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Thimeo Stereo Tool https://www.stereotool.com/download/ The basic version (which is more than enough for anybody!) costs 35...

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tomyohmy 25th March 2021
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Hey I'm looking for the sound of the Korg SDD 3000. I know there is UAD, but I don't want to buy UAD just for this plugin. Do...

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Jansemann4433 25th March 2021
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Hey! I'm looking for a VSTi or KONTAKT guitar with the best funky sound. I write funk and disco music. I found a "ST...

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Mirama 25th March 2021
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Is anybody else affected or bothered by the issue of rides being out of time due to a lot of cumulative sample delay...

Gav G
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Drumsound 25th March 2021
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Hi Guys, I'd like to know what are currently the best Timestretch and Pitch-Shifting Algorithm out there in 2017? Especially for...

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ardis 25th March 2021
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I use RealGuitar by Musiclab and it has keystrokes for strumming muting etc. You can put in a single note on the piano roll and...

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uncle808us 24th March 2021
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Hey all, I'll try to keep this as short and concise as I can. Thank you all for your help and advice in advance! My setup for...

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Janne19691 24th March 2021
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Hey all, I have a few old hard drives that I’d like to extract data from and put on the cloud. What’s the best way to do...

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MediaGary 24th March 2021
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Has anyone else experienced poor recorded sound quality in playback using an Apollo Twin X into Pro Tools despite great sound on...

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rwhitney 24th March 2021
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I've been using XP for audio since forever. Thinking of making a new audio system to be kept offline, --Except for...

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kcorstel 24th March 2021
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I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this in, but I'm trying to figure out how to connect everything and I could use...

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vitocorleone123 24th March 2021
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Hi Folks, A while back I picked up elysia's mpressor plug-in. Just having a look at it and can't figure out what value the 0dB...

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cpsmusic 24th March 2021
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Hi all, I am looking to use Midi-Ox to manage patches on a vintage Ensoniq ESQ-M. I need to change the battery and before I...

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k7gle 24th March 2021
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"Error loading Keyscape AU plugin The Keyscape.component plugin exists at the correct location, but cannot be...

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PostDisco 24th March 2021
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I'd like to get one versatile compressor. This will be the first dedicated VST compressor get. I've only used "The...

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basmartin 24th March 2021
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I'm getting a lot of nasty noise that sounds like electromagnetic interference from my desktop PC when I'm trying to record...

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Folkie 23rd March 2021
Avatar for StrykeBack

Need a new setup for writing with keyboards and soft synths as well as guitar and bass at home. Will use for controlling soft...

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sp1200 23rd March 2021
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I usually put reverbs on individual channels in Logic but now I would like to put them on one send like I used to do in...

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jwh1192 23rd March 2021
Avatar for GrabtharsHammer

Hey, I am looking for a USB or MIDI I/O capable Expression Pedal to connect with my iMac or Babyface Pro to control a wah...

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emilkapp 23rd March 2021
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I'm about to get a new working machine, and i've yet to choose what kind of monitor i want to have. I've had the chance to...

Deleted c387cfa
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MicheleS76 23rd March 2021
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AVG was fine - then the popups started Avira was beyond annoying with trying to take over the whole operating...

Deleted 10089a2
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zeddan111 23rd March 2021
Avatar for Kola

Hi there, Is there a way to extend the dongle port officially known as the Cartridge Port (on left as you sit in front) on my...

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Kola 23rd March 2021
Avatar for vsthalion

Hello, I'm having a bad issue with my Orion 32 first gen, i'm getting very bad digital snow on all of the DA channels. I'm using...

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vsthalion 23rd March 2021
Avatar for ramo_and

Hi, I'm planning to 'upgrade' from Studio Drummer to Addictive Drums 2. Which ADpak would be the best pack rock drums like...

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ramo_and 22nd March 2021
Avatar for Khost85

Hey guys. So I'm currently going down the Soundcard rabbit hole with about 30+ tabs open on my PC as I'm coming across new...

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thenoodle 22nd March 2021
Avatar for MassimoB

Hi, I was just curious who you guys like for plug-ins for ease of use. I bought a bunch of Waves plug-ins and have had nothing...

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random musican 22nd March 2021
Avatar for ELAmental

I just picked up a RME UCX interface and am now thinking I should have gotten the UFX:facepalm:. I just want to route a second...

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Avatar for PirateCatAudio
PirateCatAudio 22nd March 2021
Avatar for LakewoodLLD

I have an RME UFX interface, and I'd like to get high-quality audio from it into the ZOOM conferencing app on my Mac, for...

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therealtaxman 22nd March 2021
Avatar for gearstudent

Hello, I remember reading about a DAW technique: 1. You designate an audio track as the master hitpoint track. 2. You tell...

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gearstudent 22nd March 2021
Avatar for 5thString

Hey all! Has anyone put the M-Audio Air 192 | xx series to ear test? I'm courious about the converters... Any review or...

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Resogun 22nd March 2021
Avatar for Carabinerx

Well, im only now seeing the wave of internet warnings about updating to the new OS, unfortunately my grad school financial aid...

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n1kala 22nd March 2021
Avatar for soundrick

I am sold, sold, sold, on Reaper. WOW. The routing flexibility alone should make Digidesign feel like a bunch of schmucks....

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s wave 22nd March 2021
Avatar for bradloha

I recently bought Maschine plus, I have been living in the past on a Maschine Mickro MK2 for a while now haha. I bloody love the...

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bradloha 22nd March 2021
Avatar for uptoolate

I’m wanting to get a used MacBook to run Logic Pro etc. I’m on a limited budget and am wondering how far back (year model) I...

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rACgear 22nd March 2021
Avatar for alternativeinc

I'm having some trouble with my Icon Qcon Pro and I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and/or been able to fix...

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Avatar for jfmg1987
jfmg1987 21st March 2021
Avatar for LPTeleStrat

I own Addictive Drums 2 with most of the rock oriented ADpaks - black velvet, Fairfax, indie rock, blue oyster etc. It sounds...

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Avatar for joh
joh 21st March 2021
Avatar for colbykeyz

Hi im trying to automate a filter on my drum bus that turns on during the verses. I put fab filter pro Q 3 on the drum bus with a...

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colbykeyz 21st March 2021
Avatar for jacotzen

I was messing with Amp modelling and external IR inside Logic Space designer and to my surprise I realised that switching between...

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jacotzen 21st March 2021
Avatar for jleezy7

So I'm currently looking to expand my inputs. Right now I'm running an apogee duet with some external preamps and compressors. I...

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jleezy7 21st March 2021
Avatar for audioartist

Greetings, I realize this is probably a somewhat dated topic. I have seen posts referring to the SSL Madiextreme card and it's...

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Avatar for audioartist
audioartist 21st March 2021
Avatar for Thomas Finn

Hi, I need a new audio interface. My computer: Mac Mini M1 (2020) My preamp: Neve Shelford Channel My DAW: Reaper...

Thomas Finn
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Avatar for mcanicos
mcanicos 21st March 2021
Avatar for Dilaco

I have noticed that the main plugins that keep coming up in my search for that air band/top end sheen—Maag EQ4, Kush...

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Avatar for SV7107
SV7107 21st March 2021
Avatar for infernouk

Hey guys Wanted to hear from anyone using / that has used this plugin. I have a room that has pretty much no acoustic...

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nichttuntun 21st March 2021
Avatar for The Mike

Sorry if it was the wrong section, I couldn't find a proper mix forum. I used vocal rider waves demo, which I really enjoyed....

The Mike
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FNM 21st March 2021
Avatar for CPS

Hey guys, did you know that there's a special KEYS edition of the freeware synth-plugin Warrior? If you're producing...

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CPS 21st March 2021
Avatar for alexis

Hi, does anyone have experience with both of these? I've got Melda MautoVolume. It does not have automation writing, which is...

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Avatar for DJVance
DJVance 21st March 2021
Avatar for 79adam79

I'm looking to buy a plugin that automatically adjusts the gain of tracks. There are lot on the market and I'm curious which...

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Avatar for DJVance
DJVance 21st March 2021
Avatar for motomotomoto

So I know sknote has one called the A25 and waves has their emulation. Are there others I am not considering? What’s the best...

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Avatar for Zenmindbeginner
Zenmindbeginner 21st March 2021
Avatar for Noobstudioguy

Hello Gearslutz, (TO SKIP THE DETAILS JUST SCROLL DOWN TO THE LINE) I'm working on my first build and having a very hard...

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Noobstudioguy 21st March 2021
Avatar for Fendrix

Hi everyone, Has anybody tried Softube plugins in Logic 10.6.1 on Big Sur? Apparently they are not yet compatible which I...

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Avatar for Fendrix
Fendrix 21st March 2021