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I have been getting some dpc latency spikes up to about 1000us from my gtx1070 gpu, which seems to be causing audio dropouts at...

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critza 18th November 2018
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Hi all, I am considering the new Mac Mini. I am waiting for a new mac pro for a while now. It Seems Apple will renew the Mac...

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Sascha Franck 18th November 2018
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Hi, First, let me just say, I have a very novice recording setup, closet booth in one room and control in the other room....

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krtosi1 18th November 2018
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Hi all....other than EZdrumer2 I have no 3rd party plugs and would like to branch out to other sonic possibilities..I have your...

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jzero 18th November 2018
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Hi all, I'm a big fan of working with loops to build up tracks - layering loops (both drums and music) on top of each other,...

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Alndln 18th November 2018
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Was just playing with the demo off of Plugin Boutique and the marketing really annoyed me so wanted to find out what the thing...

Deleted 8f33f90
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wreltch 18th November 2018
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Hi, I'm looking for a USB powered MIDI keyboard with slender keys. I think they're called mini keys? I'm not bothered...

Alex Banks
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Tui 18th November 2018
Avatar for swaff

I'm looking for a limiter that I can put on my mixes to also send the band a "loud" mix as well as the regular mix. ...

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Deleted 1aa3d4676f73940 18th November 2018
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im interested inrunning a royal blood setup by splitting my signal with an ls2 sending it to a regular bass amp with maybe just a...

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cuechtritz 18th November 2018
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I’m able to record multiple tracks at the same time using 2 different software daws. But when I listen to the recorded source...

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bill5 18th November 2018
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I can't find any recent threads on this, so here goes. My desktop is officially old and dead. I would love to replace it with a...

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jlaws 18th November 2018
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I'm putting a mobile rig together and looking for a great reverb plug-ins that does not require iLok authorization. I will be...

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bill5 17th November 2018
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I have been searching and searching to try to find a 500 series interface module. I have seen the Aphex 500 Series Rack which...

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Clueless 17th November 2018
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Hello to all fellow audio heads! I've been on a quest to find the perfect audio interface for my home studio but it seems like...

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popmann 17th November 2018
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I dont own much NI products, just kontakt, but lots of 3rd party vst instruments. which one is compatible with more 3rd party...

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themixtape 17th November 2018
Avatar for noisenet

So at last month's NAMM show, Apogee previewed their "all-new DualPath FX© Rack software. Designed specifically for...

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Pradoosa 17th November 2018
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So! Got some money waiting to be spent on a new reverb plugin. Here's the dilemma: I've demoed Relab VSRS24, LX480, VSS3...

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OlavB 17th November 2018
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So, who do you think will win this contest? Particularily conversión quality and color for profesional record industry making?

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psycho_monkey 17th November 2018
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I'll be backpacking for a few months and while I'm away I will sporadically need to record voice overs for a client back...

Deleted 544c029
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rboy 16th November 2018
Avatar for StevenLMorgan

As an update to the issue below, Lynx released a new driver yesterday 2/20/2018. I downloaded, installed and started testing the...

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peter.m.junior 16th November 2018
Avatar for kite

Hi! What is you favourite parametric eq that has "color"? Usually these EQ's are very clean - if your what...

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cooker 16th November 2018
Avatar for DB117

I got it today, there is definitely huge audible differences. I originally used PC optical out->brooklyn DAC->Genelec...

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DB117 16th November 2018
Avatar for appletod

Hello! I can't seem to get my waves renaissance maxx bundle and cla drum plugin to work in pro tools 10. I successfully sent the...

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bosran 16th November 2018
Avatar for RobRoy

I'm trying to rip some of my dats to my hard drive and thought I could run the AES/EBU outs of my Sony PCM R500 to the Teac...

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RobRoy 16th November 2018
Avatar for faeriepunk23

Hiya, I'm trying to experiment with making Alpha Wave music. I have both Logic X and Ableton 10. Unfortunately most of my...

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faeriepunk23 16th November 2018
Avatar for RedCatz

Hello all, First post here on Gearslutz (although have been reading this forum for many a year). I have a large stack of...

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RedCatz 16th November 2018
Avatar for maverickwhistler

Does anyone here have experience using Rednet x2p with Avid Mtrx? Im thinking about buying the X2p to add tracking capability...

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maverickwhistler 15th November 2018
Avatar for jlaws

At the risk of raising the prices on the already outrageously priced and hard to find gigabyte Titan ridge card, I wanted to ask...

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Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 15th November 2018
Avatar for uglijimus

I just got the behringer 404 and I am happy with it. It is doing what it supposed to do. however, i have a problem when using it...

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uglijimus 15th November 2018
Avatar for Gingerlocks

Macbook pros from 2010/2011/2012. would they be a no-go?

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pasarireng 15th November 2018
Avatar for Deleted User

If anyone has both Logic and Cubase there I could use some help. Cubase will lock to MTC but the transport will not follow...

Deleted User
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Avatar for groovyomega
groovyomega 15th November 2018
Avatar for Piyono

I'm familiar with Dante Virtual Soundcard from my time at a radio station where it performed reliably in that context. I'm...

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JCBigler 15th November 2018
Avatar for muziksculp

Hi, Any user opinions on 'Samplitude Pro X' ? http://pro.magix.com/en/samplitude/overview.459.html i.e. What makes 'Object...

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Avatar for drichard
drichard 14th November 2018
Avatar for rogernotroger

At the moment I am spending a lot of time thinking about two things: Backups. Sync. For (universal) backup, I have...

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M_nyh 14th November 2018
Avatar for Atomicfox

I'm looking for a virtual/software Vocoder to emulate sounds close to Daft Punk. This is the first time I've decided to...

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Avatar for HQ Vocoding
HQ Vocoding 14th November 2018
Avatar for mrmike186

Looking for something not too expensive to record band rehearsals. Would like to keep it down to laptop and interface with 8...

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Avatar for facej
facej 14th November 2018
Avatar for robertgeorge

I’m looking for recommendations on a switch for a Dante system. Eventually I’ll have 2 converters (Rednet), my Rednet PCIER...

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Avatar for robertgeorge
robertgeorge 14th November 2018
Avatar for djkaboodle

Does anybody else have this problem? The Files Tab in Melodyne 4.2 Editor will only show files in a random order. It will order...

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djkaboodle 14th November 2018
Avatar for Thavma

Producers, Sound Artists and Sound Lovers, We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with many audio companies to...

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Avatar for Thavma
Thavma 14th November 2018
Avatar for Tamkaser

i know this can be done --- Burn music onto a new CD,But I don't know exactly what to do ,anybody done that ?

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Avatar for Tamkaser
Tamkaser 14th November 2018
Avatar for thevisi0nary

Having an issue with translation but it seems to be the opposite of what most people talk about. On higher end speakers like my...

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Avatar for GrammynOut
GrammynOut 14th November 2018
Avatar for Ving

Hi, As per the title, I'm looking for some recommendations for a new audio interface. I'm a little bit out of touch, and while...

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Avatar for fuz39485
fuz39485 13th November 2018
Avatar for thiagoscp

Hi, I've been searching for information on the Sound Devices MixPre-10M working as a conventional audio interface, connected to...

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 13th November 2018
Avatar for djanogil

Hello, I've been running my Mac Pro 3.1 since 2009, and yesterday it has failed on me ( won't startup, doesn't find the...

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Avatar for djanogil
djanogil 13th November 2018
Avatar for webstersp

Long story short.... Used to be a mac so... I'm building myself a new pc with windows 10 to do both (I7 8700k....) since I...

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Avatar for hodshonf
hodshonf 13th November 2018
Avatar for joris de man

Hey Guys, I'm on a PC and have for the last few years used a TB UAD Apollo silverface as interface (and Asio driver) in...

joris de man
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Avatar for joris de man
joris de man 13th November 2018
Avatar for ardis

Hello All! DISCLAIMER: I'm perhaps the worst person to start this thread due to the fact I'm beginning to explore these plug...

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Avatar for mutetourettes
mutetourettes 13th November 2018
Avatar for benjiboko

hi all. does anyone know of any alternative packs or plugins that have useful 'retro loops' that are royalty free and good for...

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Avatar for iLex
iLex 13th November 2018
Avatar for ein fisch

i know that question is pretty broad, so i try to specify as good as i can.. i have a vision of a interface that offers me a...

ein fisch
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Avatar for PearlOn3
PearlOn3 13th November 2018
Avatar for LashoutMedia

Let me preface this by saying I am on the verge of building a new system. I plan to take advantage of the Black Friday sales to...

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Avatar for tribedescribe
tribedescribe 13th November 2018