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I added an ADA8000 via ADAT light pipe connection to add 8 channels to my Apollo 8 (black), 16 IO total. I want to add a second...

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Firechild 9th November 2018
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I am looking for a good midi controller to use primarily for VST instruments. I am considering the iCon Platform X for this...

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ckett 9th November 2018
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Hey guys and gals, I've been playing and engineering professionally for a decade but am a total newbie when it comes to DMX...

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LDStudios 9th November 2018
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Anybody using a database to manage gear inventory? Is there any off-the-shelf solution?

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T_R_S 8th November 2018
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Are there any soft synths (Mac preferably) that come close to making the sort of space ambient sounds in these...

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mungbeans 8th November 2018
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I do voiceover work and have had my trusty PC for years, however it’s showing it’s age so I ordered the new Mac mini that...

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Chevron 8th November 2018
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My studio pc is off line. Is there a way to get the ILOK for SSD5 to tranfer over to the off line pc ? I've raised a ticket but...

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titchyblackcat 8th November 2018
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Hello: I have two interfaces: Metric Halo 2882 and Mytek 8x192 (firewire) My computer is a Mac Book Pro snow leopard. These...

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ecolleno 8th November 2018
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I know this is a sensitive topic. But I've got to say it - Reaper sounds noticeably better than Ableton, to me. Though I find...

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jonljacobi 7th November 2018
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Current setup 13 inch Macbook Pro 2016 Touchbar - 8gig/256SSD Saffire Pro 24 Pro Tools Ableton Live Studio...

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jondom22 7th November 2018

Having multiple cores on a single chip is cool, but why don't they start building motherboards that host two CPU's, like for the...

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DAW PLUS 7th November 2018
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Man, Its been many years since i used the Sonnox Oxford EQ and Dynamics, but recently i inserted them on a project i was mixing....

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smackmastering 7th November 2018
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Do the Steinberg UR44 & UR824 have the same onboard DSP effects capabilities or does the UR824 have something extra in this...

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enuenu 7th November 2018
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Hello guys) Recently bought an audient id 14 and ran into a problem: when playing music, I start to twist the button and hear...

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Ostin1 7th November 2018
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Hey y'all, first post but longtime reader for random help. I am trying to narrow my options for the specific kind of setup I am...

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manman 7th November 2018
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Have - Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 - in use for 4 years - works fine Need - 8 more channels - just finished a new tracking room...

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Bonzo4880 6th November 2018
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Ok--so, I've searched the internets far and wide looking for someone who's tried/benchmarked this....SSD speed and the effect on...

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billbob 6th November 2018
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ive been trying for days now too get my ilok authorised plugins too work but they wont.ive restarted my computer..ive tried...

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djwaxxy 6th November 2018
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Hi, it's just about Sonokinetic stuff within Kontakt 5, I have both in the big pack (full version). Since day 1 Sonokinetic...

Sir Hannes
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Sir Hannes 6th November 2018
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Hey guys, I just bought the latest Mac to help me improve my art. It's a 32gb ram i7 2.6ghz. I upgraded to Mojave as...

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sagar4848 6th November 2018
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I have a Metric Halo Mobile i/o 2882. I would like to add another interface so that I can bring in more inputs 8 - 16 via ADAT...

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808KickDrum 6th November 2018
Avatar for Jason rocks

For those who have used both, how would you compare the two channel strips? What difference do you hear, is the EQ better with...

Jason rocks
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Kyle Ashley 6th November 2018
Avatar for puremix.net

What would happen if we took CLA off the board and put him in the box? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2id8aSn-5oY Not to...

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Mark D. 6th November 2018
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In this excerpt from the pureMix.net exclusive, "Brian Lucey: Mastering Philosophy & Techniques", Grammy Award...

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Mark D. 6th November 2018
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I'm looking for an affordable string library that I can lay down quick ideas with directly from the midi keyboard without too...

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ZFire 5th November 2018
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I have a Radeon Sapphire HD 7950 OC Vapor-X Graphics Card 3gb GDDR5 With boost that was previously in a PC. It's a PC card,...

Stephen Bennett
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Stephen Bennett 5th November 2018
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Assault Drums – It Might Get Loud Productions RELEASE DATE: September 7th...

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RedSoxRon 5th November 2018
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Could you suggest popular sound libraries/Virtual instruments for Kontakt that are known to be among the best in the business for...

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MusicMan1966 5th November 2018
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Just wondering what users/other folks think about this...$35 (AUD) a month seems a little steep...but maybe worth it? I am...

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MusicMan1966 5th November 2018
Avatar for bodega.

Anybody else notice "visual latency" in their DAWs? By that I mean when the playhead doesn't quite match up with the...

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explorer 5th November 2018
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Like some of you, I've been waiting patiently to upgrade my iMac and today it's finally, here. My goal is to use my next desktop...

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uniphonic1 5th November 2018
Avatar for zchordstudios

Hello there fellow audio nerds. I apologise if this topic has already been beaten to death. Out of curiosity I bounced...

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TNC 5th November 2018
Avatar for Deep Purple

Hello people of Gearslutz. I have looked around these forums and I can tell that there are some very knowledgeable people...

Deep Purple
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Deep Purple 5th November 2018
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I have a 1st generation Apogee Symphony 8x8 and I'm getting a new Mac Mini which has Thunderbolt 3. What are my connectivity...

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bdarrett 5th November 2018
Avatar for Matthew Murray

Hey all, haven't been a poster much lately but I just had to share, I've been waiting for this kind of plugin for years. I...

Matthew Murray
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tas chris 5th November 2018
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Hi, I can't find any info online about the quality of the Digiface Usb Heaphone Amp. Is the quality any good? Is it capable...

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bebbo 5th November 2018
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Hi guys, This is my first post here and I hope it's a good one! So, I'm trying to record my electric guitar using my...

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chudslayer 5th November 2018
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I have an old Cubase project with SSD4 drums as the drum track. I used the SSD4 grooves to create the track. Problem is i can't...

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titchyblackcat 5th November 2018
Avatar for Myr

I've been using Slate trigger for a few years now, and I find that no matter what samples I use, I can't really get a nice...

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Avatar for Hyder boy
Hyder boy 5th November 2018
Avatar for djwaxxy

m getting crackles and audio drop outs in Cubase ive ran latencymon and its showing high spikes and its saying its wdf01000.sys...

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js1 5th November 2018
Avatar for Heyhellosup

Here is what I would like to do - I have a desktop with a second hard drive, and then I have an external hard drive that I take...

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Avatar for HitEmTrue
HitEmTrue 5th November 2018
Avatar for Straight2Vinyl

Hey guys, would the old HDSPe PCI ezpress card with a Harmmerfall Multiface actually work with Windows 10? And how is the...

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Avatar for Straight2Vinyl
Straight2Vinyl 5th November 2018
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Contemplating both of these latest MBP's. The 2.2 ones are available as refurb for a nice saving. Doing Daily music Production...

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Krubbadoo 5th November 2018
Avatar for In The Mix

Featuring 2 presets from Soundiron Emotional Piano library. There are other useful presets but I found these two more suitable...

In The Mix
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In The Mix 5th November 2018
Avatar for Mr XY

Lookiing at this v-drum kit, to use primarily with superior 2 & 3, is this one a good choice? Anything better for similar...

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Mr XY 4th November 2018
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Omiko 4th November 2018
Avatar for 678x

The Audient 14 USB interface is well received but the DAC in it is reviewed as average. At least a few years ago. Have they...

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678x 4th November 2018
Avatar for TechNoise

Hello. Im wondering a simple / but frustration question... we are all using new machines which have USB connection.. but Im...

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TechNoise 4th November 2018
Avatar for Petrarchan

I have stubbornly held onto my two old UAD-1 cards. I have the old Neve and Pultec Suite, and the Fairchild. Do these old...

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smackmastering 4th November 2018
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Interested in the MV2. Can I use it to get a vocal really upfront with nice warm chest sound? I saw this vid about a diy...

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Guitarking 4th November 2018