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Dear folks, Would appreciate your opinions on the following. Allowing for differences in specific processor plugins, what...

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simon.billington 18th October 2018
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Hi guys I'm planning a music production PC build and I've learned alot reading thorough threads on this forum as well as reading...

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ElstonG 18th October 2018
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Im having some issues with this plugin. I run Reaper with a windows 10 pc and wanted to know if anyone else is having these...

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colonelporridge 18th October 2018
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These plug ins came out in 2005 when modeling plug in's and getting the same sound as the Hardware was not as close as it is...

Jason rocks
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Lupez 18th October 2018
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Intro special $39, reg. $199. Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain Plugin | Waves The blurb: A modular mastering chain plugin modeled...

Monkey Man
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Monkey Man 18th October 2018
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The increasing trend with lead vocals and instrumentation is predominantly towards more High Frequency content. While this...

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Midnight Oil Audio 18th October 2018
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ive hot the dreaded no usb ports left ..ive got gear now which I cant use or have to constantly keep unplugging and replugging...

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Local Man 18th October 2018
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I currently have Additive Drums 1 and 2 and the FairFax Vol 1 AdPack. I like everything but the sound. It just doesn't sound...

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minty901 17th October 2018
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I am an Ableton user, but want to purchase pro tools simply for pencil tool to re-draw wave forms (specifically to remove...

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turtletree 17th October 2018
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Hi, I have a midi foot pedal (kmi soft step) and want to make it trigger midi events on both a mac and a pc, could you please...

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bcslaam 17th October 2018
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Hi, Any advice on this build? I'll use it mostly with Ableton 10 and Cubase 9.5. I'm trying to make the perfect production...

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sethh 17th October 2018
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Hi Is there a reason to switch from a RME Babyface to a PCI-e soundcard for lower latency ? Maybe a RME HDSPe ? Will i notice...

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DAW PLUS 17th October 2018
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I'm getting a new MacBook Pro and trying to figure an interface to go with it. Currently I'm kinda torn between the BabyFace Pro...

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cstanley 17th October 2018
Avatar for loaf

Anyone know anything about external SSD's for DAW use? I got an SSD with a usb 3.0 cable, but it doesn't seem any faster than a...

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brousseau6933 16th October 2018
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Iam trying to figure out if i can use Apogee AD-16x and DA-16x on OSX 10.8.5... The Apogee universe is bit confusing......

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Pansolo 16th October 2018
Avatar for RoyalAudio

Almost two years ago I had both my Apogee AD and DA 16x serviced by apogee. I am using a Macbook Pro with the Symphony 64...

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Pansolo 16th October 2018
Avatar for rightovers

I want to revitalize my Steinberg MR816CSX and looking into both the Black Lion mod and pairing it with either the Black Lion...

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[email protected] 16th October 2018
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I´m not sure if i´m exactly right sub. I would like to play drums for reggae tunes via pads, V-Drums and maybe a little...

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DannyMac 16th October 2018
Avatar for lydentusiast

Sometimes I hear a track with super wide pads. Not those ordinary pads TRYING to be wide, but I mean REALLY ultra wide stereo....

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DannyMac 16th October 2018
Avatar for Heyhellosup

I know there is no substitute for trial and error and reading manuals, but I am a very hands on learner and have been doing...

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jerry123 16th October 2018
Avatar for Megalith

I previously had a setup involving an APC stepped-sine-wave UPS connected like this: Outlet Receptacle 1: Power strip with two...

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throbert 16th October 2018
Avatar for Jackash

Hi, I've been considering using Izotope RX's Phase Rotation module on voiceovers for the last few weeks and it's given me a few...

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ctms777 16th October 2018
Avatar for Arseny

It is about the dolby A trick to get more air on vocal. Stretch Standard Audio has a 500 series piece. You can also reconstruct...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 16th October 2018
Avatar for kojak

Looking to maybe get a new interface, and the MOTU 828es and RME Fireface 802 seem very similar, other than price. The only main...

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Avatar for RasBe
RasBe 16th October 2018
Avatar for tinynoodle

Hi there, I'm looking for a mid-range interface to use with my 2017 MacBook Pro with USB-C connectivity. I was interested in...

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monkeyxx 16th October 2018
Avatar for *$%($*(@!!

I've had the keyboard for several years but never used any of the faders/pots etc. I'm working with a new temp setup for a while...

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*$%($*(@!! 15th October 2018
Avatar for Iconica

Been using my id14 for 2 years without any hassle. Updated to the new drivers and I cant figure out how to get the direct...

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Iconica 15th October 2018
Avatar for Artmuzz

I recently bought a Surface Go tablet and it’s been running fine until I connected it to my Arturia Keylab49. The issue...

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Artmuzz 15th October 2018
Avatar for Zator

Hello musicians, I got myself Logic Pro X and wanna record over already existing beats (for now, I wanna learn producing myself...

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troggg 15th October 2018
Avatar for donniekq

Hello! I've been looking into buying a RME UCX card to sum all of my hardware boxes' outputs (a drum machine, two synths and a...

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donniekq 15th October 2018
Avatar for h00vertime

firstly hi im new :) im looking for an interface and keyboard all in one for use with ableton that i can use with my laptop on...

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h00vertime 15th October 2018
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Hey everyone, I was wondering what people's thoughts are on the importance of video card performance and Pro Tools, in terms...

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nukmusic 15th October 2018
Avatar for Bomberjacket

Hi! When I play the synth and have it connected to the interface I only hear a mono signal. If I record something and play it...

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raybies_au 15th October 2018
Avatar for mybadmemory

Hi all! When my iMac goes to sleep so does all external USB-devices, which of course makes perfect sense. When I wake my...

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MimSync 14th October 2018
Avatar for titchyblackcat

Hi I've constructed a SSD4 kit in my DAW (Cubase 9.5) Now i've gone back to it i can't remember which kit i selected. Is there...

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titchyblackcat 14th October 2018
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Thoughts? Looks really cool to me.

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Snapchat2314715 14th October 2018
Avatar for rdsyo

hello, i'm using logic pro x on a 2013 MacBook pro and have been experiencing popping/volume spikes when recording. i have...

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rdsyo 14th October 2018
Avatar for BackHand

Hello Boys and Girls :) After years of thinking about different builds and lengthy discussions here in Gearslutz I am now...

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pcaudiolabs 14th October 2018
Avatar for rkahat

TLTR: Need new pro laptop to handle all audio production tasks, and still be quiet enough to record. .Is macbook pro enough? Help...

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pcaudiolabs 13th October 2018
Avatar for Hatov

Hello, I'm new to this website, I find it pretty documented so here I am ! I'm willing to buy a new laptop, but I have some...

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pcaudiolabs 13th October 2018
Avatar for boggie

Hi folks, Does anyone know of a good real-time pitch shifter plug-in with low latency, if one exists? There are good sounding...

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Avatar for maggotspawn
maggotspawn 13th October 2018
Avatar for ksor

I have such a system and have used it for years under Windows XP. It's so hard today to have the XP up and running. So I...

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Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 13th October 2018
Avatar for thinspirits77

So I just got a Fireface 800 to replace my Firestudio and I'm having a hell of a time getting this thing to work right. My...

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Avatar for puppy38
puppy38 13th October 2018
Avatar for bgood

My workflow is mid to high end front end and mostly plugins once everything is captured... My daw (studio one) integrates...

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Avatar for drichard
drichard 13th October 2018
Avatar for kite

Hi, I use Waves L1, L2 and L3 as my main limiters. Whats the best limiter this year 2016? Opinions please.

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Avatar for DiceDemon
DiceDemon 13th October 2018
Avatar for mprey

Both of these companies offer subscriptions for their plugin bundles now and their stuff generally seems to be held in high...

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Avatar for ARVee
ARVee 13th October 2018
Avatar for raybies_au

Hi. If you had a pair of Volca's and a Digitone, which essentially just have headphone outs, and you wanted to: A) record in...

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Avatar for raybies_au
raybies_au 13th October 2018
Avatar for mpc3kle

wheres the benchmarks , wheres the info on the i9's dpc latency figures motherboard chices for daw...

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Avatar for pcaudiolabs
pcaudiolabs 12th October 2018
Avatar for TR10

Hi everyone! Can you tell me your opinions about the soft synth D16 LuSH-101 ? Does it sound as good as e.g. u-he...

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Avatar for ValliSoftware
ValliSoftware 12th October 2018
Avatar for Beat Head

I recently sold my Icon Platform M+ and still have the extender (Platform X+) sitting here and was thinking about holding back on...

Beat Head
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Avatar for Anonymous Bosch
Anonymous Bosch 12th October 2018