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hi folks... Could I use the plugins that come with FL Studio Producer's edition in Cubase? Would it be a case of moving vsts...

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VSTSlut 26th March 2016
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Hi All: I'm looking for suggestions on the best interfaces to use Reason Software Synths in a Live performance set-up. I have a...

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msmucr 26th March 2016
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As demonstrated here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p2SgWWQTvY. You are able to control Studio 192s DSP through Studio One,...

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loopy 26th March 2016
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Im having this issue with some of my drum mics, where they make a strange crunchy, sputtering digital noise. I have an Audix D2...

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mathewjumps 26th March 2016
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So, I just built this desk because nothing like it exists on the market. I'm a producer, songwriter and composer, but also do a...

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CoolMcCoolDude 26th March 2016
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I don't see much chatter about this company, "Imperfect Samples",and I really think the guy Matt, I think his name is,...

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matt9b 26th March 2016
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Need help choosing a monitor display for $1000 range. Building a new DAW with GTX 970 graphics card. Sonar 3. 90% work to 10%...

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grega60438 26th March 2016
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Midway through constructing some sort of live audio/visual performance. Using ableton with VDMX together with...

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Ben Dial 25th March 2016
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Hello world! I have a question for you. I do not know if this is the correct subforum (sorry if not) I want to play a virtual...

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litio 25th March 2016
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Hey Guys, I was Wondering if anyone could identify this interface for me. I know the quality of the pictures are poor but it was...

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explorer 25th March 2016
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Double post sorry

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pjk 25th March 2016
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I use Melodyne to correct pitch in acoustic music, often in polyphonic sounds, too. I am not into the Cher effect, I need natural...

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lestermagneto 25th March 2016
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I need help. I am looking for someone in the San Francisco area who is expert with Windows 7 and Pro Tools 9 installations (and...

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mashedmitten 25th March 2016
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I bought the PSP Springbox from JRRshop few days ago as it was on sale, now of course I'm eager to get my hands on it.. I know I...

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Eric Dahlberg 25th March 2016
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Hi all, I'm at my wits end here - normally I just record through my tube gear (Culture vulture, Pultec, etc). But I'm trying...

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geoffmar 25th March 2016
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Hi all, I've seen many opinions in the forums, but no specific thread for this. I wanted to know what you prefer for your...

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Kamurah 25th March 2016
Avatar for DaveNJ

So, I'm not quite sure when this started or if a particular update triggered it, but I'm finding that the act of manipulating...

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loujudson 25th March 2016
Avatar for Melsos

OK, so I recently bought a secondhand Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o and I cannot get audio playback of any kind out of it....

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 25th March 2016
Avatar for Poweruser

Hey! Can you guys recommend any Plugin packs that is suited for electronic music? For all genres; hardstyle, trance, EDM,...

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Avatar for Poweruser
Poweruser 25th March 2016
Avatar for vintagetones

Is it possible to try the monthly bundle for one month ONLY? I want the s-gear for $25 being that it's included.

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Webb 25th March 2016
Avatar for boybianchi

Hi, Recently i had a problem with getting the Korg Minilogue to show up as a Midi Device in my DAWS. I've been reading about a...

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boybianchi 25th March 2016
Avatar for Ben01930

So......Quick question for you ik peeps. I've been told when you buy and download an ik multimedia plug (T-racks) , it...

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bluzkat 25th March 2016
Avatar for RedEyeJedi

Hi guys Im not sure if any of you suffer from any kind of computer related Repetitive Strain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel...

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RedEyeJedi 25th March 2016
Avatar for Circuitt

I've been running into CPU performance issues as of late. now, perhaps my expectations are out of line. But I never noticed any...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 25th March 2016
Avatar for Peter Juliano

I think we need a new platform to Usurp the current streaming companies (spotify etc.) and use the bitcoin crypto-currency to pay...

Peter Juliano
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Avatar for ekwipt
ekwipt 25th March 2016
Avatar for Archibald83

Hi, does anyone know if there is a difference in the Universal Audio Apollo "Unison" technology and "Realtime...

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Avatar for Archibald83
Archibald83 25th March 2016
Avatar for jtm45

Hello, I am thinking of buying Steven Slate Drums 4 and use it with Ableton Live Suite 9, but I cant find any info about if it...

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Avatar for Hi-Fidelity
Hi-Fidelity 24th March 2016
Avatar for *$%($*(@!!

My dreaded Samsung 840 EVOs were slowing down and I got in touch with Samsung. I had sent them in a year or so ago for the...

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*$%($*(@!! 24th March 2016
Avatar for chrislewisdrums

Hi guys, I'm having problems getting my Focusrite Octopre to work with my PT10 setup. I also have a Saffire Pro 40, and the 2...

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Avatar for DrumsMiked
DrumsMiked 24th March 2016
Avatar for gavin_here

Hi All, Really struggling with this one... so need a bit of a brain to help! I'm basically looking for an Logic &...

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Avatar for Dan Eriksson
Dan Eriksson 24th March 2016
Avatar for dadodetres

Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to syinc the AC split unit of the studio to the Rec in Logic X ? So that AC makes...

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Avatar for AMP6
AMP6 24th March 2016
Avatar for loungeclaus

Hi, I'm trying Elastique Pitch v2 because i would like to have the "pitch" effect, but there is 2 problems : 1. i...

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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 24th March 2016
Avatar for monkeymanx

Even though there was no demo I went ahead and picked up Amplitube 4 and am liking it. I was eyeing Bias amp and FX but decided...

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Avatar for producer 7
producer 7 24th March 2016
Avatar for mhurwitz

Any NAMM people manage to stop by Fable Sounds' booth? Any update on their much delayed Broadway Big Band 2.0? Thanks MOH

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Avatar for Moondog007
Moondog007 24th March 2016
Avatar for axum

Hi All, I've had my FireWire MOTU Traveler working on a Windows 10 64 computer (connected via Texas Instruments FW PCI card)...

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msmucr 24th March 2016
Avatar for bogy1

ok so I got a got a HP slimline 450-a114 for Christmas I will be putting reaper on it and superior drummer 2.0 on it and I have...

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Avatar for DAW PLUS
DAW PLUS 24th March 2016
Avatar for juliomonroy

Hi, I don't know what is happening, but it seems my V control pro 1 doesn't work anymore, I had to download the V control pro 2...

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Avatar for juliomonroy
juliomonroy 24th March 2016
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I bought the Korg Legacy Collection a couple of years ago, together with the Korg USB eLicencer stick. I want to upgrade...

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Avatar for That Other Guy
That Other Guy 24th March 2016
Avatar for Kula95

Hi There, This is my first post on GearSlutz! I ordered 2x Yamaha HS7 6.5" Monitors and they arrived today. They...

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Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 24th March 2016
Avatar for AloneWolf

Hey guys. I just joined this forum today. I've known about it for years, and have been directed here many times by search...

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Avatar for reflexon
reflexon 24th March 2016
Avatar for ddywz

Hello there. I have been using Adobe Audition CC for quite a while and all is working as it should. I have a RME UCX sound...

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Avatar for ddywz
ddywz 24th March 2016
Avatar for 617kevin

Hello out there, I am new to gearslutz and i was wondering if it is possible to use 3rd party instrument plugins in logic 9 with...

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617kevin 23rd March 2016
Avatar for bace

This seems strange for a synthetic generated sinus tone. Fold over distortion?

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Avatar for bace
bace 23rd March 2016
Avatar for Xlaythe

Hello. I have a scarlett 6i6 audio usb audio interface. It has 2 outputs in the front. There is a little headphone symbol, and an...

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Avatar for Xlaythe
Xlaythe 23rd March 2016
Avatar for abc1mce2

Sonnox has decided to put their Restore Bundle on sale again for $349.00 (around $311.00 at Audio Deluxe). I need to hear from...

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Avatar for TNM
TNM 23rd March 2016
Avatar for KODID

SS_ADH_VOCAL_125_10... so on and on.. The important part is the SS_ADH. Anyone recognize that? Samplestate maybe? But which...

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Avatar for EgM
EgM 23rd March 2016
Avatar for MandarinGlo4

I was wondering what are some good laptops for production. I came across this gaming laptop in an article. What do you think?:...

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Avatar for MandarinGlo4
MandarinGlo4 23rd March 2016
Avatar for juliomonroy

The quad should have better performance but it's worth?

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Avatar for TNM
TNM 23rd March 2016
Avatar for percussion boy

Hey...Over here in low budget land, I am still running xp on my old adk music laptop. Would like to get a good clear, high...

percussion boy
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Avatar for percussion boy
percussion boy 23rd March 2016
Avatar for Webb

I have a 2012 Mac Mini server with a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. I'm thinking about replacing both with 2 500 GB SSD...

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Avatar for Dave_Ionic
Dave_Ionic 23rd March 2016