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Hopefully I'm posting this is the right place, feel free to move it if necessary. This isn't a huge problem, but sometimes...

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JohnnyAmato 12th July 2018
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I use an iConnectMidi4+ interface to route digital audio+midi between my Laptop, iPads and Desktop and was hoping to continue...

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ZenEagle 12th July 2018
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What have you chosen ? I do have investments on on OLD RTAS plugins (Protools).... Is it worth going to Protools 11 or later...

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Swurveman 12th July 2018
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Got around to running the benchmarks over the recent 6 core mobile chip from Intel. Intel i7 8750H – The power to move...

Pete Kaine
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Pete Kaine 12th July 2018
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Hey guys here a few new videos we shot last week. Peace, James Is3V_XLh3ik j_86cfSCNX4

James Lugo
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James Lugo 12th July 2018
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Hey, curious what services SFTP or cloud service(s) you use for sending mix stems, lossless 24bit etc WAV files THanks

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ShadowsOfLife 12th July 2018
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Anyone using the Waves Dorrough? How does it compare to brainworx bx-meter and others? cheers, bb

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briaboy 12th July 2018
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I am running a 2012 Mac Mini i7 2.6 which is decent but struggles to do bigger projects...I was looking at a Hackintosh on Ebay...

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SWAN808 12th July 2018
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Hi, I want to build an ITX system. I like the Intel z370/ h370 ITX boards mentioned on the tonymacx86 building guide for being...

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Pete Kaine 12th July 2018
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Hi all Anyone know anything about the new i7 9700k dropping in September? This article has it featuring some kind of new quad...

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Pete Kaine 12th July 2018
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Hey, I already bought trash2 and he have a delay effact. I'm using reason and don't like the stock plugin. I notice that...

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biksonije 12th July 2018
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I saw the new demo of Omnisphere 2.5 where they have set up the parameters to be controlled by analogue synths. YouTube Is it...

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Tiggerdyret 12th July 2018
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Hey all, so frustrated by this. My Apogee One constantly loses connection to the MBP Touchbar. I just had my MBP serviced. I...

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jkung 12th July 2018
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Not sure this belongs here per se, but here goes. My brother and I were talking about a Led Zeppelin cassette box set he got,...

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KingsX 12th July 2018
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Been a user of this great little device for what seems like forever but as my studio has grown so have my needs and as dope as...

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illsoulprod 12th July 2018
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I have a MOTU 2408 and three Focusrite Octopre MK II's (not the dynamic, so ADAT out only). I'm getting digital clicks once every...

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pipelineaudio 12th July 2018
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Anyone who's used both, thoughts on pros/cons of one vs the other?

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ShadowsOfLife 12th July 2018
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I'm primarily trying to use my computer to make music. Someone recommended I purchase a Dell XPS 13, but I've had buyers remorse...

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Alndln 11th July 2018
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I have a fully loaded iMac pro 3ghz intel xenon 10 cores 64 gb ram 2tb ssd using a zen tour on thunderbolt when i run...

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echo44 11th July 2018
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Hi, i'd like to buy a new laptop to run vst's on Fl Studio, and play those with a MIDI keyboard. Obviously 'm looking for a...

Lupo Cattivo
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Lupo Cattivo 11th July 2018
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So not very long after I sold my Console 1, because I was bored with SSL sound and went more towards API sound. Then Softube...

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Pale Pyramid 11th July 2018
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I'm interested in seeing how close plug-ins can get to an API 527. I've already tried elysia Alpha, Mpressor, MJUC. Give...

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Mercado_Negro 11th July 2018
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For some reason only my TIMP programs won't load in nebula. Nebula version 3 All the other programs load and I have no...

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kuulart 11th July 2018
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Hello guys, I've been running home studios for a while and no matter which pair of monitors I used, I always had some challenges...

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JeanDit 11th July 2018
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Hi all, My current Dell Studio XPS was purchased in 2007 and is on its last legs so I'm in the market for a new laptop. ...

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tehlord 11th July 2018
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Hi, Do you think, that melodyne will generate more artifacts, when source recordings are in 44 kHz sample rate instead of...

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creaze 11th July 2018
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So I decided to run a clump of test files through analogue gear and my collection of 22 waves plugins, to see if the waves gear...

Deleted 4373f97
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Deleted 4373f97 11th July 2018
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Hello. Have a question if I may: I've just left my trusted Emu 1820m interface and bought a Focusrite Clarett 4pre..Had a few...

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Snatchman 11th July 2018
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Anybody try this one yet? Looks super cool, and only 40 bucks. True Iron – Kazrog LLC

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Deleted 9d8db46 11th July 2018
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I am trying to record guitar from the instrument input. I am getting a very low output level that I cannot control the level of...

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thevisi0nary 11th July 2018
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Hello everyone, I am not able to get my new Zoom UAC-2 to work properly with my Windows 10 PC. I installed the drivers as...

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Alndln 11th July 2018
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I intend to get piano vst or kontakt library so I can't decide which one should I buy. What the best piano vst or kontakt library...

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Diogo C 10th July 2018
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Would appreciate your feedback on my feedback problem! I have been using an Onyx Blackbird 16x16 Firewire interface for the...

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troggg 10th July 2018
Avatar for thouqht

Have recently gotten heavily back into music creation after a long hiatus and am looking to upgrade my toys. With Black Friday /...

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Diogo C 10th July 2018
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Hello everyone, I try to run two sound devices simultaneously to have more audio inputs and outputs available in my DAW. The...

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flomo 10th July 2018
Avatar for NoVi

Hi, Yesterday I tried to build my own template (SYSTEM-8) for Komplete Kontrol 49 MK2 and it wasn't a too happy...

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NoVi 10th July 2018
Avatar for d1966

My friend Gary designed a highly successful pair of high res speakers. I couldn’t make the trip from Long Island to hear them,...

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sardi 10th July 2018
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I currently own Native Instruments Session Horns Pro which is not bad. However, I'm always looking to get the most...

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Adrian Ursu 9th July 2018
Avatar for benjiboko

hey guys. im writing a library album of jazz hip hop / tom misch esque. does anyone have some good royalty free...

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benjiboko 9th July 2018
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Was looking into the Zen Tour but notice it's not available any more at Sweetwater. There's only one demo unit that pops up if...

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Mhfromhm 9th July 2018
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Hello Folks, since my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 doesn't seem to be supported anymore and the stability get's worse with every...

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Toastey 9th July 2018
Avatar for miklinh

My project studio is based around a Yamaha 01v96i, used as an interface to my PC via USB. I've had trouble with occasionally...

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deedeeyeah 9th July 2018
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Hi. I´m currently running all of my samples/libraries and sessions off of a single Glyph Studio external HDD with my 2017 MBP...

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Matn 9th July 2018
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I saw where someone at Gearslutz had responded to a question involving music programs or software on another forum or platform....

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lizardking2000 9th July 2018
Avatar for 3rd Degree

This isn't really a question about recording music, I am assisting someone with a study where people will be interviewed and...

3rd Degree
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3rd Degree 9th July 2018
Avatar for Gaccerin

Preface: I have a tendency to want to over buy. I am trying to not do this. Goals: record guitar track and mix it with a backing...

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Gaccerin 9th July 2018
Avatar for korgjunior

dear all, please bear with me as I am not very good in the technical area of DAWS, etc. I would like to ask a question: I...

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korgjunior 9th July 2018
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Hi there, LONG VERSION: Years ago, I had a demo of reason 3, and I remember thinking that the Comp-01 plugin did a fine job...

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LudicrouSpeed 9th July 2018
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So I bought the Xpand!2 for $1 from pluginboutique last week, and 2 days ago I saw an upgrade path to the complete bundle for...

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junior 9th July 2018
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Hey guys We have been working on a 2013 MacPro, 3,5 GHz 6-Core, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD on Logic Pro X Normal projects with like...

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lbumae 9th July 2018