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A good hardware EQ can be both transparent and colorful without fuzz, grain, harshness, or weird aliasing. Anything in the...

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Nystagmus 15th October 2015
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Hello everyone I have a question about bouncing between DAWs. I heard a lot about Abletons "bad" sound quality...

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Deleted e1b9f9422464465 15th October 2015
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So back in the old days when I used Cool Edit Pro 2 & Adobe Audition, it used to have a hard limit function within the DAW...

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A Fak 15th October 2015
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ive been using a liquid mix 16 for years now and love it but the times come for me too buy a new computer and I want something...

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djwaxxy 15th October 2015
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I just bought an Apollo Twin Duo and have about $500 in credit with the UA online store (hooray!) So far I only have the...

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Beechwood 15th October 2015
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hey everybody. i want to upgrade my studio pc. it's gotta be definetly an intel cpu. the question that pops up is wether...

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ilan 15th October 2015
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Hi All, When I use the In & Outs 1/4 on the back to process DAW tracks with outboard gear I have a -8dB loss on this...

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Kriss3000 15th October 2015
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The only DAW I've ever used is FLS. I really like the workflow, and I'm comfortable with it. I mainly work with audio clips......

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imaak 15th October 2015
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I'm probably gonna get crucified for saying this but here it goes... Many mixing engineers only use the real thing and would...

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Rockinrob 15th October 2015
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Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of linking two Mac Pro towers to take advantage of extra processing power? I'm...

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MediaGary 15th October 2015
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Dear Gearslutz, I know it is generally recommended not to set the system default playback device same as the audio/recording...

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Mr.ToR 15th October 2015
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I got my stuff backed up. But I want to take the computer, the external with the tunes, and the external with the samples on a...

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jster 15th October 2015
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While worthy of mention in the Good News forum, I've benefited so much from an audio company's freeware image app (over a year...

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JoeyM 15th October 2015
Avatar for Steve Fogal

Quick general question...maybe no one really knows this one....Ok, so it's said that Word Clock operates at 5 volts, but just how...

Steve Fogal
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Steve Fogal 15th October 2015
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Hello, I've been noticing increasing pops and crackles when playing music on my keyboard (M-Audio Keystation 88). This issue...

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Avatar for lovessuperstrats
lovessuperstrats 15th October 2015
Avatar for Steve Fogal

I know there are already some Word Clock threads here, but this is in a totally different direction. Having learned quite a bit...

Steve Fogal
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Steve Fogal 15th October 2015
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Hello I am running all my VI's though Vepro 5 but still wanted to incorporate some hardware sound modules into my setup. I...

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Guitarist9891 15th October 2015
Avatar for saner

Hey guys, I've looked around the forums for a similar post but haven't been able to find the answers I'm looking for. Apologies...

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kgdrum_nyc 15th October 2015
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So I'm I doing a gig where everything is going direct into the board from a 2008 MacBook Pro. I'm using Mainstage 2 for keys and...

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Elser 15th October 2015
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Yeah so I'm planning on getting this DAC for my JBL LSR305...

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andyfromHH 14th October 2015
Avatar for Piyono

They seem to be billing it as a portable workstation for creative pros. I really hope it turns out to be a kickass DAW. Just...

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Piyono 14th October 2015
Avatar for Smoking_Gnu

Hi all, So I finally have enough money to buy a new computer. I've been using my current laptop since 2012 for both music...

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Smoking_Gnu 14th October 2015
Avatar for StuckinthePast

Hello fellow slutz, I am currently running Pro Tools 7 on a self built Windows XP box. I have had a version of Pro Tools 9 for...

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StuckinthePast 14th October 2015
Avatar for Ash Taylor

This has probably been asked 100 times doubt but I can't actually seem to find an answer strangly. I'm basically trying to...

Ash Taylor
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bimbomix 14th October 2015
Avatar for Bob Todrank

Ben Loftis, Mixbus Product Manager presents a talk on the challenges of audio software development to the AES Chapter of Belmont...

Bob Todrank
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Bob Todrank 14th October 2015
Avatar for illold3chordme

I just downloaded the Sonimus Britson plug, and it's my first time working with VU meters. This might be a silly question, but...

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Avatar for winedup
winedup 14th October 2015
Avatar for Akayemusica

Just wanted to drop a line and say that I quite easily upgraded my Mac Pro 5.1 (Mid-2010) from a stock 4-core to a W3690 6-core...

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Akayemusica 14th October 2015
Avatar for automatom

I can't remember where I saw it, but a while back I remember watching footage from an industry show where a software developer...

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automatom 14th October 2015
Avatar for richgilb

Hi All I set up authorization software, downloaded the Philharmonik software and have downloaded the first of many banks of...

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drriddum 14th October 2015
Avatar for praash

Hello, I have been using macbook pro 2012 13inch(4gb ram) for logic pro 9 for quite a few years and usually have about 30-40...

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Avatar for praash
praash 14th October 2015
Avatar for Gebo

I got one of these a while back and I totally love it. I'm really just posting a thread because I feel like there is barely any...

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Avatar for DistortingJack
DistortingJack 14th October 2015
Avatar for Deleted fa7843c

I'm curious if anyone has run into the same sort of issue as the following, and what they've done to fix it for each synth. I...

Deleted fa7843c
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Deleted fa7843c1d4a255f 14th October 2015
Avatar for xaos

I have a 2011 macbook pro with only 2 USB ports. I currently allocate 1 to the Zen Studio and another to Maschine. I need more...

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projektk 14th October 2015
Avatar for makasi

Hi there, Looking for an RTAS compressor for mac for side chain compression. Is there any dynamics utility to give a pump...

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makasi 13th October 2015
Avatar for mondoaction

Hi Guys I'm thinking I'm dead in the water on this but thought I'd check in here. I have a Mac, running Pro Tools 9...

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mondoaction 13th October 2015
Avatar for rectifried

Slate does it The new eventide channel does it <snip - incorrect assumption> I'm looking for Companies that give 2 Ilok...

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Avatar for brucerothwell
brucerothwell 13th October 2015
Avatar for madehumble

I just got my Apogee Symphony I/O in yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!! I had the UA Apollo before this unit and as much as I...

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Avatar for PettyCash
PettyCash 13th October 2015
Avatar for comfortablynick

I love playing with reverbs and I've been trying to get to know R2 a little better. It has four "chorus type"...

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Avatar for comfortablynick
comfortablynick 13th October 2015
Avatar for B. Toast

First of all: forgive the type in the thread title. Everybody wants a quiet computer in the studio, and I'm no exception. I...

B. Toast
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B. Toast 13th October 2015
Avatar for MissleMissle

I've seen multiple threads regarding issues with connectivity with this thing, but I'm trying to nip it in the bud. First I had...

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Avatar for Red Black
Red Black 13th October 2015
Avatar for thelastmusicfan

Hey, I am travelling right now and I have brought a 4 yo acer laptop with me. I have an alesis minimix 6fx and a sure sm58,...

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thelastmusicfan 13th October 2015
Avatar for ssl_ambition

Hi, Hope this thread turns not into a Mac- vs. PC-Lovers debate. I simply try to figure out what gets me the most reliable...

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Avatar for steverino
steverino 13th October 2015
Avatar for bgood

I'm using a pci-e rme card into a digiface, fed by three presonus diginax fs's... lots of outboard I run windows 10 64 bit...

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Avatar for bgood
bgood 13th October 2015
Avatar for mrmike186

Downloaded the Waves ssl 4000 demo and I am having trouble turning the controls with my mouse. Very clumsy and SLOW work flow....

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mrmike186 13th October 2015
Avatar for rjalex

Dear friends, as some of you know, I've been assembling a PC for my musician son with very little knowledge of music and of...

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Avatar for GregR
GregR 13th October 2015
Avatar for snm10

Hey, I'm looking for a nice and cheap expansion to use with an Audient iD22. Mostly, what I need is recording analog synths and...

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snm10 13th October 2015
Avatar for Crudden Hood

Hey All, System specs: Sony Vaio Laptop E series 8 gigs Ram 500 gigs SSD (newly installed, with fresh copy of Win 7...

Crudden Hood
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 12th October 2015
Avatar for andreªs

I've just purchased S1 Pro. Would be great to have a Sub-Forum here! kfhkh

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Avatar for andreªs
andreªs 12th October 2015
Avatar for SuchyRNRStudio

Hi, I have TL Space for a long time but rarely use it, much prefer my outboard reverbs and even D-Verb or Relab 480. I know many...

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SuchyRNRStudio 12th October 2015
Avatar for runamuck

I have a Lexicon audio interface plugged into my computer via USB, which I'm using as an instrument input for Guitar Rig. The...

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Avatar for lovessuperstrats
lovessuperstrats 12th October 2015