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I seem to be getting clipping when playing music through my 2008 mac pro running El Capitan. It seems to only happen at certain...

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danbow73 28th October 2016
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I know this might sound like nonsense on gearslutz but i need it for some special project... iam in Logic X on OSX and i would...

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Tom Solid 28th October 2016
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Hello there ! I'm working with Presonus Studio One, but the included sampler is too simple for my needs... I'm working on vocal...

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keyz35 28th October 2016
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The Audiodeluxe website has been down for a few days (it just says "AudioDeluxe is currently under maintenance. We should be...

Squeegee 303
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greggybud 28th October 2016
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I am pretty much sold on the Steinberg UR22 MkII, but after reading a bunch of reviews on the older model, I see that it had...

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GabrielC 28th October 2016
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I'm getting a '500 Internal Server Error' message at www.tritonedigital.com and the the email I sent to the webmaster bounced...

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Alndln 27th October 2016
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I am about to start producing music for the first time and I will be producing all types of electronic music. From the research I...

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Mike.r 27th October 2016
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cashewcupcake 27th October 2016
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Hi all, Recently switched from a Focusrite 18i20 interface to the Soundcraft Signature desk and interface. The desk does not...

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catalyst1 27th October 2016
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Hello everyone I'm setting up a small editing studio outside my main studio and I'm soooo stuck here. It might be simple. Please...

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BeMoJe 27th October 2016
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Please help me hidz Hey, I have a big problem with the Expansion packs. When I'm trying to add a packs into the Nexus 2...

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djwaxxy 27th October 2016
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1st post on Gearslutz here...go easy... : ) Hey there ! Im looking to move from my apple laptop to a desktop set-up with more...

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Webb 27th October 2016
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Hi, i lately downloaded the free Cakewalk CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier plugin on my PC and i'm guite satisfied. My problem is...

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alextralarge 27th October 2016
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Does anyone know of a portable hard drive for backup that can be used wirelessly in the house? It means i can use it with time...

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benjiboko 27th October 2016
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hi to all, i am new to reason 4 and i need some help with my midi files i am trying to import into reason 4 a midi file...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 27th October 2016
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Anyone use m-audio keystation 49 es with osx el capitan ? I want to know if it works stable with this osx.

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Nvibes 27th October 2016
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Hi I have a Mac Pro 3,1 and it struggles a bit with my setup. Logic Pro, Mach 5, SSD, Komplete 10, Pianoteq, Virtual GTR and...

rusco gigo
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rusco gigo 27th October 2016
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hi quickly i have just bought a newish" IPad 4 for use with my Analog Rytm (Strom) great fun as i have an old ipad 1 it...

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Digger65 27th October 2016
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Hello fellow slutz!!! Now that controllers have won the race, I'd like to fully implement what I have ATM. I have an Alesis...

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classictunz 27th October 2016
Avatar for IxtabStudios

While coding the website for our studio, I wanted to be able to have visitor to the site be able to do an A/B comparison directly...

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MTRSTUDIOS 27th October 2016
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cprompt 27th October 2016
Avatar for jruberto

In my mix studio, I'm running a MOTU 8pre. I find it glitchy and unimpressive, but I can't really opine on the actual quality of...

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musicsound-2 27th October 2016
Avatar for Mace Clef

Bought a new computer from Scan. It's got a Z170-a motherboard which I chose because it has a PCI slot. I've got a multiface II...

Mace Clef
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Avatar for Pete Kaine
Pete Kaine 27th October 2016
Avatar for Nikbeat

Not a big fan of microsoft(I Mainly use PC in the studio) but hey this looks pretty impressive. I could see a DAW running pretty...

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Avatar for Just a Robot
Just a Robot 27th October 2016
Avatar for elgrayso

It took me a lot of effort to get my hi-hat setup correctly in Superior Drummer 2. It's kind of a long process and the software...

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Avatar for partywithgina
partywithgina 27th October 2016
Avatar for brightshine

I was going to purchase a cloning software to make a bootable backup drive for my Mac Pro. I see that WD drives come with...

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brightshine 27th October 2016
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Hi All, I recently ordered a new 27" iMac w/4.0GHz i7. I didn't order from Apple but from a different retailer & it's...

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stratology 26th October 2016
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What is the best way to align a vocal double to the lead? Slip Mode works great for accuracy, but I clearly also need a solid...

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ThePrez 26th October 2016
Avatar for FredW

Hello ! I recently made a multitrack recording session in a church where I had to record live, organ together with a kind of...

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FredW 26th October 2016
Avatar for Nvibes

Anyone having problem with M-audio keystation 49es and OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 ? In my case it is on and is detected by the...

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Nvibes 26th October 2016
Avatar for Steve Fogal

UPDATED - see my added post, dated for 10/26/2016 below, it may be solved...? As the title say's, occasionally and 'only' when...

Steve Fogal
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Steve Fogal 26th October 2016
Avatar for Rev2010

Built a new DAW this past weekend, came from an i7 920 to an i7 4790K. I disabled the EIST and C states in the bios. If I leave...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 26th October 2016
Avatar for MVee

Hi all, I find myself doing more and more remote recordings, mostly classical stuff. I was using my interface from the...

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John Willett 26th October 2016
Avatar for nightchef

For years I've been running with a two-Mac system: a 2008 Mac Pro in the studio and a 2010 Macbook Pro for remote work. Recently...

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nightchef 26th October 2016
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hey folks.. new to kontakt and looking for some advice if possible kfhkh I downloaded the free kontakt 5 player with the...

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macb3th 26th October 2016
Avatar for jreich88

First time posting so wanted to say thanks to all who read and reply. I'm a composer for mostly film scores and wanted to get a...

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noldar12 26th October 2016
Avatar for Delmarva

I've been working on an all-synth track. I'm frustrated and alarmed because I've noticed when I zoom in, A LOT, the MIDI notes...

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Delmarva 26th October 2016
Avatar for RightOnRome

I am wondering if this is excepted as a PRO interface in any bigger studios..right now I am using Apollo SF, AD16X,Rosetta200 as...

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RightOnRome 25th October 2016
Avatar for Janesaid2me

Currently I have two af12 it's probably overkill but mainly for convenience and nice for full band live. But I don't truly need...

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Janesaid2me 25th October 2016
Avatar for upperlip

I edited and mixed the recordings of a classical chamber group. Although I am not a specialized mastering engineer, I do burn a...

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Avatar for bulley
bulley 25th October 2016
Avatar for Stargazer

Is it possible to buy the e2Deesser for the VMR as a single plugin, or is it only available in the Everything bundle?

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Avatar for Stargazer
Stargazer 25th October 2016
Avatar for hadlevad

Hi all, My mainstage patch presets have just gone missing. It is most strange. Has anyone got any ideas ?? Thanks Adam

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hadlevad 25th October 2016
Avatar for LuisSantos

Hi all! I'm beying recording in my free time(so little time) on my profire2626 and a digimaxd8.. It's being 5years now! The only...

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LuisSantos 25th October 2016
Avatar for Threads

__RESOLVED__ READ LAST COMMENT___ I am a bit over a month into using my first ever computer build. N' I just want to rant about...

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Avatar for Threads
Threads 25th October 2016
Avatar for D2K

hi all, i would like to hear opinions on whether still makes sense to buy refurbished mac 5.1 (example, 5.1 - 12 CORE...

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Avatar for ekwipt
ekwipt 25th October 2016
Avatar for artificial07

I'm cleaning up some guitar and drum comps & trying to get rid of the clicks. Someone showed me once how to edit audio tracks...

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artificial07 25th October 2016
Avatar for Jeff16years

Hello. I have a small stereo tracking thing coming up and I will not be tearing apart my studio to record 1 stereo track....

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Avatar for Jeff16years
Jeff16years 25th October 2016
Avatar for ChrisNinety

Has anyone had issues with System Integrity Protection (SIP) on El Capitan apparently preventing applications from installing?...

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msmucr 25th October 2016
Avatar for whinylittlerunt

Guys, I've been doing my research on upgrading my old Presonus Firepod I bought back in 2004 with something current. I've been...

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whinylittlerunt 25th October 2016
Avatar for LexJ

Hi all, I'm trying to setup my AKAI mpk49 with my microkorg. My MPK49 is directly connected to my computer, which is connected...

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Alndln 24th October 2016