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Does anyone make a mic-pre VSTi that simulates the characteristics of high-end mic-pres? I would like to track my voice and...

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tkaitkai 8th July 2016
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Hi all, i've found a Motormix 2 for a good price, but the seller informed me that there is an issue with 2 faders that sometimes...

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herzotron 8th July 2016
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Sean is offering a free Space Modulator plugin for Valhalla customers that take a survey. Normally I hate surveys, and this one...

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drichard 7th July 2016
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Hey, First time on here so forgive me if my etiquette isn’t up to scratch. A pal has asked me to rig up a FCA1616 + ADA8200...

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msmucr 7th July 2016
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Hello forum, i have a simple question. I have read a lot that since DC frequency is 0 it is easy to remove it using a...

Deleted User
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Goldfinch 7th July 2016
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Running an Ableton Live setup, I was looking for something to add vocal harmonies on the fly. I'd prefer a plugin but could be...

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matthewordie 7th July 2016
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I have a problem with the recordings of my analog hardware synthesizer Prophet 6 combined with my Apollo Twin and Logic Pro...

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Muser 7th July 2016
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Hi all... Thanks for reading. I'm contemplating upgrading to PT 12 (from 10.3), and/or Windows 12 (from W7). My current...

Mr. Kelly
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Mr. Kelly 7th July 2016
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I'm moving to another country for a while, and then I will move back after a year. I have a giant PC desktop that works well as...

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kokoshmusun 7th July 2016
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Hello, I have problems switching Pro Tools from AAX Native to core audio and back. In the studio I use AAX native, but for...

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field 7th July 2016
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The only EQ/Comp plugins I regularly use besides Logic stock plugs are IK Fairchild and IK Pultec emulations which I find to both...

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alligatorlizard 7th July 2016
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So, the current top-of-the-line MacBook Pro still doesn't have the capability to add a second internal HD. Can anyone advise re...

LA lefty
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jondom22 7th July 2016
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Just got a barely used Macbook Pro 15" (quad core i7 2.5 ghz, 16GB RAM, 256 SSD). Just did an erase and install of Yosemite...

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jondom22 7th July 2016
Avatar for patsilva

I am in dire need of some vocal effects mostly for rap but singing as well,so i was just wondering if anyone out there has any...

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xerix 7th July 2016
Avatar for DareStankovic

Hello, I tried to upgrade firmware on my MCU Pro from v4.0.0 to v4.0.3. I follow instructions from pdf came with .mid file...

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Mehdi 6th July 2016
Avatar for qkrzazzang

I currently have Kronos 2 both as an instrument and midi controller for my Omnisphere2. Current setup: Kronos is plugged into...

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Deleted d78e603 6th July 2016
Avatar for gmoore23

I'm interested in this A&H zedi-10fx mixer as it seems to offer quite a bit at a good price. It is both a mixer and an audio...

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gmoore23 6th July 2016
Avatar for AndyintheUK

Im about to build a new PC, have an Intel i7 4790k CPU and now just trying to find the best motherboard to go with it.. Just...

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Avatar for The LT
The LT 6th July 2016
Avatar for H61

CLA has had more success than I will ever even be able to imagine. I don't, for I would be a fool to do so, question his talents...

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cprompt 6th July 2016
Avatar for trevon

So, I been hearing for years about how great nebula is and I decided to take the plunge and try it out. My plight is I am...

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drezz 6th July 2016
Avatar for benjiboko

Hey peeps. I have loads of plugins from waves to more obscure companies like airwindows or DadaLife. Im wondering if its...

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Avatar for Monotremata
Monotremata 6th July 2016
Avatar for alligatorlizard

Hi, Am currently demo-ing Soundtoys Decapitator - definitely going to be buying this, but as their bundle has a bunch of other...

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thismercifulfate 6th July 2016
Avatar for quadwould

Right, so these two interfaces are very similar in feature set, i/o, price point, system comparability, sample/bit rate, sync,...

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Avatar for projektk
projektk 6th July 2016
Avatar for rockreid

Is there such a thing as a Vinylizer VST that just doesn't simply layer replicated vinyl record Noise on top of the audio, but...

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Avatar for David Ray
David Ray 6th July 2016
Avatar for scottyo

I've had my Saffire Pro 40 for I think 4 years now and i've never had any major problems. After an anomalous computer malfunction...

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scottyo 6th July 2016
Avatar for Lostinthamusic

I'm looking into getting one of these interfaces , which I believe would be a huge step up from my current Presonus Firestudio...

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Avatar for Milliken
Milliken 6th July 2016
Avatar for ekmaster23

I'm about to take the plunge into the Apogee Ensemble. I am just second guessing to make sure I am making the right choice. How...

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Avatar for garyisfurious
garyisfurious 6th July 2016
Avatar for Deny

I've recently purchased Komplete 10 and was browsing through its many synths in search of a decent set of analog strings. No...

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tieb 5th July 2016
Avatar for asterix2k10

I'm using 3 OWC Mercury external hard drives in my studio. I just got a Argosy desk and put the drives inside the desk. Although...

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asterix2k10 5th July 2016
Avatar for keepitsimple

Piano 1: http://picosong.com/xzcz/ Piano 2: http://picosong.com/xz9g/ Piano 3: http://picosong.com/xzf2/ Piano 4:...

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Avatar for keepitsimple
keepitsimple 5th July 2016
Avatar for Kassuhn

Hey there! I am currently building a studio and am running into a problem. I am going to be using 2 Dell 27 inch monitors as...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 5th July 2016
Avatar for frostmetallicman

Hello everyone! I am currently exploring the ambient and pad sounds and i really like it. To name a few would be "The...

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Avatar for Krzysztof
Krzysztof 5th July 2016
Avatar for WalkoftheEarth

Hello. So I've been on this adventure of insanity trying to find and fix the cause of this problem. I will do my best to explain,...

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msmucr 5th July 2016
Avatar for mholloway

Any folks here using Mac Book Pro and USB gear for live shows? Or just with a USB hub at home? If so, maybe you can help me with...

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Avatar for fwet
fwet 5th July 2016
Avatar for unorthodoxx1

how do you like it? is it worth the money to you? what are some pros and cons in your honest opinion? any help is appreciated

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Avatar for classictunz
classictunz 4th July 2016
Avatar for gilmanoel

Hello! You can create an impulse (IR) of a reverb plugin? If so, how? Some specific plugin, as the Waves IR-1 or Q-clone? I...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 4th July 2016
Avatar for Squire

I've made a mistake I believe, I wanted to purchase the Korg Triton Taktile purely to get the Trition sounds, I came across a...

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Avatar for Squire
Squire 4th July 2016
Avatar for gilmanoel

Anyone here use Reverberate 2? How to generate more life/movement to an IR and make it even closer to the sound of the...

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Avatar for gilmanoel
gilmanoel 4th July 2016
Avatar for gilmanoel

Someone has images/presets of Acousticas reverbs for Mod Delay III (Pro Tools)? I have for the Lexicon 224 and 480, but would...

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Avatar for gilmanoel
gilmanoel 4th July 2016
Avatar for The Guy

is this possible? it took me a while to get the networking functionality working when i first bought the software and i havent...

The Guy
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Avatar for The Guy
The Guy 4th July 2016
Avatar for trevon

What do you guys think of this compressor? I see almost no reviews or raving about it. I own zebra and satin love both. Is...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 4th July 2016
Avatar for sciadoni

I am developing a theater piece that requires on-stage cell phones to ring at very precise moments. The music will be played...

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Avatar for sciadoni
sciadoni 4th July 2016
Avatar for HOTC

Hi, I have demoed the iZotope Vocal Synth. While I really like it, it eats up my CPU. Anyone have any thoughts on...

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Avatar for HOTC
HOTC 4th July 2016
Avatar for phaz

Hi ! I work on Mac\Mavericks and Protools 12.4. I use plugins from : Plugin alliance, DMG, waves, Avid, PSP, ... Here is...

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Avatar for phaz
phaz 4th July 2016
Avatar for Deleted 9d8db46

Looking at the file sizes of my plugins, I see a possible correlation between size and price. Is this a stupid assumption? I know...

Deleted 9d8db46
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Avatar for Tui
Tui 4th July 2016
Avatar for Esemjayes

Hey guys, maybe a dumb question... I'm looking to get a new midi controller and was looking at the new Alesis VI...it has usb...

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Avatar for Esemjayes
Esemjayes 4th July 2016
Avatar for Pies

Hey I have recently bought melodyne but only just got it out the box.. Im working on a metal projct and need to allign loads...

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Avatar for tkaitkai
tkaitkai 4th July 2016
Avatar for Lapatch

I'm wondering if there are any techys that could tell me how hard it would be and if anyone would be interested in creating a...

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Lapatch 4th July 2016
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Ok, here goes... *taps mic* Hello? This is my first post here on Gearslutz... Uhm... This is a song I wrote.. It goes out to my...

Registered User
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Registered User 4th July 2016
Avatar for gmoore23

Does anybody here know how much gain the mic pres on these interfaces offer as i'm quite interested in them but all the reviews...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 4th July 2016