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Hi all, Effective immediately, we're changing our name to Tone Projects, launching a new website and releasing updates for all...

Rune L-H
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Musician 19th August 2015
Avatar for boomer81

well thats the question. sell my 828 mk3 buy a apollo quad firewire. and $400 plug package promo or keep my less than a year old...

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boomer81 19th August 2015
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this is amazing....for free!!!!! FREE Eventide Ultra Channel Plug-in Until July 8th With

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Den 19th August 2015
Avatar for Brad Newport

What audio interface would you recommend for the general novice bedroom producer?

Brad Newport
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Alrod 19th August 2015
Avatar for BML

Does anybody use this great plugg? Right now, it is on sale. Kindest Regards

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BML 19th August 2015
Avatar for RueyBang

Hey Guys Im just mixing my new track everything is going just perfect Im at my last bits but whenever I want to add a delay or...

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Avatar for Grant Ransom
Grant Ransom 19th August 2015
Avatar for Deleted f864d52

Hi, i would like to ask something about cubase: where is exactly placed the 4 bands eq in the chain? the one that can be seen...

Deleted f864d52
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Deleted f864d52 19th August 2015
Avatar for Glowmaker

Hello! I have a question for Sony Acid Pro users. I used to use Sony Acid Pro 7 for the final mix. It's installed on my old...

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Glowmaker 19th August 2015
Avatar for skarama

Hello! I have been using Cubase for over 10 years, and never half went through everything it could offer. I've been trying to...

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skarama 19th August 2015
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

Got an old iLok with Waves Platinum V5 that I'd like to use at a studio that's still running HD 8 but I can't find the installer...

Sean Sullivan
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Sean Sullivan 19th August 2015
Avatar for skarama

Hi all! I am currently running EWQL Gold through Kontakt 5, on Cubase 5.1 I've been using it for years, however it came to my...

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skarama 19th August 2015
Avatar for Chris T

I know this is a simple request but I'm wracking my brains trying to get it to work: I have Soundiron's "Voice Of Rapture...

Chris T
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Avatar for JoeDeF
JoeDeF 19th August 2015
Avatar for haba713

Hi! I'm considering to buy Line 6 Sonic Port VX. Please, let me know if you have something to say about its mic/preamp quality...

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Avatar for zvukofor
zvukofor 19th August 2015
Avatar for CaptainMorgan100

I want something to add the grit to a voice similar to what some pre amps r doing and or decapitator.. I don't want a tape...

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Avatar for escape set
escape set 18th August 2015
Avatar for MarkAFontana

Hello guys, I have a Black Lion Signature Mod Digi 002 that I bought recently. The guy I bought it from said he wasn't sure why...

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Avatar for Lenzo
Lenzo 18th August 2015
Avatar for JHTorch

Anyone have any opinions (ideally from first-hand personal experience) concerning Black Lion Mods of MOTU interfaces? I have an...

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Avatar for mikeka
mikeka 18th August 2015
Avatar for JPiercey21

Does anyone know how to put fl studio on their mac? i have tried the beta crossover from image line and wine and neither have...

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Avatar for phantompower9
phantompower9 18th August 2015
Avatar for Sotsirc

I just (finally) did a fresh install with a new OS on my Macbook. I installed Ableton 9 64 bit and Kontakt 4.2.4. Kontakt won't...

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Avatar for Sotsirc
Sotsirc 18th August 2015
Avatar for Valli

Hey there, I have the following problem: Right now I am remodeling my template structure, as I don't want to have all of my...

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Avatar for Valli
Valli 18th August 2015
Avatar for neuroxik

I wasn't too sure where to place this perception problem of mine. I figured "Monitors/Speakers" since it affects the...

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Avatar for Tui
Tui 18th August 2015
Avatar for Methlab

I decided I don't want to Jbridge my 32 bit plugs and VSTis anymore, just run 64 bit completely and upgrade to 16 gigs of...

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Avatar for Bob Yordan
Bob Yordan 18th August 2015
Avatar for Voidtruck

Alright, this might be silly but we're in the middle of recording right now and if we burn/damage our interface then installing a...

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Avatar for sardi
sardi 18th August 2015
Avatar for blackcom

I get that Slate Trigger samples have some kind of pre-processing going on but have they been processed with high-pass too? I...

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Avatar for zzfdvz
zzfdvz 18th August 2015
Avatar for iworkalone

Hey guys. I build my own computers, always use new and high quality components (including the psu's before you ask), and I've had...

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Avatar for iworkalone
iworkalone 17th August 2015
Avatar for Quantum7

I recently did a DAW build with an Asus X99-Deluxe MB which has been giving me problems. Asus thinks it may be a bad MB due to...

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Avatar for B-San
B-San 17th August 2015
Avatar for edwinhurwitz

I got the new AAX version and installed it in both PT 11 and PT 12 Mac computers. Weirdly, whenever I instantiate a plugin after...

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Avatar for tobymusic
tobymusic 17th August 2015
Avatar for Tallmaleuk

Hi everyone, I have been using Logic Pro X now for over a year but this is the first time I have purchased a Drums Samples and...

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Avatar for FlemishDuke
FlemishDuke 17th August 2015
Avatar for Leonidas706

I've got an early 2011 Macbook Pro with Pro Tools 9 and an Mbox Pro for my interface. When I record with low-latency monitoring...

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Avatar for Leonidas706
Leonidas706 17th August 2015
Avatar for los marbles

I want a device to just run an app or 2 for live use. (Samplr app to be specific) Can I just get an older 2nd hand iphone (or...

los marbles
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Avatar for owenD202
owenD202 17th August 2015
Avatar for Ishkash

Hi all, I've jumped off of the Avid train for now, as a result of their new, lame business model. But I am intrigued by their...

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Avatar for sofasession
sofasession 17th August 2015
Avatar for kjukambe

as i switched to osx in 2006 i'm not aware of modern windows machines. recently i found out that i need to use touchdesigner, but...

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Avatar for kjukambe
kjukambe 17th August 2015
Avatar for tri0nz

Or only Pro tools? and is it already out? cant find any sort of info..

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Avatar for chucks
chucks 17th August 2015
Avatar for moviesound

I'm running OS 10.9.5 (I know there's issues with 10.10) suddenly everything except Pro Tools 11 crashes when trying to...

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Avatar for moviesound
moviesound 17th August 2015
Avatar for Deleted 7d6fdad

Anyone ever used this ? I'm trying to figure out if the one i just received is faulty or not, it seems excessively noisy, i...

Deleted 7d6fdad
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Avatar for Deleted 7d6fdadbc1f34cc
Deleted 7d6fdadbc1f34cc 17th August 2015
Avatar for animalsounds

BLEGH. I'm running Pro Tools 10 & 11 (depending on the project, irrelevant). I have 16GB of RAM and an fairly new iMac that's...

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Avatar for nd33
nd33 17th August 2015
Avatar for quesne

Hello All: I have a very simple question regarding the Zoom R16 XLR combo input jacks. The Zoom R16 documentation (below)...

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Avatar for quesne
quesne 17th August 2015
Avatar for Steve Fogal

I thought those in 32 bit land needed their own lonely thread, while all the 64 bitters can have a frenzy...please, no arguments,...

Steve Fogal
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Avatar for s_sibs
s_sibs 17th August 2015
Avatar for sam c

plugs are not? Why leave the formula? Is that the price for an easier GUI?

sam c
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Avatar for richinmusic
richinmusic 17th August 2015
Avatar for LK3D

Hi folks, who's using/testing console 1 already? I tested it with Presonus Studio One, and if you use VST 3, track name and...

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Avatar for proxy
proxy 17th August 2015
Avatar for Glamdring

Hey guys, Would appreciate any insight on this. I own a mid-2010 Mac Pro hexacore 3.33 GHz working in Pro Tools and I'm...

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Avatar for Glamdring
Glamdring 16th August 2015
Avatar for KT909

I've been producing ITB for many years but recently added a Prophet 12 to my studio and I'm having a couple unexpected issues...

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Avatar for KT909
KT909 16th August 2015
Avatar for edwinhurwitz

I'm looking for a simple headphone interface that's extremely portable that will do 96/24 for my 2011 MBP. I can't use the built...

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Avatar for edwinhurwitz
edwinhurwitz 16th August 2015
Avatar for Sandmansong

Anyone try the new radar studio with pro tools integrated? Looks interesting and seems like a good deal.

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Avatar for adam_f
adam_f 16th August 2015
Avatar for gilmanoel

Has anyone had the opportunity to go to the "Mix with the Masters" with CLA? Or watch some mix? I would like to ask...

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Avatar for fwet
fwet 16th August 2015
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Avatar for DarbyOhara
DarbyOhara 16th August 2015
Avatar for bgood

Any recommendations for a good spring reverb plug? Mostly for guitars and keyboard stuff.

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Avatar for JoeDeF
JoeDeF 16th August 2015
Avatar for gilmanoel

Hello guys! I've read in several interviews that many pros (Chris Lord Alge, for example) does not care about the resonances or...

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Avatar for gilmanoel
gilmanoel 16th August 2015
Avatar for animalsounds

Hi everyone. I've been hearing for years that there are advantages of recording to an external hard drive as apposed to directly...

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Avatar for almaelectronix
almaelectronix 16th August 2015
Avatar for denSaakaldte

Hi, I'm looking for a table stand for my pc screen like this in the attached photo. Does anyone have an idea about where I...

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Avatar for cjearner
cjearner 16th August 2015
Avatar for Foghat73

Hey guys. New to the forum. Here's my issue that I would love a definitive answer to. I run an Apogee Symphony with a Symphony 64...

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Avatar for Foghat73
Foghat73 16th August 2015