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Hey guys, I'm wondering if you have any recommendations that meet my "highest priorities," as listed below. I may be...

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primemeat64 3rd June 2017
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Bit of a long shot but... Does anyone know of a VST plugin that will allow me to route a stereo input from my audio interface...

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J-S-Q 3rd June 2017
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I hope this is the right forum for asking this question. Does anyone use CCTV HDDs as external drives for audio recording, can...

Geoff Poulton
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Geoff Poulton 3rd June 2017
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Hello folks! I feel bad for asking for your attention, people, but know that if you have the time and some good ideas for me,...

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captain caveman 3rd June 2017
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I just bought a Tascam UH-7000 device and am really delighted with its sound and durable design. While recording my grand in the...

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puresounds 3rd June 2017
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I need a new audio interface and I want the best quality and only 2 line ins. I don't care about the mic preamps.

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papaki23 3rd June 2017
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Well it's unofficially official. The Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt is having big issues overheating. I bought one two weeks ago,...

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msalmeronc 3rd June 2017
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I have been COMPLETELY out of music production for the past 4 or 5 years while I completed my residency. I haven't followed...

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wrx07 3rd June 2017
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This would be for a late 2011 MacBook Pro. Not quite have the means to buy a new machine, so considering the smaller investment...

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007 2nd June 2017
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In January of 2016, Willie Nelson shared this rendition of 'Summertime', which in my opinion sounds amazing (quality wise, in...

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Roblof 2nd June 2017
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Hi, I'm new to this forum and audio in general as I started in the video world. I help run a show that does podcasts and...

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thechosenkhan 2nd June 2017
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Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the right forum for this question or not, but lately, every once in a while, a polyphonic file...

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Ty Ford 2nd June 2017
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Pro Tools and I celebrated our 12th year together recently. I've never had a wandering eye, and never envied another. Pro Tools...

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BombHouseWreck 2nd June 2017
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Dearest 'slutz, Sometime back in 2002-2003 I purchased Echoaudio's Layla 24/96 and it has served me well over these many years....

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defdaft 2nd June 2017
Avatar for dicejar

Hi guys, I've been trying some analog summing and trying to get things working properly, so far, I'm not quite there. I'm...

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msalmeronc 2nd June 2017
Avatar for Jessycd

Hi everyone ! This month, Avid is giving a free plugin from Avid Tier 2 for those who recently subscribe annually to Pro Tools...

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RiF 2nd June 2017
Avatar for ManuHB

Hi there! I was looking for an UAD interface (never had any UAD product) and a seller told me he could sell me his' with all of...

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Avatar for Big Boss Man
Big Boss Man 1st June 2017
Avatar for DavidAntonia

For a long time now I have had an issue with a huge noise floor when recording audio at home. Until recently I had blamed my...

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DavidAntonia 1st June 2017
Avatar for Geoff Poulton

Is there any need to partition a HDD when its only function is recording audio data, or is it better to leave it as one complete...

Geoff Poulton
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Geoff Poulton 1st June 2017
Avatar for thepilgrimsdream

Hey guys, I haven't really been active in recording for about 4 years now. (Since I got married, got a real job, dogs etc). Do...

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msmucr 1st June 2017
Avatar for Mevo2

Here's the deal: OWC has a 2012 3.2 ghz 4 core and a 2010-2012 3.3 ghz 6 core for 200 more. Both have 1tb ssd's and 32gb of...

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Mevo2 1st June 2017
Avatar for JAIA

Hi im a new at this forum, been reading a few years but decided to join because i cant find answers anywhere. I am residing in...

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JAIA 1st June 2017
Avatar for DevinAB

Hi, I've been having trouble with my setup, specifically while working in real time through Max(/MSP). There have been...

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DevinAB 1st June 2017
Avatar for eclecticsynergy

Know very little about computers and the last time I did any serious studio work was in the days of tape and vinyl. So I'm...

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lovemonkey3833 1st June 2017
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greenfly2012 31st May 2017
Avatar for ruonitb

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new USB interface to replace the Line 6 Toneport UX 2 I'm currently using. I've been using the...

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ruonitb 31st May 2017
Avatar for PoliticalBonobo

I'm heavily considering the MOTU 1248 interface as an upgrade into the prosumer world of my small home studio. I'm looking for...

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hobycook 31st May 2017
Avatar for 3rdpath

Well, for the first time ever I've had a mac die. I've had loads of towers ( G3, G5, 1,1) and this ( now dead ) BTO 2012 MBP quad...

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3rdpath 31st May 2017
Avatar for waynetrain96

Hi I have a low budget and I currently have a 2013 Macbook air. I always struggle with not having enough CPU to run Ableton Live...

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Avatar for gdoubleyou
gdoubleyou 31st May 2017
Avatar for auxReturn

I am building a new system running Motu DP9 and my main priority is to be able to run a bunch of VST synths and plugins nice and...

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Avatar for Crazy4Jazz
Crazy4Jazz 31st May 2017
Avatar for powpowmeow

I'm a Nebula devotee. JUST found out about Nebulaman and was so psyched to think about the possibilities and the simplification...

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zabukowski 31st May 2017
Avatar for philoking

I am working on a progressive metal album and have been using this album as a reference for my mixes. I sat down and spent a good...

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Jakeglutch 31st May 2017
Avatar for Muso

I disconnected my Symphony AD/DA16X (used via a Symphony X PCI-E card in a MAC), moved them and then re-connected them in the...

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Muso 31st May 2017
Avatar for Chummy

GUYS please help i'm heaving serious trouble! :( no matter how I connect my JP6 to the Roland octa-capture (with an xlr cable or...

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Therion 31st May 2017
Avatar for BarcelonaMusic

I have an Antelope with the oven clock, and it stays pretty warm. I forgot to turn it off the other night, so it was on all night...

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Avatar for foxwaves
foxwaves 31st May 2017
Avatar for boomer81

Bought a uad octo with 3 plugs included and a softube console one and im buying 10 more. Uad plugs. Since console one is pretty...

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Avatar for Asher Bay
Asher Bay 31st May 2017
Avatar for gearsuser

(system) asus p6te (Sata 2) windows 10 pro 64 bit / i7 920 / 6GB ram Thanks for any help in advance!! Can I just take my 4 HDD...

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gearsuser 31st May 2017
Avatar for bigbaby987

Just received my Orion Studio 2017 and have to say it's been hell. Complete and absolute hell trying to get it to work. Nothing I...

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msmucr 31st May 2017
Avatar for foge

This confuses me whenever I think about it. If I wanted to sample a bunch of old synths and then sell a kontakt library...

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Avatar for Pianohero
Pianohero 31st May 2017
Avatar for myles

Thinking about making a lightweight portable rig. Can one of the i7 dual-core Macbook Airs support eight simultaneous tracks at...

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Avatar for L-Fire
L-Fire 31st May 2017
Avatar for AKM

Hi guys, I'm deciding what interface to choose for upgrade, so thinking about getting the Babyface Pro. May I ask the owners,...

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Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 31st May 2017
Avatar for ostudio

Hi there! I'm planning to produce all my track (compose, mixing and mastering) only in Protools. I already have a Prism Titan...

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Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 30th May 2017
Avatar for firubbi

hi can't decide which one to choose. i want good 4 ch preamp. reliable driver for PC, aes i/o for future purchase of bricsti....

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Avatar for trbone64
trbone64 30th May 2017
Avatar for Ted Krotkiewski

So I wanted to do the switch from Mac to PC for some time now but still have not found a laptop for my needs in the PC...

Ted Krotkiewski
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Avatar for Solid Mastering
Solid Mastering 30th May 2017
Avatar for smackmastering

I'm doing it! (the most non-gearslutz thing to do) I own a TON of plugins from all of the major players. I'm frustrated with...

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Avatar for login
login 30th May 2017
Avatar for Cthulhu

Hi, I was wondering why there are not many acustica audio plugin reviews. I think they have nice plugins, but not so much...

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Avatar for brockorama
brockorama 30th May 2017
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Avatar for AevumWinter
AevumWinter 30th May 2017
Avatar for LytosOfficial

Hello, Please notice that I'm spanish so probably my english skills aren't going to be the best. Just in case my expressions...

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Avatar for Agli
Agli 30th May 2017
Avatar for fredouli

spent 2 weeks with the UAD EMT 140.. and now just spent a few days with the UAD Pure Plate.. I seem to prefer the tone of the...

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Avatar for kafka
kafka 29th May 2017
Avatar for Iron Sheik

Using Lexicon PCM native plug in Ableton. Trying to access the preset menu which I've never had a problem with until now. They...

Iron Sheik
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Avatar for Iron Sheik
Iron Sheik 29th May 2017