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Hey there gear slutz, this is my first ever post so go easy on me! I have a pretty specific issue here that I haven't been...

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Joe Porto 23rd May 2015
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Hi, I am recently looking for a new mac, and now I have hard time making decision: MBA 13" vs. Macbook retina 2015 I'm...

Deleted 0032b94
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Deleted 0032b944cb5ff56 23rd May 2015
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I'm wondering how much difference a z97 vs an x99 board makes, for hosting instruments using either cantabile or forte. Weather...

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throbert 23rd May 2015
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I have a Yamaha THR10 amplifier. When recording with the AC power adapter it is noisy. I don't know if its just how the THR10...

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fireberd 23rd May 2015
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Anyone using a Presonus iOne or ITwo ?

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Keyote 23rd May 2015
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Hi All I have held off from Yosemite while all my products gained the updates for it. My setup now is very solid on 10.9.5 on...

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LFO8 23rd May 2015
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For everyone who upgraded their Saffire Pro 24 interface, what are your opinions on the difference of the digital to analog...

dead pan
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Deleted 882cf4d1d9518d3 23rd May 2015
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I'm lookong for a plugin that will make my clean vocals sound like I'm screaming. I found a plugin from plug and mix but it isn't...

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Deleted 882cf4d1d9518d3 23rd May 2015
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Hello. I am running a MB Pro 2 GHz Intel Core i7 with one Thunderbolt 2 interface and currently trying a Duet 2, but thinking...

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blinkSaunders 23rd May 2015
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Hi, I have a mac mini from mid 2011 with an i5 2.3 ghz... and only 2 gb of ram. Somehow it has lasted me this long. I keep...

Dirk Parker
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edwinhurwitz 23rd May 2015
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Hey guys, I haven't been following the market for some time and I'm not up to date on what's out there now I need to upgrade...

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kilroyrock 23rd May 2015
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Hi, I have both a Metric Halo ULN-8 and a ULN-2 hooked up and from initial testing at 44k the stereo field on the ULN-8 is...

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friction909 23rd May 2015
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Hi all, I'm trying to pare down my studio size a bit and the massive 14U (plus space at the back) mixer is looking a likely...

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nednurk 22nd May 2015
Avatar for fiveberryburger

I have a little onyx blackjack by Mackie which has served me well over the years. However over the past month I have been getting...

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fiveberryburger 22nd May 2015
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Hi, I just recently bought a 2012 Mac Mini running OS 10.10 and also got Pro Tools 11. I'm still on Antares Auto Tune 5,...

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superwack 22nd May 2015
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Hi, I haven't changed anything about my setup but all of a sudden my Midi recording is acting really weird. It's like my system's...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 22nd May 2015
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I'm setting up a mobile workstation (Hp zBook 17 g2) and am getting extremely high DPC latency (> 6000 us) when booting from...

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rgames 22nd May 2015
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hi everybody, i'm using ProTools 6.7 LE and keep getting the message "bounce handler cannot keep up (****32)" when...

russ russell
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christian666 22nd May 2015
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I just bought Maschine mk2, it came with Komplete Elements. Does this mean I own Kontakt now? I downloaded some virtual...

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RiF 22nd May 2015
Avatar for Lavely

Looking for some feedback on this DAW build. I don't need a TON of power, but I don't want to rebuild it next year either. I'll...

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Avening 22nd May 2015
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Mann i've had my maschine for 2 weeks now and i can't seem to get everything right and its frustrating. I want to sample a...

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vaugghann 22nd May 2015
Avatar for MrChang

Hi, all. Anybody on the board have any experience with a PC builder named FelinePC on ebay? felinepc on...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 22nd May 2015
Avatar for billface

Hello. Just wondering if anyone can help me. I am working with a client who has brought some OMF files from another studio in...

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billface 22nd May 2015
Avatar for vivid435

hi i want to send my soft synths through guitar pedals and back into my daw. how can i do this? i use a focsurite scarlett...

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Avatar for Oz Holbranoff
Oz Holbranoff 22nd May 2015
Avatar for Rohann

I apologize if this has been discussed already (search turned up nothing), but any thoughts on this? Anyone have experience...

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knightonabicycle 22nd May 2015
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Hi guys, Here goes...I'm hoping this is a super easy fix. The right channel of the master bus is cranked up all the way up and...

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jon_nes 22nd May 2015
Avatar for radiospace

I just paid my WUP on my Waves plug-ins. ($300). As a result, they sent me a voucher that's good for 25% of that ($75)...

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Drumsound 22nd May 2015
Avatar for Lavely

I'm planning on using very basic DAW functionality, probably get a Presonus interface, use the midlevel Studio One. I was...

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Lavely 22nd May 2015
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I've got Fabfilter ProQ, Waves PAZ, and Melda DynamicEQ set up on a VO track. All of their spectrum/freq analyzer's timings are...

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JLiRD808 22nd May 2015
Avatar for 215526

Hello, I have to sell my MacBook Pro, unfortunately. I am planning on purchasing a PC Desktop to replace the Mac and run...

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215526 22nd May 2015
Avatar for mxrman

Hello everyone, I have PT10 HD3 Accel Rig and I've been wanting to get into the UAD-2 world. The new Satellite Octo Thunderbolt...

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mxrman 21st May 2015
Avatar for db0007

Hey all, So my demo of Studio One expires in a few days. Been rocking out with it pretty much everyday. I demoed just about...

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Clonkified 21st May 2015
Avatar for mamero

I am trying to Batch Convert a large number of audio files (5000) using the Batch Converter in Sound Forge 11. No matter what...

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mamero 21st May 2015
Avatar for ikodel

Hi guys, I just bought one on eBay for £99. Seller says it comes with Access Virus plugin synth. It doesn't. Came with no...

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Avatar for ikodel
ikodel 21st May 2015
Avatar for skyshaver

Hey, So, I installed PT 11 last week to do some post work and today I went back to Logic 9 to finish up a piece that required...

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skyshaver 21st May 2015
Avatar for prophet

I received vocal tracks for a project from a colleague. Unfortunately, he bounced the files to a stereo track (although, of...

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Avatar for Mike Greene
Mike Greene 21st May 2015
Avatar for EmRauz

Your favorite USB Hub? Details: I've used hubs that didn't read my G drive mobile in the past so I'm looking for fastest...

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Avatar for facej
facej 21st May 2015
Avatar for Table Syrup Records

Well.... I wanted a DLS for a long time and finally got one. (It was part of my HD Native plan) I am super stoked! This thing...

Table Syrup Records
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Avatar for Table Syrup Records
Table Syrup Records 21st May 2015
Avatar for sebdj

The pro tools workspace is a great place to listening audio files to import and wish to adopt it in my workflow. All my drum...

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Avatar for Spur
Spur 21st May 2015
Avatar for traumerei1838

Hey people. Thank you in advance if you know the answer to this. I have a song with some 2/4 measures, but the song is primarily...

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traumerei1838 21st May 2015
Avatar for HSLand

Is the 1/4" Line In jack on a motherboard usually stereo?

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 21st May 2015
Avatar for TBlizz

Who uses more than 1 compressor on some channel strip? Let me know which combinations on different chains work for you. To...

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TBlizz 21st May 2015
Avatar for benevis66

I've got 6 gigs installed at the moment and was looking at upgrades on ebay, i could get a used 32 Gig batch for around 200 euros...

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benevis66 21st May 2015
Avatar for auralart

I've never really figured out how lookahead times are calculated in limiters, compressors, dessers, expanders, gates, etc. that...

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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 21st May 2015
Avatar for WesleyUehara

HELP PLEASEhowdy Need advice on which one to choose for my audio interface. The Xenyx is okay but the noise (white noise?) is...

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Avatar for WesleyUehara
WesleyUehara 21st May 2015
Avatar for doubledecker

heppy I purchased Cubase 5 off Ebay, advertised as brand new wrapped in the box. What i received was a wrapped box that was...

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doubledecker 21st May 2015
Avatar for Tnsl

I wonder if anyone has a good recommandation for an Yamaha fb-01 editor. It has to run the os x. Thanks!

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Tnsl 21st May 2015
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hi new to this thread so sorry if i've already done anything wrong or posted in wrong place. i am currently working on a...

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cyberglad 21st May 2015
Avatar for B.R.

I was casually considering trading in an a duo for an octo, but good ol' dependable JRR shop has suddenly come up empty on the...

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B.R. 21st May 2015
Avatar for parco

More than half year gone since the first time I'd this problem before already. More updates from Microsoft which fixed all the...

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Avatar for Zachary
Zachary 21st May 2015