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Huge price gap between these two audio interfaces...$99 for the Behringer, $299 list for the Presonus 6/8 , which is just about...

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auriel 23rd March 2017
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So, it has come to the point where I want to upgrade my MacBook Air from 2013. I am going to go for a Windows laptop this time...

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sashley520 23rd March 2017
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have just bought UAD Quad Satellite i have a voucher for 3 plug-ins of my choice for the store and trying to decide on the best...

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HSi 22nd March 2017
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Hi all, I wanted to see if anybody knows what could be up with my iLok 2nd Gen. I'm getting crazy messages flying up on my...

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thierryhenry 22nd March 2017
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Hey everyone, I had to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7. The UAD-1 worked great for years and I have alot of songs that I...

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Alndln 22nd March 2017
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Hello, I am interested on knowing about the double release which LA2A seems to use. Previously I have been searching info about...

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babiuk 22nd March 2017
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I have the option to get a used mti, but don't want to waste my money if there are a lot of limitations with it against mti2. I...

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JameyZ 22nd March 2017
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So I am running a 2014 mac mini with 8 gigs of ram. Running Logic with Kontakt. The issue I am running into is that any time that...

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DiggingForRoots 22nd March 2017
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Anyone know the best way to get my audio from 1 mac to the other? Ideally I'd like to run the audio thru a thunderbolt cable so...

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DannyMac 22nd March 2017
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Hi all, I bought a bunch of used gear as part of a bundle deal from a guy who is moving out of his studio. I got a great deal,...

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MediaGary 22nd March 2017
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Hi, I've been thinking of upgrading my home studio audio interface from RME HDSP 9632 to Lynx Audio E22. I've been very...

Deleted 19064ac
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Deleted 19064ac 22nd March 2017
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Has anyone used the Macbook Pro headphone jack to record audio while using the audio out? It seems technically possible as the...

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666 22nd March 2017
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I finally bought Sibelius upgrade directly from Avid about 12 days ago but I haven't received anything except an order number...

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Chao 22nd March 2017
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I have a question and a half: 1) Are the Roland interfaces in the $500 to $1000 range any better than 'entry level,' ($200 to...

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razorboy 22nd March 2017
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Anyone done this? Or tried it, and heard of this before? I'm not sure if i even understand it...or if i even need it...if its...

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feysal 22nd March 2017
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Softube Focusing Equalizer based on what? Does it have an origin in the analog domain?

Sailor Hope
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EDGEK8D 21st March 2017
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I have an electric guitar running through a Focusrite 2i2 into Logic via USB with the outs from the 2i2 going to monitors. Not...

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rolomoto 21st March 2017
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, Are there any Focusrite Liquidmix/32 and/or SSL Duende Classic/Mini users here in OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 with Cubase 9 (64...

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robot:. 21st March 2017
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I just found out about the new line of clarett interfaces coming out soon. I was planning on picking up a Safire pro 40 in a few...

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The Warmth 21st March 2017
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Nevermind. I finally found a valid support number to call. I just don't know how to delete this thread.

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drspearing 21st March 2017
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Hi there, I'm a student, and I record music as a hobby at home on Logic Pro X. Mostly Indie/singer songwriter stuff. I...

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superhonma 21st March 2017
Avatar for haveaniceday

I have a Focusrite 6i6 and am using Pro Tools 10 I'm trying to sequence midi notes in the midi editor and send them out of my...

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Steve Fogal 21st March 2017
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I've been using Kontakt 5.0.2 on my Mac 10.6.8 for Native Instrument 'Rickenbacker' and PS Bass - along with Lass Orchestra and...

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mayford 21st March 2017
Avatar for Chip Booth

One of my regular projects is mixing amateur bands recorded live. These tracks are pretty much a worse case scenario, with poor...

Chip Booth
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Chip Booth 21st March 2017
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Hey all! I'm a Pro Tools user, trying to get back into Harrison Mixbus for mixing. I'm using Mixbus 32c, Pro Tools 11 all on a...

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brucerothwell 21st March 2017
Avatar for StereoPari

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing RME Fireface 802 with Advanced Remote Control. The manual of ARC says: The button...

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sokratero 21st March 2017
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Hey guys I have a Mac and a Win computer i mix in one and make beats in other but I only have one pair of speakers yamaha hs80m...

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psycho_monkey 21st March 2017
Avatar for rds

Hello guys, I have a problem with the Echo Audiofire 4. When i set the sample rate at 44.1 only the analog 1-2 is working and...

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rds 21st March 2017
Avatar for mamm7215

I know a few here have used the TC Konnekt48 in the past. I still use and like mine but as it's getting a little long in the...

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12Bass 21st March 2017
Avatar for Webb

For the past 10 years I've been using a Mac as my main DAW computer. I currently have a 2012 i7 Mac Mini that has served me...

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tha_lode 21st March 2017
Avatar for alexdingley

Anyone with a Symphony64 PCIe system ever see a problem where the interfaces momentarily vanish & then re-appear? I don't...

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alexdingley 21st March 2017
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Hello, I need some advice with FF 800 and phantom power issue. When I turn on a phantom power (with different mics and cables)...

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mariusz 21st March 2017
Avatar for AjD

Just had my first SSD disk die (it was my system disk), and the way it died is a bit concerning... just wouldn't boot one day,...

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AjD 20th March 2017
Avatar for Sigfried Chicken

It looks like the RME Babyface Pro has 2 XLR analog outs. My monitors (Yorkville ysm1ps) have humble 1/4 inputs. I was...

Sigfried Chicken
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Alndln 20th March 2017
Avatar for DMan

Just connected some monitors to outputs 3 & 4 on my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 but got a problem... when I first try to play...

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DMan 20th March 2017
Avatar for Solar

Hey guys! I don't know if this is OLD news or new (even though we know VST has been available for Linux for a little time now)...

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jupiter8 20th March 2017
Avatar for RiF

I am thinking about adding a Komplete Kontrol S keyboard to my Maschine Mk2. I am using the Maschine software in standalone...

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RiF 20th March 2017
Avatar for Buckster

looking for a recommendation please up to about 400 dollars please have/will have 2 keyboards a MOXF6 a TBD 88 key...

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Buckster 20th March 2017
Avatar for cowboycoalminer

A lot of you guys know me. I haven't posted on this forum in a long time. Not a shill, not a UA guy, just a dude who loves...

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Avatar for Motor For Music
Motor For Music 20th March 2017
Avatar for anonday

SOLVED: Steinberg actually makes you install drivers on a Mac... definitely returning this crap tomorrow. Now if only I could...

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Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 20th March 2017
Avatar for Nakatira

I've recently gone out of the box and on to routing my daw through a hardware mixer. I've got a AD8000 Behringer connected for...

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Nakatira 19th March 2017
Avatar for Bondtana

Would it be possible to do the following...? - Load up a piano VST in pro tools 11. - Take a batch of 50 midi files. - ...

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Bondtana 19th March 2017
Avatar for tcpMoniker

Hello. I'm doing some research on upgrades to my current machines for use with VEP in a master-slave set up. I have: - A...

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tcpMoniker 19th March 2017
Avatar for muziksculp

Hi, How useful is having Reason 9 if I use a traditional DAW that uses VSTs. (i.e. Cubase, Studio One, ..etc. ) ? I could...

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Avatar for itsyourself
itsyourself 19th March 2017
Avatar for TeraBrite

The other day I sent a (Heavy "A Day To Remember" type genre) recording I did with Guitar Rig 3 to my friend who is a...

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Avatar for jabtel
jabtel 19th March 2017
Avatar for musimedia

Hi guys, anyone else having no luck getting the Alphatrack to work in Logic Pro X on Yosemite? Mine was working fine until I...

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Avatar for Tony Kamel
Tony Kamel 19th March 2017
Avatar for StefanL

Hi all Im searching for practice (and recording) at home (on a Netbook with Cubase LE 6) a small interface for my acoustic...

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Avatar for StefanL
StefanL 19th March 2017
Avatar for Murgatroyd

Well, I thought this was going to be simple. I used to use Adobe Audition 3.0. It was perfect for what I needed. Mixing,...

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msmucr 19th March 2017
Avatar for Oklep

Hello guys I own Scarlett 2i4 (first gen) for few years now, I bought it because everyone were saying that it has amazing...

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msmucr 19th March 2017
Avatar for deadringer971

Hi there. I was wondering if the Motu 2408 MK1 is still "good enough" (with PCI-324)? I have the possibility to buy...

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HSi 19th March 2017