to no avail. Should I go 75...

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Avatar for GuitarMan216
GuitarMan216 16th April 2015
Avatar for TEEiselberg

I looked at several videos on the Antelope Zen (and their new interface). I really like how they designed the software mixer....

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TEEiselberg 16th April 2015
Avatar for Symo

Hi guys (: I have a 2011 15" macbook with 2,2 Ghz intel core i7, 4 gb of RAM. About 1 month ago I bought komplete 9 and I...

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Symo 16th April 2015
Avatar for Deleted User

Before actually mixing different sounds together I want to know or to understand how to achieve this piano sound. As you can hear...

Deleted User
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Cabrone 16th April 2015
Avatar for liamp

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with a problem we've been having for a good while now. Our Saffire pro 26 i/o...

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liamp 16th April 2015