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This may sound odd, but over the past two weeks I've had a couple interactions with software developers that were amazing, and I...

Cpl. Punishment
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_Ripley 10th March 2021
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Been using the shelford for a while and I LOVE it so I decided to take the leap and get a Neve MBP for 2 buss/mastering needs. My...

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Realbadwolf 10th March 2021
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So I'm using a Scarlett 2i4 (2nd generation) and while I don't have any problems with the interface itself, it's the interaction...

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deathbyguitar 10th March 2021
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Hello audiophiles. I am looking for an audio interface / mixer that is able to run DSP plugins (EQ, compression, limiter etc.)...

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Scragend 10th March 2021
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Has anyone compared these units, specifically/exclusively with respect to their conversion quality and mic pre quality? I’m not...

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norbury brook 10th March 2021
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So I am looking to upgrade to a Prism soon and was wondering what's the best way to go. I hear that the Orpheus has firewire...

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Melodicca 10th March 2021
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I am looking to get a new interface. I've it down to a Prism Lyra 2 or a higher end RME. Mainly for mixing and using outboard...

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chazmar 10th March 2021
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Why aren't more people sampling their gear for Nebula? Particularly, because I find it a bit problematic that there are few guys...

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John Kurzweg 10th March 2021
Avatar for Lp4

hello i want to buy RME babyface pro FS, i have Focusrite scarlett 2i2 3rd gen, there is a remarkable difference between...

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Bushman 10th March 2021
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Love to hear from those who have successfully done this on 2020-21 iMacs. I will likely try Big Sur with my RME UFX, Live 10,...

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fastlanephil 10th March 2021
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Bought an Apogee Jam+ for mobile recording with my Windows 10 laptop. I've actually tried it with my desktop (Ryzen 3950X) and my...

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urobolus 10th March 2021
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Decided to resurrect my Apollo 8 as a remote recording (Luna), live mixing interface - and to track through independently of my...

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mhmusic 10th March 2021
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We're looking to upgrade to Antelope Orion 32HD or Lynx Aurora 32 (n) from 3 x first-generation Aurora 16 converters. Considering...

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raal 10th March 2021
Avatar for joecandy

Anybody know if the newer midi packs from ToonTrack will still work with Superior 2.0? It's just midi, so of course they...

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Avatar for ChristianD
ChristianD 9th March 2021
Avatar for mlw123

Hi all if I connect behringer ADA 8000 to my RME UCX to expand outputs over ADAT, which unit is doing the DA conversion please?...

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Avatar for mlw123
mlw123 9th March 2021
Avatar for SoundW0RM

Hey everyone, I'm running into a little quirk with my Korg NanoKontrol Studio MIDI controller. I'm using it with Pro Tools...

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SoundW0RM 9th March 2021
Avatar for Deleted 10089a2

Did anyone get one - what's the verdict? Yes Ive looked at the other threads, they are older and I want to see what people think...

Deleted 10089a2
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galgogergo 9th March 2021
Avatar for SoularPower

Hello lovely GearSlutz! I know I am looking for a PCI card. I know that I need at least two balanced inputs and two balanced...

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Avatar for snoskit
snoskit 9th March 2021
Avatar for DylanBradford

Hi guys! Long story short, I bought a Soundcraft MH3, it has 40 inputs all with direct outs and I'm looking for the cheapest way...

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Avatar for cozido
cozido 9th March 2021
Avatar for bkb911T

Haven’t seen a whole lotta much on the B4 or the B22. I took a leap of faith and ordered a B16 (w/ Soundgrid) and the B4/B22...

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Avatar for darkwavo
darkwavo 9th March 2021
Avatar for trock

Not sure if this was posted but I was literally going today to spec out a new 27 inch one to replace my 2014 model and BAM! there...

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Avatar for Nightowl43
Nightowl43 9th March 2021
Avatar for Adamamam

My brother and I have been using reaper for our year-long album collaboration. I was already a user, and its cheap, so we went...

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Avatar for movingtomars
movingtomars 9th March 2021
Avatar for lightnb

I use Linux, Reaper natively as the DAW, budget of around $3k for this setup. I'm looking to get an interface that has: 1....

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Avatar for Teofunk
Teofunk 9th March 2021
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I’m mixing a few vocalists who have a massive dynamic range and I just tried Waves Vocal Rider today and found it did a...

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Avatar for vintagelove
vintagelove 9th March 2021
Avatar for Jonni

I need some suggestions please. I play PES, a football/soccer videogame and there’s a sequence I need to follow in order to...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 9th March 2021
Avatar for AZBluesTracks

Help! Should I keep my new Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy CORE?!?!? I bought the Discrete 4 Synergy Core 1 month ago. I have until...

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AZBluesTracks 9th March 2021
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Breaks Dude 9th March 2021
Avatar for brousseau6933

Here it goes: I’ve bought an LX88+ back in 2018. Good 88 keys controller for my needs, I’m not a pianist, more a keyboard...

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Avatar for brousseau6933
brousseau6933 9th March 2021
Avatar for Freddieventura

Hi there, So I'm trying to replicate a MIDI hardware device (Behringer BCR2000) with a program (open-stage-control) by just...

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Avatar for Freddieventura
Freddieventura 8th March 2021
Avatar for Jay Northall

So I recently purchased this plugin amongst other JST products and I must say it's pretty good. It kind of reminds me of the...

Jay Northall
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Avatar for Jay Northall
Jay Northall 8th March 2021
Avatar for Oh Henry

Hey guys, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum, so if not in the right place feel free to shift this to the right...

Oh Henry
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Avatar for Oh Henry
Oh Henry 8th March 2021
Avatar for odtl

Hi, does anyone here have any idea what these three LEDs (D19, D20, D21) on my E-MU 0404 PCIe might be related to, or where to...

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Avatar for odtl
odtl 8th March 2021
Avatar for Marco Manemann

SOLVED! I found a Waves Soundgrid Studio Driver from the former user in the libary. Because it runs with 32 Bit on a 64 Bit...

Marco Manemann
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Avatar for Marco Manemann
Marco Manemann 8th March 2021
Avatar for analogmanash

Hi, I'm looking at getting an interface for my new mixing / writing studio. It will be used occasionally for tracking vocals but...

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nomatic 8th March 2021
Avatar for b0se

It would be incredibly handy (and cheaper) to be able to toggle an EQ on/off to 'see' the mix in a different light, rather than...

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Avatar for cause
cause 8th March 2021
Avatar for TomIrons

Hello folks, i was wondering how to use my ipad as a guitar fx device / amplifier in a DAW environment. In a live situation,...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 8th March 2021
Avatar for muzyk39

hello! I connected RME 12mic to motu 8a with ethernet cable, and motu 8a to pc via usb3.0. I can't control 12mic from motu...

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Avatar for muzyk39
muzyk39 8th March 2021
Avatar for elbingo

SSL Nucleus Remote 2 does not work on Catalina .. Of course, Solid State Logic adapts the software to MacOS Catalina :)

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Avatar for frankjum
frankjum 8th March 2021
Avatar for Burstwurst

I use an RME MADI card and an RME ADI-648 MADI/ADAT router, with all my converters routed through the MADI router. All my...

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Avatar for skkain
skkain 8th March 2021
Avatar for ultra171

I was thinking of buying an used RME Multiface (the first version) for 300€.. this is my first "pro" interface and...

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Avatar for Baltimore
Baltimore 8th March 2021
Avatar for The Press Desk

NUGEN Audio advances award-winning MasterCheck Pro loudness, dynamics, and codec toolset to Version 1.5 Innovative,...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for bcslaam
bcslaam 8th March 2021
Avatar for sadsultan

Thanks in advance for any replies to this requirements list. I’m ready to upgrade my DAW PC that I will also use for personal...

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Avatar for greggybud
greggybud 8th March 2021
Avatar for DJ Bechara

Hello Folks, I have a very stable running iMac Pro on Mojave with all my plugin arsenal installed and settings etc ... I am...

DJ Bechara
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Avatar for DJ Bechara
DJ Bechara 8th March 2021
Avatar for daniel_griffiths

Good evening gearslutters, im currently saving for a mixing console/daw controller ive got my eyes on the ssl nucleus ive been...

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Avatar for Method Man
Method Man 8th March 2021
Avatar for gearstudent

Hello, In every other DAW I have used, you are given the freedom to trigger several vst instruments at once from a single midi...

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Avatar for gearstudent
gearstudent 8th March 2021
Avatar for npfrs

Does anybody have any experience with The #1 Source For Drum Loops, Samples, Reason ReFills, Ableton & More! ? I currently...

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Avatar for J.Good
J.Good 8th March 2021
Avatar for NewGuY3

Hi everyone.. my first post..i want to record vocals in my suv and am thinking of taking my pc and smaller 15 inch monitor my fmr...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 7th March 2021
Avatar for nyne

I have the option of picking up either a new Zen Tour Synergy Core or a used Apollo X8. I know the form factor is different and...

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FOURTHTUNZ 7th March 2021
Avatar for MMD

I’ve had an Mbox Mini 3 for a while & it’s done it’s job for what I need. It’s still functioning, but it’s been...

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Avatar for SkyStudios
SkyStudios 7th March 2021
Avatar for Krzysztof

Hi Good news for those still running Powercores and wanting to run the latest OS..... unofficial PowerCore 4.5 beta 64...

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Avatar for Oliostro
Oliostro 7th March 2021