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Hi there, Best get the, have done a whole lotta searching before posting :) What I am trying to do is get the Pro 40 to...

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mattiasnyc 29th January 2021
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Hi I’m looking for some help building a Kontakt instrument I’ve got an instrument which has 2 layers. They play at the...

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Kozmos88 29th January 2021
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hi, maybe someone can help me (sorry about my English) i have a studio one v5 , a presonus studio live 3 and Apollo 8 I used...

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petrusa 29th January 2021
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Well, I just received my SK 48 today and it was very disappointing. I did lots of research and did not want to believe some of...

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The Listener 29th January 2021
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I currently own and enjoy the Heritage HA 609. It sounds really nice...I could stand a bit more color honestly, but I do really...

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SDB_12 29th January 2021
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Sorry if the title got anyone excited... I'm not an affiliate, and it's not actually happening (that I know of). But, I'm...

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benjiboko 29th January 2021
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Hi all!!! I would like to ask that question and not start a fight? I just a musician who loves to mix but I do everything...

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fabaessa 29th January 2021
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Bosskitty 29th January 2021
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Hello, I am interested in a display that has a glass front rather than a matte finish. Reflections off the glass could be an...

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ambiguous signal 29th January 2021
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For some reason I can't think of an eq as a special plug, but I realize messing with other plugs and eq option plugs like bass...

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Deleted f17722dd1bfbd76 29th January 2021
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Hey everyone I recently purchased RX 8 Elements and am wondering about the spectral editing possibilities. The literature...

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pietro79 28th January 2021
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just got a roland wm1 bluetooth midi controller...works generally well but first time recording w/it...it is somehow recording...

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monet 28th January 2021
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I already have Session Strings Pro, it's cool, it does it's job, but I find the features on Symphony Series really great like the...

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soulata 28th January 2021
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Hello, for a few days while I work on Ableton 10, suddenly the volume of some tracks (always the same) drops. As if there was...

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theshield09 28th January 2021
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I have what I'd call a mid-fi setup, with which I'm trying to evaluate CanOpener studio. My setup is: Mac -...

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traveler984 28th January 2021
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There is such a huge volume of new great stuff out there, I know I am missing something cool! Let me know your favorite obscure...

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nightchef 28th January 2021
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Hi there. Just got myself a nice new MBP Retina 2,8 GHz laptop because I was fed up with having both a studio PC and an office...

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ArthurMa 28th January 2021
Avatar for messofsound876

Any favorite piano VSTs? I've yet to find one I like. I strongly prefer just recording a piano. I've tried Native Instrument's...

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bradh 28th January 2021
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I'm wondering if anyone has used impulse responses to try to obtain an analog tape sound in your recordings. Any feedback on your...

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RiF 28th January 2021

I set up a sine wave test at -20dB (genrated from my sound card) for certain reasons and I found that the oscillator shows that...

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MUSICMUSIC 28th January 2021
Avatar for Alex Tomb

Hello! I started working on a project and we are in the research phase and I would love the community's input on...

Alex Tomb
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Alex Tomb 27th January 2021
Avatar for wheever

Hey kids, So I'm doing a piece of music for a zoom event, and I have literally NO idea what format/bitrate/quality I should...

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wheever 27th January 2021
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What would you do in this scenario? KH750DSP sub has spdif coax in Babyface RME Pro DS has toslink out I could use a...

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devian 27th January 2021
Avatar for mystified

I stumbled upon a streamer with a brilliant voice, but HOW did she manage to change her voice into this "echo"-sort of...

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mattiasnyc 27th January 2021
Avatar for Scarlett_Story

Hey guys, I recently sold some gear and I am looking into getting a new interface. I am undecided between the three: 1)...

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Avatar for Dirk Churlish
Dirk Churlish 27th January 2021
Avatar for Sonic_Beast

Looking for a specific, organ-pad like kontakt library, or a synth patch for a meditative yoga dance school. It will have to be...

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Sonic_Beast 27th January 2021
Avatar for theothermarkwilliams

Hi everyone, Still super bummed out about AR's decision to discontinue the RS124. It's the one compressor that I've never found...

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simon.billington 27th January 2021
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SSL2+ vs MOTU M4 vs Scarlett 2i2 G3 how do these compare in latency ? also which of these have true line inputs ? I had 2...

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BenSW 27th January 2021
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I was wondering if anyone has made the transition from Steinberg MR-816 interfaces to Presonus Quantum (2626 is on my shortlist)...

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Prahlad 27th January 2021
Avatar for bluecap

I've been running an SM7B into a 1st Gen Scarlett 212 and I'm getting a slight noise issue when recording quiet vocals. Should I...

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chessparov2.0 27th January 2021
Avatar for kicks91

Hi everybody, I have a verry verry good deal on a Steinberg MR816 CSX at 50€. I had it in the past and finally choosed the...

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js1 27th January 2021
Avatar for Sequentialist

Hi guys It's been quite a while since the amazing Mixosaurus Kit A came to an end. Does anyone at all know what happened to...

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belensky 27th January 2021
Avatar for johnliquid

Hi there, I spend a lot of time automating the volume of lead vocals and backing vocals before running them through any...

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projectwoofer 27th January 2021
Avatar for mbkorn

Hi I need to purchase an interface for use with Pro Tools 12.7 on Windows 10. My intention is to record DI with an Amp Sim. It...

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Solidtrax 26th January 2021
Avatar for Jasper Gray

I recently asked about audio interfaces and had a product called the MOTU 8A recommended to me. I’ve looked up the product and...

Jasper Gray
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Monotremata 26th January 2021
Avatar for Dbmoving

Hi there, I ended up buying a new Macbook Pro M1 and I have a Motu 8Pre Firewire that still works great. Of course the two...

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Dbmoving 26th January 2021
Avatar for Oots

Hi All This is my first time messaging to the Forum and I wondered if anyone might be able to help. I have an RME Fireface 400...

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BT64 26th January 2021
Avatar for midiquestions

I have an E-mu 1820m breakout box I really like. I've been using it with the PCI cards that came with it, but I'm interested in...

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zachaction 26th January 2021
Avatar for MauriceJ

Hello, Can anyone suggest an audio interface with a DigiLink connection for under $500? I only need 2 inputs, nothing...

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MauriceJ 26th January 2021
Avatar for drockfresh

Anyone use RME Digiface Dante? Is it stable I'm looking to build a system on Dante or Madi - and love RME Must rather use...

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snoskit 26th January 2021
Avatar for jerrydpi

Have any of you tried MixChecker Pro or Perspective? If so, what's your take on them?

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ludwigvanlee 26th January 2021
Avatar for TJ99

Hello there, I just came across a some threads where people state and think, that Sonarworks corrects the phase response of...

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Avatar for nichttuntun
nichttuntun 26th January 2021
Avatar for DJ Bechara

Hello, I purchased a macbook Air M1 which has only a USB-C output What can I do with the arousor plugin which requires a...

DJ Bechara
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DJ Bechara 26th January 2021
Avatar for theBackwardsman

I stumbled upon a text mentioning that there would be some exponential compression going on the more the windows volume is...

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gpcode 26th January 2021
Avatar for bill5

Been checking out lately - so far FWIW: Piano One: this gets a lot of love. It does have tons of controls for a piano and a...

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bill5 26th January 2021
Avatar for urobolus

I'm in the market for a new laptop and tied to Apple due to work. So that much is figured out. I'm looking at 10th gen Intel...

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urobolus 26th January 2021
Avatar for farbrorplast

Hi all! Long time lurker but my first post here. The Apogee mini-me was all the rage some 10+ years ago but it's getting...

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Avatar for Premonition
Premonition 26th January 2021
Avatar for UDig

Hi guys, long time reader and first time poster here. I have certainly used the search function a lot but I find myself buried in...

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brousseau6933 26th January 2021
Avatar for jf.quevillon

Hey there, I've just switched my setup from a 2018 Mac mini 32gb of ram to a newer M1 with 16gb of ram and I'm struggling to...

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facej 26th January 2021
Avatar for GJ999x

Hi all, Quite a specific ask here. I have a four year old newphew who is interested to learn piano. I cant visit him...

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GJ999x 25th January 2021