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Avatar for Brent Hahn

My super-stable but old "Day Job" PT HD rig is great for multi-track tracking and overdubbing. But it gets balky with...

Brent Hahn
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Avatar for MickeyMassacre
MickeyMassacre 3rd June 2016
Avatar for iamgod

Reason 9 coming soon. It looks like they integrated the melodyne technology being able to use 3D pitch correction. Also loving...

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bitleyTM 3rd June 2016
Avatar for smc108

Hello everyone, I purchased maschine 2 software (upgrade from 1.8) a few weeks ago. When I load the software and the maschine...

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Avatar for Louis Ford
Louis Ford 3rd June 2016
Avatar for redeye

Hi I just recently bought a focusrite 18i20 and it works great except for one thing. I usually have to turn it on and off 2...

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Avatar for redeye
redeye 3rd June 2016
Avatar for natpub

I started looking for a high grade 2 channel, standard 1u AD/DA converter with USB for doing location orchestral and choral gigs....

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Avatar for toledo3
toledo3 3rd June 2016
Avatar for KamandaSD

Hello fellow Gearslutz! I think I know the answer, but want to clarify something: I have a RME Fireface 800, previously I...

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Avatar for EMMST
EMMST 2nd June 2016
Avatar for GbeTech

Hey everyone. For years, compressing a kick resulted for me in simply taking out the meat of the kick, while emphasizing the...

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Avatar for CPhoenix
CPhoenix 2nd June 2016
Avatar for wingchunnt

Im mapping out upgrading my studio to higher end equipment. However, I'm a little lost on how to address the audio...

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Avatar for Tui
Tui 2nd June 2016
Avatar for Pip

I'm trying to log onto my account to purchase 8.5 and currently my password and email fail? Anybody else having issues, I know my...

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Avatar for Pip
Pip 2nd June 2016
Avatar for MrTateMyBalls

Last week I decided I wanted to try the demo versions of Steven slate new virtual preamp collection. I got the authorization...

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Avatar for MrTateMyBalls
MrTateMyBalls 2nd June 2016
Avatar for MisterCrayle

Currently, I own an almost decade old M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra 8R. It was around $500 brand new. At the time, I was not aware...

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Avatar for fazealigned
fazealigned 2nd June 2016
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Avatar for TNM
TNM 2nd June 2016
Avatar for Limit54

Just remembered about this thing. I have know about it for a very long time and I heard that BT used or uses it. What are your...

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Avatar for Bitsmith
Bitsmith 2nd June 2016
Avatar for Lukemeyersmusic

Having a bit of trouble with VMR. Its opening and operating just fine in some sessions and completely stalling and freezing in...

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Avatar for Lukemeyersmusic
Lukemeyersmusic 2nd June 2016
Avatar for Gideon K

I've been using Cakewalk Sonar X3 Studio for a while now and for mixing purposes I have been using a combination of the free...

Gideon K
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Avatar for Gideon K
Gideon K 2nd June 2016
Avatar for Steve_Oakland

Sorry if I didn't choose the correct location for this thread. So, I've been reading around and am a bit frustrated. I'm at the...

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Avatar for Steve_Oakland
Steve_Oakland 2nd June 2016
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Avatar for sciirax
sciirax 2nd June 2016
Avatar for tnu0

Hello there. I'm completely discovering the joys of DAW with Ableton Live (I'm really a VERY beginner). I'm using right now an...

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Avatar for login
login 1st June 2016
Avatar for urobolus

Hi, just picking anyone's brain if they know of this kind of monster. Looking for a Thunderbolt 2 1U rackmount capable of...

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Avatar for urobolus
urobolus 1st June 2016
Avatar for vinny46

Hey guys! I been playing keyboard for a bit and it depresses me how there is a serious gap in the market for great feeling...

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Avatar for JayTee4303
JayTee4303 1st June 2016
Avatar for quiet_storm

I'm trying to desk mount my 24" iMac and have an arm that can move easily, with 1 hand adjustment, on 3 axes -- up/down,...

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Avatar for quiet_storm
quiet_storm 1st June 2016
Avatar for balanceman

There is a price drop on Komplete and Ultimate. I have been waiting for this! Special Offer | Products

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Avatar for balanceman
balanceman 1st June 2016
Avatar for classified

Currently using a Roland Octacapture with a Benchmark DAC-1... I use a few hardware synths but not much, no outside gear for...

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Avatar for Chevron
Chevron 1st June 2016
Avatar for Bh5

Is this old controller / ai still supported?

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Avatar for Bh5
Bh5 1st June 2016
Avatar for Night Stalker

I've been waiting for at least 6 months to upgrade my tired Mac Pro to an iMac 27 retina using logic. My old ensemble will likely...

Night Stalker
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Avatar for Night Stalker
Night Stalker 1st June 2016
Avatar for Gary99

What midi controller would be suited for a person who wants 61 semi-weighted keys, some rotary encoders and faders, 12-16 drum...

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Avatar for Gary99
Gary99 1st June 2016
Avatar for Ave Crux

hey slutz! so I just got a Roland VM-C7200 along with the 7200 processor with it. only thing I'm missing to connect the...

Ave Crux
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Avatar for jetplane666666
jetplane666666 1st June 2016
Avatar for sashley520

I use logic on my mac book mainly but I want to try a windows daw too? It'd be cool if there was a cheaper version such as reason...

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Avatar for fastlanephil
fastlanephil 1st June 2016
Avatar for BM Grabber

What mid-side Eq's do you use? I have used the Boz Hoser XT one lately. But last time I had a problem with it NOT recalling...

BM Grabber
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Avatar for Nu-tra
Nu-tra 1st June 2016
Avatar for burns46824

I'm curious how you guys are connecting your hi-end/boutique converters to your laptops. (I'm talking about converters like the...

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Avatar for burns46824
burns46824 1st June 2016
Avatar for Steve Fogal

Out of my element here being a long____time XP user here shiee I had bought a Lenovo ThinkStation D20, which works great as it...

Steve Fogal
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 1st June 2016
Avatar for MrTateMyBalls

Last week I decided I wanted to try the demo versions of Steven slate new virtual preamp collection. I got the authorization...

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Avatar for LFlood
LFlood 1st June 2016
Avatar for beau_mckee

Hey GS lads Ive been searching for an interface to fit my needs at a smaller second studio space. I am having difficulty finding...

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Avatar for skiltrip
skiltrip 1st June 2016
Avatar for swaff

I have just moved from Pro Tools 10 to Pro Tools 12, and when I am doing a bounce down, I do not see the "Tweakhead"...

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Avatar for swaff
swaff 31st May 2016
Avatar for stric9

Ok so I been making music for a few years on my laptop, never had problems, but recently I got a R410 poweredge server for cheap...

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Avatar for JayTee4303
JayTee4303 31st May 2016
Avatar for Nomad01

Hi, Im trying to get into studio level recording, and Im trying to find the best way to go about it. Ive been recording for a...

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Avatar for Deleted 3cb98a6
Deleted 3cb98a6 31st May 2016
Avatar for Sk106

Looking for some informed opinions on the relation between computer screen- and nearfield monitoring position. It is said (and...

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Avatar for Sk106
Sk106 31st May 2016
Avatar for andrew montreal

Hi all, The other day I tried out the ProQ2 at a friend's studio. I was very impressed with the functions and the general...

andrew montreal
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Avatar for mart
mart 31st May 2016
Avatar for minminmusic

Ok...here's the drill. I have an old Yamaha FX500 unit. Early 90's FX multibox...not stellar sounding except for the one glorious...

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Avatar for lestermagneto
lestermagneto 31st May 2016
Avatar for champy

I stopped making music with computer for several years. Now, I'm back and considering either upgrading my laptop and getting a...

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Avatar for drycappuccinoguy
drycappuccinoguy 31st May 2016
Avatar for Swevicus

Dear Gearslutz.com, This is my first post on this forum. Let me explain my situation, for those wondering what the title of...

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Avatar for Swevicus
Swevicus 31st May 2016
Avatar for rockreid

Planning a late year 16 build to update my PC setup. Currently running a 3770k build and wish to finally build a new machine...

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Avatar for matucha
matucha 31st May 2016
Avatar for Markaholic

So you're tuning vocals in Melodyne and you make some overall changes like snapping all pitches to the nearest half step. But now...

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Avatar for steveGS
steveGS 31st May 2016
Avatar for pieter k

Following a recent thread on the Apogee Quartet, I'm going to voice a complaint and a wish, for a piece of gear I've long wanted...

pieter k
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Avatar for Audinate Tech EU
Audinate Tech EU 31st May 2016
Avatar for middleWave

i'll be getting a soundcard soon (probably the focusrite 6i6), and i'm wondering if it would also work for the following...

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Avatar for tkr
tkr 31st May 2016
Avatar for bob humid

Esteemed Gearslutz! This post especially adresses to german speaking musicians & producers in the area of...

bob humid
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Avatar for bob humid
bob humid 31st May 2016
Avatar for AtomA

Hey guys Ive gotten such a vast library of vst instruments and effects that it's time to get a better computer to be able to run...

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Avatar for Kinh222
Kinh222 31st May 2016
Avatar for jaginn

Hey guys My first post on GS :) I'm thinking about changing up my acoustic rig and using some iOS software instead of...

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Avatar for CatManDeux
CatManDeux 30th May 2016
Avatar for copycat

Got a X-touch controller for Logic Pro, it's working great, but I can only have one plugin open. If I open a new one, it replaces...

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Avatar for copycat
copycat 30th May 2016
Avatar for tommyrelive

I currently own a Line 6 Toneport UX8 device. I have had it for years now and still continues to cater for all my needs. The only...

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Avatar for tommyrelive
tommyrelive 30th May 2016