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Fellow Slutz, I need help. I have been dumb and impulsive, and jumped to order a mytek 8x192 ad/da without doing enough research...

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Tunetiger 23rd January 2016

Ive been thinking about what I do differently in working itb vs otb. I treat my levels so -20dbfs = 0VU, to match working in...

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IM WHO YOU THINK 23rd January 2016
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mods please delete. i figured it out

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djwillderness 23rd January 2016
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My Lynx Hilo interface is lost in the mail and I currently just need something to hold me over briefly. My first interface was an...

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thedarkaxe315 22nd January 2016
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I'm trying to get to the iLok site and I'm just getting a spinning red circle. Anyone else having trouble?

not like this
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timemist 22nd January 2016
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Hey guys I'm trying to record our band practices, make demos etc. I'd like to record everything in my DAW (Reaper), but at the...

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zimv20 22nd January 2016
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Our installs, which we had to re-do last week due to new computers, are non-functional now (crashing on startup, every time), and...

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Darhgo 22nd January 2016
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Drum Midi Mapping - something Overall for several Drum Programs .. i am for which Drum Mapping will work with Abbey Road Drums,...

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jwh1192 22nd January 2016
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Does anyone know a quick, efficient way to bounce a stereo track to two mono tracks in Cubase? I'm running 7.5. I've been...

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musicus 22nd January 2016
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Hello Good GearSlutz Folk. So I am looking to set up a small home/somewhat mobile studio. I have been working in the live sound...

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ND_Sound 22nd January 2016
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I'm gonna add a second PC to my trusty old quadcore two work in tandem with VSL VEP5. The old pc (that will be the master) works...

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HSi 22nd January 2016
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hi guys this is my first post all though iv been a member for sum time . i have question regarding my mac , i recently purchased...

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parkay909 22nd January 2016
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Hey guys, I'm almost done with my transition to PC. Question about pre-existing sample drives. All my drives and Raids...

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feeserface 22nd January 2016
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Lineage MIDI Guitar - Inspired Instruments its been a while since they announce it. wondering if it will make it to namm.

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gsilbers 22nd January 2016
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I've just got my new PC and my mve drive which holds my windows 10 os is quickly filling up.im downloading my bought plugins but...

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djwaxxy 22nd January 2016
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Im in the market for a good AAX audio analyzer for Pro Tools. Are there good options besides DMG Dualism,Izotope Insight, Tc...

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HSi 22nd January 2016
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Hey - I'm flummoxed. I want to route audio into the arturia minimoog V2 - and use it's filters to manipulate the sound within...

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CafeEP 22nd January 2016
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So, if a computer had 2 PCIe SSDs in a raid 0, would it be able to do with less ram? because it's able to stream from disk so...

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saurumanx 22nd January 2016
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Hi Guys, i use the Klanghelm Vu meters but i think the gain from it is not completely transparent i am loosing some punch with...

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Tui 22nd January 2016
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Hi guys, I'm looking for new interface and I can't decide between these two. I've read good things about focusrite but I just...

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Recept 22nd January 2016
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Background: Computer geek since 1980(Apple2+), Have built every PC I've owned since the mid-90s, CS degree (VA Tech), developer,...

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msmucr 22nd January 2016
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Sound Magic announces New Microphone Virtual Racking System on NAMM Show 2016. And will show the prototype microphone on NAMM...

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shane1980 22nd January 2016
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It seems to be feasible to upgrade a Mac Pro with a larger Intel CPU. Check videos on Youtube. Anyone experienced with...

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MarkyGoldstein 22nd January 2016
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Though we won't have a booth this year, the Goodhertz team is at NAMM. We're happy to meet with anyone who uses our plugins, and...

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SoundSlinger 22nd January 2016
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anyone else seeing a whole page of bot posts?

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GeminIAm 22nd January 2016
Avatar for NoPro

I need a FireWire backup hardrive for an older mac running 10.4.8. I only need/want to back up the OS. I keep researching but if...

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NoPro 22nd January 2016
Avatar for Daveed

Hey Everyone Another question here involving DAW Controllers. I currently own an iCon iControls Pro (damn it was hard to...

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Daveed 22nd January 2016
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Hi, this is a total noob question. I have used my Access Virus TI2 with Logic on my mac for a while but I've now switched over to...

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Limit54 22nd January 2016
Avatar for money281

Hi, im getting ready for a major upgrade. I am trying to figure out what best route to take. I am a producer, I use a lot of vsts...

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money281 22nd January 2016
Avatar for Agzilla

What makes one mic better than another? Character? Clarity? Detail? Basically how it captures a sound, the movement...

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BM Grabber 22nd January 2016
Avatar for PacoSuave

My beautiful Focusrite forte has fried itself somehow and I'm devastated. However I remain optimistic as now I have an excuse...

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JAZJETSON 22nd January 2016
Avatar for Vol Ctrl

Hi all, I was finally getting ready to upgrade my production environment to OSX El Capitan, but it appears that Apple have...

Vol Ctrl
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Vol Ctrl 22nd January 2016
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I'm recording DI guitars with the ensemble thunderbolt and want to reamp using another system. (Unfortunately, I won't be able to...

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MediaGary 21st January 2016
Avatar for lavadisco

Dumb question, but I've been out of the ITB world for a few years... A few years ago I used to use SFZ (a program made by RGC...

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lavadisco 21st January 2016
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Has anyone heard word of new or upgraded 88 key midi controllers? Thanks

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thedommer 21st January 2016
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Can anyone recommend a good PCIe sound card please? One for high wuality recording (not games) and one that also has MIDI...

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bgood 21st January 2016
Avatar for TAL1

Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Zoom Tac-2? I am moving to a new Macbook and am considering ditching my...

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DefaultIT 21st January 2016
Avatar for mhblues

I have recorded and bounced 53 backing tracks in pro tools 10 for a band. They consist of both audio and instrument...

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zimv20 21st January 2016
Avatar for vibralux

So i have this weird problem since some time and have no idea whats causing it. Here is the deal - when I fire up any DAW I get a...

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vibralux 21st January 2016
Avatar for SoundSlinger

I know there are other (critical) threads about this track and the music production... but it's interesting nonetheless to see...

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ljefe 21st January 2016
Avatar for bassam_m

I'm having a problem with Cubase 5 (full version). I'm always getting an ASIO Time Overload which is leading to a distorted audio...

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HSi 21st January 2016
Avatar for mac black

What a disappointment ! Autotune and TC Electronic Update Shame on Behringer (not that it's a surprise, they were always...

mac black
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Deleted d78e603 21st January 2016
Avatar for riddim

Hi I have recently purchased an A&H QU 24 mixing desk and i am having problems getting my mix from the QU into Logic Pro 9...

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riddim 21st January 2016
Avatar for Uomo di Mele

When I start with something new I record audio and midi at the same time and I don't use a click track. When I have a start,...

Uomo di Mele
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 21st January 2016
Avatar for pippu

Hey, I need to upgrade my VSTs and I have narrowed my options down to 2. 1. Buy Omnisphere 2 for 299€ and from a local store...

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EastWest Lurker 21st January 2016
Avatar for JC Biffro

Hey guys, So I finally pulled the plug on buying an apollo interface. I'm running a windows setup so I picked up the UAD Apollo...

JC Biffro
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JC Biffro 21st January 2016
Avatar for Cosmonauta

I’m used to mix ITB using a reference mix source on the fly. Similar A/B as mastering guys does. Since I have a Presonus...

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Cosmonauta 21st January 2016
Avatar for mdb88

Hi I looking for a rompler with a good quality and cpu friendly ( of course no have the perfect rompler but in the middle...

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msmucr 21st January 2016
Avatar for dadolaaa

Hello all Background: Cubase does not natively support the high resolution on the Retina Macbook Pros See:...

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ScoFer 21st January 2016
Avatar for Daveed

Hello Everyone, This is my first post on Gearslutz, I will say that I have been lurking on your forms for at least 2 years...

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Avatar for Squawk
Squawk 21st January 2016