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Hello, There is a VST named Portal by a company named Output. The do not seem to have any demo version available. The only...

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RyanM 29th March 2021
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I am new to the audio production world and on a budget. I'm looking at an HP Desktop Computer Pavilion TP01-1140 Ryzen 5 4600G....

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ChrisC73 29th March 2021
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Has anyone any experience using Jbridge software on Mac with logic pro? I am currently looking for a way to use my 32-bit...

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Dalle 29th March 2021
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So, I'm looking for the easiest way to live stream from my basement studio, while getting the quality of sound from my...

Michael Franklin
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Michael Franklin 28th March 2021
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Hey guys, Just wondering about purchasing Izotope Elements. I don't really like the idea of purchasing a budget set of...

Edward Shnapper
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ShelGef 28th March 2021
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My goal is to use a PC with DAW software and a 16 or more channel interface as a whole house audio processor. I could get a...

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Thuneau 28th March 2021
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I’m using Melodyne ARA plug-in in Logic. I turned Logics Groove Track function on on 2 of my tracks that is already edited in...

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JoshViV 28th March 2021
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My current setup is a Fireface 800 with a Rosetta 800 for eight channels of additional I/O running on a 2012 Macbook Pro. It...

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The dman 28th March 2021
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HELP I am in serious trouble, my Push 2 all of a sudden doesn't work anymore. It used to work fine, but now it just stays on...

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DJ_PRO42 28th March 2021
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Hello friends, I recently purchased an SSL sigma. I am considering a control surface for it. Should I go for SSL...

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rachansky 28th March 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a nice MIDI CC controller. There are a bunch around like the Korg nanoKontrol, but many of them...

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Keno69 28th March 2021
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Has anyone tried the new Polyverse Comet Reverb? Comet - Polyverse Music I do not see any kind of trial available (perhaps...

no genre
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mixerguy 28th March 2021
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Hi guys, Any feedback on how good the drivers are on Windows 10 ? I am particularly interested in the stability during...

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bulldozer1984 28th March 2021
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Hello friends, i'm trying to get NI Kontakt 5 but i can't find the place, the nearest i get is the updates, but i want the...

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alexvigore 28th March 2021
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3 months ago I got a 2TB Samsung T7 SSD. A couple days ago I got a popup saying the drive could not be repaired, it could not be...

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loopy 28th March 2021
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I've been ITB for years but recently decided to go back, in part, to my roots with hardware modules. So I have read "every...

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netrom 27th March 2021
Avatar for Sir Hannes

Hi all using Reference 4 since years. It started as a plugin and now it's a standalone in my OSX system. Today I'd like to...

Sir Hannes
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Sir Hannes 27th March 2021
Avatar for alexsongbeats

hello, i'm sort of a noob with working on my babyface pro, but I would like to know if it would be possible to use 2 different...

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DjLoony 27th March 2021
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I just noticed that Toontrack's latest in their series of weekend sales is the C&V SDX for $70. I bought SD3 last year and...

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oboemaroni 27th March 2021
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I know this topic has been done to death, and I did go back and read some of the existing threads. So my purpose isn't to rehash...

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loujudson 27th March 2021
Avatar for jamesnationmusic

Hey guys, We are looking into buying a controller for our PT setup and are wondering how well a controller integrates with UAD...

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65cateye 27th March 2021
Avatar for torpor

In all versions of Mac OS before my connected AMT 8 was detected and the driver was installed automatically over the App...

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Ripz 27th March 2021
Avatar for jdurango

Got great deals lined up on each, around $1500 for. A) Apogee AD16X + DA16X or... B) RME UFX w/ Black Lion Premium mod...

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SP27 27th March 2021
Avatar for jdsierral

Hello all :) I was checking MOTUs Facebook page and saw a lot of complaints about drivers for AVB devices for Big Sur... I was...

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tjcesq 27th March 2021
Avatar for Gary D Olson

My 3 year old studio PC from Sweetwater crapped out on me so I’m about to replace the mobo, CPU, and ram. Micro ATX to stay...

Gary D Olson
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Gary D Olson 27th March 2021
Avatar for mizzle

I would like to use the ADAT outputs on my Presonus Quantum 2 to get more line outs to connect to monitors. I will be running...

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mizzle 26th March 2021
Avatar for strange loop

I'm looking for something I can use to host VST/AU effects and route any audio application to that before it goes to my sound...

strange loop
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Kyle P. Gushue 26th March 2021
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Hi all :) so, I bought a new macbook pro, because my good old mbp late 2011 got a bit old... ;) so everything went fine,...

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maedde999 26th March 2021
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Is Music Software a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

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joeq 26th March 2021
Avatar for lamp

Hi all. I am running ProTools 2020.12 on a 2018 Mac mini. Interface is an Apollo X6 and I also have Luna software. As you all...

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lamp 26th March 2021
Avatar for De Rien

Hi there, When setting up my Clarett 8Pre USB as standalone (routing the inputs to the digital out) and daisy-chain it with my...

De Rien
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TomJaegerMusic 26th March 2021
Avatar for Toni_Pepper

Hi guys, I'm interested in buying new laptop up to 1150eur for music production, mixing, mastering etc. I'm happy to hear some...

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boingpoumtchak 26th March 2021
Avatar for Oiseaux

I recently started mixing with pro tools and I'm not sure if I'm using the master fader correctly, in fact I'm not using it at...

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Clbraddock 26th March 2021
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In the thread linked below from the great Q+A with John Hanes, John mentioned the insert effects order on his vocal tracks (and I...

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brandano 26th March 2021
Avatar for wzxit

Hello, The guy I sold my Apollo register himself on uaudio on his account, so the plugins are alone on my account now, in system...

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wzxit 26th March 2021
Avatar for blvcksoulbeats

Hello everyone, new here and I really hope I'm in the right place, as I've been a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of...

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blvcksoulbeats 26th March 2021
Avatar for mOne8

Hi, I'm looking to get a tape emulation plugin. I've read as many related threads as I could but still don't know which one to...

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Avatar for Dirk Churlish
Dirk Churlish 26th March 2021
Avatar for system100m

I need a way to load ARC2 on a high quality media player. So far I've been able to get Foobar and Winamp running it, but both do...

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OrphicTrench 26th March 2021
Avatar for reubenayres

I would be very grateful for your expertise and knowledge. From the UA website, I understand that the LA-2A (stereo) plugin...

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Jeezo 26th March 2021
Avatar for SStudio

Hi guys Have you tested these 3 converters? I have the Convert-2 but need to add one more to the arsenal. Can't demo Solaris,...

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alexeproducer 26th March 2021
Avatar for ICMZ

So I just got Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone to upgrade from my current one TONOR BM-700. I have a Focusrite Scarlett...

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ambiguous signal 26th March 2021
Avatar for MaverickMan

Hi People. I have an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt which I absolutely love, but one thing that's driving me a bit mad is the...

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MaverickMan 26th March 2021
Avatar for wcniedba

Currently using a Windows laptop to do some composition which consists 90% of virtual instrument composition via a small/portable...

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b2001bt 26th March 2021
Avatar for Nickerz

So right now my signal chain is as follows Mic > Mic Pre > DBX160 > Ross Audio PCM4222 A/D I have not chosen an...

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PhilDW 25th March 2021
Avatar for joh

Maybe you can give me a quick hint. I´d like to use a 55" TV as my main monitor on my mac pro 2011. Only for music...

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Muser 25th March 2021
Avatar for akaye

Hello All, Interesting situation here. I sold my Apollo rack and replaced with a Sound Devices Mixpre-10 with the goal being to...

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akaye 25th March 2021
Avatar for LX3

Hey folks I have a question that I cannot find a definite answer for anywhere online. If you buy a second-hand UAD2 and the...

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IM WHO YOU THINK 25th March 2021
Avatar for Skrzak

I came across this idea a couple of years ago, but now can't see anyone actually using it. Search on Gearshlutz also gave no...

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charlieclouser 25th March 2021
Avatar for benjiboko

Hi all. As im sure is the case for many of you I have amassed so many samples, kits, instruments, patches over the years and...

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benjiboko 25th March 2021
Avatar for Leth02

Im trying to use a guitar with my USB audio interface. The sound has a very loud buzz. I disconnected my laptop from the mains...

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Avatar for ambiguous signal
ambiguous signal 25th March 2021