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I ask this question because there seems to be mixed views on this, some people say that white noise is always gonna be there if...

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shonka 13th April 2016
Avatar for nick.

I'll be tracking drums soon with 500 series pres (AMS/RND/API). Only 4 mics max at the moment. Is it worth upgrading to a Clarett...

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Local Man 13th April 2016
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With so many options and sizes out there I'm not sure how much and how many drives to get. I hear that SSD is amazing, but the...

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Melodicmusic 13th April 2016
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What's the best electric piano software now? (rhodes,clav,wurly,hammond) Thanks!

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Jay Asher 13th April 2016
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This is a long shot, but it's hard to know where to start. I'm a historian for a living. I'm interested in developing/locating a...

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PB+J 13th April 2016
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I'm running an older Lenovo laptop with W7 64 bit and a firewire interface...just wondering if it's advisable to still use the...

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ChrisLudwig 13th April 2016
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I for one do not have an all tuned room to hear mixes from. I use the Adam f7 and like them. I also use a AKG K 701's. I feel...

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barryfell 13th April 2016
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Hi, I'm fairly new to this whole game, and after 2 hours of trying to set it all up I'm hoping somebody knows where I'm going...

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Lydiaclowes 13th April 2016
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Trying to get some info on the process and difficulty of changing my Motherboard and/or processor. I wanted to upgrade my...

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elcabong 13th April 2016
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Wondering if anyone is using PT8HD with windows 7 and how it's working out. 8HD isn't officially supported with windows 7, and...

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sleepingtiger 13th April 2016
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Does anyone know a place to get good midi drum files? I am doing a cover of Stone Temple Pilots "Creep". I'm not...

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kstevege 13th April 2016
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Hello all, i hope you're all doing well. I recently got an audient id14 which has no midi, so i had to buy a midi to usb...

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rikcobra 13th April 2016
Avatar for Gordon

I was looking at the hardware UAD LA-610 MkII but then I realized for a few dollar more I could pick up an Apollo (currently...

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adam525 13th April 2016
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I currently have a Focusrite Forte and am looking to upgrade, considering Audient iD22, SPL Crimson, Universal Audio Apollo Twin...

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apricotkilla 13th April 2016
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I'm starting to use logic more for my playback system while mastering and I would really love to make it so it keeps starting...

Deleted 49af092
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Elvisish 13th April 2016
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I just bought a Focusrite 8PreX with Thunderbolt 2 so I am looking at new Macs for my Home Studio, leaving the world of...

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TNM 12th April 2016
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Hey i am musician from Holland, i like to work with old programm Acid Pro II cause its quite profesional and superlight weighted!...

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edwinemanuel 12th April 2016
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Euphonix Midi - in audio midi setup ... hi, does anyone know what this is ?? is it useful in any way ?? i have the MC...

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jwh1192 12th April 2016
Avatar for Eli Resnick

I know the current professional DAWS always stay a step or two ahead of the current budget DAWS, but I've watched some of the...

Eli Resnick
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 12th April 2016
Avatar for Ron Vogel

I have a flawlessly running XP rig, but I'd like to upgrade my SSD Ex to the Full SSD4. The dropped support for XP last fall, so...

Ron Vogel
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Steve Fogal 12th April 2016
Avatar for rayek1

Hello folks, Anybody has experience with the intel z170 chipset in terms of compatibility & stability in a DAW environment...

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rayek1 12th April 2016
Avatar for ericewalton

Hi - I have a wave file of a kick drum track recording that has a pretty wide dynamic range, from very soft hits to very hard...

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ericewalton 12th April 2016
Avatar for weaver123

Hi All, i am struggling to get the crane song hedd to work in Logic X with the apollo 8 duo card. The crane song hedd 192...

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Avatar for Vintageidiot
Vintageidiot 12th April 2016
Avatar for aclassyfox

Does anybody have any advice on what software vsts or analogue synths I should use to make music similar to Glass Animals?...

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aclassyfox 12th April 2016
Avatar for DieselD317

I'm hoping someone knows of a free (or cheaper) plugin to recreate the effect of a record stopping. Pitching down quickly....

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Eigenwert 11th April 2016
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Hi Guys & Gals Has anybody successfully managed to get itunes and other windows sounds through the combination of HD...

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Barney1981 11th April 2016
Avatar for Seanol

Hi, so ive been playing around on ableton for 5 months or so making some electronic music. Money is not really an issue for me so...

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Avatar for Heartfeltdawn
Heartfeltdawn 11th April 2016
Avatar for zuper_duper

I have a home recording studio, DAW ableton i run everything thru a RME Babyface. I've really been considering getting the...

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classictunz 11th April 2016
Avatar for mole-man

Hi all, Sorry i know this has been asked a while ago but i was wondering whether any more light could be shed on it. I'm...

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J-S-Q 11th April 2016
Avatar for Peter Primo

Would love to hear your opinions. I'm in the market for one. I tried Native Instruments VC2A. Was pretty good. What are you...

Peter Primo
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bing81 11th April 2016
Avatar for ottomation

Microsoft is adding the Linux command line to Windows 10 | The Verge

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gravyface 11th April 2016
Avatar for pjk

Hi, I have an old focusrite saffire pro 26 i / o that i use as an ADAT device with my RME interface with RME as master clock....

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mroekalea 11th April 2016
Avatar for Deleted e5ad72e

When i open Ableton Live a disturbing noise appears on my rokkit 6 Monitors that are connected thru a M-audio M-Track but on my...

Deleted e5ad72e
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Deleted e5ad72eab189b53 11th April 2016
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Hi, I'm wanting to buy an audio interface for SFX and not music. This means midi and latency do not matter. All I really want to...

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Gh0st47 11th April 2016
Avatar for system100m

Hey. What would be the most recommended OSX version for audio editing ? I'm having hard times with El Capitan... thanks.

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Avatar for zbest56
zbest56 11th April 2016
Avatar for stereointellect

so i just updated to Logic pro x 10.2.2. and i can't seem to find where IO labels are???? anyone??? it used to be under the...

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Avatar for Dan Eriksson
Dan Eriksson 11th April 2016
Avatar for JJdelRio

HI Guys. i Want to buy a Mobile Harddisc for my Library and Sample. i was looking for LaCie Rugged™ Thunderbolt™ 2 TB, bu...

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JJdelRio 11th April 2016
Avatar for FoolishGamero

Hi everyone boing This evening I come to you to ask to Gearslutz community to help me... I've looked on the forum and almost...

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Avatar for lestermagneto
lestermagneto 11th April 2016
Avatar for 88fingerz

Good day ya'll! I searched the Waves site and couldn't find any info as to how to go about selling my recently purchased &...

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Avatar for DozerMayne
DozerMayne 11th April 2016
Avatar for Al Berto

Hi everyone! This is my first post/question/discussion here in GS forum, so I hope I've chosen the right sub-forum. Anyway, i...

Al Berto
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Dzilizi 11th April 2016
Avatar for vintagetones

Need something like this for when I'm mixing away from my setup. D1 Premium 24-Bit DAC - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

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Avatar for vintagetones
vintagetones 11th April 2016
Avatar for djJohnn

having trouble with the rewire .

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Avatar for Dzilizi
Dzilizi 11th April 2016
Avatar for mrgkeys

Hi folks, I'm moving my RME MADI FX card to a Thunderbolt enclosure, an OWC Helios, to finish transitioning to an iMac setup...

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Avatar for mrgkeys
mrgkeys 10th April 2016
Avatar for Deleted fa7843c

Last night, I watched a video by Echo Sound Works that fired me up, so here’s the result. I chose a lighter theme of Orange /...

Deleted fa7843c
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Deleted fa7843c1d4a255f 10th April 2016
Avatar for nilsemil

For geographical reasons, i sync two computers with my dropbox, have done so for two years without, yet, any problems. I...

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Avatar for ctothej123
ctothej123 10th April 2016
Avatar for benj00

Hi, I have a older Apogee Firewire Duet. I'm looking to get a new interface as I've found it to be kind of buggy when running...

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Avatar for Me_Likey
Me_Likey 10th April 2016
Avatar for andfra

I searching for a application that automatically generate scales into my midi keyboard. Basically i just wanna press "dorian...

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Avatar for RyanC
RyanC 10th April 2016
Avatar for loopy

I'm still doing research into a new interface and yea I know RME is probably in my future, but it's killing me to spend that kind...

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Avatar for Amadhia
Amadhia 10th April 2016
Avatar for Kaatza Music

Can some one recommend an SSD external hard drive 1 Tb < thunderbolt, that I can use with a new MacBook Pro? It would be for...

Kaatza Music
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Avatar for Kaatza Music
Kaatza Music 10th April 2016
Avatar for macb3th

hey folks.. I've been trying out some delay vst's for my guitar, there are some cool effects and sounds to be made as with...

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Avatar for billnunez
billnunez 10th April 2016