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Anyone else having problems with these guys, went into my account after their website change and my sand license is missing, and...

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loosejaw 4th April 2018
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Just looking for a basic standalone oscilloscope for Mac to give visual references during a talk. Suggestions?

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mizzle 3rd April 2018
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Hi folks, I use a Nektar Impact LX48 and I'm having a weird problem that I can't sort out. In Logic I loaded Ultrabeat and I...

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mrsoul 3rd April 2018
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Products - Soundtoys Along with many other ridiculous Soundtoys price reductions. I believe it says it's a one time sale due to...

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bloodybob 3rd April 2018
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I'm having a difficult time finding a type-C usb 3.1 gen 1 enclosure that's bus powered for 3.5" drives ... specifically...

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thenoodle 3rd April 2018
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I have a Waves Scheps 73. I thought it was supposed to give a flavour when inserted even when no eq applied. But when I run a 1K...

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Ardis 3rd April 2018
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Hi, I trying to decide which of these two to purchase. I have been all over the web and read manuals, watched videos and read...

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Bboy 3rd April 2018
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I was really bad-mouthing UAD in a couple of threads about their pricing, accusing them of being greedy based on second-hand info...

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Quetz 3rd April 2018
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Hello everybody, I am going to update my audio chain at home to listen and producing music and I am looking for a good audio...

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kiodos 3rd April 2018
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I have the following setup at home: PC with external Firewire interface, Yamaha S90 ES, Mixer. I have a "digital"...

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Deleted 3517a99 3rd April 2018
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Hello all, I have a ground loop problem - or what seems to be a ground loop problem - that I can't work out. I've had some PC and...

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TS-12 3rd April 2018
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So I had this idea about a year ago to stream to my phone so I can test my mix on the speakers that most people will listen on...

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JayTee4303 3rd April 2018
Avatar for NoteKnotion

I've had a Tascam 16x08 Interface and I've enjoyed using it for years. However, I keep seeing more and more people talking about...

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Alndln 3rd April 2018
Avatar for AaronCalifornia

WAVES TUNE NOT RENDERING WITH CORRECTIONS Hello, I recently purchased Waves Tune because I’ve used it in my friend’s studio...

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AaronCalifornia 3rd April 2018
Avatar for Flo Fandango

I bought a few months ago some Acqua plugins from Acoustica. They are good, a bit CPU hungry, but it was to be expected. However,...

Flo Fandango
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JamesOnFlames 3rd April 2018
Avatar for salvorsalvor

Hey there, Long time mac user here (however I grew up using PCs). I'm looking to upgrade my computer from what I have at the...

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Alndln 2nd April 2018
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wrgkmc 2nd April 2018
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I'm talking monitors for the eyes, not for the ears. Just bought a house and will be dedicating a room specifically for my...

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hculture 2nd April 2018
Avatar for Relvce

Hello! I‘d like to buy a used Apogee Duet on eBay and would like to know of it‘s possible for me to register the product to...

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msmucr 2nd April 2018
Avatar for mattneale

Hey all, I’m looking to build a high end pc for gaming and music production. But I also want to get a nice interface to pair...

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djwaxxy 2nd April 2018
Avatar for prcsArtifact

Hi, first time poster here but ive been a long time reader so i'll jump straight to the point. i'm looking for a mac...

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msmucr 2nd April 2018
Avatar for Local Man

I know this has been discussed in the past but I am looking for current and specific information. I am looking to purchase an...

Local Man
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Avatar for Monkey Man
Monkey Man 2nd April 2018
Avatar for Zeromaz

Been having a couple issues with the Zen Tour and I've solved one in which the interface would automatically switch between...

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Zeromaz 2nd April 2018
Avatar for blackcom

-All 1176 models in 1 single module with only a "mode" switch. -Both VCC channel and bus models in 1 single module...

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blackcom 2nd April 2018
Avatar for crisswave

Hey guys! Just wondering if any of you know this Nebula3 Skin (attached), I tried google images searching but didn't find...

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crisswave 2nd April 2018
Avatar for realmfg

Hi everyone, I just bought a Mixcube, as I want to mix in mono going forward. I am planning on buying an interface (Scarlett...

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msmucr 1st April 2018
Avatar for bernband

I need a new mac and want to buy a Mac Pro. I use Pro Tools 12 HD Native, usually have about 120 Tracks @ 96Khz. My main job...

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Avatar for Aziak
Aziak 1st April 2018
Avatar for fresnohammond

Once I'm familiar with the market, I can then move on to figuring out what sort of portable rig I need to build to suit the host...

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fresnohammond 1st April 2018
Avatar for Barra79

Hi, I'd like to get a new interface that I can use, among other things, to control the CV/Gate on my synths. This requires DC...

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Barra79 1st April 2018
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CathodeRay 1st April 2018
Avatar for Hypnox

Hey gearslutz ! I have been struggling the last days to choose between audio interfaces... I have read hundred of pages of this...

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Avatar for Hypnox
Hypnox 1st April 2018
Avatar for ChayaFFM

So I found a deal where I could get a brand new Duet 2 for 350 eurobucks. The only caveat is that it's the black avid-branded...

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KorgAddict 1st April 2018
Avatar for jah

Hello, kfhkh Long time lurker and relative newbie, please forgive me if this is a basic question. cooge I have been in the bad...

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jah 1st April 2018
Avatar for sonicElements

Very interested in getting 1 of these two. Demoed Decapitator and loved it. iVGi is nice, but it's hard to really get a feel...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 1st April 2018
Avatar for DinosaurSR

So I have a lead vocal with the I/O plugin sending it to my rack compressor and bringing the signal back into Logic. No sweat!...

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JblKid95 1st April 2018
Avatar for Clbraddock

I just order a new external hard drive (my old ones are all to small to be useful anymore). My primary goal is to back up all of...

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Clbraddock 31st March 2018
Avatar for AlogicUser

Hi Forum Users I saw today, that samplitude is on sale... I am a Protools HDX User and wanted to add another DAW for Midi,...

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Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 31st March 2018
Avatar for Dieters

Hello everybody, I am happy about having found this place and joining this community. Since nearly 20 years I was using a PC...

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12Bass 31st March 2018
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I just discovered these great instruments, but it looks like they aren't available from the companies website any longer. Does...

Sean Sullivan
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Avatar for Squeegee 303
Squeegee 303 31st March 2018
Avatar for scottkahn

If you've got an older Mac Pro tower (2008-2012), here's a feature I wrote about all of your upgrade options. You can make these...

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Avatar for Cardinal_SINE
Cardinal_SINE 31st March 2018
Avatar for ccg

Anybody using Crane Song Peacock? I reach for Phoenix on a fair amount of tracks. There doesn't seem to be a ton of talk about...

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Avatar for AlogicUser
AlogicUser 31st March 2018
Avatar for SLAPPADom

Hey all, I just received my Fireface UFX 2 yesterday and loaded the drivers. when playing back from my DAW (Studio One)...

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Avatar for SLAPPADom
SLAPPADom 30th March 2018
Avatar for jah

So this is a question thats bugged me a lot, forgive me if it is a little newbie. If I bounce down a project with the same...

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thenoodle 30th March 2018
Avatar for FlatH

Hey guys, Just a quick pool. What you will choose for home recordist. 1. apollo twin mk2 2. uad twin finity...

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Avatar for LuXx
LuXx 30th March 2018
Avatar for chrisregent

Hi, I’m looking to get a plug-in host that I can run the exponential audio reverb plugins with so I can use it like a hardware...

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Avatar for Dana_T.
Dana_T. 30th March 2018
Avatar for 25ghosts

Hi There, I am on an iMac 5K with 32GB RAM - 4GB Graphics - 1TB SSD. Connected via Thunderbolt 2 are some SSD Drives with...

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Avatar for daslicht
daslicht 30th March 2018
Avatar for denSaakaldte

Hi, Let me explain some things first. I own the Audient id22 interface about a year now. And I also have the Audient asp008....

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Avatar for Chris Dover
Chris Dover 30th March 2018
Avatar for ttango

I am receiving an AM radio station on my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The only cable plugged in is the USB cable to my mac mini. I...

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Avatar for Dana_T.
Dana_T. 30th March 2018
Avatar for SJMC

Anyone else experiencing a strange issue with Logic Pro X 10.4.0 where they are unable to control any plugins that they put on a...

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Avatar for Tnevz
Tnevz 30th March 2018
Avatar for lipm77

Hi all, I've done a good google session and can't quite find what I'm looking for. Does anyone here use an iPhone as a monitor in...

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Avatar for Saxnscratch
Saxnscratch 29th March 2018