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Hi everybody! I may be wrong but I think most of you gearslutz are not aware of a totally awesome little freeware utility...

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vignesgangboard 2nd November 2016
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What are the difference cabs and what do the names refer to? I figured maybe V was a Vox amp but I haven't really the slightest...

andrew montreal
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andrew montreal 2nd November 2016
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Hello guys! I own the Steven Slate VTM and always use it in my mixbuss, but I'm curious about the CDsound Master R2R (I believe...

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kodebode 1st November 2016
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This was kinda cool. A PC with completely passive cooling. Calyos FANLESS PC / Workstation | Calyos While that isn't...

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Pete Kaine 1st November 2016
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Double checking info from an electronics store... 1. Using 3.0 devices, in the pipe between a powered 3.0 hub and the 3.0 port...

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JayTee4303 1st November 2016
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I'm running FL Studio 12.3 on an Asus laptop with an Intel i7, Dual Core, 6gb RAM and 750gb HDD. The problems I'm having are...

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erikb1971 1st November 2016
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Hi guys, I've just wanted to purchase an 27" iMac late 2015 and Focusrite Clarett 8pre X as a core for my studio when I...

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msmucr 1st November 2016
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What HD monitor to attach to Macbook 12" retina? (USB C connector) And how to power it at the same time? With just the...

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Jules 1st November 2016
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Hey guys I'm guessing some of you out there are pulling their hair, like me, over the not so impressive update to the MBP....

Rasmus Faber
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Rasmus Faber 1st November 2016
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I have a focusrite 2i4 and a Warm Audio wa12 and im having a huge problem thats stopping me from recording. So basically when i...

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imjustkaze 1st November 2016
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Hello and thank you for reading this. I am not a huge poster here as I usually find the answer to most of my questions that I'm...

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Pranay 1st November 2016
Avatar for Simonluka

Hi boys, I would to buy an Antelope Audio Orion 32 but I have 4 questions. I hope you can help me to understand: 1) Patchbay...

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PRad 1st November 2016
Avatar for JonMiller

The Slate / Eiosis De-easer just saved my ass. I'm not sure what's going on in there but it just took overly bright cymbals and...

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JonMiller 1st November 2016
Avatar for JerikC

I have an 828X and the Firewire 8Pre by MOTU and I’m trying to get it so that I can have the 8Pre as an expansion to get more...

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JerikC 31st October 2016
Avatar for dullfangs

Do the Focusrite interfaces that use Firewire (Saffire Pro) and the USB (Scarlett) have all the same internal components (other...

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fireberd 31st October 2016
Avatar for shadyru

This will be for my band but do you guys have any recommendations on..... 1. Domain names (godaddy?) 2. Creating band web...

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theblue1 31st October 2016
Avatar for neveser

When I load a Kontakt vst in Sonar X3, it's showing up as a jbridged plug in. I've removed all my old jbridge Kontakt vsts so...

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Alndln 31st October 2016
Avatar for Metal123

I'm using a high end iMac and using Logic Pro X. I keep all my plugins and loops on my internal SSD and store all my projects on...

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brockorama 31st October 2016
Avatar for Krubbadoo

've decided not to buy a 2016 MBP focusing on these 2 refurbs. I am a full time music producer on desktop wanting to go mobile....

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jwh1192 31st October 2016
Avatar for bigbongo

If you make music for TV, Commercials, Idents, Film, etc. Please show us your reels, I sure I'm not alone in being interested to...

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microwave 31st October 2016
Avatar for Shlar47

Hey all, first ever post here, and yes, i did use the search bar and couldn't find any post that quite pertained to this specific...

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Deleted 3cb98a6 31st October 2016
Avatar for nightscope

I'm on the hunt for a mobo & cpu for a RME Raydat. Any suggestions, folks? Whatcha got? 'Anks, ns

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nightscope 30th October 2016
Avatar for kiddasho

Everything is in the title. I plan on recording vocals to my own beats, so I'll export the stems in .wav and then mix my vocals...

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kiddasho 30th October 2016
Avatar for kite

Hi, I want to bye a new hard drive for recording and mixing purposes. I have had good experiences with quality hdd hard drives...

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Avatar for kite
kite 30th October 2016
Avatar for sjonesmusic

I've been using a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball for years now and over the past few months have developed tendonitis in my...

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Avatar for Vectorman
Vectorman 30th October 2016
Avatar for kas_lar

Hi everybody - my powersupply is gone and I need a new one - Please tell the volt, plus and minus pole settings and where to buy...

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Mischmaster 30th October 2016
Avatar for 3rd Degree

I have had a dedicated HD for all my music files, samples, projects, etc, for years. I recently thought I had HD failing, which...

3rd Degree
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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 30th October 2016
Avatar for fuzzblaster

Hi All I have a 10 year old RME fireface 800 in my studio with my DAW I am running the same program on my home computer...

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Avatar for Vdub
Vdub 30th October 2016
Avatar for Tobias Enstrom

Many moons ago I downloaded some Waves presets from their site and successfully installed. I've downloaded some more today but...

Tobias Enstrom
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Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 30th October 2016
Avatar for Uomo di Mele

For a couple of years now I'm recording with moderate succes with the MR816csx. I'm not fond of the preamps so I use the Great...

Uomo di Mele
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Avatar for e-are
e-are 30th October 2016
Avatar for ThePerfectMask

Hi guys, I am using Steven Slate Drums and I think it's great but I have a small problem. When I add the grooves to track,it...

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Avatar for PedroTodo
PedroTodo 30th October 2016
Avatar for sashley520

Really would like a GEQ but don't know of any free ones really. I use Logic so an AU would be even better if possible. Thanks...

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sashley520 30th October 2016
Avatar for MonkeyAdam

Something was brought up in a recent thread that I have heard before: your DAW computers shouldn't be online. This is something...

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BM Grabber 30th October 2016
Avatar for Emotionz

Does anyone know how to setup tonespace vst with Studio one and midi keyboard i am having difficulty setting it up.

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Emotionz 30th October 2016
Avatar for gregerlindberg

So, this topic has come up before! But now, 2016 when Apple seems unwilling to get new HW out on the market, they are getting...

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Avatar for classictunz
classictunz 30th October 2016
Avatar for wizcow

Hi all I don't mean to sound suspicious, but... did Apple do something with the software that stopped us from playing non DRM...

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Avatar for dougb415
dougb415 30th October 2016
Avatar for Extrabelarus

Try to convert my ver.4 presets to the ver.5 presets but preset updater found only one (!) CS-80 preset. What I'm doing wrong?

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Avatar for Extrabelarus
Extrabelarus 30th October 2016
Avatar for PulseEmitter

I have a Lexicon PCM80 hardware effects processor, I'm not too into using hardware effects anymore, much prefer the ease and...

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Avatar for PulseEmitter
PulseEmitter 29th October 2016
Avatar for EDGEK8D

Not trolling, not trying to be inflammatory, but I'd like to hear from some experienced engineers here. Let me explain myself...

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Avatar for Pingafuego
Pingafuego 29th October 2016
Avatar for delcosmos

Hello Guys, I was having the most weird crashes with Protools, I was getting crazy! Then I sent crash reports and videos to...

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Avatar for chai t
chai t 29th October 2016
Avatar for Mister Natural

found an amazing deal on a big 17" dell using a 2620 chip / SSD / Win10 / 16gb DDR3 will this machine run my DAW (LIVE9)...

Mister Natural
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Avatar for Just a Robot
Just a Robot 29th October 2016
Avatar for CircusLife

HI, this is my first time posting on here, so please be gentle. I’m looking for advice on the best way to connect the equipment...

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Avatar for gutr2
gutr2 29th October 2016
Avatar for Jackdc100

I am looking to recreate the ARP Omni synth string patch on "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division. Do any of you...

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Avatar for inasilentway
inasilentway 29th October 2016
Avatar for peterknight

I apologize up front if this has been discussed numerous times previous. It does seem natural to compare these products, and...

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Avatar for DannyMac
DannyMac 29th October 2016
Avatar for jackontheroad

I'm on Windows 7 and I'd like to upgrade to 10. There is a way to this without reinstalling everything (plugin, driver, daws,...

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Avatar for bill5
bill5 29th October 2016
Avatar for rotorobot

Hello All. New here and am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I was a radio production director and...

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Avatar for rotorobot
rotorobot 29th October 2016
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Avatar for letdown
letdown 28th October 2016
Avatar for newnes

I'm looking for a leaner / more portable setup. I'm currently using a Raydat card on a desktop PC but I just ordered and Orion...

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msmucr 28th October 2016
Avatar for Gordon

UAD just announced, any word from Focusrite?

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msmucr 28th October 2016
Avatar for bgeorge03

Waves SSL Channel strip vs Deundo SSL Channel strip We know that Waves SSL Channel strip is modeled after SSL 4000 while...

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Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 28th October 2016