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I demoed Kramer TT& T 64 bit Native,and have attempted to look on the Waves website,but nowhere can I see wether you can run...

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Herb 26th June 2015
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Hihoo :) I'm building a live stage-rig based on a old but good Dell XPS1730 . Goal is to have 1 E-gtr , 1 Electro-acoustic...

Remco Z
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Remco Z 26th June 2015
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Hello How would I split for example a mono track onto two separate tracks by the level of the source track, so that when the...

Deleted b6e8f35
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Halma 26th June 2015
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Working in Ableton on a late 2011 quadcore Macbook Pro. Just using the built-in "Core Audio" driver and often it's...

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Rightclick 26th June 2015
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Is there a way to tell which preset has been loaded in SD2? I'm not seeing any checkmark to any of the presets in the pulldown...

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MisterCrayle 26th June 2015
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Waves Has Their Musician 2 Bundle For Sale And I Am Wondering Whether I Should Get That Over Alloy 2. I Can Buy Only One And Will...

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Lawrence Sanchez 26th June 2015
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I think this is a sweet deal. Mid 2014 retina, 2.5ghz, 16 megs of ram, 512 SSD, and the high end video card for $1799....

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Inca 26th June 2015
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Hi, recently I've set up a new PT10 HDX rig. While I've been mixing with PT since almost 10 years, now I'd like to switch...

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pootkao 26th June 2015
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I want to get an iPad for recording song ideas and playing with loops. Pulling out a midi keyboard and loading reaper after...

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facej 26th June 2015
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Posted this over in the Studio One forum and figured I'd go here as well. Other long time Pro Tools HD users (like myself),...

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ImNotDedyet 25th June 2015
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I was doing a session today with a band, we were putting in a glitchy electronic drum part using Steven Slate drums in Kontakt 4....

Deleted f4cefa4
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JoshBrayMusic 25th June 2015
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Hey community, I can't decide on which interface to buy. Read a ton of threads and articles but I need some opinions to finally...

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jezed16 25th June 2015
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Anyone intending to buy something Waves of tomorrow? I am hoping for a good price at the Renaissance Reverb them ... Does The...

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scottydanger 25th June 2015
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So here I am, my daw is fully passive, incl Seasonic PSU samsung 850 pro SSD's etc. My videocard is a passive Gigabyte 5770 and...

Analogue Mastering
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mrtnsko 25th June 2015
Avatar for Oldone

New PCI-e cards from Lynx Studio. E44 and E22 E44 - FOUR ANALOG I/O CHANNELS AND FOUR DIGITAL I/O CHANNELS E22 - TWO...

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sanjari 25th June 2015
Avatar for classictunz

The N EQ was one of the modules I like but I didn't have enough time with it to decide if I actually wanted it. How does it sound...

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classictunz 25th June 2015
Avatar for Enfurio

Hi guys I went from a 5 year old Core2- Quad system to an X99 I7 5820K hexcore (12 threads) processor with 32 gig DDR4 memory...

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Rev2010 25th June 2015
Avatar for losaudiokimikos

Hey guys, I am looking for some help installing my Digi 002 Console to my computer. I am trying to use it as a sound card within...

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upde 25th June 2015
Avatar for santibanks

When surfing YouTube, this got my attention: 4lZ8SUvII5M Looks pretty nice! I wonder if it will be released and if so when and...

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u47u67u87 25th June 2015
Avatar for Voidtruck

Anyone can suggest and give me specs for pc recording? This will be on desktop. I want something that can handle a lot of VST...

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DAW PLUS 25th June 2015
Avatar for Lilrex

Hello all, I have been doing internet podcasting/broadcasting for about 3 years now and have been using breakaway live for the...

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Lilrex 25th June 2015
Avatar for Polarelch

I am so fed up with trying and failing. There just isn't any DAW that I really can settle with. My history reads: Cubase >...

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Avatar for Cool Tool
Cool Tool 25th June 2015
Avatar for VSTSlut

Only 2 more weeks to go, then you won't be able to access your Camel Audio sofware. If you have it backed up, great, if you...

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seeren 25th June 2015
Avatar for Esportag

Just built a new computer and decided to spring for Komplete 10 to trim down my plugin count for the sake of efficiency. After...

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Avatar for Esportag
Esportag 25th June 2015
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

Is there anyone selling Komplete 10 Ultimate as a download? I'd rather not have a HD shipped.

Rufuss Sewell
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Avatar for timemist
timemist 25th June 2015
Avatar for pax_eterna

I have a chance to get one of these new Roland FA-66 firewire audio interfaces ($250 AUD) but I wanted to ask are they still good...

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pax_eterna 25th June 2015
Avatar for SloppyJoe

Hello All. Im kinda new with all this music production, so I have a question regarding this; Soundsonline : CCC PRO Sound...

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Avatar for AudioSage
AudioSage 24th June 2015
Avatar for Jobsworth

I picked up a few Akai CD's in a charity shop and don't really want to spend $150 on conversion software that looks 10 years...

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Avatar for brockorama
brockorama 24th June 2015
Avatar for BOP

Hey there Slutz, Ok so what is going on with 10.10? Is it a joke? It seems to be little more than a new UI skin at this point...

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Yassee12345 24th June 2015
Avatar for amit monga

hi i am using a mac pro mid 2010 2.8ghz 4 core system. its geekbench scores are showing 7511 scores in multi core. these...

amit monga
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Avatar for blueshirt
blueshirt 24th June 2015
Avatar for H.Prince

Hello everyone, I'll buy the Audient ID22 next month, it's what I need and it's a bargain at that price, no doubt. But, just...

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Travst 24th June 2015
Avatar for Ninjazz

I upgraded to a new laptop, the second one is gathering dust. I figured why not use the older Macbook as a external drum machine....

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Ninjazz 24th June 2015
Avatar for mcballs

Hey everyone, I've been using Cubase forever and it's never really been a limitation as far as I know other than in one way -...

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Deleted d78e603 24th June 2015
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 24th June 2015
Avatar for _VenoM

Hi, I use to use Adobe Audition but it seems that it is limited to PC unfortunately. What is an alternative just as good or...

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Avatar for Yser.C
Yser.C 24th June 2015
Avatar for Christof

For the music-department of our high-school we want to buy notebooks for music production (Ableton Live Suite 9, Reaper...). The...

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Avatar for Christof
Christof 24th June 2015
Avatar for granto

Hi all, I replaced all my caps on my M-Audio 1010 as shown here. These caps get very hot. The one thing that's not shown...

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granto 24th June 2015
Avatar for rjo361

Hey guys, I have a few question about installing a firewire 800 card into my new pc. Which card do I need to buy? I've heard...

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Avatar for rjo361
rjo361 24th June 2015
Avatar for Sammix

Hi everyone I'm really interested in adding mytek 8x192 to my gears as a standalone converter (adat). I'll be using rme adat...

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Avatar for Sammix
Sammix 24th June 2015
Avatar for Red Black

Greetings! Hopefully someone can help! I'm encountering a problem that I've never encountered before: while transferring a...

Red Black
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Avatar for DAW PLUS
DAW PLUS 24th June 2015
Avatar for davelang68

The writing's been on the wall for my ProFire 2626 for a long time now and as I consider a replacement I think what I'm most...

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Avatar for kuasalogam
kuasalogam 24th June 2015
Avatar for satrar

Currently I am running a Mac with pro tools 11 a focursite saffire pro 6 and alesis elevate 3 speakers. For guitars and bass I...

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Avatar for mirka
mirka 24th June 2015
Avatar for GuruComposer

Can anyone please help me. I have no idea why this is happening. I have a 6-core mac pro with 64 gigs of RAM. I have EW...

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Avatar for timemist
timemist 24th June 2015
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Avatar for GuruComposer
GuruComposer 24th June 2015
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Avatar for GuruComposer
GuruComposer 24th June 2015
Avatar for Joebas

Hi guys! Do you know if it's still possible to get a free, upgraded 64bit version of my uad-1 plugins, if I by a uad-2...

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Avatar for GP_Hawk
GP_Hawk 24th June 2015
Avatar for KSMUSIC

I'm demoing this plug right now and curious anyone else's tboughrs on it. I like it so far though ice never used the hardware....

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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 24th June 2015
Avatar for OBSIDVIAN

Hey everyone... i have searched all over and cant find an answer to this. maybe i am overlooking something, but to me it doesn't...

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Avatar for OBSIDVIAN
OBSIDVIAN 24th June 2015
Avatar for dougmurray85

Hi Guys, At the age of 30 I am taking the plunge into my first PC build. It's primary focus is to be a poor man's AxeFX,...

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Avatar for dougmurray85
dougmurray85 24th June 2015
Avatar for you knighted

TLDR; have about 3 grand, should I get the duet with more waves plugins or the UA apollo and stick with their plugins? So in the...

you knighted
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Avatar for CaravanPuppet
CaravanPuppet 24th June 2015