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I just got as far as calibrating my new Clarett 8PreX and I'm not thrilled with what came out. Down 3 db at 18.438 kHz. I would...

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enjolis 2nd August 2016
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What is the best software, standalone or otherwise, for quantizing stereo polyphonic audio, such as a piano track? Pro Tools is...

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GCL 2nd August 2016
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Hey all, I recently bought a Liquid Saffire 56 for my 13" MacBook Pro with OS X version 10.8. The unit it self works...

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Prezilo 2nd August 2016
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Hi pals, I have a query for you. We all know very well the amazing quality of the plugins of the PoCos but I'm away from the...

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MP90 1st August 2016
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Hi guys! I need the disc that came with the controller, as it contains some important files, but I lost it a long time ago. I...

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R0y 1st August 2016
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This is a continuation of a broader post I made last...

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bluesmonk 1st August 2016
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Anyone else than me getting their mouse/trackerball-hand stiff as a mofo from time to time ? Don't know if this has been...

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anjikyuzan 1st August 2016
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Greetings everyone. I have the Eastwest composers Collection, and it works beautifully stand alone, it's not coming up in Studio...

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danoc 1st August 2016
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Hi All, Currently own a 2009 15-inch MacBook Pro for recording into Logic. It's starting to have lots of slowness issues which...

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Lumbergh 1st August 2016
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Hi I hope someone can help me with this! I tried updating firmware on my Lynx aurora 8 converters via midi. Followed...

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jeangodard 1st August 2016
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I currently am rebuilding a small bedroom studio after being out of the loop for about 7 years. I lost some steam when the m/b on...

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peoplearepeople 1st August 2016
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I started a conversation around these lines 2-3 years back, but the tech just wasn't quite there yet from what I remember, and...

Ain't Nobody
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Ain't Nobody 1st August 2016
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Seems like actually pretty easy as long as you have a decent (built in the last 5 years) laptop and an alright...

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Andy Gone 1st August 2016
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I could create some short cut keys for speed hower I can't create the ones for FX Karaoke. I created both global and normal...

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zanshin777 1st August 2016
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Hi, I'm interestet in older RME interfaces or cards like Fireface 800 or the HDSP Range for example 9652 or 9632. Do they support...

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LonDonsen 1st August 2016
Avatar for Mannymac

Hi Gearslutz, I am on the go a lot and have been looking into buying a new machine. The fastest i7 that is not a Xeon that...

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Pete Kaine 1st August 2016
Avatar for bebo

I want to buy my first Laptop/Tablet for recording purposes. I can choose between128GB7256GB/512GB SSD. The question is,...

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Dzilizi 1st August 2016
Avatar for Nodoz

Hello I am wanting to get a new pair of headphones, currently have sennheiser hd598s. I want to get a pair of HD650s. This will...

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Nightpolymath 1st August 2016
Avatar for Michael Carnes

Hi folks, Just thought I'd post a little heads-up regarding our native plugins. For Mac users, 10.7 (Lion) is right around the...

Michael Carnes
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tomylee 1st August 2016
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t's time to admit defeat. I've managed to use workarounds to force my old SPS-25 to work with Windows 10 but Microsoft's latest...

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Alndln 1st August 2016
Avatar for scartissue555

Hey everyone, As many of you who may work in the box know, Macbook Pro's do eventually slow down if you have 25+ tracks with...

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veks 1st August 2016
Avatar for Mannymac

Hi people of GS, I am a bit confused about Zero latency monitoring. For example: I own a Babyface and an Octamic II that is...

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Mannymac 31st July 2016
Avatar for figtree

Has the round trip latency of the Presonus 192 interfaces improved? I'm reading on the various boards and blogs that Presonus has...

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figtree 31st July 2016
Avatar for endofnight

Ok, so here's my situation. I'm running an old Mbox 2 and reaper on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit. I'm only doing this...

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theblue1 31st July 2016
Avatar for kafka

I'm trying to decide whether to pick up a new Macbook, or whether to live with my old one. One of my biggest reasons to change...

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Avatar for kafka
kafka 31st July 2016
Avatar for UsedtoBEHS

i used to use an engineer who i met on these boards, great engineer, but unfortunately his prices have gone up, and i'm unable to...

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Diogo C 31st July 2016
Avatar for Mr Funk

I have bought Kontakt 5 but already have the Kontakt 5 Player installed and some libraries. I use it as a plug in in Logic Pro X...

Mr Funk
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lestermagneto 31st July 2016
Avatar for animalnitrate

I've decided to buy a new interface and I need your help. Can you suggest me what would you choose keeping in mind these...

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ilikefruit 31st July 2016
Avatar for Fidelis

Hi guys, Last night I was watching a video from MWTM on line site, with Tony Maserati "deconstruction a mix"' and he...

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bee 31st July 2016
Avatar for GearAndGuitars

NMPVysQYiyE Positive Grid® | BIAS® Amp Match Modeler | JAMUP® Multi-Effects – BIAS Desktop "Accurately...

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Avatar for TLTD
TLTD 31st July 2016
Avatar for enjolis

I just got as far as calibrating my new Clarett 8PreX to test my room with Room EQ Wizard and I'm not thrilled with what came...

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Avatar for enjolis
enjolis 31st July 2016
Avatar for Jackdc100

I recently got a new Mac Pro. This is the first computer that I've owned that runs on a solid state drive. What sort of...

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Jackdc100 31st July 2016
Avatar for Fishy1500

Hello, does anyone have the Kush Clariphonic MKII working on El Capitan? I got it installed and can see it in the plugin menu but...

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Fishy1500 31st July 2016
Avatar for mattz63

I have been offered a new rMBP as a warranty replacement (long list of issues over time; it was just and very welcome). I can...

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mattz63 31st July 2016
Avatar for Sonic_Beast

Hi there, I used to do all my productions in Samplitude Pro for over 15 years and was really afraid to move into any other...

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moshuajusic 31st July 2016
Avatar for bcgood

I have used and heard a lot of top quality AD/DAs in my day so I don't say this lightly but I am absolutely amazed at the sound...

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Avatar for sparqee
sparqee 31st July 2016
Avatar for cory508

Hey Guys, Thinking of getting a Midas Venice F series Console. I'm currently running Logic X with a Firewire Apogee Ensemble on a...

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Avatar for Tui
Tui 31st July 2016
Avatar for Reverend Rhythm

I recently switched to Apple and Logic Pro X. In the PC world I used Sound Forge extensively. Loved it. So I've been thinking...

Reverend Rhythm
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msmucr 31st July 2016

I'm looking for an efficient hard drive to run my samples from (Spitfire Audio, Komplete mostly). How do you feel about WD My...

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Dzilizi 30th July 2016
Avatar for Shaolin

Recently come across this and it intrigues me. I'm not sure where it is meant to go in a signal chain. I suppose you could be...

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Avatar for Shaolin
Shaolin 30th July 2016
Avatar for Level Anything

I'm in a tough spot here guys. Yesterday, I unplugged everything from my Pro 40 and after I plugged it back in the FW Active...

Level Anything
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Avatar for Level Anything
Level Anything 30th July 2016
Avatar for vivaswanlegend

Hello! I am looking for an Orchestral Library that i can use, primarily(but very effective), for scoring.I know i should have...

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vivaswanlegend 30th July 2016
Avatar for Benhowe41

I have a guy that wants me to take a PT session and just bounce the individual tracks and send them to him so he can use them in...

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jwh1192 30th July 2016
Avatar for covenantofdeath

So my windows playback started to distort suddenly for no reason. I suspect it's my mbox 2 thats dying (had it for 10 years). I...

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Avatar for covenantofdeath
covenantofdeath 30th July 2016
Avatar for LA lefty

Hey all. For years, I've been using 2 Apogee Rosetta 800s as my multitrack ADC/DAC, an Apogee mini DAC for monitoring, and an...

LA lefty
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stu2 30th July 2016
Avatar for Nystagmus

1) What's your current Linux setup? 2) Which distro/version? 3) How is it for stability/support? 4) Do you use Wine...

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Avatar for Nystagmus
Nystagmus 30th July 2016
Avatar for kite

Hi! I'm having a problem with Waves Central when installing it. I am on Win 7 SP1. I tried Windows 10, but got back to Win 7...

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Avatar for m_gant
m_gant 30th July 2016
Avatar for ASICE

What's up Gearslutz? I'm looking to buy a new desktop computer for music production but I have no idea which one to choose....

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Avatar for ASICE
ASICE 30th July 2016
Avatar for Benmrx

OK, looking for a new interface to give me at least 24 inputs. I have a 2009 MacPro. Budget is small..., say $1K tops. I figure...

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Benmrx 30th July 2016
Avatar for thenoodle

Title pretty much covers it. It'd be cool if I can do a clean re-install of 10 Pro that way on Aug 3 or so.

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thenoodle 29th July 2016