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I'm demoing Melodyne and I can't seem to resize the window with my mouse, nor is there anything in preferences. Anybody know...

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jwh1192 6th November 2015
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Now, I don't mean "What plugins is the best tape emulator".... HAH, That would be too easy. No no, I mean, to you, what...

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wrgkmc 6th November 2015
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I am weighing two audio interfaces currently and have a question on bit depth as it relates to session settings. I have seen...

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mattiasnyc 5th November 2015
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Ive notice that every so often when I boot up the Mac (Yosemite lastest version), my background goes back to the original...

Deleted User
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Ranger 5th November 2015
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Sooo, what's you verdict on the new plugs, gits'ngals? How do you find the Ultrachannel compared to other 'strips'? Link:...

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DGillespie 5th November 2015
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Hi all, I'm currently happily running 3 Steinberg MR816X on an iMac using a Thunderbolt to FW adapter. Latency is not too bad...

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musimedia 5th November 2015
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I've searched- I bought a Groove 3 subscription etc.. and I can't figure this out I have an Apogee Quartet and am running Pro...

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babydaddymusic 5th November 2015
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Hi Guys, anybody got any thoughts on buying this desktop from Scan, going to run Nuendo 7 on it (with Rme UFX as core along...

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DokkaM 5th November 2015
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hi all, first post here after reading this great forum for a few years. i got a new Macbook Pro Retina, 15-inch, mid...

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Derek.Kwan 5th November 2015
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Anyone know of any free or inexpensive synths that come with a funky synth brass patch to use in Logic (therefore AU) or can...

Mr Funk
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Mr Funk 5th November 2015
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When I turn down the volume all the way down in my interface, sound still comes through to the speakers - in mono. I have to turn...

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fbaldauf 5th November 2015
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Hello there fellow music makers, we're teaching a streaming class on sampling Thursday night at 9pm EST. We have some tricks up...

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Knobtheory 5th November 2015
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pjk 5th November 2015
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Hi everybody. I started a similar thread in the GSspanish forum, but I think I didn't explain myself very well... I'm looking...

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LoverNotAFighter 5th November 2015
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Hi, I want to go into UAD satellite. But my macbook has only one FireWire 800 (18 channel audio interface AH-ZR16) and one...

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Mantik 5th November 2015
Avatar for 1Hope

Peace all , I've recently upgraded my studio computer from a 2011 Macbook Pro to a 2015 MBP due to logic board failure from...

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Imknew 5th November 2015
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I am using a fast PC computer and I have Windows 10 (Technical Preview) 64 bit. I am also using external hard drives with USB...

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Buggaluggs 5th November 2015
Avatar for bugs

looking for substitute for uad fatso

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mittens 5th November 2015
Avatar for RightOnRome

I have - -Ipad version 9.1 (its a old version 2 with old connector i think) -protools 10.3.9 -2012 Imac i5 -OSX 10.9.5 I...

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RightOnRome 5th November 2015
Avatar for Melvin III

I'm looking for nice prices Lexicon 224 Ampex SSL Channel API EQ SHMC I have around a 1k budget lol hopefully I can...

Melvin III
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gdoubleyou 4th November 2015
Avatar for energy flow

Hi all, I'm a Cubase user. I often watch video tutorials on mix techniques. Most of the tutorials are done in Pro...

energy flow
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Avatar for The Elf
The Elf 4th November 2015
Avatar for RD57

I'm looking for a classic lead sound for instrumental jazz...in the vein of Chick Corea, Jeff Lorber, George Duke etc. When I...

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kafka 4th November 2015
Avatar for _Mark

The day is here! What's new from UA? This is the second biggest trade show of the year! I can't believe nothing has been said.

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Avatar for Grahamdwc
Grahamdwc 4th November 2015
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I am going to buy 1 UAD plug in among Studer, 224 and Ocean Way ONLY. Imagine it´s going to by my last purchase ever..(Will it...

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serga 4th November 2015
Avatar for UltimateOutsider

I read that Arturia was supposed to demonstrate the AudioFuse interface at AES. Did anyone here see it? Does it work? When is it...

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Avatar for UltimateOutsider
UltimateOutsider 4th November 2015
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I neglected the Octopre's built-in compressor for some time and tried it today in a few drum loops but I can't really tell if...

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Uploaded 4th November 2015
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So like most of us, I need internet in my computer to send/recieve sessions in dropbox, and clients need to bring/take material...

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teknatronik 4th November 2015
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Hi, As the title suggests, i am looking to buy a new apollo quad 8 card (black). I also have a crane song hedd 192 but the...

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weaver123 4th November 2015
Avatar for dilznik

I'm not talking about having dynamics and doing other things to make programming sound digital. I mean if I've got a good drum...

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foamboy 4th November 2015
Avatar for OmegaHyperion

Well since waves had a sale over the weekend, i decided to get a few waves plugins, namely the Maxxbass and Kramer Master...

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Avatar for Andy Gone
Andy Gone 4th November 2015
Avatar for Melvin III

Okay Slutz I'm ipgrading from my Apollo twin duo to the Apollo 8 quad I know u could just get a duo and have those linked for a...

Melvin III
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nicksu 4th November 2015
Avatar for zephonic

I have a 2013 13" MacBook Air (Haswell) that I absolutely love to bits, by far my favorite computer ever (including my...

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zephonic 4th November 2015
Avatar for nvhladek

I'm wondering what people think of this idea for adding something to my Mac/Logic Pro X setup. I have an old PC laptop with an i3...

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chevybusa 4th November 2015
Avatar for janalex

Hi, I'm currently running 16 ins and outs with AD16x/DA16x converters using the Thunderbridge Symphony Interface into my...

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psycho_monkey 4th November 2015
Avatar for iansampson

Hi everyone, I read several threads on noisy Duets, but none of them described my specific problem. Apologies for any...

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Avatar for sprucemoose
sprucemoose 4th November 2015
Avatar for hellofishy

Hi, this is a pretty basic question but I am curious as I have not found a solid answer. I have a motu 1248 (ITS AWESOME!) my...

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Avatar for UnderTow
UnderTow 4th November 2015
Avatar for TS-12

"Proves" that d/a a/d converters don't matter. but Like about the square wave, doesn't seem too right. And...

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Avatar for UnderTow
UnderTow 4th November 2015
Avatar for Krush411

Love parallel compression for vocals and I'm digging how the mike e el9 has the parallel compression mix knob right on the unit....

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Avatar for Jax Pok
Jax Pok 4th November 2015
Avatar for b9indifference

Just rec'd an email from Apogee ....I got Waves Gold when I bought an Ensemble...very pleased with Mic Pres and overall...

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Avatar for b9indifference
b9indifference 3rd November 2015
Avatar for bigbongo

I'm after a new interface to go with a new mac . The spec I'm after: 1. Any connector... usb, firewire, etc 2. No pres...

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Avatar for StageTaken
StageTaken 3rd November 2015
Avatar for Alrod

I am having a difficult time getting a straight answer out of Avid. Does anyone know when they will update and support Pro...

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Avatar for Alrod
Alrod 3rd November 2015
Avatar for lucasmusic

Does the latest update to 64 bit for Sylenth 1 work with Pro Tools via Blue Cat Patchwork?

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Avatar for lucasmusic
lucasmusic 3rd November 2015
Avatar for the100yengamer

I am a video game streamer and I am having audio issue below is my setup RE20 mic -> Warm Audio WA12 -> TC Helicon Voice...

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the100yengamer 3rd November 2015
Avatar for jeremyleff

Hi everyone, I'm considering upgrading my converters on my recording rig to the Apogee AD-16X and DA-16X. I've seen some really...

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Avatar for ChrisLudwig
ChrisLudwig 3rd November 2015
Avatar for Garique

Hi, I would be greatful if you could give me some advice about this. I plan to buy Synology DS215j case and two WD red hdd for...

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ChrisLudwig 3rd November 2015
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 3rd November 2015
Avatar for joncovey

Edit: Totally forgot to mention that I'm using the RME MADIface. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the input. I'm putting...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 3rd November 2015
Avatar for rystro

How can you overdub and still hear the tail of the last take you did when you have the monitor button on? When you have the...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 3rd November 2015
Avatar for I_Griff

Hi All - I'm in the process of setting up a home studio and I've back and forth on which Windows based Laptop to get. I've...

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Avatar for Hooton Roberts
Hooton Roberts 3rd November 2015
Avatar for Metrik

HOFA - how about a little more info on this upcoming plug-in? I'm very interested :) Vocal detection? Adaptive? External side...

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Avatar for HOFA
HOFA 3rd November 2015