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Hello everyone, i am going crazy from a couple of days and i am sure someone of you could be of help on that. I have just...

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argon15 29th June 2015
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If I have a strum and want to program a midi drum track are there any tips to make sure the two fit together nicely? I have just...

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simon.billington 29th June 2015
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Hi everyone! At first, I´m sorry if I open this thread in a wrong place, I must to say that I´m very newbie with this...

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otero1st 29th June 2015
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Bare with me guys, I'm near brand new when it comes to routing hardware. I only know the basic functions as ins-->outs ;...

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MisterCrayle 29th June 2015
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I mean, i know the input matters, the input converters etc.. i've had several audio interface which i could tell the difference,...

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zvukofor 29th June 2015
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I'm looking for a freeware (not shareware) VST effect that functions with low CPU and low latency as an RMS meter. I have plenty...

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zvukofor 29th June 2015
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I am trying to demo the Flux analyzer and can't seem to get it working. I've read the manual, I've searched everywhere and no...

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mdjagg 29th June 2015
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My default template has 32 channels set up to handle various tasks, I have a bunch of plugins already cued up including some...

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Rockerwannabe101 29th June 2015
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Hello, I was wondering what your experiences are with PCIe ssd's ? I'm thinking about installing 2 ssd's on a pcie card, one for...

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ataylor 29th June 2015
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Hi I have an apogee duet 2 , using garageband on macbook. Whenever I run my guitar through xlr or instrument input I have a very...

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Manfrensengensen 29th June 2015
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Will be picking up this iMac in about a month and purchasing Logic Pro X. Also it comes with 8gb ram but ill upgrade to 16 or 32...

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gdoubleyou 29th June 2015
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It's well known that the Aurora is an excellent converter but it is getting long in the tooth. Seems like newer offerings from...

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GP_Hawk 29th June 2015
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Hi everyone! I've always been using a combination of Waves DeEsser, EQ or dynamic EQ to control sibilance or harshness on...

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LejonBrames 28th June 2015
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

What's everyone's preference for drum VI for songwriting purposes? I'm not looking for it to use for drum replacement but grooves...

Sean Sullivan
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drichard 28th June 2015
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Hey guys, For a long time I have been using windows for my productions and I have been storing big Kontakt libraries on a...

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steinmann 28th June 2015
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Can someone please take a look at this short screen recording and point me in a possible direction as to why I can't do a simple...

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lestermagneto 28th June 2015
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Hello there, I need to play a song live, and I want to make it sound good like a record. I do electronic music, so it's...

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partyhero 28th June 2015
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Hi, we are currently planning a new studio here in Dubai for music production and post-recording-mastering. We consider buying a...

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narcoman 28th June 2015
Avatar for Clockwise

Having a bit of conversation with harleysr regards to Liquid Mix compressor's release behaviour, I thought it'll be good to share...

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Clockwise 28th June 2015
Avatar for ivans

Hi, I played music for a long time and now I am starting to do things with ableton. I want to buy a nice sound card for...

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ivans 28th June 2015
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I know Mackie had a driver overhaul with the 4.1.0 and judging from Tafkat's latency benchmark the performance has substantially...

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Rev2010 28th June 2015
Avatar for KODID

So I installed kontakt awhile ago with Komplete ultimate 10 and now all the instruments cant be located. I can still import my...

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KODID 28th June 2015
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I am in the market looking to secure my operating system ( as well as my other drives) to minimize storage loss and down...

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hculture 28th June 2015
Avatar for PraiseTheSun

I want to start off by saying that i have been looking for a computer to produce music recently as i'm getting more and more into...

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PraiseTheSun 28th June 2015
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Hi all just bought 2 Onyx blackbird and need to aggregate them on pc but when i power on the second one only one is recognised on...

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hammond74 27th June 2015
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Working ITB, I've been creating drum tracks three ways: - drawing directly in a drum editor - with beat construction plug-ins...

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lysander 27th June 2015
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I replaced my old digidesign Protools keyboard with the new Avid Protools keyboard. Every time I start the computer I get a...

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PlatinumSamples 27th June 2015
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Hi all, tried google and searched many many websites, still can't identify what this console or controller is. does...

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BrianVengeance 27th June 2015
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It's been over 5 years of the same bland, dull sound quality and I've reached my boiling point hjghfgg I've been stuck with a...

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ivansc 27th June 2015
Avatar for Determinion

Hi. Currently, I have 3 stereo and one mono keyboards, many stringed instruments, and the need for probably no more than two mic...

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KorgAddict 27th June 2015
Avatar for Doc Asbury

Well I took the plunge and bought a silver Apollo 16 on clearance. It was basically a blind purchase, but I've been a loyal &...

Doc Asbury
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Doc Asbury 27th June 2015
Avatar for scantino

Hey guys - I know this question is consistently asked, but I haven't found a thread that fits my specific needs / is up to...

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Alekto 27th June 2015
Avatar for J-S-Q

Does anyone know of a VSTi synth which has multiple outputs and will enable me to assign different oscillators within the same...

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DAW PLUS 27th June 2015
Avatar for Melvin III

If i were to buy External preamp will it still go thru the apollos preamps? Can i hook up outboard gear to it? like send my...

Melvin III
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Melvin III 27th June 2015
Avatar for invalidusername

hi the guitar amp from logics adds all kinds of nasty resonances, i constantly need to tame those with EQ... is there an amp...

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chainrule 27th June 2015
Avatar for Larss

Anyone that can describe the difference in sound between these two units. Do these sound the same ?

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soundseeker 27th June 2015
Avatar for mythicalbeast

Hi all, After taking delivery of an 18i20 a few days ago and I am struggling to get started!! This is a great shame since I was...

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gwilliamson 27th June 2015
Avatar for ConverterSnob

I'm trying to find out if changing my RME DA converter to an Aurora converter would be an upgrade. I’m looking for clarity. I...

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dovin2 27th June 2015
Avatar for chuck79

Anyone have any tips for like ezdrummer or addictive? To get them to sound more "real" in a mix?

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zigziglar 27th June 2015
Avatar for wsal

Hey guys, I want to find an audio editing program that works for me. I've been using Audacity and I don't really like it. Before...

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chucks 27th June 2015
Avatar for Bunglespice

I'm (barely) running Pro Tools 9 on an HP xw8600 Workstation with 8gb RAM with only 3gb usuable because of this stupid 32-Bit...

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DNRDustin 27th June 2015
Avatar for Deleted 8a7205a

So I've got an XML from Final cut X, when it's imported into Logic X I get every region on a separate track. The 255 track limit...

Deleted 8a7205a
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Deleted 8a7205a 27th June 2015
Avatar for delcosmos


Just saw the DP9 preview at Namm. More guitar pedals? C'mon guys! Give us a simple midi note mute.

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Avatar for Robert Randolph
Robert Randolph 26th June 2015
Avatar for Guitarist9891

Hello I have a question about printing VI's as audio. I am running Pro Tools 12 on a MacBook Pro laptop (quad core, 4 gigs...

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Guitarist9891 26th June 2015
Avatar for afterworks

Hey Guys So I've recently bought a Soundtracs Solitaire 40 channel board. Loving it, EQ is lovely, and generally really...

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afterworks 26th June 2015
Avatar for Iamnikhil08

I am a beginner to music production, and when i say beginner, i mean it. But i am improving with each passing day. But i want to...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 26th June 2015
Avatar for Polarelch

I am interested in PhaseMistress, but really can't find any demo other than the plugin demo, which I apparently already had used...

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Avatar for RWilliamson
RWilliamson 26th June 2015
Avatar for cjac9

Probably a longshot but... Does anyone know of a Pro Tools compatible plugin that allows you to blend 4 (or more) sources on an...

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cjac9 26th June 2015
Avatar for wagtunes

Simple. How do you create your own user root presets to load into the sound map? Thanks.

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wagtunes 26th June 2015
Avatar for ikodel

Hi guys Anyone know how to use this MIDI interface as a multi client device. I have a Roland MKS-70 that I want to play...

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ikodel 26th June 2015