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Ok, I've edited this as I was a bit heated when originally writing...does anyone else have issues with their Orion Studio or...

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climber 22nd December 2020
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I am searching for a mac keyboard (best: QWERTZ) where at least the F-keys are in form of a OLED display, showing the shortcut...

Sir Hannes
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Sir Hannes 22nd December 2020
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I tried a few from Waves and some other one don't remember the name... they make the sound really weird, so I never use them....

Deleted 5edf3fa
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prado escondido 22nd December 2020
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Hi All, Just wondering if anyone is still running SoundDiver on their current Windows 10 DAW. I am considering replacing my...

The Style Guide
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The Style Guide 22nd December 2020
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Windows 7 professional 64 bit PC user here. All my software is 64 bit. I have lots of software on my ILOK: Pro Tools, Slate,...

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tripstation 22nd December 2020
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Hello all, I'm looking for a small remote recording interface for sessions when my Metric Halo setup will be too big. The idea...

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shahstlz 21st December 2020
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Is there a VERY logical and rational reason for UAD to stay in the bumbling, decrepit, snail-paced lane of Sharc-land? With the...

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JonTheMixEng 21st December 2020
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Hey, So I recently got a portable stereo recorder (Tascam DR100MK3) to record jams with the band. I've been recording 24/48...

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play/record 21st December 2020
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Hello to everyone, I hope you are fine. We are a team of sound engineers and software engineers. We are trying to develop...

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mehmet 21st December 2020
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2020 was a crazy year, but also for plugs. Devs were locked up like the rest of us so maybe they went a little stir crazy? Worked...

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Progger 21st December 2020
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Sigh. I miss OS9. The more OSX approaches iOS, the more I hate it. Okay, here's the situation. I got a new Mac Pro 2010 12 core...

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germanduranv 21st December 2020
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So I am buying a new PC build soon as my old one had definitely seen better days and my current one sounds like a helicopter...

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gearstudent 21st December 2020
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So I want to be able to record multiple inputs simultaneously in Cubase 6. Here's my pc. Windows7 64 12GB Ram i7 Bloomfield...

Cuzzin Chizzy
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xaritou 21st December 2020
Avatar for Larry10

Hello! My softtube console1 is not working propely. When I activate onscreen display, it turns to a blackscreen, and console1 is...

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mrufino1 20th December 2020
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For some reason no company has yet to take advantage of an once in a lifetime opportunity to be the first to create a fully...

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mrufino1 20th December 2020
Avatar for Pale Pyramid

Avid Mbox Pro 3 , Now that it's been out a year can I get some feedback from those using it ? I'm a Pro Tools 9 user (mostly) ....

Pale Pyramid
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Gustau 20th December 2020
Avatar for Larry10

Hello! If I Want to use a reverb in cubase, and send it to my mixingdesk, and then use the reverb on the channels at the...

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Larry10 20th December 2020
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Hi Folks! I am starting a test suite with new gear. We have all our stages currently on Catalina PT 2020.5 - 11 with Icon...

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jumpnyc 20th December 2020
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Hello, there are any mixers/audio interfaces where i can equalize ALL audio inputs, even the sound that comes from my pc by usb,...

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xyhortytclhahyjf 20th December 2020
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Hi all I'm sharing this here because I know there's a lot of interest in TB in Windows. Normally we wouldn't make a formal...

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cqd 20th December 2020
Avatar for b3keys

Can someone please tell me where the download files for Scarbee A-200 should be placed so that they appear as instruments in The...

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Deleted 94711a4981b6ba3 20th December 2020
Avatar for ThePrez

How do I demo the Softube software? It seems like I have to setup a demo with a person via like a Zoom call in January lol. ...

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Avatar for Pingafuego
Pingafuego 20th December 2020
Avatar for Disease Factory

After buying lots of analog gear from behringer. I realized that the deep mind is ummmm eh.. not horrid but not that great. And...

Disease Factory
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ctkidobo 20th December 2020
Avatar for bussy233

I have this USB interface: https://www.roland.com/us/products/duo-capture/ There is distortion/noise not matter what...

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bussy233 19th December 2020
Avatar for RichRadio

Hi I'm having issues with getting Scarlett 8i18 working correctly. Channels 1-6 work ok....but plugging my synth into channel...

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RichRadio 19th December 2020
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Hello everyone! Hope you are all healthy! So i recently bought Nebula4 and need opinions by the "old cat" users of...

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jdunn 19th December 2020
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Hi I own an Audient ID 4. I'm really happy with the interface but there is a problem. Every time I unplug my machine the card...

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mattiasnyc 19th December 2020
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Hello, The stock on UAD's Apollo x8p has been shaky in online stores recently. The only packages available at Thomann are the...

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OFSnap 19th December 2020
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Hi guys, im new to the forums and a new 828es owner, although i have been an audio engineer/musician for nearly 20 years :P So...

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Avatar for Tnsl
Tnsl 19th December 2020
Avatar for digsey_d

Hi there. I'm trying to expand the amount of inputs in my meagre studio. My main interface is a UAD Apollo Twin MKII. i...

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xxdrexx 19th December 2020
Avatar for rapidsdrummer

Long time gearslutz reader, first time post. This is a topic I can’t quite find all the information I need to educate myself so...

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DeadPoet 19th December 2020
Avatar for henryrobinett

I need a new midi interface to replace my ancient MOTU MTPav usb. I think there are problems with motu drivers. An=t least with...

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Sky 19th December 2020
Avatar for 7Wave

I recently upgraded my music computer and I'm looking to buy some more software synths. I make mostly industrial music,...

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7Wave 19th December 2020
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First off, apologies for spamming GS with this quesiton, but I'm not getting much traction so I'm opening a dedicated thread. I'm...

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jakeg70888 19th December 2020
Avatar for melodic dreamer

Does anyone have any opinions on these two? I know they replicate a Juno 60. I'm trying to find the Juno 106 sound, but I guess...

melodic dreamer
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Deleted 74d471ead511124 18th December 2020
Avatar for SC

This has really got me puzzled. I suspect there's a simple answer that will make me say "DUH!", but so far it eludes...

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Quetz 18th December 2020
Avatar for razorboy

Melda places certain personal info on their software in your computer, and in their server. The info is "whatever is...

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Avatar for razorboy
razorboy 18th December 2020
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

Hey, Any expereienced Waves IR1 users out there? I'm on Windows 10 and I want to import a bunch of third party convos...

Edward Shnapper
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Avatar for Edward Shnapper
Edward Shnapper 18th December 2020
Avatar for bill5

I have a library in my NI folder and opened up Kontakt, but it won't recognize it. I made sure the folder was included in the...

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bill5 18th December 2020
Avatar for OK1

I thought it good to start a thread to talk about Free and low cost piano libraries, acoustic and electric pianos and anything...

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bill5 18th December 2020
Avatar for lucasleroy

Hi, I'm using an Apollo twin mkii with a Macbook pro (Catalina), and I just bought a Octopre mkii so I can plug several synths at...

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Avatar for lucasleroy
lucasleroy 17th December 2020
Avatar for panangcurry

I just got a Motu 828 mk2 Firewire on ebay and am trying to get it working on my 2012 Mac Pro quad core 3.2ghz running High...

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Avatar for floeter
floeter 17th December 2020
Avatar for henryrobinett

Does anyone know of an app that can open old sysex files or old out dated librarians? I still have an old Mac IIsi in storage,...

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henryrobinett 17th December 2020
Avatar for nomersea

Hi all. I’m considering trying to use an Aphex 141 as an optical out from my X8p to give me 8 extra analog outs (via the aphex...

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nomersea 17th December 2020
Avatar for orbita

Which do you think is the best tool for softening/smoothing resonances/harshness in tracks and opening up space for other tracks...

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Avatar for jams3223
jams3223 17th December 2020
Avatar for TS-12

Please don’t say “get a good singer”, “singer should practice” or anything like that.. I know that myself. I moved...

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Avatar for Musiclab
Musiclab 17th December 2020
Avatar for lostinmusic

At my wits end here and despite repeated support requests to Native Instruments they only send me general advice that...

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Avatar for Julius Krakow
Julius Krakow 17th December 2020
Avatar for Rob_Feature

I've got an old Pro Tools LE setup and I'm trying to determine compatibility for the latest Mac/OS/Pro Tools LE versions that...

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Avatar for Rob_Feature
Rob_Feature 17th December 2020
Avatar for almaelectronix

Hi all! I am using a Mytek 8x192 to an RME AES32 on Cubase 7.5. Can I add Manhattan II via usb for 32bit playback? Will I...

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almaelectronix 17th December 2020
Avatar for dchalfon

i am looking for a new audio interface with adat in so i can use my tascam us20x20 as a preamp only. i was sold on the babyface...

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Avatar for dchalfon
dchalfon 17th December 2020