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So I've seen an offer for a used SSL Aplha Link going for nearly 2000 dollars off from a reputable distributor. I'm a bit torn...

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Alndln 12th May 2017
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I have found this is all I would need. Someone please build it, then take my money!

Bravin Neff
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Papa Rob 12th May 2017
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I bought an esinkin bluetooth adapter from amazon and the sub from promedia 2.1 is not working when i use that adapter and...

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gavros777 12th May 2017
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I've been composing on a piano with a pad of staff paper for too long. Time for a new midi controller (been scraping by with a...

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Rakrum 12th May 2017
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Just a very general question: once you have downloaded installers and installed their software on your computer you can get rid...

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Jackdc100 12th May 2017
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Hey guys kfhkh I produce edm (different genres) and I'm learning mixing and mastering (ITB only) Knowing that I produce music...

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psycho_monkey 12th May 2017
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Music Radar is reporting that IK Multimedia says it is going to show a 64-bit SampleTank 3 with over 2000 samples at NAMM. I...

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smoke 12th May 2017
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This is my first Laptop purchase. Intended use in priority order is: -DAW (Cubase Pro) -wireframe softwares like Balsomiq...

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thevisi0nary 12th May 2017
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Hi i just broke my iLOK2 and i am trying to finish 2 albums with loads of Slate plugins. Can i just buy a new iLOK 2 and load...

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climber 11th May 2017
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Hey guys! I'm thorn between what to buy to have more control over Ableton live For my productions I use most of the time...

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Nyroh 11th May 2017
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Hey, maybe someone here can help me with my problem. I use a Yamaha MW10c usb interface for recording. My DAW is Logic Pro...

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feile23 11th May 2017
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I have a laptop setup for on the go demo making, meaning I am not doing any critical listening. I hate headphone chords while...

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chucks 11th May 2017
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Realy Helpful Guide - It's in English & for Windows User's ! TITLE: Don't let audio glitches ruin your...

Sonic Soirius
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Sonic Soirius 11th May 2017
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I'm seriously contemplating getting a UAD Quad Satellite, mainly for the Manley plugins they do (even though I know I'd end up...

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ArcticAudio 11th May 2017
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Hi, Everyone, I've been trying to run through this in my head for a while and I've tried a few things but I haven't really...

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chefelf 11th May 2017
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I'm in dire need of some mental assurance here... I've got a choice between buying one Soundcraft Signature 22MTK or *two*...

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ChrisLudwig 10th May 2017
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anyone tried one please - I use a lot of soft synth VSTs on my PC- and was considering something like a Roland FP-30 plus RME...

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Buckster 10th May 2017
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Hi all :) I am just changing my equipm. for home recording and need to buy new AI, ideal under 1000 €. I am considering between...

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JAT 10th May 2017
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Hi all, I have searched the forums but information I find seems to stay on the edge of what I am trying to do. I hope this would...

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mr.captain2000 10th May 2017
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Hi there, Wondering if anyone can help. I'm recording using ribbon mics mainly for strings. I had an RNR1 mic by Neve/SE...

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robcello 10th May 2017
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hi everyone, I m using M-audio 49e, when i play on the notes named G1, D#2, B2, G3 , D#4 or B4, it will force the Logic channel...

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b.carlos 10th May 2017
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Hi guys! I have an M-Audio Keyrig 49 and working in Cubase 7 LE. Now I want to buy an another controller, the Studiologic...

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jozzi99 10th May 2017
Avatar for zzzz

Hello, I recently acquired an old Digitech Digi 002 rack audio interface. I just connected it to my MacBook Pro, using Reaper...

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zzzz 10th May 2017
Avatar for PC disaster

Really. I give up. I purchased this thing three years ago and it can't work it's way out of a paper bag. • i7-4930K •...

PC disaster
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wrgkmc 9th May 2017
Avatar for Matt Pumpkin

Hi! I have a Scarlett 6i6 that i am selling and wondered if anyone knew anything about license transfers? I couldn;t find info...

Matt Pumpkin
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Michael Winston 9th May 2017
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I need assistance... Mavericks (Latest update) New Mac Pro Trash can system. Cubase 8 Problem I purchased the...

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linenoise 9th May 2017
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Hello! I'm looking for a new granular synth to add to my sound design arsenal. I've used Ableton's max for live version of it but...

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tehlord 9th May 2017
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maybe this is not really solving a problem for the people who already own a NAS with FTP, samba network drive, FAT32 external...

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Absinth 9th May 2017
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hey everyone, my computer is about to die and since I'm traveling more and more I'm moving on to a MacBook Pro. Considering the...

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yukinawa 9th May 2017
Avatar for SpeckledOwl

Guys and Gals, I have a question for you - if you have a click track printed in pt, and you solo that track, monitoring through...

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Avatar for Red Black
Red Black 9th May 2017
Avatar for codeine

Any UAD Apollo Users that can help? Running Mac Pro El Capitan and UAD Apollo firewire (silver one). I recored a full drum kit...

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Avatar for ChaseUTB
ChaseUTB 9th May 2017
Avatar for PassionFlower

I'm pretty sold on the Apollo Twin from what I've seen so far. Just waiting to hear some more real world experience before I...

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abc1mce2 9th May 2017
Avatar for BarcelonaMusic

Strongly looking at buying this. I have a decent plugin collection, but this is this different. Anyone with experience with it as...

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Deleted 04d60e1 8th May 2017
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Waves Inphase question. Im doing a mono alignment same as the attached video....

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THE_NIK 8th May 2017
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Hi I have the UAD Pci-e octo. how can i avoid getting this message mid-session or where reopening a heavy project. I have the...

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mike98116 8th May 2017
Avatar for qkrzazzang

I have used Kingkorg exclusively for my past music composing (mainly pop/hiphop), but after I moved into a treated room that's...

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qkrzazzang 8th May 2017
Avatar for hoangthuy

You ask me a little An uad account can transfer hardware how many times!

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Diogo C 8th May 2017
Avatar for rici

hey guys i have experienced a misbehaviour while bouncing offline. the tracks i've used with Equilibrium (IIR mode), after...

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rici 8th May 2017
Avatar for Ogre Battle

Heyup, Will try to keep this as brief as poss: Have just bought a new (2nd hand) macbook pro 15" retina 2012 2.7Gb 16Gb...

Ogre Battle
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Deleted d78e603 8th May 2017
Avatar for dadolaaa

Hi I'm looking for a MIDI device/cable that will come MIDI-out from my master keyboard and then go into TWO separate MIDI-ins....

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 8th May 2017
Avatar for Pronecobra

Is the new Mackie Control Universal Pro substantially better than its predecessor, the Mackie Control Universal? I want to buy...

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mattrixx 8th May 2017
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Well I hate to even ask but here goes. After weeks of doing some research and looking at reviews for different laptops I am no...

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bill5 8th May 2017
Avatar for skycaptain

Just found out about the new Eventide Ultraverb plugin today, and am quite excited about it! Has 9 algorithms that come from the...

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Avatar for SteveWZ
SteveWZ 8th May 2017
Avatar for Elmaz

Hi Guys, I've recently upgraded to the new Macbook Pro and unfortunately the 3 adaptors required to take Firewire to USB-C...

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mirka 7th May 2017
Avatar for DEXTERITY

I posted this some where else, but I think this is a better place. I have jam and Peak for OSX but I can not figure out how to...

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m_gant 7th May 2017
Avatar for joeyagibson

Hi guys, I've been having problems with the Steve Slate everything bundle I have just bought. Have just been sent the ilok and...

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Avatar for RuffRider
RuffRider 7th May 2017
Avatar for Stevedavis

Hey any help with this would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance. Having trouble recording audio into my daw(sonar x3...

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Alndln 7th May 2017
Avatar for Deleted 19064ac

Hi, I'm about to buy a new audio interface - or PCIe card - but oh boy, there are so many choices and I just can't make up my...

Deleted 19064ac
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Deleted 19064ac 7th May 2017
Avatar for symbiosis

Hello. Ive been researching quite a bit and for some time. But i cant seem to decide which way to go to upgrade my interface....

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Alndln 7th May 2017
Avatar for Kap1productions

Peace GS Family! I'm currently having issues with my Focusrite Forte & Asio4all to work properly in Pro Tools 12.5.0 HD....

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Alndln 7th May 2017