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Hello fellow Gearslutz: I hope you all had some great holidays, and welcome to the New Year! I'm still a wet behind the...

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Robash 18th January 2018
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Loopcloud 2.0 is coming – audition millions of sounds in your DAW How do you make the world’s best sample browser...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 18th January 2018
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This place is probably the one place where people will actually have all these things and some idea what to do here. Here is...

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nomadjames 18th January 2018
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I work in Logic X. I am curious if I go to another studio that has Avid HDX converters, will Logic X be able to use these...

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bzone 18th January 2018
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Hi! I'm having trouble with my newly acquired Motu 828es. For some reason when I turn on all my gear, the output of the motu is...

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VenVile 18th January 2018
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I have the 2016 15" 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 and plan to upgrade to the 15" 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7- will I notice any...

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MatsNo 18th January 2018
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I'm getting a new laptop for music. My current one is a Lenovo with 8 GB RAM and an i5. It freezes up and crashes way too...

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Hanksery 18th January 2018
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I purchased an Apollo 8 a few weeks ago but I'm thinking about exchanging it for the Apollo 16. My reasoning behind it is future...

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Rockinthehill 18th January 2018
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I just upgraded my studio PC, and did a fresh install with Cubase 6.5 64bit, Windows 7, and my thrusty old Digi002r. I used to...

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Powerful 18th January 2018
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Okay so im looking to get a laptop for running more then 1 instances of kontakt and omnisphere in my DAW. I can spend some money...

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Vckickzit 18th January 2018
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I know there are several threads about latency with this unit but I need specific input for my application. I'm not the most...

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retractablezing 18th January 2018
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Hey Guys! I recently started producing Ambient/Chill Out Music and I'm trying to find the right piano (and/or piano mixing...

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mad_max03 17th January 2018
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I have a ilok 2 that I have had for a few years now. Maybe 2-3 years. I use it in my studio only. So, it is always plugged...

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arsmusic 17th January 2018
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Hi, I'd like to pass my problem with Apogee Duet 2, using it outside on temperatura under 6-7 degrees Celsius. Duet simply can...

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Gor_An 17th January 2018
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I have a UR44 I've been using to play a midi keyboard, but I'm not satisfied with the sound quality, either to monitors (Neumann...

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ikonomov 17th January 2018
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Hi guys, I am really overdue updating and upgrading my Mac. It's running stable so I've been afraid to change, but now some...

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steveyraff 17th January 2018
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Today I randomly decided to take some music apps for a test - I thought: what if I load the same chain on 4 different music...

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tomylee 17th January 2018
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I'm currently using my only ADAT 'in' on my MR816 to bring a stereo digital input (from my Benchmark adc-1) back into Cubase 9.5...

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LSP 17th January 2018
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Currently using Fireface UFX. I connected my speakers to 'Balanced Line Level Outputs 3/4' of the Fireface. Under Speaker setting...

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ikonomov 17th January 2018
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I’m looking for those production memes poking fun at “progressive” metal bands copying/pasting editing the guitar/drum wav...

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thefyn 17th January 2018
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Hi all, Long time lurker of the forums, thought I'd join up today partly because I have a query and partly because, it was...

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schematix 17th January 2018
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been trawling through plugin databases all day lol :facepalm:

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jbuonacc 17th January 2018
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I'm interested in adding some new models to my selection of compressors. And this time I'm going software, because of positive...

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soundmodel 17th January 2018
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My apologies if this has already been covered, but I just upgraded to PT 10, and I'm noticing gray space around plugins in plugin...

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amagras 17th January 2018
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Hello. I'm experiencing some problems with my 1820m. All of a sudden it will not pass audio into Reaper. There is an intermediate...

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Snatchman 17th January 2018
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So connectivity wise, I want to track vocals MIC>PRE>COMPRESSOR>ADI PRO and also mix with another outboard comp or...

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Krush411 17th January 2018
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I have a fireface 800 and would like to use 2 of the ''f'' keys to control the volume up and down in Windows 7 for the main...

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Dave.R 17th January 2018
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I have some really good VST libraries through NI Komplete 10, but I’ve always had a hankering for one thing in particular. A...

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dranzangos 17th January 2018
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If your like me, you have so many third party plug ins that its hard to even remember all of them. I decided to go and test all...

Jason rocks
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brockorama 17th January 2018
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so im going insane trying to find this feature in the studio 4 demo. did they still not implement a proper swing to the grid? i...

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Superfly76 17th January 2018
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Hi! I've been in a bit of an annoying situation lately... So I've recently purchased the FOCUSRITE OCTOPRE to be used as an...

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harmonband 17th January 2018
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Hiya, Looking at these old MIDI interfaces, I really just want to use them to Bus MIDI to my Motu Ultralite - is that...

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Elmbeatz 16th January 2018
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Hey dudes I need to expand the 56, so the obvious choice is an ADA8000 or Octopre etc. Seeing as I have two ADAT sockets,...

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Hamsterdam 16th January 2018
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Hello, I am looking for a new interface with TRUE LINE INS and best possible converters. I only need 2 channels and two outputs...

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Guitarist9891 16th January 2018
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Hi, I'm in desperate need of some advice. I'm struggling with the classic Asio time overload in Cubase 5 - but with 2 Serum...

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Kadament 16th January 2018
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I know there are lots of threads on this Just looking for a 'quick' answer Today seems to be last day for free upgrade to...

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PhilB 16th January 2018
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It appears to me that there is now a new generation of low-latency, fast audio interfaces running on thunderbolt. But what are...

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JCBigler 16th January 2018
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Dear Friends, my first post here, from south of Italy :) So, my girlfriend is going to kill me if I don't put out my big ATX PC...

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kodebode 16th January 2018
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So, most audio interfaces only have one MIDI in, one MIDI out, what ingenious methods can be used to save having to unplug + plug...

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MediaGary 16th January 2018
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Hello! It's a quite specific question I have to ask, so I need to be circumstantial for anyone to understand. I have SSL Sigma,...

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sigmatibet 16th January 2018
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Hi everyone ! I am looking for an easy , reliable way to have my writing / producing sessions folder shared between two...

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Lucas_D 16th January 2018
Avatar for semidigital

Hi guys Been slowly losing my mind with the FW interface side of Midas F32.... Can't figure out how to get my Thermionic...

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semidigital 16th January 2018
Avatar for Armitage

Is there any software alternative to Cubase that will auto create vocal harmony ideas for a given chord progression? Any ideas,...

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Ivorydom 16th January 2018
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Hello All Newbie here so please be kind! kfhkh Couldn’t decide what section this question belonged in! I’m planning on...

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BRISTOL86 16th January 2018
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Hey, I've had my eye on a few different Waves plugins and finally have a chance to scoop some up with their sale. Right now I'm...

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simon.billington 16th January 2018
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I have both EZ2 and AD2, however, I have some different midi files in AD2 that is not in EZ2. I know I can convert with midi...

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BH61 16th January 2018
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Happy New Years peeps. My 2 year old son decided to pick up my Macbook pro by the screen and completely destroyed about 2...

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Inca 16th January 2018
Avatar for Dgr

Hi folks - recently upgraded to Mac OS High Sierra and am no longer seeing my Townsend Sphere plug in. Anyone else having the...

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Dgr 15th January 2018
Avatar for DMan

RME UCX vs Apollo Twin Duo/Quad vs Presonus Quantum 2 Would love views on the above. Which is best for in-the-box work...

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Reverb 15th January 2018
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Any feedback on it? I'm considering either this machine or a 6-core i7 hackintosh (at around $1000 less).

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T_R_S 15th January 2018