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Hey guys, I have an RME interface that I use with a mac book pro and pro tools.. I also recently dug out a super old Roland...

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mutetourettes 11th March 2017
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There's plenty of these topics around, but I feel better giving my exact situation to know what suits me best. I'm a real newbie...

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Kineshewa 11th March 2017
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Hi All - Greetings! I have always worked with Ableton for recording, but I am starting to mix in Ableton as well instead...

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Volt9 11th March 2017
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What is a good option for the new USB-C ports, most stuff I've tried is not working. Are any companies planning on releasing...

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Jaded_musician 11th March 2017
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Since the last update of Addictive Drums I have permanent trouble in Logic Pro. If I create a multi output instrument with...

Deleted 99dc753
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dougb415 11th March 2017
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My CPU will be one from Intel e.g. i7700K I understand that there are two types of graphic cards/graphic co-processors, a)...

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kodebode 11th March 2017
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Whats good GS fam, I have been researching over this issue before I cautiously asked you all for an alternative solution. Im...

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DontaBlack 11th March 2017
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Hello, I am thinking of getting an Avid Artist Mix controller, and hoping to be able to use it with a USB 3 to Ethernet...

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MorMez 11th March 2017
Avatar for Deleted 86c3d96

I have an Apogee Symphony Mk1 and an Apollo Quad Silver. Basically, I want to use the conversion of the Apogee while taking...

Deleted 86c3d96
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charles chocula 10th March 2017
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Just out of intellectual curiosity, I have always wondered what is the process followed by plugin makers when workin on a plugin...

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liv4ree 10th March 2017
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Hi all, I'm currently in a weird situation. I've stopped making recordings(well bands etc) in my studio and I'm focusing solely...

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pentagon 10th March 2017
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I just bought a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and am trying to output it to my internal sound card instead of the line outs on the 6i6....

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Subtox 10th March 2017
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Does anyone know what this could be caused by? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6469055/ableton%20buffer%20noises.mov It...

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benjiboko 10th March 2017
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I have an i7 PC with an on board sound card. I run Studio 1 Pro and record/monitor with a Babyface Pro and nearfields. It would...

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msmucr 10th March 2017
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Please share your experience of any kind with these. babyface pro is no option because of the button issue.does the apollo have...

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Alndln 10th March 2017
Avatar for bjare

Hi, In my basement, I have an old Pro Tools rig with a Digi002, that I still use from time to time. And I would like this to...

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jwh1192 10th March 2017
Avatar for jazzmonkai

Hello GearSlutz geniuses! Long time listener, first time caller :D So I've been given a project to mix, client supplied a...

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jazzmonkai 10th March 2017
Avatar for giogiodream

Hi Guys, I am about to buy a new PC for my DAW (Cubase 9 pro on Win10) I am really undecided between the z270/i7700k and...

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arkos 10th March 2017
Avatar for Mr XY

I'm thinking about putting faster cpus in my mac pro, if i do so will i have to re-authorize my non-ilok based plugins? I'm...

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Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 10th March 2017
Avatar for m_gant

Hi guys! I'm having a terrible time trying to use the EQ match function of Pro-q in Logic Pro. I have read the tutorial...

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qwe 9th March 2017
Avatar for navillus

Does anyone have any experience syncing printed audio that has been processed with outboard gear? ReaInsert works for playback...

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msmucr 9th March 2017
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Avatar for djshire
djshire 9th March 2017
Avatar for Lordnameless

I recently came into possession of an open labs neko qx 6. Upon start up the device is failing to recognize the firebox as being...

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Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 9th March 2017
Avatar for anth

I have a mid 2015 macbook pro retina 15 inch (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3) and I am using an apogee duet 2. I am...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 9th March 2017
Avatar for rids

I'm debating what I should do for audio interface. I have a Metric Halo 2882 and a Apogee Duet (first model). I'm currently using...

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elgordito 9th March 2017
Avatar for denoiser

Hi all, does someone know which DAWs support sending and recieving of custom sysex messages; for eg. you have keyboard or...

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denoiser 9th March 2017
Avatar for orangefridge

Considering the VRS-8. Looks very good on paper and I've heard great things about the Mics they have released. Any users out...

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orangefridge 9th March 2017
Avatar for moshuajusic

I know Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 and DMG EQuilibrium have piano visuals. Any others?

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Avatar for simon.billington
simon.billington 9th March 2017
Avatar for joedoc

Ladies and Gents, it's here. The naked studio singularity has collapsed my studio completely. I just posted another thread asking...

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norbury brook 9th March 2017
Avatar for minor251

So here it is, I've posted similar dilemmas on this forum before and I always ended up spending money that I don't have and...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 9th March 2017
Avatar for FrankStark

Hi all! I'm kind of desperate. Can old recording interfaces degrade over time? By changing all the capacitors in my emu 1820m can...

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Avatar for 12Bass
12Bass 9th March 2017
Avatar for Brooksy

I want to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQHcHYSMS_8 in ProTools. I do not have Logic. Just ProTools 12. Any...

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davidgary73 9th March 2017
Avatar for Bassmankr

This may be an interesting read for some of you sticking with Windows 7, prefering...

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throbert 9th March 2017
Avatar for mdjagg

I have been working exclusively in 192khz as of the last couple of years, and I have never given much consideration to the...

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mdjagg 9th March 2017
Avatar for Adeleo28

Thinking of getting a new computer (pc) Never experienced pro tools 12 on a pc. Just Mac, but it doesn't belong to me and I would...

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Adeleo28 9th March 2017
Avatar for mfx

I used to be so up to date with everything and recent years I have totally dropped the baton and need some guidance please. I...

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Avatar for mfx
mfx 8th March 2017
Avatar for slow records

I saw the Raven MTI is now available at Musicians Friends for $2500. Did they decide to not include monitoring? Slate -...

slow records
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Avatar for bpatural
bpatural 8th March 2017
Avatar for neoking

Hi, I recently moved from FL Studio 11 to Cubase 8.5 I want to store vstpresets from fl studio and export them to Cubase to...

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neoking 8th March 2017
Avatar for elmonk

Hello everyone I really turn to the point where I need to ask you for advice! I'm completely lost in a tones of threads about...

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elmonk 8th March 2017
Avatar for Grayy

Hello there, I just made an account here, so I really hope this is the right sub :) I'm looking for a way to use my standard,...

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Avatar for Grayy
Grayy 8th March 2017
Avatar for woodfoot

Can anyone suggest a linear phase EQ or filter plugin that can do a really sharp low pass? Like the UAD Cambridge EQ low pass...

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Avatar for LonDonsen
LonDonsen 8th March 2017
Avatar for Deleted e03114c

Hello, I need to purchase a Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter, And Apple charges $99 I saw almost the same thing on...

Deleted e03114c
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Avatar for Deleted e03114c
Deleted e03114c 8th March 2017
Avatar for loungeclaus

Hi i have a new Mojo from Chord, I would like to use it through my MacBook Pro, even I know it was not built for that at the...

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Avatar for OMU
OMU 8th March 2017
Avatar for hwill2008

Hi Steven Can we get some info if we will be able to authorise computers instead of running around with the ilok dongle now...

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Avatar for sofitamusic
sofitamusic 8th March 2017
Avatar for DontaBlack

Whats up GS, So I was mixing a song and thought id so a little experimenting and playing around with the sound design. Skipping...

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Avatar for DontaBlack
DontaBlack 8th March 2017
Avatar for Sailor Hope

Hi, In the middle of a session here. Made several fades, but now, out of nowhere Ableton has started making clipping noises...

Sailor Hope
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Avatar for Sailor Hope
Sailor Hope 8th March 2017
Avatar for Hurricane Ramon

kfhkh Nothing fancy , I want to input two things to my computer . Roland GR33 guitar synth module w/Godin LGXSA T.C....

Hurricane Ramon
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Avatar for Hurricane Ramon
Hurricane Ramon 8th March 2017
Avatar for jazzguitarist

I've been thinking about switching from my trusty Focusrite Forte to an SPL Creon for three reasons: 1. I like the idea of...

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Avatar for razmandi
razmandi 8th March 2017
Avatar for Fergusan Latkey

I currently own a digi 002r and have become fed up with the sound quality. After researching upgrades (apogee ensemble, rosetta,...

Fergusan Latkey
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Avatar for Ty Ford
Ty Ford 8th March 2017
Avatar for ranzee

I've not really tried doing a full recording on aggregate devices in Ableton Live (Mac) yet - and I'm really wondering - how...

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Avatar for ranzee
ranzee 8th March 2017