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Greetings everyone! I work at a start-up company in Europe and we just launched our analog cloud service. We made analog gear...

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kroflic 13th September 2018
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Hey everyone, It is technically not supported by Neyrinck yet, but for the most part it does work! I have managed to get my...

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LDStudios 13th September 2018
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So, I'm comparing virtual drum software, and remembering the bad old days of mixing in Cakewalk, when there were 128 volume...

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Muser 13th September 2018
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Has anyone tried to get an Abbey Road RS124 plugin licence re-issue after having a lost, stolen or broken i Lok ? Seems like...

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4fmb 13th September 2018
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What are you guys using if you want to blend instruments together ? Make them sound like they kind of in the same room I've...

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Maoz 13th September 2018
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Anybody know of any good vsts that 64 bit that can do emulation of the old nintendo/Sega/Atari sounds? Need something for a...

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Squeegee 303 13th September 2018
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Hi there! I have two computers: My gaming PC and my MacBook Pro (my recording computer). I'm looking for thoughts on the best...

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plexity 12th September 2018
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Hi, I was wondering on which amps all the Toneforge plugins are based, that includes the: 1- Toneforge Misha Mansoor 2-...

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LukeSkyStudio 12th September 2018
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Hey - does anyone know what vocoder those boys used on 'Around The World'. I'm in the middle of an album and we need to know...

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RobFish 12th September 2018
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Hi , i just wanted to know you're real life exeperience in plugin regular usb from midi controller , audio Interfaces , dongles...

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Deleted 83f48a0 12th September 2018
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Howdy, So i own a scarlett focusrite 2i2 and an 18i8. The same thing has happened to both. The usb port usually has a white or...

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John Loftus 12th September 2018
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I found an apogee symphony mkI with 16 i/o (including the AES connections) Since the symphony can do stand alone mode (I...

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jwh1192 12th September 2018
Avatar for disco violence

Need to load text file into eq,but i cant find right eq to do it,RoomEQWizard can read this kind of file but i can't use of it...

disco violence
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disco violence 12th September 2018
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Hi all, Some of you might be aware of us and what we are up to here at Denise...So at the beginning of the summer we announced...

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Denise.Audio 12th September 2018
Avatar for WaveMechanicsCW

I'm looking to spend around/up to $3k on a Ad/Da converter... I work on mostly Rap and some R&B... I'm looking for a...

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spektor 12th September 2018
Avatar for CountingToes

Whats up with this company? I have tried emailing them but not getting a response. My audiofire 12 has just randomly stopped...

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O Death 12th September 2018
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Looking for plugins that add sparkle or gloss to the sound. Any good ones? most I try arent really that good. saturators &...

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Avatar for Tanio
Tanio 12th September 2018
Avatar for Greg9961

I would like to take some recommendations on an audio interface. I own a machinedrum (6 mono out) , digitakt (1 stereo) and an...

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Alndln 12th September 2018
Avatar for supersuper

I have been on a quest to streamline my system over the past few years. At this stage I am on the verge of being 100% computer...

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supersuper 12th September 2018
Avatar for Vagodeoz

I`m building my VSTi setup with Cubase 8 Pro on my main computer and Vienna Ensemble Pro on my secondary. I was thinking if there...

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Pali 12th September 2018
Avatar for Sequentialist

Hi guys I'm looking for an Ableton-like sampling system where I can sample audio or MIDI in clips of various lengths, which I...

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Sequentialist 12th September 2018
Avatar for ac_music

Just want to know if anyone of you have upgraded your system to High Sierra and have been able to keep your DAWs and plugins...

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Kaatza Music 11th September 2018
Avatar for daskeladden

So I finally got my native Thunderbolt port working on my Asus Z170-PREMIUM running Presonus Quantum. It was a struggle and...

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daskeladden 11th September 2018
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jerry123 11th September 2018
Avatar for TNM

here's me, thinking.. I'll get a $200 monitor (Lenovo T23i) to hook up to my imac pro for the logic mixer and non retina...

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Sky 11th September 2018
Avatar for cpaf

As the title says, how and with what equipment do you control your daw/music production? What's your philosophy towards it,...

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mattiasnyc 11th September 2018
Avatar for Luis Reve

Hi Guys, I am trying to compact all my equipment, due to space limitations in my set, and I was looking for some devices that...

Luis Reve
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Luis Reve 11th September 2018
Avatar for boomsolo555

I was a Logic user for some years. I find that Logic Drum Kits have a quite sastifying sound, and nice to begin with. Like...

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boomsolo555 11th September 2018
Avatar for sparky88

Hi all, I'm about to buy Addictive Drums 2 (as my version 1 no longer works with my setup), but I still have a few old...

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mart 11th September 2018
Avatar for DanTheMan06

I have a small studio and I want to expand. I need to buy multichannel A/D- D/A to eventually record bands and all kind of...

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Avatar for Pro5
Pro5 11th September 2018
Avatar for Trancer

Omnisphere 2 best of for (Pads / Strings / Choirs / Plucks) where else is there another Vst who excels in this area?

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Trancer 11th September 2018
Avatar for wakestyle

Hey, Curious as to which method (vst+technique) you have found to give best results with minimal effort to achieve basic guitar...

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wakestyle 11th September 2018
Avatar for TS-12

looking for older MacBook Pro as secondary / portable music computer. I have bad eye sight so prefer bigger screens. I use a...

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TS-12 11th September 2018
Avatar for Hun7er

Hello, I search a interface with the best D/A converter. -Clarett 4pre usb -Audient iD44 -Antelope Audio Discrete...

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Avatar for Zen Studios
Zen Studios 10th September 2018
Avatar for HalibutAcid

Hey guys, Has anyone else noticed how great the Softube CL1B's VU ballistics are? I'm trying to find something similar not...

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HalibutAcid 10th September 2018
Avatar for Nleif

Howdy guys and gals, I've been going back and forth between purchasing a new 6 core Dell XPS 15 with a touchscreen or buying...

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Nleif 10th September 2018
Avatar for semur01

Hey, people! I use FL Studio and I have just purchased the Behringer Motor 61 Keyboard Controller with motorized...

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MediaGary 10th September 2018
Avatar for Sgalb

So my windows laptop wouldnt turn on, took it apart with a friend and its time to buy a new computer (bunch of components are...

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Sgalb 10th September 2018
Avatar for DavidKmusic

Hoping someone can help me, well it’s actually my buddy who needs a hand. He works for a very well known rock band out here in...

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DavidKmusic 10th September 2018
Avatar for nexxus

Hi there, a friend of mine would like to build a small home studio with recording room and mixing room. Last time we played...

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Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 10th September 2018
Avatar for fredje

Hello. I am experiencing a troubling issue: I get MIDI IN latency in all softwares (Reaper, Renoise, Bome's MIDI Translator...),...

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Deleted d78e603 10th September 2018
Avatar for Aragon

Hi guys, need your help. I'm doing mostly mixing/mastering, little to no recording, trying to get into big orchestra...

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Avatar for Pete Kaine
Pete Kaine 10th September 2018
Avatar for Snatchman

Hello..Question if I may. This computer specs: Dell 7010 quad 320ghz , i5 or i7 , 16g ram , 1tb hdd , plus it's on board PSU...

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fireberd 10th September 2018
Avatar for bdemenil

Hello, is there an ai effect that can isolate direct sound from reflections. For instance if one records a vocal in an echoing...

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Avatar for saagedal
saagedal 10th September 2018
Avatar for bossman

Which string softsynths have you found to be the most realistic alternative to the real thing? Would prefer to be able to demo...

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bill5 10th September 2018
Avatar for DejanK

I am using ProTools LE and I have Digi 002 Rack with 2 MIDI OUTS and 1 MIDI IN, on that I would like to connect My Akai...

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Avatar for DejanK
DejanK 9th September 2018
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

I must admit, I’ve had my Apollo Quad (silver 8 channel) for 5 years and I still can’t wrap my head around the console...

Rufuss Sewell
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Avatar for Therion
Therion 9th September 2018
Avatar for xkzkx

Hi, (I've posted same issue back in December, but there was a lack of response, so this time I will explain my problem a little...

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Avatar for MonstrPianoPlayr
MonstrPianoPlayr 9th September 2018
Avatar for 79adam79

Hey, I have a POD XT and I'm having some EQ issues in the mixing stage. When doing a frequency sweep, it seems like almost...

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Avatar for thismercifulfate
thismercifulfate 9th September 2018
Avatar for 79adam79

I'm curious, does anyone have a constant signal chain on the master bus that you mix into? Like if you're trying to keep a...

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Avatar for dullfangs
dullfangs 9th September 2018