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Hello everyone! I'm doing some research as to what kinds of computer setups people use for composing/production. I've created...

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wuubb 18th August 2017
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I'm starting to dislike waves and probably won't buy anymore plugs. I do want the la3 but I can wait for a crazy Black Friday...

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NtokozoLOve 18th August 2017
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Hey Im comparing the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 vs the Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre - one runs on USB and the other Thunderbolt 2 - I...

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norfolk martin 18th August 2017
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I've got a ULN2 (no 2D/DSP). I love it, great quality, great sounding. I have a much bigger problem with the fact it's...

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msmucr 18th August 2017
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Hi all, Asking here for an older friend, I've used a Mac Pro for around 7 years now so I'm pretty out of touch with the PC...

Deleted 3284bb9
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Deleted 3284bb9 18th August 2017
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Current Setup - PC / Monitors - FocusRite 8i6 Future Setup - Laptop / Headphones - Portable Soundcard??? I only use my...

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clazzee 18th August 2017
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Hi All, If anyone can hook me up with a link to download Sierra 10.12.5, that would be great. Many thanks, Peter...

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Monkey Man 18th August 2017
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Hello, I'm feeling overwhelmed by what external hard drives I should be looking at and I wonder if anyone has any tips for...

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georgerarnold 17th August 2017
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Hi, Do you know A/D converters with only ADAT out and only Line inputs (no pre)?? Something like the SM Pro Audio Q-ADAT (not...

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actarus_23 17th August 2017
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Hello, I've been haveing this huge problem connecting my pc and laptop via midi and maybe you guys can help. What i'm trying...

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JayTee4303 17th August 2017
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My friend who's a filmmaker told me about a service that backs up an unlimited amount of storage for just $5 per month. He backs...

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gwilliamson 17th August 2017
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Hi experts. I have a question about using MainStage's "Autosampler" (or just sampling in general). What are the...

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L-Fire 17th August 2017
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Hi all, haven't heard back on support questions to Imperfect Samples lately so trying the group here. I'm switching from Kontakt...

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yelmua 17th August 2017
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Hello, I read gearslutz from about 4 or 5 years. I really appreciate your expertise and how you analize every side of pro-audio....

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loziodavid 17th August 2017
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Im looking for websites like soundcloud that people cant rip your song off from. Obviously people will still be able to connect...

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jwh1192 17th August 2017
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I do a lot of remixing projects and one problem I have is tempo detection of live performances (i.e., not "on a grid")...

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coolout 17th August 2017
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Hi all, didn't really know where to put this, but as I mainly work ITB, this seemed appropriate. Anyone here listening to the...

Midnight Oil Audio
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Midnight Oil Audio 16th August 2017
Avatar for Resort Records

I'm trying to setup a reliable (DAW-agnostic) archive strategy for my audio projects and wondered what everyone else is doing. ...

Resort Records
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Circuit3 16th August 2017
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Hello, As the subject states i would like to ask you here about choosing the right mixer for bringing more inputs to my...

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Bhoot 16th August 2017
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Hi guys, Anyone still using the Saffire LE with Mac running El Capitan or Sierra?;)

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Mr.Oak 16th August 2017
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So heres a question about an option for a spectrum analyzer used on an ipad. I want the spectrum analyzer always showing while...

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iamkentz 16th August 2017
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I have had this plug in for years, and I like it. One thing that I find interesting though, is that I have to really turn up the...

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Chevron 16th August 2017
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Swapped out the trusty La2a on female lead vocal with cl1b the other day and really liked what it did. Mid range had been a bit...

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CPhoenix 16th August 2017
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Hi Running Cubase 9 and am a singer/songwriter doing mostly acoustic based rock, ala Goo Goo Dolls and mellower. For alot of...

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trock 16th August 2017
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Hey Slutz! For all those interested in leveraging new ways to compose, experience and distribute music, we've built a how-to...

tcw av
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tcw av 16th August 2017
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ilmai 16th August 2017
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Hi all, I am new here, but have been reading these forums for a while to learn bits and pieces here and there for the craft of...

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Hitsogood 16th August 2017
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I was testing the correlation of a sample from Splice (sample in stereo) and found out that the correlations meters from Levels...

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loungeclaus 16th August 2017
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Title says it all. An Apple Genius™ told me all I'd need is a torque screwdriver, but then I thought about the size...

Monkey Man
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Monkey Man 16th August 2017
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I suspect most simply use their given DAW, but some might use a diff DAW just for that if it has a much better editor, and there...

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Monkey Man 16th August 2017
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EDIT - there's an identical thread currently on the go - should have read first - please ignore. Hello, Is there something...

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musicus 16th August 2017
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Is it worth getting the NI / Scarbee Vintage Keys / Organs, or are the ones in Logic comparable? What do you guys think who have...

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Deleted fa7843c1d4a255f 16th August 2017
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The sound will glitch on my iMac when music is playing on my DAW or TIDAL and I have the browser running. It will definitely...

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Monsieur_R 15th August 2017
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Hi! Quick question: what system drive I should use to avoid CPU issues on Logic? Here's some info about my system and...

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TheKosherButcher 15th August 2017
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my computers just self installed some new win10 updates and its taken over 5gb of harddrive space and filled it with crap..any...

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djwaxxy 15th August 2017
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I recently registered an NI Traktor Z1. With it came a $50 voucher. I also got a $25 voucher for recently upgrading to Komplete...

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djshire 15th August 2017
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Hello all! Apologies if you're seen this on one of the other places I've been sharing this, but hoping to get as wide a...

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pmjbaumann 15th August 2017
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Hi all. I am looking for a nice sample library for cymbal swells, eerie gong sounds, chinese cymbals, etc. I want to use them to...

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Yikez 15th August 2017
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Ok, I feel like I've been looking for the perfect mouse my whole life. I keep settling for one thing or the other and I always...

Rufuss Sewell
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Avatar for Monkey Man
Monkey Man 15th August 2017
Avatar for cc333

...And in my research, I've found the Jetway JNAF92-Q67 to be the most appropriate for my needs (it has four PCI slots, and it's...

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cc333 15th August 2017
Avatar for horizon2horizon

Please listen to the attached clip. Ok..so I'm no Keith Emerson (yet!) but I was wondering what kit I would need to get the...

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bgood 15th August 2017
Avatar for skiltrip

Suddenly on my Mac Pro (Sierra) both Studio One and Pro Tools are getting stuck booting on the MIDI engine. Pro Tools gets stuck...

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jwh1192 15th August 2017
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Hi, first post in here.. So lately I've been back to doing some production and remixing stuff (on and off in about 2 years), and...

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Pro5 15th August 2017
Avatar for TheIgor

Hey guys, First post. So, I'm a hobbyist Guitar/Bass player. So, I'm looking into getting more into recording, and home studios....

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lowkey 14th August 2017
Avatar for awvantage

Hi Folks I have a PC DAW in my main studio but I need something mobile. I would prefer to stay with the PC platform (I have...

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awvantage 14th August 2017
Avatar for bvdd

Hi Gang, I'm running W7 Pro and I need a cheap PCIE sound card for MIDI recording. I had been using an old PCI SB card in...

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wrgkmc 14th August 2017
Avatar for paulddg

Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to take benefit from an Apple discount and, given that my laptop is quite old, I'm...

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kafka 14th August 2017
Avatar for musicmixer04

Any plugin tuners with same ballistics as the korg rack tuners out there? Its so easy to tune with the Korg rack tuners. I have...

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musicmixer04 14th August 2017
Avatar for Chevron

I should start off by saying that I have a Silver 5,1 Mac Pro 12 Core machine running at 2.93 ghz with 28 gb RAM. This machine...

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Chevron 14th August 2017
Avatar for iOfStorm

Okay so this is my setup: I have Ableton running into my SubPac via Bluetooth. Out of the headphone jack on my SubPac I have a...

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Avatar for Monsieur_R
Monsieur_R 14th August 2017