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Hi! First post here. I'm looking to buy a new recording interface and have narrowed down the choices to the Yamaha MG10XU and...

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MrPhilicorda 14th October 2016
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Hey everyone, I was told this was probably the best place to ask my questions, since it is mostly related to my good ol'...

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Daniel36 14th October 2016
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I record direct into Goldwave via a Steinberg UR242 and when I play it back its sounds there is not enough RAM to process it...

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Trapjaw 14th October 2016
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Anyone else having these problems? The unit sounds great and work perfectly with Abelton, but when I use Pro Tools 10, I get...

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tnipe 14th October 2016
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I have decided to share my experience with the forum because i have spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to find...

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xqtion 14th October 2016
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So, I'm mixing a job this weekend that needs a good upright bass patch and I need it today. Things is I have Komplete 8 Ultimate...

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hodshonf 14th October 2016
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Having trouble with a mix... It's just driving me crazy. Of course, every track and buss has some processing. I just...

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bgood 14th October 2016
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Does this exist? Have searched high and low. If I already have a dedicated DAC and a nice ADC is there an audio interface or...

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burp182 13th October 2016
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hi to all, many years ago i was working with sseyo's koan generative music software for creating some ambient like...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 13th October 2016
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Hi Gs friends. There is a possibility to buy from a friend a huge amount of software and database of sounds, samples, and...

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spreadspell 13th October 2016
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Hello all, I have created (and still updating) FREE software for most recent Korg synthesizers/workstations like Korg Kronos,...

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Tnsl 13th October 2016
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Hey all, I'm sure this question has been asked a million times over. I searched prior to posting, but did not find definitive...

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Steve Fogal 13th October 2016
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Hi! I'm learning about filters now and I'm a bit confused about the phase response of the filters. Is it a characteristic of...

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Grandy 13th October 2016
Avatar for George Necola

I was invited by the owner Guillaume Pille of Two notes audio to get a company tour and have an insight to his capture masters...

George Necola
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Casey 13th October 2016
Avatar for padillac

I have an MPC 2500 controlling four hardware synths. That setup works fine. I want to add two configurations: MPC controls...

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elegentdrum 13th October 2016
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Hi all!I just got an Apogee Symphony mk2 16x16 TB and I was expecting to be able to gain some channels up to 25 db as I have seen...

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zmainardi 13th October 2016
Avatar for nrsjunkmail777

Hi I’m hoping someone smarter in Kontakt can help me. I have a question about using the Collect sample/Batch compress option in...

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nrsjunkmail777 12th October 2016
Avatar for daxmaestro

I was a bit hyped about this interface when it was first introduced a while back, then kind of lost steam about it as time went...

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JmanPro 12th October 2016
Avatar for mouseclicker

interested in the maschine mkii... im coming from fl studio and I was wondering about the pros and cons of the maschine mkii. I...

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mouseclicker 12th October 2016
Avatar for richie0801

I have been using Logic Pro X's midi drums, but I'm finding them to be lacking. I'm reasonable to say it's user error, but my...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 12th October 2016
Avatar for mrcreed

Hi All: Am i alone in finding Bias desktop and fx to be hard to use ..i bought both programs .spent a lot of money (for me...

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mrcreed 12th October 2016
Avatar for yannod917

Hi guys, My Fireface 802 is currently linked to my computer with a USB cable which is 3 m long and I am wondering if a...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 12th October 2016
Avatar for Adam 99

Hi Guys, Please don't misunderstand the title. I don't mean it to be a vs war. Just trying to upgrade my existing...

Adam 99
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Fleer 12th October 2016
Avatar for MisterCrayle

This may sound like a newbie question but does Mac have better audio quality than PC? Or does it boil down to what interface...

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Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 12th October 2016
Avatar for nomaz

Hey, I'm looking for war-like drum libraries, specificaly for Kontakt (but other options are also welcome), that I can use in...

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nomaz 12th October 2016
Avatar for DBmixman

Hi Folks, I have a Glyph drive that is not mounting suddenly onto my iMac i7's desktop. Diskwarrior doesn't see it, Date...

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m_gant 12th October 2016
Avatar for BwoupBwoup

Hello everyone, I've recently downgraded my mac to maverick (wich is far more stable than Yosemite that I had previously)....

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BwoupBwoup 12th October 2016
Avatar for junya-eskimo

Yo, so I've have successfully connected and setup my iPad to control Totalmix on a very basic level and synced a few layouts that...

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junya-eskimo 12th October 2016
Avatar for Transcendence

Just got an MR816X up and running. Sound is good. But I need a few more channels for tracking drums and I figure I'll get the...

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Avatar for Fleer
Fleer 12th October 2016
Avatar for toxik967

Hi! I'm looking for a cheap audio interface with very low latency in order to play live with my guitar plugged in the audio...

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loopy 12th October 2016
Avatar for ekmaster23

Hey everyone. I couldn't find a topic directly related to this. I've been using a Presonus FireStudio for some time now and It...

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Fleer 12th October 2016
Avatar for will2000

So I'm looking into buying a new VST for FL Studio 12. I've been thinking of buying Sylenth 1 or Omnisphere. If I did get...

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hodshonf 11th October 2016
Avatar for thenewyear

As much as I'd like to use the CEDAR stuff, the price differential between it and Izotope RX (almost 1000%) means I'm unlikely...

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Avatar for Bstapper
Bstapper 11th October 2016
Avatar for Brian Brock

looking for a VST which can host a VST as simple as possible works in windows free if possible I don't need something...

Brian Brock
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pottering 11th October 2016
Avatar for Amber

I'm going to move roughly 100GB of Kontakt libraries to an SSD. Will this mess up my template? If so I need to plan some time to...

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Avatar for Lester
Lester 11th October 2016
Avatar for jobinho

Trying to set this up in OSX for Diva. I want a folder in google drive that I can access on 2 computers inside the Diva preset...

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jobinho 11th October 2016
Avatar for MERC476

Hi, My question is what is the best way to install Komplete 11 upgrade without it screwing up any of my old sessions. The...

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MERC476 11th October 2016
Avatar for Rotaholic

Anybody use an ultrawide monitor for just the fader/console view? Im currently using 2x monitors, one for track view and one for...

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Avatar for Bungle
Bungle 11th October 2016
Avatar for The Press Desk

Synchro Arts legendary automatic time-alignment software, VocALign®, is now available with lightning fast, easy-to-use ARA...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for Motor For Music
Motor For Music 11th October 2016
Avatar for Zorlee

Hi! I'm currently using a Macbook pro with the following specs: 2.5 GHz Intel Dual Core i5 16 GB ram. It's from late...

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Avatar for Zorlee
Zorlee 11th October 2016
Avatar for BVDL

Hi, Although They're very old and the developer must have made the dicision to quit his business, I would LOVE to find a way to...

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Avatar for BVDL
BVDL 11th October 2016
Avatar for jkuehlin

Is there a multi-band processor plugin where you can insert 3rd party plugins on each band?

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Avatar for electricsound
electricsound 11th October 2016
Avatar for ozmaster

On a Mac running El Capitan. Recorded midi track (not while recording) later intermittently changes pitch as if the pitch...

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Avatar for ozmaster
ozmaster 11th October 2016
Avatar for MStream

Hello everybody, My company assigned me a complex audio concatenation project which includes programming, but I am not an...

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ozmaster 11th October 2016
Avatar for Zircon_Tweezers

I use a Presonus FireStudio Project for I/O into Cubase 6. I would like to know if anybody has used a Focusrite Octo-Pre into...

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Avatar for Zircon_Tweezers
Zircon_Tweezers 11th October 2016
Avatar for thevisi0nary

(I use reaper and fl studio for reference) So I often hear in songs sections that sound as if they are not on the grid, or...

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Avatar for Snailcruncher
Snailcruncher 10th October 2016
Avatar for shobud

Been looking at interfaces lately because at some point I'll have to replace my 003. Anything out there remotely similar? I can't...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 10th October 2016
Avatar for jweisbin

New RME UFX connected via USB to 2009 Mac Pro OS X 10.9.5, with "Advanced Remote Control" (ARC). The ARC was working...

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Avatar for ataylor
ataylor 10th October 2016
Avatar for SEBSynth

Can someone confirm that I'm stuck? I just picked up an older Motu Express XT serial# MX-XTU46358, datecode: D/G. I'm running...

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Avatar for Pip
Pip 10th October 2016
Avatar for nightangel

Looking for advice for a mixer or Audio Interfaces to use with my PC I made the mistake in buying a Audio Technica AT2020 USB a...

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Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 10th October 2016